The AT&T Stadium, located in Arlington, Texas, can hold over 80,000 fans, with the ability to expand to accommodate up to 100,000 spectators for special events.

This colossal stadium is equipped with a retractable roof and the world’s 29th largest high-definition video screen, ensuring that every fan has a clear view of the on-field action, regardless of their seating position.

In this article we’ll review all of the seating areas including all of the hospitality suites, bars and VIP packages available to you. So you can decide which is the best seats in the AT&T Stadium for you.

Home to the Dallas Cowboys

Over the years, they have been home to numerous Hall of Famers and have secured multiple Super Bowl titles, making them one of the most successful teams in NFL history.

The Dallas Cowboys, a renowned team in the National Football League (NFL), have a rich history dating back to their inception in 1960.

Some notable players who have donned the Cowboys’ jersey include Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, and Michael Irvin, all of whom have made significant contributions to the team’s legacy.

In this article we’ll review the stadiums features, amenities and all of the seating options available to you so you can pick the best seats at the AT&T Stadium.

The AT&T Stadium offers a range of seating options, from luxurious suites and club seats to more affordable options in the upper levels.

The venue is designed with fan comfort and enjoyment in mind, featuring numerous amenities and conveniences to enhance the game-day experience.

As we share with you the various seating options, consider your preferences for view, comfort, access to amenities, and budget to find the best seats for your experience at the Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium.

Before you find your seats you’ll want to get aquatinted with the concourse area as you’ll be entering through here to get to your seating location. You’ll find plenty of food and drinks available here in a wide open space that’s relatively easy to navigate.

Download the following map and save to your images for use on match day.

Where to sit at the AT&T Stadium for Dallas Cowboy games and other events

At AT&T Stadium, the seat numbers go from right to left when looking at the field from your seats. This arrangement means that the right side of the section, when facing the field, will start with seat number 1 and work its way up to seat number 20 to 30, depending on the section and row.

Notably, seat number 1 at AT&T Stadium will always be on the aisle next to the adjacent section with the lower section number, providing easy access for entering and exiting the seating area.

AT&T Stadium Levels

Club seating at AT&T Stadium is a premium option available on three different levels: 100, 200, and 300. All club levels provide access to private entrances, premium club lounges, upscale food and beverage options, and wider, padded seats for enhanced comfort during the game.

100-Level Club Seats (The Hall of Fame Club)

The 100-level club seats, also known as The Hall of Fame Club, are located along the sidelines in sections C106-C115 and C132-C139. These premium seats offer the best sightlines in the stadium, ensuring that you do not miss any action on the field.

200-Level Club Seats (The Main Club)

The 200-level club seats, also known as The Main Club, are also located along the sidelines. These seats provide perfect views of not only the field but also the massive video screen, enhancing your game-viewing experience. These sections typically have between 12-14 rows, ensuring a relatively intimate seating environment.

300-Level Club Seats (The Mezzanine Club)

The 300-level club seats, also known as The Mezzanine Club, are located along the sidelines as well. While these are the farthest club seats from the field, they provide a great view of the massive video screens. The section itself is steeper than the other club sections and has 16 numbered rows of seating.

100 Level Seating at AT&T Stadium

The 100 Level seating at the AT&T Stadium comprises both Club and non-Club sections, each offering its own set of advantages.

Hall Of Fame Club

The Club sections on the sideline provide premium seating options. Behind the Cowboys bench, sections C111 to C115 are designated as Club Seats, offering an exceptional view of the game and close proximity to the action.

On the opposite side, behind the Visitors bench, sections C133 to C138 are also categorized as Club Seats.

In these Club sections, seating rows typically range from 1 to 22, ensuring that every seat offers a clear and unobstructed view of the field. However, in sections C111, C112, C136, and C137, the rows range from 4 to 22.

Non-Club Sections

For those seeking alternative options, non-Club sections in the 100-level corner include sections 129, 128, 127, 126, 118, 119, 120, 101, 102, 103, 142, 143, 144, and 145.

These sections, while not offering the same premium amenities as the Club Seats, still provide excellent views of the game and a thrilling game-day atmosphere, ensuring a memorable experience at the AT&T Stadium.

200 Level Seating at AT&T Stadium

The 200 Level at AT&T Stadium is another tier that offers both Club and non-Club sections, each designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable game-viewing experience.

Main Club

In the 200 Level, Club sections are located on the sideline. Club Seats behind the Cowboys bench span from C207 to C213, offering a premium view of the game and the team.

Behind the Visitors bench, Club Seats range from C232 to C238. In these Club sections, rows run from 1 to 14, ensuring a clear and close view of the field and the players.

Non-Club Sections

For fans seeking other options, the non-Club sections in the 200-level corner include sections 226, 227, 228, 229, 216, 217, 218, 219, 201, 202, 203, 204, 241, 242, 243, and 244. These sections, while not offering the same premium amenities as the Club Seats, still ensure excellent views and a vibrant game-day atmosphere.

The rows in these non-Club corner and endzone sections run from 1 to 15, providing a slightly elevated perspective compared to the 100 Level, but still close enough to capture every moment of the game.

Endzone Sections

Additionally, the 200 Level includes endzone sections running from 220 to 225 and 245 to 250. These sections offer a unique head-on view of the game, perfect for fans who enjoy watching plays develop from this angle.

The seating in these sections also runs from rows 1 to 15, offering a range of options for fans to enjoy the game at AT&T Stadium.

300 Level Seating at AT&T Stadium

The 300 Level at AT&T Stadium, also known as the Mezzanine Level, offers a variety of seating options, including corner sections and Club Seats on the sideline.

This level provides a good alternative for fans seeking to avoid the higher ticket prices of lower-level club seats while still enjoying a superior view compared to the upper deck sections.

The Mezzanine Level sections have approximately 17 rows of seats, with row 1 at the front and the section entrance near the middle row.

For football games, these seats offer a corner view that provides comfortable sight lines to the entire field, ensuring that fans do not miss any action on the field.

The view from the Mezzanine Level is far superior to that from the upper deck sections, as it is not as elevated, thanks to the Suite Level that separates the two.

Mezzanine Club

Club Seats on the 300 Level are located on the sideline, with sections C308 to C313 behind the Cowboys bench and sections C333 to C338 behind the Visitors bench. Rows in these Club sections range from 1 to 16, offering a clear and close view of the game from a higher vantage point.

Non-Club Sections

Non-club sections in the 300-level corner include sections 327, 328, 329, 330, 316, 317, 318, 319, 320, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 341, 342, 343, and 344.

These sections, while not offering the same premium amenities as the Club Seats, still ensure excellent views and a vibrant game-day atmosphere. The rows in these non-Club corner sections run from 1 to 17.

Endzone Sections

Endzone sections on the 300 Level run from 321 to 326 and 345 to 350, with rows running from 1 to 5. These sections offer a unique head-on view of the game, perfect for fans who enjoy watching plays develop from this angle.

Concert Views

For concerts, sections on the east end are usually behind the stage and aren’t sold, while those on the west end, such as 316-320, are across the field from the stage and aren’t known for having the best views.

However, corner sections closer to the sideline still have a good view of the expansive main video screen, while those nearer to the end-zone can see the big board, but the view isn’t ideal.

400 Level Seating at AT&T Stadium

The 400 Level Sideline seating at AT&T Stadium is known for offering the most affordable midfield tickets at the venue.

Despite being located on the highest tier, these sections provide decent views of both the field and the massive videoboard, making them a good option for budget-conscious fans.

The 400 Level features the most amount of seating rows in the stadium, maxing out at 28 rows. The sections on this upper level are divided into a lower and upper portion by a walkway and entrance tunnels.

The lower portion, closest to the field, includes rows 1 to 6, while the upper portion comprises rows 9 to 30.

Each section on the 400 Level has a front and back part. The front part, which includes rows 1 to 6, offers a closer view of the field, while the back part, ranging from row 9 to 30 in the center-most sections like 442 and 443, provides a more elevated perspective.

The corner sections on the 400 Level run through row 22.

From the 400 Level, the massive jumbotron video screen at AT&T Stadium will seem to be at eye level, ensuring that fans do not miss any highlights, replays, or important information during the game.

Despite being further from the field, the clear and unobstructed views of both the field and the video board ensure a satisfying game-day experience for fans seated in these sections.

The best seats for families at the AT&T Stadium?

When it comes to enjoying a game at AT&T Stadium with the entire family, certain sections are more accommodating and convenient for family seating. The best family seats at AT&T Stadium are located in the 300 level sections at the northeast and southwest corners, specifically ranging from sections 341-343 and 316-318.

Proximity to Amenities

One of the significant advantages of these sections is their close proximity to essential amenities. Seats in these areas keep you near a family restroom, women’s and men’s room, and a number of concessions, ensuring that all the needs of your family are met without the need to traverse the entire stadium.

This convenience is especially beneficial for families with young children, making the game day experience more enjoyable and less stressful for everyone.

Affordable Ticket Prices

Being situated on the third seating tier, these sections offer more affordable ticket prices, allowing families to enjoy the game without breaking the bank. This affordability does not compromise the view, as families will still have a clear sightline to the field and the massive videoboard.

Optimal Sections for Family Seating

For the best family seating experience, opt for seats in sections 316 and 341. These sections feature fewer seats per row, making it far easier to move to and from the concourse.

This ease of movement is particularly beneficial for families with young children or larger family groups, ensuring that everyone can move comfortably and conveniently throughout the game.

Suites and club seats at the AT&T Stadium

Private Suites

When considering the private suites at AT&T Stadium, various factors contribute to the overall experience. The availability to lease the suites for a single game, part of the season, or the entire season offers flexibility, but let’s delve into the specifics to provide a clearer picture.

The private suites at AT&T Stadium are equipped with climate control and are furnished, featuring marble floors, granite countertops, and flat-screen HD televisions.

These aspects contribute to a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment.

The suites can hold between 18 and 52 guests, with an option to purchase additional standing-room-only tickets. While these features enhance the experience, it’s essential to consider the size and needs of your group.

Suite Sizes and Inclusions

  • 18 Seat Suite: This option includes 18 tickets and 5 parking passes.
  • 25 Seat Suite: This suite comes with 25 tickets and 5 parking passes.
  • 36 Seat Suite: This larger suite offers 36 tickets and 10 parking passes.
  • 52 Seat Suite: The largest available, this suite provides 52 tickets and 10 parking passes.

Each suite category has a fixed number of tickets and parking passes, which may or may not align with your requirements.

Access to the Silver Club and Main Club is a perk for suite leaseholders and their guests. This access can enhance the overall experience, offering additional spaces to explore and enjoy, but it’s worth considering whether this is a priority for your group.

In-suite catering is provided by Legends, with varying food and beverage credits by event.

This convenience allows for in-suite dining options, but it’s important to consider the potential cost implications and whether this service aligns with your event expectations.

Field Level Suites

The Field Level Suites at AT&T Stadium are positioned as premium seating options, and for a good reason. This review will cover the various aspects of the Field Level Suites to provide a comprehensive understanding of what to expect.

Located literally at field level, these suites are just behind the player benches, offering an up-close view of the game. The suites on the north side, the same side as the visiting team’s bench, are numbered 1-8 and 24-31.

On the south side, where the Cowboys’ bench is located, the suites are numbered 9A-23. The specific numbering is crucial to note to ensure the desired view and proximity to either team.

Suite Features

Each Field Level Suite includes a private enclosed seating area and a standing-room patio space outside. Standard amenities such as lounge seating, a bar area, HD TVs, and a private restroom are included.

The Founders Club

The Founders Club at AT&T Stadium is often regarded as offering the best seats for a Cowboys game, providing not only exceptional views of the field but also access to the stadium’s premier all-inclusive club.

The Founders Club encompasses Sections 210 and 235, located directly at midfield, offering a central and comprehensive view of the game. The first row in both sections is just 22 rows from the field, and no seat is more than 35 rows from the action.

This proximity and elevation ensure that the sightlines are unparalleled, offering clear and unobstructed views of the game.

The club access is a significant feature that distinguishes the Founders Club from other seating options. For Cowboys games, ticketholders gain access to several exclusive spaces:

  • Main Level Club: This is the stadium’s main club, open to all club ticketholders, offering additional space to relax and enjoy the game atmosphere.
  • Field Level Club: This access allows you to stand directly behind the players, even during the game, offering a unique perspective as you watch the players enter and exit the field through the tunnel.
  • Founders Club Area: This is a sectioned-off area of the Main Level Club, providing all-inclusive food and drink, including adult beverages. The club is conveniently located just above the top row of Founders Club seats.

Additional Perks

Beyond the views and club access, the all-inclusive food and drink in the Founders Club area add to the overall experience, ensuring that your game day is as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

Hall of Fame Club Seating at AT&T Stadium

The Hall of Fame Club seating at AT&T Stadium is touted as one of the ultimate seating options for a Cowboys game.

The Hall of Fame Club sections, including C106-C115 and C132-C139, are strategically positioned for optimal viewing. For Cowboys games, the Dallas sideline is in front of sections 106-115, offering close proximity to the home team.

Each section contains approximately 20 rows, starting from row 1, ensuring that every seat offers a clear and unobstructed view of the field.

Unique Viewing Experience

One of the standout features of the Hall of Fame Club seats is the unique opportunity to watch the players walk through the tunnel on their way to the field.

This experience allows you to see both teams enter the field at the 50-yard line from just a few feet away, adding an exclusive and exciting aspect to the game-day experience.

Beyond the exceptional views and unique viewing experiences, Hall of Fame Club ticket holders enjoy several additional benefits:

  • Wider, Padded Seats: For enhanced comfort throughout the game, the seats are wider and padded, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience.
  • Private Entrance: Avoid the crowds with a private entrance, allowing for easier and more convenient access to your seats.
  • Access to Club Lounge: Enjoy the exclusive club lounge, providing a luxurious space to relax and enjoy additional amenities.
  • Premium Food and Beverage Options: Enhance your game-day experience with premium food and beverage options available for purchase, offering a range of choices to satisfy your culinary preferences.

Ring of Honor Suites at AT&T Stadium

The Ring of Honor Suites at AT&T Stadium represent the second tier of suites, offering a blend of luxury and a fantastic view of the game.

Situated on the north and south sides between the Star Suites and the Silver Suites, the Ring of Honor Suites offer a strategic location for viewing the game.

On the north side of the stadium, the suites are numbered from 501-512, 521-523, and 570-592, while the south side suites are numbered 524-569. This specific numbering is essential to note for ensuring your suite is located on your preferred side of the stadium.

One of the significant advantages of the Ring of Honor Suites is the excellent sideline view, ensuring that you do not miss any game-day action.

The positioning provides a clear and unobstructed view of the field, enhancing the overall game-day experience.

The Ring of Honor Suites are equipped with various amenities to enhance the comfort and convenience of your experience:

  • Comfortable Chairs: Both inside the suite and outside seating are available, ensuring you and your guests have a comfortable viewing experience.
  • HD TVs: Stay updated with the game details with HD TVs in the suite.
  • Private Kitchen Area: A dedicated kitchen area is available for convenience.
  • Private Restroom: Avoid the public restrooms with a private restroom in the suite.
  • VIP Parking Passes: An allotment of VIP parking passes is included, adding to the convenience of your game day.

Silver Level Suites

The Silver Level Suites at AT&T Stadium offer a blend of affordability and luxury, positioned above the Mezzanine Club Level on the north and south sides of the stadium.

The Silver Level Suites are located right above the Mezzanine Club Level. On the north end, the suites are numbered 401-422 and 467-488, and on the south end, the suites are numbered 423-466.

This specific numbering and location are crucial for ensuring your suite is on your preferred side of the stadium and for navigating to your suite with ease.

One of the notable features of the Silver Level Suites is the excellent sideline view, ensuring fans do not miss any moment of the Cowboys football game. The positioning of these suites provides a clear and comprehensive view of the field, enhancing the overall game-day experience.

Suite Amenities

In the Silver Level Suites at AT&T Stadium, various amenities are seamlessly integrated to heighten your comfort and convenience throughout the game. Enjoy the flexibility of comfortable seating options, available both inside and just outside the suite, tailored to your viewing preference.

Stay continually connected with the unfolding game details through the suite’s HD TVs. A dedicated private bar area and restroom add a layer of exclusivity and convenience to your experience, allowing you to avoid the general public facilities.

Star Level Suites

The Star Level Suites are located at the highest tier within the AT&T Stadium, offering a distinct perspective of the game from an elevated vantage point. The suites on the north side are numbered from 601-608 and 659-668, and on the south side, the numbers range from 615-656. This systematic numbering assists in easy location and access to the suites.

When it comes to the view from the Star Level Suites, they offer a sideline perspective of the field.

This positioning allows for a clear, unobstructed view of the game, ensuring that attendees can observe the entirety of the game from their suite location.

It’s worth noting that the elevated position might not be everyone’s preference for watching the game, as some fans may prefer a closer, field-level view.

The amenities within the Star Level Suites include options for both inside and outside seating. This feature provides attendees with the flexibility to choose their preferred viewing setting.

Additionally, the suites are equipped with HD TVs, allowing for convenient viewing of game details and replays. A private restroom is also available within the suite, offering a more personal and potentially quicker alternative to public restroom facilities.

Touchdown Suites

The Touchdown Suites at AT&T Stadium are situated behind each endzone, providing a unique viewing perspective. In the east endzone, the suites are numbered from 101 to 106, and in the west endzone, the numbers range from 107 to 114. This clear numbering system is designed for easy identification and access to the suites.

From a viewing standpoint, the Touchdown Suites offer a close look at the teams as they aim for a touchdown. This location allows ticket holders to be in proximity to significant game moments, especially the scoring plays.

However, it’s important to note that while these suites offer a close view of endzone action, views of plays happening on the other end of the field may be limited.

In terms of amenities, the Touchdown Suites are equipped with over-sized leather chairs on balcony seating, providing a comfortable viewing experience. An enclosed area within the suite includes private restrooms, HD TVs, and a kitchen area, adding convenience to the experience. Like the Field Level Suites, access to additional club areas is granted to fans in the Touchdown Suites, offering spaces to socialize and relax beyond the suite itself.

As always, potential ticket holders should review the seller notes in the ticket listing and on the checkout page to ensure clarity on the exact suite location and the specifics of the ticket purchase, whether for an entire suite or a single ticket within a suite.

Where to Sit for Concerts at AT&T Stadium

When attending concerts at AT&T Stadium, the seating layout commonly features an end-stage setup, with the stage predominantly located near sections 101, 102, and 103. However, it’s essential to note that variations to this layout often occur, potentially including General Admission seats, fan pits, and B-stages, which can influence the overall concert viewing experience.

On the Field

Sections Field A, B,C and D are designated as Field Seats, providing proximity to the performers. It’s crucial to be aware that for many concerts, field sections may be added or removed, leading to adjustments in the field layout and potentially impacting the views from each field section.

To the Side of the Stage

For attendees seeking close views of the stage with a slight elevation, sections C109, C110, and C136 are viable options. While these seats do not offer a direct, head-on view like field seats, they are closer to the stage, offer better elevation, and are actual stadium seats, potentially providing a more comfortable concert experience. Most seats on the 200 level are pretty decent too and likely to be cheaper.

Head-On to the Stage

For a comfortable and direct view of the stage, sections 121, 122, 123, and 124 are recommended. These seats are positioned directly across from the stage, offering unobstructed and head-on views of the performance, enhancing the visual enjoyment of the concert.

Upper-Level Sections

Even the upper-level sections at AT&T Stadium offer clear sightlines for concert attendees.

However, it’s important for potential ticket buyers to consider that while these seats provide an unobstructed view, the detail visible from these seats will be less compared to closer seating options.

Hospitality Bars and Clubs within AT&T Stadium

DraftKings Lounge

The DraftKings Lounge at the AT&T Stadium is a space that offers a unique perspective for game attendees. Access to this lounge provides you with the opportunity to see players as they traverse through to get onto the field.

This feature is a highlight for many attendees, offering a closer look at the players off the field. However, it’s important to note that despite the access to this exclusive area, no complimentary food or drinks are provided. All refreshments within the lounge are available for purchase.

In addition to the view of the players’ path to the field, the lounge allows you to watch the game from a position behind the bench or view the mega screen, enhancing the game-watching experience.

Post-game, the lounge provides access to view the press conference with the team and coaching staff.

The overall experience in the DraftKings Lounge is marked by these unique viewing opportunities, though the absence of free refreshments is a factor to consider when planning your visit.

Field Level Clubs

At the event level of the AT&T Stadium, the Miller Lite Club (South) and Bank of America Field Club offer unique access points. Each club spans 9,300 square feet and can accommodate up to 350 guests. These clubs provide enhanced lighting and an extraordinary surround sound system, alongside dynamic field-level views.

Main Level Club

The Main Level Clubs, both North and South, offer expansive spaces for elegant entertaining, each exceeding 30,000 square feet. Equipped with the latest audio and visual technology, these clubs can host a reception for up to 2,500 guests.

Silver Level Lounges

The prestigious American Airlines and Silver Level Lounges are designed as three-story open atrium spaces, each offering over 8,700 square feet of space and accommodating up to 500 guests. These lounges provide multiple LCD televisions and full audio capability, along with astonishing outdoor views.

Upper Concourse Bars

The Upper Concourse Bars, located on the Upper Concourse, offer 2,400 square feet of distinctive space in AT&T Stadium. Reflective tiles and sleek built-in seating create a modern and remarkable space.