Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, Italy

Taking place at the Misano World Circuit close to the city of Rimini in the north of Italy, the San Marino MotoGP draws in motorbike fans from far and wide. 

Labelled as one of the gateways to Italy’s motor valley region, you’ll find yourself in the home of royalty. Ducati, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati all hail from nearby.

Originally constructed in 1972, but with a number of modifications since, the venue has a capacity of approximately 60 000 spectators, making it relatively small in comparison to most other events in the calendar.

Don’t be fooled by the relatively small capacity though – the energy and passion exuded by the Italians on home turf means you’ll struggle to find a better atmosphere anywhere in the world.

The San Marino MotoGP is immensely popular too, and sells out almost every single year. Its name is actually a misnomer – the event in fact takes place in Italy, but with there already being an Italian GP at the time of its inclusion, organisers opted to name it after San Marino, based on the track’s close proximity to the tiny nation (10km).

“The Misano track is one of my favorites on the calendar, and it has been ever since I was a kid. It’s a very technical circuit, with a lot of different types of corners and a few hard braking zones. It’s also quite bumpy, which makes it a real challenge to get the bike set up correctly. But when you get it right, it’s an amazing feeling to ride there.”

Valentino Rossi – 9 Times MotoGP World Champion

Famed for its beautiful weather, gorgeous surroundings and breathtaking atmosphere, the San Marino GP is a popular choice with tourists. This is in part due to it being a stone’s throw from northern Italy’s glorious coastline, where many fans like to stay over race weekend. Expect hot and humid conditions with a small chance of rain. It’s around a 45 minute walk from Misano. If your family or friends don’t share your passion for bikes but you still want to drag them to a GP, this is probably your best shot. How can they say no to sea, sunshine and spaghetti?

The circuit is 4.2km in length, spanning 16 corners – 6 left-handers and 10 right. The longest straight comes in at 530m, more than long enough for the riders to hit maximum speeds. Marc Marquez has more wins than any other rider here with 4.

Misano Adriatico train station is the closest one to the circuit. Most visitors tend to enjoy the short walk to the track from here, basking in the summer sun while chatting away  with like-minded fans. The local area offers great public transport, and it’s pretty easy and cheap to get from place to place.

Facilities aren’t exactly world class, but they aren’t terrible either. Toilets and food and drink are usually better than at Mugello.


There are some exceptional grandstands at the Misano World Circuit, and General Admission also offers some fantastic views. Be aware though, tickets for the San Marino GP come with very limited mobility. You won’t be able to just wander around large portions of the circuit like you can at other tracks, even with the more expensive grandstand tickets. 

A good idea is to split tickets if you want to vary your view over race weekend and stop yourself getting bored. For example, having General Admission tickets for the Friday, then a grandstand ticket for Saturday, followed by a different grandstand on actual race day.

Grandstands at the San Marino Grand Prix

General Admission 

The Misano World Circuit’s General Admission ticket holders will be treated to some great vantage points without having to fork out their life savings. It’s cheaper than any of the grandstand options at the track, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a legion of impassioned fans, all sharing their love for motorsport.

There are two main general admission sections at Misano, known as Prato 1 and Prato 2.

Prato 1 is the better of the two. You’re super close to the track here, and you can really feel that rush as the bikes roar by.

You also have a better and more widespread view – if you get a good spot to the left, you can see the earlier corners and even the race start if you’re lucky. 

Prato 2 offers a respectable vantage point,  but you can’t see as much of the track as in Prato 1. The view of the big screen is better here though. It looks over some of the latter corners of the track, while Prato 1 covers the earlier part of the circuit.

The atmoshopere in these general admissions zones is truly electric, and you’re going to have an unbelievable experience regardless of where you watch from. That being said, if you can get yourself down to the track early on race day, you’ll be in with a better shot at securing the best places. Everyone in general admission will be after the same spots, so give yourself a head start.

One thing to take into consideration when buying your ticket is that you can’t walk around the whole track here like you can at some other venues. With your ticket, you’ll be confined to your specific zone (in this case one of the general admission zones) and you’ll pretty much be stuck with that view for the rest of the day. That’s why many fans choose to pay extra and grab a grandstand seat.

Food and drink stalls are dotted all over, but they are pretty expensive as usual. Many fans will choose to stop at a local supermarket and bring in their own snacks to save a bit of money.

You’ll never be more than a short walk away from any toilets either.

Grandstand Centrale

The Centrale grandstand at the Misano circuit is essentially the Main grandstand at the circuit. It’s extremely popular due to it being in front of the starting grid, so you’re in the perfect position to see the first lap chaos unfold. In addition, you get views of teams garages, giving fans a great insight into the inner workings of their favourite teams.

The view of the action is breathtaking, and if you like being right in the thick of things, it’s the place to be. After witnessing the dramatic race finish, you’ll be able to watch your heroes climb atop the podium, thanks to the Centrale Grandstands’ excellent proximity to the post race celebrations.

While one of the most expensive seating options at the San Marino GP, it is still good bang for your buck in terms of the experience it offers. The seats here are numbered, so your spot is guaranteed come race day. There is no need to fret over trying to get down early and get the best spots, like your general admission counterparts will have to. All the seats have seat backs too, giving you that extra little bit of support and comfort so you don’t have to think about anything but the bikes.

Being on the start/finish straight, you’re just a short walk away from all of the main entertainment and fan areas. There are food and drink stalls nearby, and toilets are next to the grandstand. A giant screen is directly in front of you too, so you can follow on with the race there. 

Centrale is a brilliant grandstand, and definitely one of the best if the start and finish is a priority for you on race day. There are slightly better options overall though, as the view isn’t particularly widespread and many people would rather overlook a more technical part of the circuit.

Grandstand E

Overlooking the first corner, the E grandstand gives you some very respectable views that follow the riders from the start line, through the first bend and off into the distance.

It’s next to the huge Brutapela Gold grandstand, which is one of the most popular options at Misano, so the atmosphere at this bit of the track is always excellent.

Being close to the start and finish straight, you’re close to the merchandise stalls, and there and food and drink vendors in close proximity. You’ll find toilets next to the grandstand , but you may have to queue for these at busier times.

The main downfall with Grandstand E is that the view of the giant screen is very poor. There’s the chance you may not be able to see one at all from where you’re sitting, but if you can see one then it will be a pretty distant view. Don’t rely on there being one for you to follow on with the race action – you may end up having to stream it on your phone or follow race updates on twitter if you want to stay in the loop. 

Though it provides good views of the first few bends, there are definitely more exciting places to sit at the San Marino GP.

Brutapela Gold

Perched at the end of the main straight and providing ticket holders with stellar views of the initial three turns, the Brutapela Gold grandstand is up there in contention for one of the best ones at the circuit.

You’ll see the riders slingshot off the start line, as you also have great views of the start/finish straight and pits, before following them as they negotiate the first series of bends, which are more technical than at most other GP’s. 

The bikes then bolt past and approach the next collection of turns, before squeezing the throttle down and hitting immense speeds down the long back straight. If you’re lucky enough positioning wise, you should be able to catch a glance of this too.

The seating in Brutapela Gold gets better the higher up you go, so if you have any choice in the matter you should aim for snagging one of the uppermost rows. 

Energy and spirits are high in this stand, with it being full to the brim of the fanatical Italian fans come race day. Anyone passionate about motorbikes will fit in perfectly amongst the sea of yellow.

Amenities are close, with toilets and food and drink stalls all within walking distance. Merchandise stalls aren’t too far away either, if you fancy taking something along with you to show some extra support for your favourite rider or team.

The big screen is probably the only real negative for those seated here – the main issue being that it isn’t actually all that ‘big’. There is one located on the inside of the track, but you’re pretty far away. You definitely should take some binoculars to better your chances at being able to follow on with all the action. 

Despite the big screen issues, Brutapela Gold is certainly a good choice for anyone visiting the San Marino GP, and should be high up on your list of where to sit on race day.

Brutapela & Brutapela 2 

You’ll find the standard Brutapela and Brutapela 2 grandstands next to their bigger and more expensive sister, Brutapela Gold. Tickets for these stands are much friendlier to the pocket, so if the prices for Brutapela Gold are a bit steep for your liking, this is the next best thing.

Saving that extra bit of money does come at a cost though – comfort. Brutapela and Brutapela 2 are essentially just concrete bleachers, which tend to be extremely uncomfortable. Anyone with mobility issues or health ailments should probably avoid these grandstands if possible. Everyone else should make sure to take a cushion, to make the most of the situation.

Another issue with these grandstands is that they both tend to be poorly labelled, so it’s absolute chaos on race day when trying to find your seat. Many often end up being sat in the wrong spot, and having to constantly ask people to move could put a dampener on your experience.

If you can overlook the seating arrangements though, both of these grandstands offer some truly dazzling views of the Misano World circuit at a very reasonable price.

You’ll have a vantage point overlooking multiple corners, which are also some of the most technically challenging bends at the circuit. The higher the row you’re sat in, the more widespread your view will be, so aim to snag an upper row if you can.

The riders drop their speed quite significantly here in order to negotiate the turns, so you can see your favourite riders for much longer than at other parts of the track.

Brutapela has a better view of the big screen, so bear that in mind if you’re keen to follow on with all the action that unfolds elsewhere. It’s much bigger too, so the atmosphere is probably a little bit more electric. Brutapela 2 has slightly better views of the corner, but you’ll struggle to see the big screen clearly. Go for Brutapela if you get the option.

There are food and drink stalls just behind the grandstands, so you’re close enough to grab snacks and hurry back to your seat. 

This set of grandstands is definitely one of the best for pure views, especially at its price point – there’s lots of overtaking action at this part of the circuit and the riders can really demonstrate their technical ability.


Hands down one of, if not the best grandstand at the entire circuit, the Misanino stand is situated close to the Prato 1 general admission area. While one of the most expensive ticket options at the track, your spending is rewarded with a sensational vantage point that overlooks a whopping 80% of the circuit. You won’t find a more widespread view at the San Marino GP.

You’ll be able to see the bikes charging towards you at their maximum speeds, before gripping the brakes so the riders can manoeuvre around the sequence of corners that follows the rapid straight. In addition, you’re blessed with views of the latter corners of the race and even the start/finish straight, especially if you’re up in the higher rows.

The atmosphere is incredible here, thanks in part to the grandstands’ close proximity to the hoards of general admission fans. There’s a big screen in front of you so you can follow on with all the race action, but bring some binoculars. Seats are numbered so you won’t find people scrapping over seats. The stand is uncovered though, so dress accordingly.

There are toilets and food and drink stalls in close proximity. Be aware though, there are nowhere near enough of these for the amount of people at this section of the track, so be prepared to queue for longer than you might like.

The Misanino grandstand is an exceptional choice, and you won’t leave disappointed if you go for a ticket here. There’s plenty of overtaking action that goes on, and you get to see the riders at a variety of different speeds. If money is no object, I would say Misanino is the best grandstand overall at the Misano World circuit. 

Grandstand D & D Top

Grandstand D at the Misano World Circuit is found to the left of the Misanino stand, and actually wraps around the bend it overlooks, really giving spectators a tremendous view of the action. 

The bikes hurtle go hell for leather towards you at silly speeds, before some pretty intense braking to ensure they can get round the bend while staying on two wheels.

Not only will you have the best views at the circuit over some of the latter corners, but you also are able to see the bikes as they propel in and out of the final 90 degree turn at Misanino, where they slingshot towards the finish line.

The D Top grandstand is the more expensive older cousin of Grandstand D – it is located at the same part of the track, but is slightly closer to the Misanino grandstand. The view here is absolutely superb, while also being more widespread than in the standard D grandstand. 

In both though you can follow the bikes all the way until the final turn. There’s a big screen too, keeping you in the loop at all times. 

Both of these grandstands offer reserved seating, saving you the hassle of fighting for your spot.

Again, the biggest issue here is the sheer ratio of toilets and food and drinks outlets to fans. There simply isn’t enough to meet the huge demand. The seats are concrete bleacher style too, so if comfort is a priority, you should probably look elsewhere.

If you can look past that though, then the D set of grandstands are probably the best value at the circuit, and only just comes a close second to Misanino in terms of views. I definitely recommend considering it for race weekend.

Grandstand C

Situated immediately after the hairpin at turn 13, the C grandstand overlooks what poses one of the final challenges for riders at San Marino from a technical standpoint. It’s by far one of the most exciting corners at Misano, and a favourite amongst fans and riders alike. 

In addition to providing you with the best view of the hairpin, you’ll also have unrivalled views of the straight that follows, as the riders storm towards the final corner and catapult out the tight left hander. 

C is covered, so you’re protected from the sweltering hot sun. There’s a videowall for you to follow the race on too. Toilets and food and drink stalls are dotted all around, so you’re never more than a short walk away.

While giving an excellent view over an extremely exciting bit of the track, the view isn’t as widespread as in many other grandstands.

Grandstand B

As a covered grandstand with numbered seating and located near the final turn, the B grandstand at San Marino has all the necessary ingredients to make it a stellar choice.

Smack bang in the middle of a wide open corner between the last hairpin and the Misano Curve, you’re right in the heart of the action as the race reaches its climax. It’s circular shaped, following the natural curvature of turn 14. 

B gives you a brilliant view of the final sequence of corners, where the riders make their last ditch attempts to recover any deficits. You’re guaranteed some exciting action here.

There’s a big screen, so you can follow on with the whole race throughout, and there are toilets and food and drink stalls just a stone’s throw away. 

While there are better options at the Misano World Circuit, the B grandstand is still a sturdy choice.

Grandstand A

To the left of grandstands C and B is grandstand A, providing the best views of the entry to the final corner. You’ll be up close and personal with your favourite riders as they make their last ditch effort for victory, laying it all on the line defying gravity as they catapult in and out of the final bend, onto the finish straight.

As the race culminates, you’ll be right in pole position to see who storms to victory. A spot in this grandstand is perfect for those who prioritise a good view of the race’s final moments over anything else.

In addition, you’ll be able to see the two straights preceding the last bend, as the riders build up their speed out of the hairpin before squeezing the brakes in preparation.

A is a covered stand with numbered seats, with food and drink stalls and toilet access in the vicinity. 

While there is a big screen available here, it’s a little far away so you can’t rely on it too heavily. Bring your binoculars.

The best grandstand at the San Marino MotoGP

A solid choice for any MotoGP fan is Grandstand B giving you excellent views of the final sector of the Misano World Circuit. A high action part of the track and panoramic views, coupled with a giant screen nearby and awesome atmosphere, make this one of the best seats for the San Marino MotoGP.