100 Art Rooney Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Acrisure Stadium, which was more comonly known as in Pittsburgh as the Heinz Field Stadium, is a prominent football stadium situated in the North Shore neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The stadium primarily serves as the home ground for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League (NFL) and the Pittsburgh Panthers of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

In this article we’ve reviewed all of the seating options so you can decide which is the best seats at the Acrisure Stadium to suit your preferences and budget. We’ve included information on both sports and concert events too.

The stadium’s journey began in 2001 when it was inaugurated as Heinz Field. This opening followed the controlled demolition of the teams’ previous abode, Three Rivers Stadium.

The name “Heinz Field” was retained until 2021 when the H. J. Heinz Company chose not to renew the stadium’s naming rights.

Consequently, in 2022, the City of Pittsburgh approved Acrisure’s bid to acquire the naming rights, leading to its current name.

Notable Events

Beyond football, Acrisure Stadium has been a venue for significant events. It has hosted two outdoor hockey games: the 2011 NHL Winter Classic and the 2017 NHL Stadium Series. Moreover, the stadium has been a favorite spot for concerts.

A notable highlight was Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” performance on June 17, 2023, which drew a record-breaking attendance of 73,117 people, marking it as the highest-ticketed event in Pittsburgh’s history.

Previous Names of the stadium

The history of the stadium’s naming rights is quite intriguing. In June 2001, the H. J. Heinz Company acquired the naming rights, leading to the stadium being called “Heinz Field.” This agreement saw Heinz paying the Steelers a total of $57 million through 2021.

Redevelopment and Expansion

Over the years, the stadium has seen various phases of redevelopment and expansion. Initially, its capacity was 64,450 from 2001 to 2006. This number increased to 65,050 from 2006 to 2010 and further to 65,500 from 2011 to 2014. As of 2015, the stadium can accommodate 68,400 spectators.

Overview of seating levels

Lower Level (100 level)

The lower bowl offers the closest proximity to the field, allowing fans to be directly immersed in the game’s energy and action.

Club Level (200 level)

The club level provides a blend of comfort and luxury. Apart from offering a great view, it also provides access to exclusive amenities and premium lounges.

Luxury Suites

These are private spaces designed for those who prioritize luxury and privacy. Equipped with upscale amenities, they offer an exclusive game-watching experience, ideal for groups.

500 Level

Often the cheapest but also the highest seats at the Stadium. The top level has a very wide field of view but is open to the elements more than any other level.

Lower Bowl / Level 100 seating

When you’re seated in the 100-Level at Acrisure Stadium, you’re in the stadium’s lowest seating tier, which means you’re quite close to the field and players. This level encompasses the entire field with a total of 33 rows, starting from the front and extending to the back.

Prime Viewing Locations

If you’re a seasoned football fan, you probably already know that midfield sections generally offer the best views. In Acrisure Stadium, sections 109-112 and 133-136 are the ones to consider if you’re aiming for a comprehensive view of both ends of the field.

The Steelers make their presence felt in front of sections 133 through 136, with this stretch serving as their designated sideline.

On the opposite side, the visiting team sets up in front of sections 109 to 112. So, depending on your allegiance or interest in watching team dynamics up close, you might want to aim for these seats.

In sections 101-115, there’s a walkway that divides rows L and M. If you find yourself in row M in these sections, it might feel like you’ve snagged a front-row seat, but with a bit of elevation. However, to avoid potential obstructions from players and staff on the sidelines, you might want to consider seats in row M or higher.

Exclusive Amenities

Behind the south endzone of the 100-Level, there’s the Champions Club. While it does offer some exclusive amenities on Steelers gamedays, it’s worth noting whether these perks align with what you’re looking for in your game-day experience.

Restroom Facilities

For practical considerations, the 100-Level has several family and special needs restrooms. These are designed to accommodate a range of guests and come equipped with baby changing stations. You can find them:

  • Behind Section 105 in the FedEx Great Hall
  • Behind Section 124 on the Lower Level North
  • Behind Section 141 on the Lower Level West

Level 200 / Club Level seating

The 200 Level at Acrisure Stadium, also known as the Club Level, offers a premium seating experience with sections ranging from 205-216 and 229-240. These club sections provide you with an optimal sideline view, elevated just right for a comprehensive perspective of the game.

One of the standout features of the Club Level is the enhanced comfort. The seats here are notably wider than the standard ones and come with added legroom, ensuring a more relaxed experience. As a ticket holder in this level, you gain access to the indoor club lounges, which are a treat in themselves.

West Club Lounge

If you’re seated on the West side, you’ll be in proximity to the West Club Lounge. This lounge not only offers a cozy indoor space but also boasts views of Mt. Washington and the Ohio River. It’s worth noting that this is the home side of the field and generally offers more shade.

UPMC East Club

Those seated in sections 205-216 will find themselves closer to the UPMC East Club. This lounge provides picturesque views of downtown Pittsburgh. However, be prepared, as this side tends to be sunnier compared to the West side.

A few things to remember about the Club Level:

  • Both the West Club Lounge and UPMC East Club are accessible to all ticket holders in this level.
  • These clubs offer premium concessions, which are priced a la carte.
  • Both lounges are indoors, equipped with full-service bars, and furnished with dining setups.

In terms of the seating layout, the center sections of the 200 Level span from row A to Q. Some end-zone sections, specifically located in the north end of the stadium, start from row B. These include sections 226, 224, 221, 219, 218, and 217. The club seats in sections 208-213 and 232-237 offer a unique experience. The North Club Section, situated behind the 200-level, consists of three rows labeled A, B, and C.

Pittsburgh Steelers Club Level

This level encompasses six sections on each side of the field. The east sideline houses sections 208-213, while the west sideline features sections 232-237. As a Club Level 1 ticket holder, you’ll have exclusive access to the 200 level concourses on both sidelines, ensuring a more private experience with restrooms and concession facilities.

The amenities also extend to cushioned indoor seating areas fitted with flat-screen TVs, a full bar, and an enhanced vantage point from the designated outdoor seats.

Pittsburgh Steelers Club Level 2

This level is segmented into four groups, each containing three sections situated in each corner of the stadium. The south-east corner houses sections 205-207, the north-east has 214-216, the north-west features 229-231, and the south-west corner includes 238-240.

All ticket holders in Club Level 2 enjoy access to the entire club level and the exclusive amenities tailored for club ticket holders.

300 and 400 Level Suites at Acrisure Stadium

Acrisure Stadium is renowned for its luxurious suite offerings, spread across the 300 and 400 levels. These suites provide an exclusive viewing experience, with the 400 Level suites positioned directly above the 300 Level for an elevated perspective.

The Champions Club, a notable feature, is situated on the north side, offering a direct view of the field.

Suite Features and Amenities

Each suite at Acrisure Stadium is designed with the utmost comfort in mind. They are climate-controlled, ensuring that guests remain comfortable regardless of external weather conditions. One of the standout features is the option for personalized catering.

The suites also offer an exclusive space, perfect for hosting and entertaining guests. Before the commencement of the game or show, suite holders have the privilege of early access.

For added convenience, there are exclusive restroom facilities within the suite areas, and a dedicated suite attendant is always on hand to assist with any needs.

Suite Capacities

The 300 Level suites at Acrisure Stadium are designed to comfortably accommodate between 12 to 14 guests, making them ideal for medium-sized gatherings.

On the other hand, the 400 Level suites are slightly more spacious, with the capacity to host 10 to 18 guests. Depending on the specific event and seating arrangements, there’s flexibility to purchase additional tickets to accommodate more guests.

Renting a suite at Acrisure Stadium is an investment that varies based on several determinants. These include the nature of the event, the day it’s scheduled, and the specific suite in question. For NFL games, the price bracket for suites ranges from $12,300 to $40,300 per game.

When considering season game suites, the typical price range is between $13,300 and $17,300. It’s worth noting that concert events might command higher suite prices, contingent on the popularity of the performer. For those interested in a shared suite experience, individual ticket prices can oscillate between $161 to $721 or even more.

Sideline Suites

The Sideline Suites are private spaces that can comfortably host 15 or more guests. These suites are inclusive of game tickets and parking provisions. However, their availability is typically on an individual game basis, making them a sought-after choice for many.

Party Suite

For those looking to host larger groups in a premium setting, the Party Suite is the perfect choice. It offers all the amenities characteristic of the sideline suites but boasts a capacity to host up to 40 guests. This makes it an ideal choice for sizable gatherings or events.

500 Level Seating at Acrisure Stadium

The 500-Level at Acrisure Stadium is an expansive seating area that encompasses three distinct sections. Two of these sections run parallel to the sidelines, while the third is strategically positioned behind the north endzone. This elevated vantage point offers you a unique perspective of the game, ensuring that you don’t miss any of the action on the field.

Rows A-E

If you’re contemplating a seat in the 500-Level, consider opting for one in rows A-E. These rows are conveniently situated right in front of a walkway and the entry tunnels.

This location not only brings you closer to the field but also spares you the hassle of navigating numerous stairs. The proximity and ease of access significantly enhance your viewing experience, setting these rows apart from the rest of the 500-Level.

Rows F-LL

Beyond the walkway, you’ll encounter rows F-LL. It’s interesting to note that the seating arrangement transitions to double-letter rows after the single-letter sequence concludes at Z. The design of this section is characterized by three steps between each row, resulting in a somewhat steep climb to the top. However, this elevation ensures that your view of the field remains unobstructed, regardless of where you’re seated.

Other Considerations

When selecting a seat in the 500-Level, it’s essential to factor in the weather. The upper halves of Sections 528-541 and 504-517 are covered. However, while the former is quick to receive shade, the latter remains bathed in sunlight for a more extended period.

On the other hand, Sections 518-527 are entirely exposed, making them the brightest and most wind-prone areas of this level. If you’re considering a seat in an edge section, such as 517, be prepared for a gusty experience, especially on windy days.

For those attending Pitt Panthers games, remember that student seating is designated in sections 528-531. If you’re seated in Rows A-K of Sections 524, 525, 526, or 527, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the rivers, bridges, and the iconic Pittsburgh skyline.

Additionally, these seats are a mere five rows away from the entry tunnel, ensuring swift and easy access. Alternatively, if you choose Rows B-E in Sections 509, 510, 511, or 512, you’ll find yourself near midfield in the lower portion of the 500 level sideline sections, offering an optimal balance of view and accessibility.

Standing room only tickets

If you’re looking for an affordable way to experience a Steelers game at Acrisure Stadium, the Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets might be an ideal choice for you. These tickets grant you entry into the stadium, but it’s essential to note that they don’t come with a designated seat or a specific spot to stand.

Utilizing the Ramps

One of the favored locations for SRO ticketholders is the ramps situated at the South end of the field. While these ramps primarily serve as access points for guests moving to and from the upper deck, they’ve become popular among SRO patrons for several reasons.

Firstly, they provide a vantage point with views of the field, ensuring that you remain immersed in the game’s atmosphere. Secondly, their strategic location ensures easy accessibility, allowing you to move around without much hassle.

Lastly, these ramps offer a degree of shelter, shielding you from potential rain or strong winds. So, if you opt for an SRO ticket, the ramps might be your best bet to enjoy the game comfortably and without breaking the bank.

Seats with shading / shelter

If shelter from the elements is part of your seating requirements then we have a whole bunch of options for you. There’s actually a decent amount of cover and shading at this stadium so you’re in luck. Let’s look through all your options.

Row JJ: Elevated Protection

If you find yourself in Row JJ at Acrisure Stadium, you’re in a prime position. Elevated just right, this row offers protection from elements like cold rain. While it’s not the closest to the action, the view is commendably clear, especially when compared to seats located in the corners or the end zone.

Midfield Views in Section 234 and 235

For those who prioritize an unobstructed view of the game, Row M in sections 234 and 235 is a top pick. Positioned at midfield, these sections not only offer an excellent view of the game but also a clear sight of the scoreboard. An added advantage of Row M is the presence of a wall with a low rail in front, ensuring that your view remains unblocked even if fans stand up in the seats ahead.

While Row A offers a good vantage point, it lacks the overhead cover that Row M provides. For the best experience in these sections, seats away from the aisle, specifically seats 3,4,5,6 in row M of section 234, are ideal. These seats are strategically located within the 43-yard lines and are in close proximity to the climate-controlled Club with its massive screens.

Club Seating with shade

In the club seating areas, Rows G and above are covered, providing protection from the elements. Specifically, on the less sunny side of the field, which includes sections 205-216, the overhead cover also ensures shade for most rows. Club seats on the east side, particularly in rows F and above, are covered but remain exposed to the sun due to their orientation.

Endzone Seating

One of the prime spots to seek shelter from adverse weather is the endzone seating around section 223 on the north side of the field. Approximately half of these rows are covered, with the upper rows being among the first to receive shade.

Upper Deck

The upper deck of Acrisure Stadium offers a significant amount of shaded seating. Rows Q and above in the sideline sections are covered, providing protection from both sun and rain. Specifically, sections 504-517 and 528-541 starting at Row R benefit from this overhead cover. This means that rows following R, including double-letter rows like AA, BB, etc., are shielded from the elements.

North Club and 200 Level Sidelines

In front of the north club, Sections 219-226 provide covered seating starting from Row N and extending backward. Additionally, 200 level sections along the sidelines have overhead coverage in the back rows, thanks to the 500 level seating decks above. The optimal coverage in these areas can be found in Rows M and higher, spanning Sections 205-216 on the east sideline and Sections 229-240 on the west sideline.

For those considering Section 240, specifically Row O, there’s overhead coverage in the back rows, with the best protection offered in Rows M and higher.

This coverage is provided by the 500 level seating deck situated above. If you’re looking for optimal protection, especially from winds coming from the south, it’s advisable to opt for seats with higher numbers in this section.

Where do visiting team fans sit at the Acrisure Stadium?

If you’re a fan of the visiting team attending a Pitt football game at Acrisure Stadium, there are specific sections designated for you. Sections 101, 518, 519, and 520 are primarily reserved for visiting fans. Moreover, the top rows of sections 515, 516, 517, and 521-524 are also allocated for fans of the opposing team.

Most of these sections are strategically positioned above the north endzone, offering a panoramic view of the entire field. However, it’s worth noting that ticket availability in these visiting sections can vary depending on the popularity and demand of the opposing team.

Our Top Picks for Best Seating at Acrisure Stadium

Lower Level Corner Seating

Situated in the stadium’s corners on the lowest level, these sections provide an above-average field view, especially for scoring plays in the nearby endzone. If you’re keen on being as close to the field as possible, it’s advisable to skip sections 103-105, 117-119, 127-129, and 141-143 since they don’t extend right up to the field. Sections 116, 119, and 144 are adjacent to the tunnels where players make their entrance and exit, making them a prime spot for fans eager to catch a glimpse of the players.

Lower Level North Seating

For fans who prefer a close-to-field experience without the midfield price tag, the Lower Level North endzone sections are ideal. They offer a fantastic view of scoring plays at the north endzone and a clear sightline to the expansive scoreboard at the field’s opposite end. For a central view between the goalposts, opt for sections 122 and 123.

Lower Level Sideline Seating

Undoubtedly, the lower level sideline seating boasts some of Acrisure Stadium’s premium tickets. Their proximity to the field and strategic location near the 50-yard line ensure unparalleled views. Home team supporters can find themselves right behind the home bench in sections 133-136, while the opposite side, sections 109-112, is behind the visitors’ bench.

200 Level North Seating

Positioned on Acrisure Stadium’s second level behind the north endzone, the 200 Level North seating sections offer a delightful blend of elevated views similar to the club seats on the sideline, minus the upscale amenities.

These sections provide a clear view of the south endzone scoreboard and plays happening at the near endzone.

If you’re seeking shelter from unpredictable weather, the last few rows of sections 219-226 are shielded by the overhanging upper deck.

Each section here comprises only 16 lettered rows, ensuring quick access to the concourse.

Upper Level North Seating

Situated on the stadium’s topmost tier behind the North Endzone, these seats offer distant views but are among the most budget-friendly options for Steeler games.

While they provide a decent view of the vast videoboard in the South endzone, the farther action might be a bit challenging to follow. These sections lack any roof or overhang, leaving them exposed to the elements.

Upper Level Sideline Seating

Just a level above the Club Level seats, the Upper Level Sideline sections are perfect for fans seeking budget-friendly midfield seats, especially in sections 510-511 and 534-535.

However, as you move closer to the south endzone, the videoboard becomes harder to view. For those who prioritize weather protection, the last few rows in these sections offer some cover, albeit with distant views.

Best Seating for Families at Acrisure Stadium

Taking the family to a game at Acrisure Stadium is an experience to cherish. To ensure everyone has a memorable time, it’s essential to pick the right seats that cater to the comfort and convenience of both adults and kids.

In the sections 219, 220, 221, and 223, specifically between rows H-Q, families can find a blend of comfort and a great view.

These rows benefit from the overhead coverage provided by the seating deck above, shielding attendees from unpredictable weather, whether it’s a sudden downpour or the intense midday sun.

Moreover, the positioning of these rows offers a straightforward view of both the field and the videoboard, ensuring that every moment of the game is visible, keeping the younger fans engaged.

For families who prioritize ease of access, especially with younger children, the rows AA-MM in sections 104, 105, and 106 are an excellent choice. These seats are strategically located to ensure a hassle-free experience. The proximity to the concourse means shorter walks, which can be a relief, especially during halftime or for quick snack runs.

Furthermore, these sections are close to essential amenities like family restrooms, first aid stations, and guest services. An added advantage is their location near the FedEx Great Hall on the east side of the stadium, a popular spot that families might want to explore either before the game or during breaks.

Disabled facilities at the Acrisure Stadium

Drop-Off Points

You’ll find two main drop-off points at Acrisure Stadium. One is conveniently located at the intersection of Art Rooney Avenue and Reedsdale Street at Gate B. The other is right across from the Carnegie Science Center on Allegheny Avenue.


For those with accessibility needs, Alco Parking Corporation has several lots near Acrisure Stadium. Remember to have a valid placard or license plate to access these spaces. It’s always a good idea to arrive early to secure the best spot. For more details, you can check out Alco Parking’s website or give them a call.

Ticketing and Seating

The Ticket Office is accessible and located on Art Rooney Ave. Acrisure Stadium offers accessible seating at all levels. If you’re unsure about seating or need more details, don’t hesitate to contact Guest Services or the relevant Ticket Office.


All concession stands in the stadium are accessible. And if you’re thirsty, accessible public drinking fountains are spread across all levels. A heads-up: the stadium only accepts card or mobile payments. If you only have cash, there are Reverse ATMs available.


You’ll find over 50 men’s and women’s restrooms throughout the stadium, all equipped with baby changing stations and accessible stalls.

Mobility Assistance

All entry gates are accessible, and there’s a dedicated lane for those needing extra assistance during the screening process. If you need a wheelchair, the stadium has a limited number available. Just head to the Guest Services Locations at the stadium gates.

First Aid

UPMC First Aid rooms are strategically located in multiple sections of the stadium. In case of an emergency, there are contact numbers available for immediate assistance.

Sensory Needs

Acrisure Stadium has “KultureCity Sensory Packs” to help fans with special sensory needs. You can check these out from any Guest Service Room.

Service Animals

Your service animals are welcome at Acrisure Stadium. While not mandatory, it’s a good idea to contact Guest Services in advance to ensure a smooth experience.

The North Club at Acrisure Stadium

The North Club, nestled within the upper level of the North Endzone at Acrisure Stadium, offers a blend of luxury and versatility. Its unique design not only provides attendees with panoramic views of the field but also treats them to captivating glimpses of the city skyline.

Architectural Distinction

The club’s architectural layout stands out, creating a segmented ambiance. This design proves beneficial for diverse events, making it an impeccable choice for business meetings requiring multiple breakout rooms or strolling receptions where each section can be tailored for a different theme or part of a meal.

Pricing and Capacity

For those considering hosting an event at the North Club, the pricing is structured based on the time and day of the week. On weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm, the facility rental is priced at $2,000 with a food and beverage minimum of $5,000. For events after 5 pm on weekdays and on weekends, the facility rental goes up slightly to $2,500, with a food and beverage minimum of $8,000. It’s essential to note that the facility rental is based on a five-hour event duration.

The North Club’s capacity varies based on the event type and specific needs such as stages, dance floors, AV setups, and more. For instance, the North Club 1-4 can accommodate up to 95 people in a theatre setup, while North Club 6-11 and North Club 12-15 each can host up to 75 people in the same setup.

Features and Comparisons

When looking at the Acrisure Stadium seating chart, sections labeled NC1-NC15 represent the North Club seats. Each of these sections boasts two rows of outdoor seating and an indoor row, known as Row C.

When comparing the North Club to the 200 Level Club Seats along the sideline, both offer wider, more comfortable seating and access to an indoor club space. However, the North Club seats emerge as the top choice for those concerned about weather, as they are fully covered and provide the best shade at Acrisure Stadium. While Sideline Club Seats offer closer and enhanced views of the field, the North Club sections take the prize for the best views of the videoboard.

The UPMC Club at Acrisure Stadium

The UPMC Club stands as a testament to luxury and versatility within Acrisure Stadium. Adorned with three-story-length windows, this lounge offers attendees breathtaking views of the city skyline and the North Shore. The expansive windows, combined with the club’s strategic location stretching the length of the playing field, make it a prime spot for soaking in the ambiance of the game and the city.

Versatility for Various Events

The UPMC Club is not just about the game; its adaptability makes it a sought-after venue for various events. From galas and wedding receptions to corporate meetings and trade shows, the club has seen it all. Its spacious layout can comfortably accommodate up to 800 guests for a sit-down dinner. For events that are more about mingling and networking, the club can host up to 2,000 attendees.

For those seeking an unparalleled experience at Acrisure Stadium, the Champions Club is a top recommendation. Especially during college football games, the Champions Club offers an immersive experience. Not only do attendees get a fantastic view of the game, but they also have the luxury to retreat from unfavorable weather conditions, be it rain, snow, or the scorching sun.

A unique feature of the Champions Club is the band’s performance. Post their halftime show, the band makes its way through the club, adding to the festive atmosphere. While the proximity to the field offers an almost on-ground experience, it also means that attendees might occasionally find themselves too close to the action.

However, for many, this proximity is a highlight, making them feel like they’re part of the game, especially when the play is nearby. The Champions Club, with its mix of luxury and immersive experience, offers an adult and sophisticated way to enjoy college football.

Event use and pricing

Organizers considering the UPMC Club for their events should be aware of the pricing structure. The facility rental is set at $3,000, with a food and beverage minimum of $12,500. This pricing is based on a five-hour event duration, and it’s important to note that the food and beverage costs are subject to a 20% administrative fee and a 7% tax.

The club’s capacity is tailored to the event type, with provisions for stages, dance floors, displays, AV setups, and more. For instance, in a theatre setup, the UPMC Club can host up to 1,000 attendees. For events requiring banquet rounds for the entire room, the capacity is around 900 guests.

Field Club Seating at Acrisure Stadium

The Field Club seating at Acrisure Stadium is the epitome of luxury and proximity. Comprising Sections Field Club 1 through Field Club 4, these seats offer attendees an unparalleled experience, being the closest premium seating to the field.

PNC Champions Club Lounge Access

One of the standout features of the Field Club seating is the exclusive access to the upscale PNC Champions Club lounge. This lounge is known for its opulence and offers a retreat for attendees looking for a more private and luxurious space during the game.

Whether you’re hosting a business associate, a potential client, or simply want to give someone a memorable experience, this section is the place to be. As part of the Champions Club, it offers a premium seating experience that’s hard to match.

Seating Arrangement

The rows in Field Club sections 1 through 5 are labeled from A to J. This clear labeling ensures that attendees can easily locate their seats and settle in to enjoy the game.

The strategic arrangement of these sections, combined with the premium amenities on offer, ensures that Field Club seating remains one of the most sought-after experiences at Acrisure Stadium.

North Club Seating at Acrisure Stadium

The North Club at Acrisure Stadium offers a distinctive seating experience that combines luxury, comfort, and an unparalleled view. Located in the upper level of the North Endzone, the North Club sections, specifically NC1-NC15, are prominently featured on the Acrisure Stadium seating chart. Each of these sections boasts two rows of outdoor seating and an additional indoor row, labeled as Row C.

Unique Layout and Views

What sets the North Club apart is its unique layout, which not only provides views of the field but also offers glimpses of the city skyline throughout the lounge. This layout is pre-segmented, making it an ideal choice for events like business meetings requiring multiple breakout rooms or strolling receptions where different sections can be utilized for varied themes or parts of a meal.

The North Club’s vantage point is truly unmatched. Overlooking Heinz Field, it offers a backdrop of the Allegheny River and downtown Pittsburgh, creating a mesmerizing view. This club is not just about the view; it’s also about the experience. With access to delectable food and drink options, every game becomes a gourmet affair.

Amenities and Features

The North Club is designed to offer an exclusive experience. The climate-controlled club space is accessible only to those with North Club tickets. Within this space, attendees have access to exclusive concessions, bars, and restrooms.

The club also offers pregame access, ensuring that the excitement starts even before the game does. To enhance the viewing experience, numerous flat-screen televisions are strategically placed throughout the club.

For those considering the financial aspect, the North Club is priced at $660, which includes a $250 Panther Club Scholarship Membership Fee.

Comparing with Club Level Seats

When compared to the 200 Level Club Seats running along the sideline, the North Club holds its own. Both seating options offer wider and more comfortable seats with access to an indoor club space. However, the North Club is the go-to choice for those concerned about weather elements. Being fully covered, it provides the best-shaded seats in Acrisure Stadium. While Sideline Club Seats might offer closer and better views of the field, the North Club sections undoubtedly provide the best views of the videoboard.

However, potential attendees should note that the North Club is situated in the end zone. This means that while it’s a great spot to be on TV and enjoy the action up close, as the game moves away from this section, attendees might find themselves watching the scoreboard more frequently.

Best seats for concerts at the Acrisure Stadium?

Over the years, the stadium has hosted legends like Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Beyonce, U2, and the iconic Rolling Stones.

When considering seats for concerts at Acrisure Stadium, it’s essential to categorize them into two primary sections: the stands and the floor.

Most seats in the stands, even those in the front row of sections like 526, are quite distant from the stage. This distance often results in attendees focusing more on the jumbo screens than the live performance on stage. While the proximity of the 100 level, especially the sides closest to the stage, might offer a slightly better view, it’s still not as intimate as one might hope.

On the other hand, floor seats offer a closer experience. For some concerts, like the Rolling Stones, custom standing areas are designated, and your proximity to the stage depends on the type of ticket you purchase and how early you arrive.

However, even the best seats come with their challenges. For instance, while the front row of section 526 offers a decent view, the sound quality might not be optimal, with the band often drowning out the vocals. Moreover, large lighting towers can obstruct views for many stand seats, although this can vary depending on the specific tour setup.

In essence, when it comes to choosing seats at Acrisure Stadium concerts, it’s more about what you can afford and are willing to compromise on.

Every seat has its pros and cons, and the acts that grace this stadium often come with a premium price tag.

Parking and Accessibility

Parking during concert events at Acrisure Stadium can be quite challenging. Much like game days, every parking spot in and around the stadium fills up quickly. Private garages and surface lots often charge exorbitant fees, and traffic congestion is a given.

Whether you decide to park downtown and walk, use rideshare services, or take public transportation, be prepared for delays and crowds. For those living farther away, considering a hotel stay in the North Shore or downtown Pittsburgh might be a practical choice to avoid post-concert traffic.

Venue Amenities and Policies

Acrisure Stadium adheres to standard security protocols. Attendees must pass through metal detectors, and there are strict regulations regarding what can be brought inside.

For instance, liquids are prohibited, only small clutch purses are allowed, and any other items must be in clear plastic bags. It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the stadium’s current bag policies before attending.

Food and Beverage – Mobile ordering

Ever been in the middle of an intense game moment and dreaded the thought of standing in a long line for food or drinks? At Acrisure Stadium, you can sidestep this issue. Through the Steelers Official Mobile App, you can order beer and food right from your seat.

Once you’ve placed your order, you just head to the designated pick-up spots around the stadium, show your barcode, and you’re good to go. While the beer selection includes favorites like Bud Light and Stella Artois, the food options vary from the Goal Line Stand to Franco’s Sausages and more.

Self-Service Drink Markets

If you’re someone who values efficiency, you might appreciate the Drink Markets in Sections 117 & 525. Here, you can grab your drink and pay via a self-checkout machine. It’s a straightforward process, and the added Walk-Thru Brus stations around the stadium make grabbing a beverage even more convenient.

New on the Menu

For the pizza lovers, you’ll notice the addition of Little Caesars outlets in various sections. And if you’re in the mood for a unique drink, keep an eye out for the Dubliner Irish Whiskey Cocktails at the Spirits 33 Locations.

They serve these in a Steelers mason jar, which could be a fun memento from the game. As for food, you might want to try the fudge puppies or the chipped ham grilled cheese. And if you’re in a rush, the Steel City Classics sections offer a quick self-service option.

A Taste of Pittsburgh

Acrisure Stadium seems to have made an effort to capture the local Pittsburgh flavor. One spot that stands out is Franco’s Pizzeria, near the FedEx Great Hall.

Established in collaboration with the Steelers legend Franco Harris, this place offers some intriguing pizza names like Gina Margharita and The Immaculate Pie.

If you’re more in the mood for sausages, Franco’s Italian Army Gridiron Sausages in the Ford Fan Zone might be worth a visit.

Service Quality

From a visitor’s perspective, it seems Acrisure Stadium and its partner, Aramark, are genuinely trying to enhance the game-day experience. Their focus appears to be on more than just food and drinks; they seem to aim for an overall enriching experience for every fan.