A fan favourite ever since its inaugural race at Albert Park in 1996. The Melbourne F1 Grand Prix is a must with so many memorable races. The fast corners, challenging layout and bumpy street circuit nature of this race around the park make this Australian Grand Prix one worth flying down under for.

Usually the first race of the season too, there’s a lot of excitement in the air and Aussie motor racing fans are known for their knowledge and enthusiasm for the race too. With plenty of great grandstands to choose from and lots of good general admission areas.

“Australia’s cool because it’s got the feeling of being a street circuit, but it has the flow of a permanent road course. It’s tricky because it’s bumpy in places, braking zones are twisty, and corners are tight in places.”

Kevin Magnussen – F1 Driver

March is Autumn in Australia so weather conditions are anybody’s guess here. You’ll get some truly epic race action whatever the weather so let’s review some of the best places to watch the Australian Grand Prix.

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The best seats at the Australia F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne?

The Prost and Senna Grandstands are probably the best at Albert Park. With an incredible atmosphere and great views of turns 15 and 16 as well as the pit straight. Prost grandstand is the best with a view in to the pit entrance too. Higher rows have the best views. Read more to find out why.

Prost and Senna Grandstand best at Albert Park

While this is technically a street circuit it looks and feels more like the Canadian Grand Prix than the newer street circuits of Singapore and Azerbaijan.

Grandstands at the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix

Fangio Grandstand

Located on the pit straight there’s a good chance you’ll be sat right in front of the pole sitter for the start of the race. Named after the 5 time world champion Juan Manuel Fangio you’ll get panoramic views up and down the pit lane and with higher seats you’ll get a great view inside some of the garages too.

The pit straight at Albert park is 500 metres long and runs down what is usually Aughtie Drive that links the various ovals and sports fields when the formula 1 isn’t on.

Fangio Grandstand, Formula 1 Heineken Australian Grand Prix 2024

The Fangio grandstand is situated with the start line almost half way a long it so some ticket holders will see the cars to the right of them with others looking straight at them.

Either way the view for the start of the race is excellent as you’ll get all the noise and excitement as they head down towards turn 1.

The start finish straight at the Australian Grand Prix is not known as an overtaking opportunity so while views are good for race start and finish the chances of seeing much on-track action is limited here.

So views in to the pit garages for strategic pit stops is where you’ll find most of the action during the race.

There’s usually a giant TV screen opposite the grandstand above the pit garages so viewing the rest of the circuit is easy.

Australian Grand Prix Pit Garages

The grandstand is also very close to the track so you’ll hear and feel every car as they race past at nearly 300kph (186mph).

The podium is also situated opposite this grandstand so its arguably the best place on the circuit to view the post-race ceremony.

For higher grandstand seats you’ll need to purchase “Fangio Premium” tickets.

Fangio premium of Australian Grand Prix

Moss Grandstand

Named after the late great driver Sir Stirling Moss, this small grandstand is situated further along the start finish straight closer to turn 1.

Moss Grandstand of Australian Grand Prix

An access bridge traverses the track to the right of this grandstand which doesn’t obscure much of the view so generally isn’t an issue.

The grandstand is far enough down the pit straight that views of the pits and starting grid are not possible from here.

What is great about the Moss grandstand is that you’re situated right in front of the hard braking zone for turn 1 to the left of your field of view.

There’s a handy giant screen opposite to catch all the other action. Due to the flat landscape and compact nature of a street race around a park you can only really see turns 1 and 2 from this grandstand.

Access is excellent as the grandstand is small and has a large disabled viewing area in front of the first row making it easy to leave the grandstand and use amenities nearby.

The bridge over the track gives you quick access to more amenities and food options too, with travel time just a few minutes during peak times.

Jones Grandstand of Australian Grand Prix

The Moss grandstand is located very close to Gate 1 on Canterbury Road where you’ll find public transportation drop offs, taxi pickups and walkable roads leading away from the park. Note that general admission ticket holders can’t enter via this gate.

Jones Grandstand

In the thick of it at turn 1 forming part of the stadium like feel to this area, the Jones grandstand has both standard lower tiered seating and premium priced higher tiered.

The grandstand is located along the pit straight at turn 1 and continues along the gravel run off. So some ticket holders will be sat before turn 1, some right on it and some in front of the run-off area.

Jones Grandstand of Australian Grand Prix

Regardless of where you’re sat there’s nearly always cars crashing in to the gravel at turn 1 at the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix. Memorable moments here include Ralf Shumacher’s airborne crash in 2002 which happened right in front of this grandstand.

Seats to the right end of this grandstand will feel right next to the action as the seats are close to the catch fencing protecting race fans, while seats to the left end of the grandstand will have gravel run-off in front of them to an increasing degree.

Premium seats here offer a higher up panoramic view over the catch fencing, although views down the pit straight are still limited, made even more so by the bridge that allows you to enter the entertainment zone inside the track.

Jones Grandstand Premium seats of Australian Grand Prix

Thankfully turns 1 and 2 are often eventful corners at the Melbourne Grand Prix and the multiple grandstands here create a great atmosphere on race day.

Amenities are situated behind the grandstand including toilets and food stalls with more located inside the track over the pedestrian bridge.

Brabham Grandstand

Situated on the inside of turns 1 and 2. Access to this grandstand requires crossing the track via the pedestrian bridge near Gate 1. They form part of the stadium like atmosphere at the first corner which is great for race start and the opening laps when cars are bunched together.

Brabham Grandstand of Australian Grand Prix

You’ll be sure to see some action here as the tight twists of turn 1 and 2 are challenging and the unforgiving wall on the outside of turn 2 can catch out even the best of F1 drivers (I’m looking at you Bottas!).

Due to the capacity of the grandstands here there are multiple giant TV screens although most are not perfectly situated for the Brabham seats.

Brabham Grandstand view of Australian Grand Prix

The screen facing the grandstand is right opposite beyond the gravel run off quite some distance away, so not great for reading lap times.

There’s also a giant TV directly to the right of the grandstand but this is pointing towards the Jones grandstand opposite so doesn’t offer a good viewing angle but may be useful for timings.

The Brabham grandstand has excellent access to amenities with the “F1 Central” entertainment zone located directly behind the grandstand.

You’ll find great food here as well as toilets, souvenir stalls and first aid should you need it. There’s also the Village where you can watch stuntmen performing in between the weekend’s on track sessions.

Gate 1 of Brabham Grandstand

Access to this grandstand is usually via Gate 1 and the bridge over the pit straight. It can also be accessed via the bridges closer to Gate 8 on Queens Road where you’ll also find the “Kids Corner” entertainment.

Chicane Pavilion

For a high-end F1 experience the Chicane Pavillion at the Albert Park Circuit offers everything you’d want for your race weekend. With 2 levels available to purchase tickets for, you get views of turns 1 and 2 as well as many other premium quality services.

The view looks down on to turns 1 and 2 with the right end of the grandstand offering slightly better views down the pit straight.

Chicane Pavilion of Australian Grand Prix

Set some way back from the track with gravel run-off and grass service area in front of you, the appeal of this grandstand is its enclosed roof sheltering you from the elements and its additional services, popular with corporate hospitality.

With roof top terrace bar and excellent catering within this enclosure, amenities are easily accessible without needing to walk to nearby facilities. Expect cuisine from award winning chefs and plenty of champagne too.

Chicane Pavilion view of Australian Grand Prix

Higher tiered seats offer great views over the catch fencing and panoramic views from the entrance of turn 1 to your right, over to the narrowing exit of turn 2.

Chicane Pavilion turn 2 view of Australian Grand Prix

With flat screen TVs situated in a number of areas here you should get decent views of on track action from around the circuit. Wi

th a mixture of seating and standing areas. You’ll be a part of the first corner atmosphere created by multiple grandstands at this location.

Piquet Grandstand

Named after the Brazilian 3-time world champion Nelson Piquet, this grandstand is on the outside of the track just after turn 3. It is set back from the track by a small gravel run-off to the right. This grandstand has seen some spectacular crashes over the years, most notably Martin Brundle in his Jordan in 1996 and more recently Fernando Alonso in his McLaren in 2016 where he barrel rolled the car through the gravel.

Piquet Grandstand of Australian Grand Prix

This is also a great place to see overtaking as the fast straight before turn 3 offers great late breaking and switch-back opportunities for drivers trying to overtake.

This grandstand has limited amenities nearby with just a few food options. You’ll need to walk a few minutes either towards turn 2 where you’ll find various services by gate 2. Or You can head towards gates 3 and 4 where you’ll find toilets and other food options.

This grandstand is easily accessible from Gates 3 and 4 along Albert Road. Entertainment zones may take around 15 minutes to reach at peak times as you’ll either need to walk towards turn 1 along the access roads or around the circuit to between turns 10 and 11 where you’ll find the kids corner and bridge over the track to the entertainment village.

Gates 3 and 4 of Australian Grand Prix map

This grandstand is enclosed, sheltering you from the rain and sun. There is one giant screen here with an acute viewing angle.

Ricciardo Grandstand

Once named “World Champion” Grandstand, now affectionately named after Danial Ricciardo, the Australian F1 driver and wide smiled Aussie sporting hero. Situated on the inside of the circuit at turn 4.

Ricciardo Grandstand of Australian Grand Prix map

The entire grandstand enjoys views of the entrance to turn 3 and the exit of turn 4 with the quick straight down to turn 5 to your right. This has often been a great spot for overtaking as the wide run-off gives drivers extra confidence to make a move on a close car in front.

There’s been plenty of track action here over the years with huge crashes in to turn 3 and lots of canny switchback opportunities for brave drivers before they exit turn 4. You’ll see all of this right in front of you as the grandstand faces the short piece of track.

Ricciardo Grandstand of Australian Grand Prix map

Amenities are limited here with just toilets and a drinks bar located behind the grandstand. For everything else you’ll need to take a walk along the edge of the lack back to the main action and entertainment zones at turn 1 behind the Brabham grandstand.

You can access this grandstand from gate 4 on Albert Road or gate 2 on Canterbury Road, depending on where you’re coming from and your mode of transport to the circuit.

Gates 3 and 4 of Australian Grand Prix map

This is a premium grandstand which gives you access to other grandstands during the race weekend and an allocated seat for race day. Its enclosed roof will keep you dry too.

The Button Grandstand, a recent addition to the Australian Grand Prix circuit at Albert Park, is named in honor of Jenson Button, the 2009 World Champion. This grandstand is ideally located on the outfield of Turn 8, not far from Gate 5.

Button Grandstand of Australian Grand Prix

As a spectator here, you’re positioned perfectly to witness the cars skillfully navigate a long right-hander before they launch onto one of the circuit’s fastest straights. The proximity to the track ensures you are intimately connected to the pulse of the race, feeling every turn and acceleration.

While this grandstand might not be the prime spot for overtaking maneuvers, it excels in providing a comprehensive view of the high-speed technicalities of Formula 1 racing. If you love speed then this grandstand is for you.

Being situated where a popular general admission area once was, the Button Grandstand maintains a lively atmosphere, typical of enthusiastic F1 fans. It’s a great option for those looking for a different perspective of the race, away from the usual tight corners of the Albert Park circuit.

Accessibility is straightforward, with Gate 5 offering a short and convenient walk to the grandstand. This makes it an ideal choice for a day visit, especially for fans who wish to experience a unique part of the circuit that showcases the cars’ performance at high speed.

Clark Grandstand

New for 2021 and beyond, turns 9 and 10 have been re-profiled, removing the tricky and dangerous chicane thats been part of the layout since 1996, opting for a more sweeping fast kink that will have cars passing through at incredible speeds.

Clark Grandstand of Australian Grand Prix

The Clark grandstand named after one of F1’s greatest drivers Jim Clark is well positioned to enjoy views of the fast flowing new layout, with a clear view to the right where turn 8 spits out cars at over 200kph.

The new layout here with other changes around the track should make the lap time around 5 seconds faster. So a grandstand seat here is a great place to view the new profiled corners of 9 and 10.

The grandstand is not enclosed and is situated mostly in front of a run-off area which is likely to remain for the 2021 season. This is a small grandstand with limited seats. Access to the grandstand from outside the circuit is best from Gates 5 or 8.

Clark Grandstand of Australian Grand Prix

There is a large general admission area to the left of the grandstand which obscures the view of cars leaving turn 10 so most of your view will be to the right and in front of your seats. You can of course visit the general admission areas during race weekend sessions to get a different view of the corners.

Amenities are all located in the Kids Corner area of the park just a short walk away. For more entertainment you’ll need to cross over the track via the pedestrian bridge and take the pontoon bridge across the lake to the entertainment village where you’ll find food and drinks plus live music and souvenir stalls.

330 Club

The 330 Club, introduced at Albert Park for the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2024, offers a premier viewing experience.

330 Club of Australian Grand Prix

Situated along the main straight, this location is strategic for race enthusiasts. You can expect to have an unobstructed view of the high-speed action, as Formula 1 cars thunder past at speeds reaching 330 km/h.

The positioning of the club ensures that you are at the heart of the excitement, capturing the essence of Formula 1 racing from a vantage point that is both exhilarating and unique.

Design and Comfort

The multi-story facility of the 330 Club is designed with a modern, lounge-style aesthetic, combining comfort with a vibrant, social ambiance. Its contemporary fit-out is intended to enhance the overall experience of guests.

The open rooftop viewing balcony adds an exclusive touch, providing an elevated perspective of the race. This setting is not just about watching the race; it’s about immersing yourself in an environment that complements the thrill of the event.

Hospitality and Amenities

A key feature of the 330 Club is its comprehensive hospitality offering. The suite includes a grazing menu and an array of beverages, from champagne and premium wine to beer, cider, and soft drinks, along with espresso coffee.

This selection caters to a wide range of tastes and ensures that your culinary needs are well taken care of throughout the race day. Additionally, the presence of DJs and a broadcast TV feed enhances the atmosphere, making sure that the energy and excitement of the event are maintained throughout the day.

Access and Services

Access to the 330 Club is straightforward, with entry through Gate 1. The suite hosts present are dedicated to facilitating guest services, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. The provision of a superscreen for viewing adds an extra layer to the experience, allowing you to catch every detail of the race, even as you enjoy the suite’s amenities.

Access and Services

The 330 Club at Albert Park is a significant addition to the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix experience. It combines an excellent viewing location with high-quality hospitality and comfort.

Waite Grandstand

Named in honour of the First ever Australian Grand Prix winner Arthur Wait, turns 11 and 12 have often been a place even the best F1 drivers make mistakes, opening the door for their rivals to make a move and overtake.

Waite Grandstand of Australian Grand Prix

With turn 11 to the right of your view from this grandstand, cars brake hard as the enter the corner, sometimes going in too deep and taking to the gravel run-off on the outside of the corner. The short chicane of turns 11 and 12 create plenty of track action as drivers attempt to switch back right in front of the grandstand, accelerating hard out of 12 and hoping not to take to the gravel run-off on the outside of the circuit. All of this happens right in front of the Waite grandstand.

The grandstand is ideally situated for families as the popular Kids Corner entertainment zone is just behind the grandstand with plenty of entertainment, food, drinks and amenities like first aid and toilets.

Its also a short walk from gate 8 via an overpass bridge on Roy Street, with gate 9 not far away either. There’s a couple of giant TV screens here though they are situated some distance from the grandstand.

gate 8 and 9 of Australian Grand Prix

Use the pontoon bridge across the lake to access all the major entertainment at the Village.

Schumacher Grandstand

There are limited, mostly exclusive grandstands between turn 12 and 15, with the first ticketed grandstand available before the end of the circuit being named after the 7 time world champion Michael Schumacher. The fast flowing turn 14 leans in to a heavy breaking zone at turn 15 which often catches drivers out especially during practice sessions.

Schumacher Grandstand of Australian Grand Prix

The Schumacher grandstand enjoys panoramic views from the exit of turn 15 and the entrance to the pit lanes and the fast and last corner on the Melbourne Grand Prix circuit. This has often been an overtaking spot where drivers can make the most of another’s lockups or misjudging of braking in to turn 15. You’re bound to see some action here especially at the star of the race.

The grandstand is not enclosed so you may need rain clothes if the weather isn’t great. There’s a couple of giant Tv screens to the left and right of the grandstand opposite the track giving you the rest of the circuit’s action.The nearby Prost and Senna grandstands at Turn 16 to your left help create a stadium like atmosphere in this area which adds to the excitement.

There are a number of amenities behind the grandstand where you’ll find a number of food stalls, toilets, souvenir shops and access to “Legends Lane” behind the start finish grandstands just a few minutes walk away.

Gates 1 and 10 of Australian Grand Prix map

Gates 10 and 1 are the closest to the grandstand but for a more scenic route you can walk around the circuit to gates 8 and 9 on Queens Road or use the nearby pedestrian bridge to access more entertainment and gates.

Prost Grandstand

Located on the curve of the last corner on the Australian F1 Grand Prix circuit. This grandstand offers great sweeping views of turns 15 and 16 as well as a great angle on the start finish straight as you look down its length and the pits too. Combined with the nearby Senna grandstand this creates one of the largest grandstands at the Melbourne GP.

Prost Grandstand of Australian Grand Prix

The atmosphere here is electric with plenty of knowledgable fans packing the grandstands. I particularly like the positioning of Prost grandstand as it gives to the widest angle of viewing over the 2 corners as well as the pit entrance. The premium priced seats higher up the grandstand also offer somewhat obscured views in to the pit lane although much of the pit action is further down the start finish straight.

There are multiple giant TV screens here located directly opposite the grandstand so you’re sure to catch all of the track action. It’s a great view down the main straight for the start of the race too so there’s a high chance you may see some 1st lap carnage too.

This grandstand has excellent amenities very close by with the Legends Lane entertainment area located behind the pit straight just a couple of minutes walking distance. There’s also toilets directly behind the grandstand.

Prost Grandstand Gates of Australian Grand Prix

This grandstand is best accessed via Gates 1 on Canterbury Road and 10 on Lakeside drive. If you’re coming from Albert Road you can entire via Gates 3 or 4 and walk through the Legands Lane entertainment zone.

Senna Grandstand

Directly opposite the start of the pit lane you’ll find the huge Senna grandstand which has great views of the last 2 corners on the circuit and a view down the pit straight to your left. This is a popular grandstand as it offers both overtaking action directly in front of you plus first lap excitement on the main straight.

Senna Grandstand of Australian Grand Prix

Named after the famous Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna, the atmosphere here is fantastic with a number of large grandstands nearby and lots of fast race action as cars exit the last corner around 180kph (120mph) on full throttle down the straight to start another lap.

Amenities here are excellent with the Legends Lane right behind the grandstand. One thing to watch out for is access times to and from your seat.

With such a large grandstand expect slight delays especially at the end of track sessions when leaving and heading to the entertainment zones.

For better views I recommend opting for the more expensive premium seats higher up at the back. The grandstand is so close to the track you’ll still hear and feel every car as well as getting better views down the pit straight.

While pit lane viewing is somewhat limited by the multiple layers of catch fencing it is at least slightly improved in higher seats.

A giant screen is opposite the grandstand giving you views of the action around the track. The grandstand is not enclosed so you may need wet weather gear at your seats if it rains. Ponchos recommended!

Webber Grandstand

Named after one of Australia’s sporting heroes and F1 driver Mark Webber, this grandstand is located right opposite the pits with the midfield pack and back-markers lining up on the grid right in front of you. Its a great place to view all of the weekend’s action including the V8 Supercar car races and practice sessions where pit activity increases.

Webber Grandstand of Australian Grand Prix

The F1 garages are further up the road so pit viewing is somewhat limited. Although there are Supercar garages right opposite so you’ll see some action here during the race weekend.

Seats on the left of the grandstand will enjoy some F1 pit viewing even from lower seats.Higher seats enjoy a more panoramic view down the pit lane and main straight.

The view of the last corner is somewhat obscured by catch fencing on both sides and the supercar garages and exclusive grandstands inside the track. So most of your view will be of the start finish straight.

This grandstand is not enclosed so be sure to bring a coat and waterproofs if it rains. Access to entertainment is excellent here with the Legends Lane music and entertainment zone located right behind the grandstand.

The Webber grandstand is quite large so expect some queuing around session end times when everyone heads to the entertainment zones. You may also experience more queues for toilets and food in this area as the large grandstands here all use the same amenities.

The atmosphere here is great with plenty of entertainment and excitement both on and off the track. Gate 1 is your best access point so be sure to get your transportation to Canterbury Road. There’s also more entertainment zones if you take the pedestrian bridge located next to the Moss grandstand just before turn 1.

General admission

There are some great viewing areas for General Admission ticket holders at the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix. A number of which are along corners not viewable from any grandstands. A number of raised grassy mounds offer elevated viewing through the catch-fencing.

Turns 2 to 3

On the inside of the circuit on the exit of turn 2, a large grassy raised area gives great views of the cars at full throttle heading down to turn 3. This is one of the largest general admission areas and is popular for the start of races as the cars are often fighting for positions at turns 1 and 2 which should be viewable from here.

Its also great for accessing entertainment between sessions with the entertainment village nearby plus plenty of food and drink stalls.

Toilets of Australian Grand Prix

Toilets are located right behind the general admission area. With gate access best from Gate 4 on Albert Road.

Turn 8

The fast right hand curve of Turn 8 is a great place to see F1 cars gripping the track at high speed as they head down full throttle towards the newly re-profiled turns 9 and 10.

The viewing mound is fairly small here but there’s plenty of space around it along this curve.

It’s also very accessible from Gate 5 nearby on Albert Road, with the Kids Corner entertainment around a 4 or 5 minute walk away.

There’s a larger grassy mound closer to the new fast sweeping curves of 9 and 10 where you’ll see cars at full speed navigate the new layout.

Back straight after turn 10

Always a popular spot for F1 fans as it offers a chance to see cars heading straight towards you from turn 8. The new profile of turns 9 and 10 may change the viewing opportunities here as the faster layout will move the general admission viewing area back with more run-off required.

This mound is great for families with the kids corner nearby hosting all sorts of activities, entertainment and amenities.

There’s also a giant Tv screen located opposite the grass mound so you should catch most of the action here. Be sure to arrive early and stake your plot on the grass with camping chairs or picnic blanket as it can get busy here.

Turn 11 – Brocky’s Hill.

Another fantastic general admission area as its located right next to all of the kids corner entertainment, making this super accessible for families. It’s also up close to turn 11 where you’ll often see cars occasionally making a poor job of braking down the fast back straight.

Turn 11 - Brocky’s Hill

Brocky’s hill is sloped almost as well as a grandstand so views are good although limited to mostly fast moving f1 cars rather than corners. The view towards turn 12 is pretty good if you’re at the left end of the hill but can be obscured by the Waite grandstand. You should however be able to catch cars fighting for position as they enter turn 12. This has often been an area of brave overtaking moves, one of only a few places on the circuit to do so.

Amenities here are excellent and the hill is fairly large offering space for everyone. There’s a giant Tv opposite the track beyond the gravel run-off which doesn’t offer the greatest of views of track action but is handy for those closer to turn 11 and next to the Waite grandstand.

Turns 13 and 14

There are no grandstands around this side of the track so turns 13 and 14 have multiple general admission viewing angles before you get to the stadium like grandstands of turns 15 and 16.

The fast right handers of 13 and 14 will show F1 cars at their finest, turning in at high speed with gravel run-offs needed to catch out of control cars. The catch fencing runs along this area and you can get fairly up close to the track along the back straight and towards turn 14.

There’s also a disabled raised viewing platform here with wheelchair access and amenities nearby.

For food and drink head down to the Schumacher grandstand at turn 15 where you’ll find everything you need. There’s also a pedestrian bridge over the circuit leading to the entertainment village.

This area is close to gate 10 on Lakeside Drive, or Gate 1 if you are ok walking through the busy Legends Lane entertainment area behind the large pit straight grandstands of Fangio, Webber and and Senna.

The best seats at the Australia F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne

The Prost and Senna Grandstands are probably the best at Albert Park. With an incredible atmosphere and great views of turns 15 and 16 as well as the pit straight. Prost grandstand is the best with a view in to the pit entrance too. Higher rows have the best views.

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