Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal

The Canadian Formula One Grand Prix has a deep-rooted history for the City of Montreal when in 1961 at the first Formula One Grand Prix Race, drivers navigated the then named circuit Île Notre Dame/ Gilles Villeneuve. 

With a circuit length of 4.361 Km; and drivers lapping 70 times to a total of 305.27 Km. The grounds offer plenty of seating variety for the fan that came for the nonstop action. Including those who bring along the entire family to participate in the 3-day event. 

Fans are added the luxury of bringing a cooler of food and beverages for refreshments they may need for the day’s festivities. By checking the official website, you will be able to identify allowed or contraband items. 

“Canada is one of my favourite races. The track is pretty fast and it’s really enjoyable to drive.” 

Valtteri Bottas – F1 Driver

Some locations may also be louder than usual or healthy levels. I’d recommend you bring ear protection for those areas. With the cars revving and highly accelerated takeoffs, you can bet that your ears and body will feel the rumble.  

As summer in Canada can mean a scorching hot day or a day with torrential rain. It is advised you bring attire that is appropriate to any weather changes that could affect your enjoyment of the track activities. 

The Circuit Gille Villeneuve is perfectly located close to the city centre. Just a short transit ride away or the 777 bus service. We’ve created an entire article for you to read on how to get to the Canadian F1 circuit in Montreal which is well worth a read after you’ve finished this article of course.

Now all you need to decide is where you want to sit and take in the adrenaline that fills the air. 

Grandstands at the Canadian Grand Prix

Main Straight Grandstand 1

The seats located across from the pit lanes and garages will keep fans entertained amid all the action. These are the seats where the official ceremonies are conducted and where chances of seeing your favorite celebrity become possible.

You will get to also witness the podium winners receive their awards at the end of the race. Located directly below the control tower. This spot is considered one of the top viewing locations to witness drivers engage in the DRS (Drag Reduction Zone); where they closely follow and attempt to pass rivals on the course.

In this area, the air is alive with anticipation and excitement as drivers take their positioning and wave off to the crowd. 3 giant television screens; visible from in front, to the left, and to the right of the Main Straight.

Allowing spectators to keep their eyes on the race; as drivers continue their way along the track. Washrooms are located directly across from the grandstand. You can view the start and finish line from this coveted location. 

Tribune Platine Turn 1

 As one of the more comfortable seating options, the Platine grandstand will get you super close to all the race action. As you enter the grounds, you will discover these seats are located inside the track and alongside the Casino Straight, which leads from the starting grid to the Senna Curve.

The famous left-right-left corner known as turn 1 into turn 2; the Senna Curve. With a covered grandstand with comfortable seating, lucky patrons can enjoy a hot race day with some shade. With a sloped landscape aiding in unobstructed views of the track, you’ll enjoy the comfort of the added chairs instead of bleachers-style seating.

Patrons can continue to watch the race on the large screen to the left as drivers continue down the course.  

Senna Curve (Grandstands 11&12)

From an eagle-eye view from above, the prevalent ‘S’ shape of the Senna Curve can be seen. The obvious curve is not as apparent onsite.

As pit-exit and runoff lanes were merged to allow drivers to take advantage of the slowdown and exit for any necessary refueling or repairs by the pit crew. The club restaurants are also located in the Senna Curve area and refreshment stands along the left towards the Main Straight Grandstands. 

Grandstand 11

Begins in Senna Corner and boasts views of the vehicles exiting the pit lanes. Viewers will also get to watch drivers maneuver the left-right combination the Senna Curves are known for. Turns 1 and 2 require the driver to not only reduce breakneck speeds of 300KPH to almost half but also navigate around each other in a tight space.

The view has a run-off lane for drivers that cannot maintain the momentum and need the escape. With unobstructed views over the safety fencing thanks to the elevated ground. Patrons will get to watch drivers overtake their rivals as they continue down around the track from any position within the upper and lower stands. 

A large screen is visible to viewers to the left of the grandstand with washroom access to the right.

Grandstand 12

The seats of Grandstand 12 offer more than just view of the famous Senna “S” Curve; viewers are also treated to stunning views of the Montreal skyline.

Whether you are enjoying the heart-pounding actions as drivers whip around the S and try to outmaneuver one another or watching the continuous action on the big screen located on your left.

You can expect with so much to take in, the view will amplify your experience. You can access washrooms to the right and behind the grandstand. 

Tribune Familiale 

Facing a north-west position and viewing turns 6 and 7; families will enjoy a left-right combination at speeds of 100KPH. Located within the track and appealing to family visitors to the race.

The proximity of food stands, and other activities geared towards family fun are sure to keep everyone entertained between races. This area allows children aged 15 admission if they are accompanied by an adult.

Also offering discounts for those patrons over 65. Momentarily occupied fans can keep an eye on the race with the large outdoor TV. This area is a fan favorite for family outings. 

Grandstand 31

Seats are located on the northside of the track. Fans will watch as cars appear to drive straight towards you. With views of corners 8 and 9, known as a tricky right-left combination; drivers squeeze and display their skills while you witness them overtake each other.

Looking to your right, a breathtaking view of the city of Montreal completes the experience. A loaded action hotspot.  

Hairpin Curve (15,21,24,34)

This area of the circuit is well known to fans as where drivers overcome and defeat their rivals, or where cars, misjudging their approaching speeds, are forced off the track, or perhaps into an uncontrolled spin.

Grandstand 15 Covered

The Grand Prix aficionado will not be able to take their eyes off the course as drivers use the 180° turn aptly named Hairpin Curve. As drivers quickly accelerate to use the Hairpin design to pass each other and take a new position in the race.

Facing turn 10 and 11, as drivers re-establish their positioning some are forced onto the escape road and some ease around turn 11; known as the one of the more manageable turns in the circuit. 

Make sure to bring your binoculars so you can watch the action as it vanishes onto Casino Straight. Washrooms are located to the left of the stands. 

Grandstand 21

For race enthusiasts these covered stands are located before turns 10 and directly across from turn 11. This location boasts the easiest access to the Metro Station, Cosmos Bridge, and a quick walk to the paddocks.

You will watch as drivers come out of corners 8 and 9 and use the space to overcome each other and fight for a position to take the softer corner 10.

As vehicles approach and decrease speeds to only momentarily later open them up wide; the electric energy in the air from the excitement make these seats some fans’ top choice.

You can watch all the action on the large screen located to the right of the grandstand. The washroom facilities are located to the right of the grandstand and behind. 

Lance Stroll Formerly Grandstand 24

Located in the south-east section of the track is grandstand 24. Facing turn 10 and views capable of watching drivers trying to outpace others in the Hairpin Curve. Considered a top fan favorite and almost complete unobstructed views of racers as they complete the Hairpin Curve.

No spectator will be able to resist the views of the 1967 Expo Biosphere either, or the beautiful skyline of Montreal. There is no large screen allocated for this grandstand and the washroom facilities are located to the right of the stands and behind.

Heading towards the Main Straight along the track is the dedicated hospital area for any emergencies. Refreshment stands are also located along the stretch for race goers to enjoy.  

Grandstand 34 

These covered stands are located inside the track at the east end of the circuit. Top fans will watch all the action the Hairpin Curve has to offer as the drivers’ barrel towards turn 10. 

Visitors will find a large exhibition area and an entertainment zone nearby. All within the circuit’s track. With covered seating and race coverage on the big screen, you will not be left out of the action as the vehicles compete around the circuit. You can access the washroom facilities directly behind the stands. 

Casino Straight

Grandstand 46

Situated at the entry of the known Casino Straight, grandstand 46 offers unbeatable views as drivers speed towards turn 12.

An assigned seating stand with lower cost to patrons who want to enjoy the thrill of the race. The general admission access of the tickets guarantees patrons the ability to also roam the grounds and explore the variety of activities available to fans. 

Grandstand 47

The patrons of 47 can participate in the events however many of the 3-day events they would like. A more economical seating arrangement, you will be sitting inside the track course at the beginning of the long stretch of Casino Straight.

A lower budget option for ticket purchasers, grandstand 47 also affords general admission access to patrons to enjoy the Gran Prix festivities to the fullest. 

Honorable Mentions

Family Zone

Those who are looking for a little break in-between the track activities can explore the Family Zone area. Free for children under 15 and providing endless activities for family fun. Face painting, to activity center’s for kids to release any energy before the next race begins. 

Park & Cosmos Zone

This area is loaded with all the merchandise and gear any fan needs to add to their collection. Adrenaline junkies can get their fix at the Monster Energy Compound; also located within. Watch the professional motocross participants display their skills and stunts for everyone’s entertainment. 

Beach Zone

Located behind the podium and the Senna Suites on the grounds. The zone is accessible to all ticket holders. Join the party while a DJ provides live entertainment. There are plenty of beach sports for spectators to participate in and a bar-terrace for those wanting to just relax and take in the views. 

Heineken Terrace

For those who just need a minute to relax and take in some cold refreshments. Situated on the edge of a lagoon, patrons find the spot a great place to unwind between the race activities. 

Corporate Seating

There is allotted seating for corporate members who hold tickets to the envious locations. Senna, Platinum, and Podium Club offer their corporate fans an unbeatable view of course, and all the luxury of a first-class experience. Located inside the track with views of the start/finish line, pits and garages. This VIP spot cannot be beat. 

The best grandstand at the Canada F1 Grand Prix

For the best view of one of the most iconic parts of any F1 track, grab tickets for Grandstand 12 situated at the famous corners known as “Virage Senna”. Late braking racers will battle it out here lap after lap, and the atmosphere is incredible too. One for the real race fans.

How to get to the Canadian F1 Grand Prix?

So now you know where you want to sit its time to find out how you’ll get to the Circuit Gilles Villenueve in Montreal. We’ve reviewed every option for you including nearest airports, international and domestic flight options, road trips from major cities, public transport and accommodation options too.