Baku City Circuit

Running through a UNESCO heritage site, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix held at the Baku City Circuit is, without a doubt, one of the most aesthetically pleasing races in the Formula 1 Calendar.

Held for the first time in 2017, Daniel Ricciardo was the victor then, securing the win for Red Bull while holding off fierce competition from the likes of Valterri Bottas.

No driver has ever won here more than once, although Red Bull Racing have prevailed three times, most recently with Dutch phenomenon Max Verstappen in 2022.

Consisting of 51 laps across 20 corners in the country’s capital city, the course is renowned for its perfect combination of tight intense turns and gaping long straights – it’s 13 metres across at its widest point.

It’s one of the longest tracks of the season at just over 6km in length, and the huge main straight overlooks the Baku shoreline providing a spectacular backdrop for spectators as they watch the drivers tussle wheel to wheel in the run up to the hectic first turn.

Even the smallest errors are punished heavily at Baku, with positions lost just as easily as they are found. the Baku Street Circuit is certainly a great rival to the other famous street tracks in F1 like Singapore and Monaco. This track may have less corners but this may work in its favour as it has more overtaking opportunities than most street tracks.

There are six main access gates to the circuit, and most of the grandstands along with the off-track entertainment are located near the waterfront at the southern part.

The main F1 Fanzone is perched just behind the main grandstand (Absheron) by the start/finish straight, as is usually the case.

“With a street circuit you have to love it – but you also have to respect it and understand it. I understand that, to be fast, you have to be on the limit – but put yourself there and it can bite you.“

Daniel Ricciardo – F1 Driver

An added bonus of the GP in Azerbaijan is the possibility to experience the fantastic cuisine the nation has to offer – a delectable fusion of flavours influenced heavily by Turkey and the Middle East, but with its own unique take. Make sure you grab some Plov when you visit, the country’s tasty national dish.

Along with the more traditional Azerbaijani options, there’s also fast food such as pizza and kebabs, and plenty of bars serving alcohol.

The F1 fanzone comes with a chill out area, esports gaming zone, a replica podium and even a full scale F1 car from the current season. The red entertainment zone comes with a climbing wall, bouncy castle and trampolines, along with a plethora of other fun activities.

There are even roaming entertainers wandering around the circuit throughout the course of the weekend.

The street circuit is extremely well designed, with grandstands meticulously placed to optimise the views for spectators. That being said, some offer better vantage points than others. Wheelchair accessible seats are also available at the Absheron (E) and Azneft Grandstands.

Grandstand reviews of Azerbaijan F1

As expected from the main grandstand at any circuit, the Absheron Grandstand offers perhaps the best vantage point for spectators at Baku. Overlooking the long 2.2km main straight, you will likely get to see some of the race’s most dramatic moments.

Doubling up as a DRS zone and with plenty of slipstream opportunities, wheel-to-wheel action is almost a certainty at this part of the circuit, possibly even 3 or 4 cars wide at times.

Absheron Grandstand

Additionally, there’s the extra benefit of having views of the pit lane, and also of the podium where the post-race awards ceremony will take place on the Sunday. Absheron is right next to the main F1 Fanzone and a short walk from the other main entertainment zones, meaning you’re never too far from the off-track antics.

There are plenty of food and drinks stalls close by, along with toilet facilities. Video walls are dotted along the straight so you can keep up with the rest of the race too.

Absheron makes for a fantastic all-round option, allowing you to focus on enjoying your race weekend without stressing over anything else. It’s an expensive option though, so not for anyone looking to do Azerbaijan on a budget.

The start finish straight is often the location of some epic over-taking moves. Some of which don’t always go to plan. Here’s the view from Absheron grandstand section E for the legendary crash between Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen.

Paddock Club

When you attend the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the Paddock Club VIP option offers a distinct and premium experience. This review aims to dissect the features and services provided, giving you a clear understanding of what to expect without embellishment.

Access and Location

The Paddock Club is strategically positioned above the team garages, offering direct views of the pit lane and the start/finish line.

This placement not only allows for an unobstructed view of key moments in the race but also situates you at the heart of the action, where the intensity of the Formula 1 environment is palpable.

The access it provides to the circuit, including exclusive areas, enhances the experience by immersing you in the sport’s inner workings.

Viewing Experience

One of the hallmark features of the Paddock Club is the unparalleled vantage point it offers. Overlooking the pit lane and the start/finish line, attendees can witness the meticulous strategies of the pit stops, the thrilling start of the race, and the climactic finish, all from a privileged perspective.

This immersive viewing experience is further augmented by the access to tours and walks, allowing guests a closer look at the track and the garages.

Catering and Amenities

Catering within the Paddock Club is a high point, with gourmet food and drinks served throughout the event. The offerings are prepared by world-class chefs and include gourmet luncheons and open champagne bars, aiming to satisfy the palate with a variety of exquisite options.

Beyond the culinary experience, the Club provides an official program and earplugs, ensuring guests can follow the race comfortably and with all necessary information at hand.

Additional Features

The VIP package is rich with added benefits designed to enhance the Formula 1 experience. These include Pit Lane walks at specified times, guided paddock tours, and the opportunity to explore the support race paddock.

Entertainment is woven throughout the event, with resident DJs, Esports simulators, and merchandise stalls offering diversion during downtime. The Club Suite, a hospitality area equipped with TV screens, a bar, and lounge areas, caters to individuals and small groups seeking a more private setting.

With private parking included, the Paddock Club ensures easy access for guests. This convenience is a significant consideration, especially given the bustling environment of a Grand Prix weekend, allowing for a smoother and more comfortable arrival and departure.

Filarmonia Grandstand

Filarmonia is one of the cheapest options at the Baku Street Circuit, but that’s not a true reflection of what it has to offer.

Sitting on the inside of turn 16, this grandstand has a great view of a potential overtaking spot, and so there’s a decent chance you’ll see some pretty exciting manoeuvres here. The cars are forced to slam on the brakes relatively quickly for this bend, letting spectators witness the immense breaking power of F1 cars closer than they ever have before.

There is some catch fencing which is best avoided, so ensure if you get a ticket here you select one of the higher up options.

The biggest downfall is the fact there is only one small screen visible opposite the track at Filarmonia grandstand, so you’re going to have to rely on your mobile data to follow the drivers when they aren’t passing below your seat.

You’re quite a way away from the main fanzone too, but there are other entertainment areas and toilet facilities closer by.

Even so, it’s definitely one of the best options for those who may be on a slightly tighter budget.

Bulvar Grandstand

If witnessing raw speed is what gets your engines going, a seat in the Bulvar grandstand will fulfill all of your desires. The drivers fly past here with the accelerator glued firmly to the road, before beginning preparations to enter the first turn.

The view here is restricted by trees and buildings and as you’re on the fast straight the cars pass by so quickly you’ll only get a quick glimpse of them. To understand the raw speed of these cars its a great spot but for witnessing overtakes, maybe not so.

The sheer speeds the vehicles reach as they pass means in reality, all the spectators see is a quick flash of car. Great at the start of the race when they’re fighting nose to tail, less so as the race progresses.

Bulvar takes its name after the boulevard on which it’s located, opposite the Khazar grandstand.

Despite the compromised view here, the electric atmosphere thanks to the hoards of fans at this part of the track is still a selling point. It’s also close to the main fan zones and the beach too so access is good for getting to the entertainment after each session and for getting back to your hotel.

Khazar Grandstand

If you’re on a low budget but still want to experience the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the Khazar grandstand is a potential option for you. It’s located opposite to the BUlvar grandstand.

Expect to get what you pay for though, and the view is much more restricted than some of the other grandstands.

The cars pass by in both directions here, but unfortunately the grandstand isn’t positioned to make the most of this.

What you actually get is a relatively boring view of the drivers passing you down the main straight. If you manage to snag a seat towards the very right of the grandstand you will fare slightly better, as this view is more varied.

Khazar has a video wall so you can keep up to track with all the in-race goings on, and is also close to the main fanzones, toilet facilities and food and drink stalls thanks to its position on the main straight.

While there are better options, a seat here will still be enjoyable, and the booming race day atmosphere will ensure the euphoria continues throughout the weekend.


Overlooking the same straight as the adjacent Bulvar stand and sitting on the opposite side of the track to Khazar is the Sahil Grandstand. It’s close to the beach front and main fan areas, so you’re right in the thick of things.

There is a big screen easily visible from Sahil, and the view overall is very respectable if you’re looking for something in the middle price bracket.

In addition to very clear views of the straight, you can see the opposite section of track between turns 5 and 6, which is a nice bonus.

There are toilet facilities nearby. In summary, Sahil is a good option, and thanks to its close proximity to the track you really feel immersed on race day as the cars roar past just a whisker away from your face.

There’s a big screen that you can watch the rest of the race on too.

Azneft Grandstand

Providing an exquisite backdrop and nailed to a 90 degree corner on the exterior of the track, the Azneft grandstand has some of the very best views at the Baku City Circuit.

Drivers drop to drastically slow speeds on entry to the bend, before catapulting out the other side. The nature of the course here makes it a great spot for any photography enthusiasts come race day.

A seat to the left side of this stand gives you a much better view of the approach, so you can see your favourite drivers head on. The right side isn’t as good, with the view being predominantly of the rear end of the vehicle as they accelerate away.

Regardless of which side you chose, ensure you select one of the higher up seats so you avoid the annoying catch fencing.

Azneft is one of the more expensive options seating wise, but the view it offers is excellent and so the price can be justified. A perfectly positioned big screen right on the apex of the corner means you definitely won’t miss any race day antics.

The only downside besides the cost is that you will be sat at the opposite end to the main grandstand, so you’re a little bit further away from the main F1 Fanzone and the heart of the entertainment. There’s still plenty of stuff nearby though.

Giz Galasi Grandstand

Giz Galasi isn’t the best grandstand with regards to views, but it’s also not the worst. While the vantage point isn’t particularly bad you mostly sit here for the great city atmosphere and cheaper seats.

There’s a big screen here which is always good, and the price is definitely on the cheaper end of the spectrum. The view of the main straight is obstructed slightly by some trees which is a bit of an inconvenience to the fans here, though it’s still a better choice than Bulvar for the amount of track action you might witness.

The location is not too bad, but not right in the thick of things either. As with most city street circuits your route to any of the main action can be tricky so be prepared for a lot of walking. On the plus side its a city so you’re never far from the nearest gate and local shops and eateries.

Icheri Sheher Grandstand

Often regarded as one of the best, if not THE best grandstand at the circuit, Icheri provides a unique perspective at the Azerbaijan GP that you won’t really find elsewhere on the course.
The drivers weave and wind through the iconic city gate section as they prepare for the rapid and challenging section of track incorporating turns 13 to 15.

Located a little bit away from the main fanzone, you may feel a little isolated here at times, but besides that there aren’t really any downsides.

Icheri comes in at the mid budget price point despite offering unparalleled views, with the drivers hugging the apex tightly before slingshotting out the other side.

There’s a big screen too, keeping you in the loop. It sells out rapidly every single year, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to bag a spot here.

Mugham Grandstand

The Mugham grandstand is another decent option at the Baku City Circuit that falls in the middle price bracket. It’s also located on the main straight like the majority of grandstands, and offers views of the cars in both directions.

It makes for a good all round choice – you’re close to the heart of the entertainment, whilst also having a respectable view and not burning too much of a hole in your pocket (in comparison to its pricier big brothers such as Absheron).

There are toilet facilities and plenty of food and drink stalls nearby, and a video wall comes as standard to keep you hooked even when the cars aren’t passing right in front of you.

Be wary of the catch fencing at Mugham – it isn’t a major problem but may be a slight annoyance if you get caught in one of the lower down seats.

General Admission Tickets

Along with most of the grandstands, the general admission zones at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix run along the main straight. What’s really great about the general admission at this circuit is just how close you are able to get to the track. Assuming you get there early and beat the crowds, you’re in for a good chance of securing a spot mere inches from the drivers as they propel past. The level of euphoria you feel when you are this close to your idols is hard to find in any grandstand.

Dotted all around general admission are food and drink stalls, toilets, bars and different entertainment facilities. The atmosphere is always great thanks to the sheer number of fans, and there are plenty of big screens to follow as the day unfolds.

If you manage to grab a spot close to the catch fencing between the Giz Galasi and Mugham grandstands, you’re in for a real treat on race day.

The best stand at the Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix?

Best view at Azerbaijan F1

Absheron or Azneft are you the best grandstands at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Azneft has an epic view of the cars screaming towards you, but for sheer convenience (and the likelihood of restarts!) Absheron on the pit straight is the winner for me. Read our review for more info.