The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez is an exciting race venue with some interesting viewing angles of this 4.304km (2.67 mile) track. Most notably the stadium area. While Mexico isn’t new to hosting Formula 1 races the current track and configuration returned to the F1 race calendar in 2015 and is now a firm favourite with race fans from around the world. 

The original circuit was incredible fast and somewhat dangerous, with the new configuration safer and more challenging for modern day drivers. It still features some great corners with 16 in total and the 71 lap race provides plenty of entertainment.

There’s also fantastic post race entertainment in the old baseball stadium that makes up Foro Sol Sur and Foro Sol Norte grandstands, more on that later.

Your ticket will allow you in to a coloured zone which you have to access directly without passing through another zone. This is for pedestrian traffic flow, since there is no parking at the circuit, all traffic comes via public transportation and drop-off points around the track.

Your ticket allows for access to your coloured zone only, so track walks and general admission tickets are not possible at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

“The circuit is a big challenge. Because of the altitude, the track is slippery with low grip levels and it’s very easy to make a mistake or lose time. The long straight is usually your best chance for overtaking”

Sergio Perez – Mexican Formula 1 driver

Viewing areas

Main Grandstand 1 – 2

The grandstand along the main pit straight is in a word, huge. Spanning the entire length of the pit garages opposite with steep seating in multiple tiers, the seats here offer panoramic views down the immediate pit straight and some of the 1.2Km long pit straight to your left. 

The steep incline of the grandstand offers great viewing angles from almost all seats, with those higher up giving unbroken views right in to the pit garages. So you’ll likely see every pit stop in every garage. Even the first row of seats here is situated some 8-10 metres above the grounds you’ll get excellent views over safety fences and in to the pits and track action.

Seats to the left of the grandstand will enjoy views of the front running cars while those to the right will be sat in front of the midfield and back markers.

This grandstand is mostly enclosed with a roof hanging over all but the first few rows of the seating. Access to the grandstands is via staircases in the middle of the tiers so expect some congestion at the end of sessions.

There’s plenty of amenities right behind this purpose built grandstand so you’ll find food, toilets, actives and souvenir stalls all within easy walking distance. Access to the circuit is best via Gates 4 and 6 with bus stops for mass transit nearby. 

Naranja Grada 2A

Situated along the main 1.2km long pit straight, cars are reaching top speed by the time they reach this grandstand, so you’ll see Formula 1 cars at their fastest right here. Great for the opening laps of the race, expect to see drivers fighting for position before breaking hard for the right-hander of turn 1.

Due to the fast passing of cars, expect to spend most of your time turning your neck quickly as cars appear to your right and quickly scream past to your left. The grandstand is a temporary structure with no roof so be sure to bring a hat. 

The grandstand is located between the two pedestrian bridges linking the amenities within the track with those outside, depending on the features of future races these may or may not be accessible to ticket holders of this grandstand.

Access to the grandstand is very easy and the capacity is manageable, making this area an easy one to get to and enjoy. Gate 8 is situated just a short walk behind the seats, with plenty of food and drinks available as well as multiple toilets.  

You may not get the best of views as the tree-lined circuit blocks all other corners from view, with the fast piece of track in front of you the only piece you can see. Never-the-less its a very accessible and relatively cheap grandstand to view the race from.

Azul Gradas 3 – 6 and 6B.

The collection of grandstands that make up the “Blue Grandstands” are located around turns 1, 2 and 3, a 90 degree right hander with chicane designed to slow the cars down and test the driver’s abilities. There are 3 main grandstand structures split in to multiple tickets as each offers a different view of the corners and both the fast entrance to them and the fast straight after.

3A and 3 are situated at the hard braking zone in to turn 1 where you’ll see lockups, collisions and mistakes made especially in the opening lap and during battles. The view to your right up the pit straight with turn 1 right in front of you, offering a prime opportunity to see cars brake, turn in, fight for position and speed away out of turn 3. 

Grandstand 4 faces towards the straight after turn 3 so you’ll get a view to your right of cars braking hard to the right of you and view cars from the rear as they disappear up the straight towards turn 4. The downside is the grandstand is situated in front of the run-off area so your proximity to the action is limited here. 

Grandstand 5 offers views down the pit straight with cars coming straight at you before they navigate the chicane. Again there’s a fair amount of run-off in front of the grandstand so the action isn’t the closest, the view is great and you’re in the centre of the grandstands here so the atmosphere is intense especially when drivers make a mistake and come a lot closer to the grandstand than they expected.

6 is close to the action at the exit of turn 3 with plenty of noise as drivers floor the throttle and speed on down to turn 4. Its somewhat compromised in view compared to the other grandstands by the fact that it doesn’t enjoy long views down either of the straights. Most of the action you can see here is directly in front of you, with some of the turn 3 action to your right. 

6B is a smaller grandstand after turn 3 with limited seating and views. Containing just 3 sections of 7 rows each. To your right you’ll see the chicane of turns 1, 2 and 3 with the track coming close to the grandstand. Its low elevation means views are somewhat limited.

All of the grandstands are open to the elements, no roof here, so be sure to protect yourself from the sun and odd rain-shower. 

Amenities here are excellent with plenty of space to explore within the Blue Zone that extends right down to turn 4. Gates 9 and 10 are best suited for accessing the circuit, There’s lots of activities closer to gates 9 and 12. You’ll also find toilets and some refreshment options including a bar behind grandstand’s 5 and 6.

Azul Gradas 6A

A standalone grandstand located towards turn 4, views of the action is fast and frantic, with cars screaming down the straight from turn 3 to turn 4. This enjoys all of the same facilities as the other grandstands within the Blue Zone. 

With steep tiered seats the views are good all the way along the grandstand, although the view is only of the track in front. Trees line the inside of the track so views are strictly limited to the track action in front of the grandstand.

You’ll find great amenities directly behind the grandstand in a relatively small space. There’s an F1 action zone with 

Amarilla Gradas 9-11

There are 3 main grandstands and a number of smaller premium grandstands used for corporate hospitality. The grandstands here are wrapped around turns 4, 5 and 6 in a tight complex consisting of a hard braking left hander a quick switch back right hander and hairpin like right turn accelerating away down to turn 7. 

Depending on which grandstand you go for you’ll get different views but all of them enjoy fast action in and out of the entrance and exit to this section as well as time to see the cars at a slower speed too. 

Grandstand 9 runs along the short straight between turns 5 and 6, facing the straight after turn 7. This means much of your view here happens either to the right of you looking at turns 4 and 5, or straight ahead of you where cars turn sharply at turn 6 and head on down the straight. There’s plenty to see from this vantage point although the view is not panoramic as to your left is grandstand 10.

Grandstand 10 faces towards the straight before turn 4, offering exceptional views down the track as they brake heavily towards you. You get the full stadium feel here as the cars move to your right, fighting for position before they turn sharply in front of you and head away. This is one of the best views in this complex as you get the best of both worlds. 

Grandstand 11 faces towards the corners of this area with a more acute angle down some of the back straight before turn 4. Because of this its arguably a less desirable angle but still offers some great views of turns 4, 5 and 6.

The atmosphere at all of these grandstands is fantastic as the seating wraps around the on-track action. With grandstands facing grandstands and plenty to see in front. There’s even a chance for some Mexican waves! 

Amenities within this section are entertaining but somewhat limited as you are around the back of the circuit, some distance from other sections. There are a number of bars, toilets, activities and limited food options but access to the grandstands is excellent with gate 13 just a short walk behind grandstand 9 and gate 14 a minutes walk from grandstands 10 and 11.

Foro Sol Sur (Grandstand 14)

This former stadium of the Diablos Rojos del México baseball team, now serves as the centre piece for the Mexican Formula One grand Prix, thanks to its natural stadium feel and large capacity seating arrangement. The track splits the baseball stadium in two, passing through the middle. With Foro Sol Norte grandstand to the north of the track and Foro Sol Sur to the south.

The track here is slow so you’re unlikely to see any bravery on the brakes from drivers, since turn 12 happens out of site from this grandstand. Turn 13 is the main challenge here as its a tight left turn in to the curve of 14 and 15 before cars exist out of view at turn 16 between the two stadium grandstands. These seats are more about the atmosphere than any major on track action.

“The atmosphere inside the stadium section is always good when you are out on track, but last year being on the podium it was next level”

Max Verstappen – F1 World Champion

The upper seats of Foro Sol Sur Grandstand have a roof over them offering some shade from the sun and any potential rain.This is the only part of either grandstands here that have cover.

One of the greatest parts of this area is the podium which is situated opposite both giant grandstands. When the race ends you’ll see the top 3 cars park up below the podium and get to enjoy a fantastic view of the winner and runners up receiving their trophies. 

There’s also a fantastic party after the ceremony has finished with world famous DJs and loud music filling the stadium area. You’ll also have access to the track after the race so you can dance on the circuit too. 

This area is widely considered to be the centre piece of the race and the atmosphere is fantastic here. On track action may be minimal but everything else is the best the circuit can offer.

A giant screen is located above the podium to view all other on track action. 

Amenities here are somewhat cramped behind the main stadium but there’s plenty going on with food and drinks available. You’ll also find a few souvenir stalls and activities too. The Foro Sol Sur amenities are located outside of the circuit. The are mass transit stops nearby with pedestrian access via bridges over the track at turn 16.

Tickets are sold in upper and lower segments with the more desirable facing directly towards the podium.

Foro Sol Norte (Grandstand 15)

The sister grandstand located to the north of the For Sol Sur grandstand, this steep inclined former baseball stadium grandstand offers great views and great atmosphere of the Foro Sol complex of simple corners that are turns 13, 14 and 15. 

This grandstand enjoys a slightly better view than For Sol Sur as a good number of the seats to the left of the grandstand enjoy views down the track towards turn 12. So your track action time is increased slightly. You’ll also see cars coming directly at you with the potential for fighting for position at turn 13.

The trade off here is that your view of the winners podium and the ceremony after the race can be obscured if your seat is too far left.The best seats are those closer to turn 15 where the grandstand curves around and offers a better view of the podium.

There is no roof on this section so expect high temperatures here when the sun is out. All of the seats here have great views of the track thanks to the baseball stadium design with very steep seating.

This grandstand is actually within the track itself as the tarmac wraps around behind at turn 16 before curving towards the fast pit straight at turn 17. This drastically reduces the space for amenities with just a few food and drink options. 

Access to this area is via pedestrian walkways over the track at turn 16. Due to the high capacity of this seating area you can expect some queues after race sessions are complete. 

Tickets are solder in upper and lower segments with the more desirable facing directly towards the podium. 

The best grandstand at the Mexico F1 Grand Prix

Without doubt the best place to sit at the Mexican Grand Prix is Foro Sol Norte also known as Grandstand 15. The atmosphere here is second to none, the corners might not be fast sharing the former baseball stadium with thousands of fans and enjoying the podium ceremony and party afterwards is unforgettable.