St Mary’s Stadium, Britannia Rd, Southampton SO14 5FP

Situated in the heart of Southampton, Saint Mary’s Stadium has been the home of Southampton Football Club (also fondly referred to as ‘The Saints‘) since August 2001.

The move to Saint Mary’s marked the end of the club’s 103-year-long association with The Dell, their previous home ground.

The stadium is named after the district in which it resides, a district that holds historical significance as the birthplace of Southampton FC.

The club began its journey in this very area in 1885 as a church football team, with their original ground nestled in the St Mary’s Church’s surroundings.

Saint Mary’s Stadium, designed by renowned stadium designers Populous (formerly known as HOK Sport), is a modern structure with a bowl-style layout that differs markedly from the old, quirky charm of The Dell.

It currently boasts a seating capacity of 32,384, making it one of the larger stadiums in England’s top-flight football league, the Premier League.

The stadium’s development over the years reflects the club’s ambition and growth.

For example, the original plans for the stadium catered for future expansion, and there have been talks over the years about increasing the capacity to meet the demand of The Saints’ passionate fan base.

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Equipped with modern facilities and designed with spectator comfort and safety in mind, Saint Mary’s Stadium has been pivotal in providing Southampton FC with a robust platform to compete at the highest level of English football.

Notable Players and Managers

Southampton FC has been graced by numerous talented players and managers over the years, each leaving their mark and shaping the club’s history.

Many of these have showcased their skills against the backdrop of Saint Mary’s Stadium since its inauguration.

Notable Players

Mick Channon

A true Southampton legend, Mick Channon stands as the club’s all-time leading goal scorer. His two stints at The Saints in the 70s and 80s were filled with memorable goals and match-winning performances.

Matthew Le Tissier

Nicknamed ‘Le God’ by the fans, Le Tissier spent his entire professional career at Southampton. His extraordinary skill and loyalty to the club have made him a beloved figure.

Though his best years were at The Dell, he also played at Saint Mary’s Stadium before retiring in 2002.

Rickie Lambert

Lambert had an impressive career at Southampton, playing a crucial role in the club’s rise from League One to the Premier League. His goals and leadership at Saint Mary’s Stadium are still remembered fondly by fans.

James Ward-Prowse

The academy product, known for his set-piece mastery, has been a consistent figure for Southampton in the Saint Mary’s era, representing the club with distinction and taking on the captain’s armband.

Notable Managers

Gordon Strachan

Strachan led Southampton to an FA Cup Final and a comfortable position in the Premier League during his tenure from 2001-2004, marking a successful era in the early days of Saint Mary’s Stadium.

Mauricio Pochettino

Taking charge in 2013, Pochettino implemented an aggressive, high-pressing style of play that revitalised the team.

His management saw Southampton achieve their highest Premier League finish (8th place) and highest points total at the time.

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Ronald Koeman

Succeeding Pochettino, Koeman continued to build on the club’s success. His tenure from 2014-2016 is remembered for a particularly impressive 6th place finish in the Premier League.

Each player and manager has contributed to the tapestry of memorable moments and emotions experienced by fans within the cauldron of Saint Mary’s Stadium.

Their legacies continue to resonate within the stadium, adding to its historical charm and significance.

Grandstand Reviews

Saint Mary’s Stadium is a four-sided, bowl-style structure consisting of four individual stands – the Itchen Stand, the Northam Stand, the Chapel Stand, and the Kingsland Stand.

Each stand offers a distinct perspective on the match action and has its unique set of attributes.

Itchen Stand

This stand, running along the length of the pitch on the east side of the stadium, holds approximately 8,500 spectators.

Notably, the stand houses the Directors’ Box, the media area, and the club’s premium seating area known as the Markus Liebherr Lounge, named in honour of the late former owner of the club.

The Itchen Stand is particularly favoured for the comprehensive views it offers.

With a high and clear vantage point, spectators can follow the game action from one end of the pitch to the other with ease.

Additionally, the central seats offer an unobstructed view of the players’ tunnel and technical areas, providing spectators a closer look at the players and coaching staff.

At both lower and upper tiers, the viewing experience remains comfortable, with ample legroom and unhindered sightlines.

Even at capacity, navigation through the rows feels comfortable and orderly.

For those seeking a more luxurious match-day experience, the best hospitality options can be found in this stand and delivers plush seating, excellent pitch views, and exclusive services like private bars and dining options. Check out our Hospitality section for more on this later in this article.

Northam Stand

The Northam Stand, located on the stadium’s northern end, is a single-tiered structure with a capacity of approximately 6,000.

This stand is often buzzing with energy, as it is traditionally the home end for the most vocal and passionate Saints supporters.

Given its location behind the goal, the Northam Stand offers a unique and close-up perspective of the game. In terms of views, seats towards the centre of the stand provide a great look at the goal-line action.

For those who enjoy absorbing the atmosphere as much as the game itself, the Northam Stand offers an unparalleled experience.

While the Northam Stand might not boast the comfort and extra hospitality features of the Itchen Stand, it provides a raw and exciting football experience, placing spectators right in the heart of the electrifying home support.

Chapel Stand

The Chapel Stand, mirroring the Northam Stand, sits at the southern end of the stadium. With a seating capacity close to the Northam Stand, the Chapel Stand hosts both home and away supporters, with away fans usually occupying the southernmost section.

Like the Northam Stand, seats in the Chapel Stand offer a detailed view of the goal-line action and can be an exciting place to be during corner kicks and set-pieces. The separation of home and away fans leads to a friendly competitive atmosphere, with singing and chanting from both ends.

For away fans, the Chapel Stand provides a sizeable and accommodating space with good sightlines, making for an enjoyable away match experience.

Kingsland Stand

Running along the pitch’s length on the west side, the Kingsland Stand is the largest in terms of seating capacity, accommodating approximately 10,000 spectators.

It comprises both lower and upper tiers and provides an excellent view of the pitch, especially from the upper seats.

The Kingsland Stand’s central sections are popular among family groups due to the excellent sightlines and relative calm compared to the boisterous Northam Stand.

Spectators in the Kingsland Stand enjoy a balanced match-day experience, merging a good view of the game with a palpable, yet controlled, atmosphere.

The Family Centre is also located in the Kingsland Stand, providing a pre-match entertainment area for younger fans, making it an ideal location for families.

Each stand at Saint Mary’s Stadium contributes to creating a unique and immersive match-day experience.

Whether you are an ardent supporter or a neutral spectator, each stand has its charm and appeal.

Hospitality Options

At Saint Mary’s Stadium, a range of hospitality options cater to every need, from casual match-goers to corporate clients.

These include private boxes, lounges, and premium seating areas that offer an upgraded match-day experience.

Executive Boxes

The Executive Boxes provide an unrivalled viewing experience. Located in the Itchen Stand, each box features external balcony seating, offering an unobstructed view of the pitch.

These private spaces can accommodate up to 10 guests and come with premium services such as a three-course meal, inclusive drinks, and a dedicated hostess service.

President’s Suite

The President’s Suite is an exclusive space offering top-tier hospitality. Situated in the Itchen Stand, it provides luxury seating with excellent views of the game.

Guests are treated to a four-course meal, inclusive drinks, half-time and full-time refreshments, and an opportunity to meet with Saints legends.

Gasworks Bar & Kitchen

The Gasworks Bar & Kitchen is a unique hospitality option located in the Kingsland Stand. It offers a more casual dining experience.

Here, guests can enjoy local craft beers, a variety of wines, and a menu inspired by street food.

Saints Bar

The Saints Bar is a premium hospitality space that offers a vibrant atmosphere for enjoying the game. Located in the Chapel Stand, it’s an ideal spot for those seeking a relaxed and social setting.

The Saints Bar provides a wide range of drinks and food options for guests to enjoy before, during, and after the match. Here’s a wonderful guide to the hospitality at Southampton FC.

Each hospitality option at Saint Mary’s Stadium is designed to provide a unique experience, ensuring that every fan or corporate client enjoys an unforgettable match day.

Where do Away Fans Sit at Saint Mary’s Stadium?

Away fans visiting Saint Mary’s Stadium are typically housed in a section of the Northam Stand.

The allocation for away supporters can vary depending on the match, but typically, up to 3,000 seats are available for visiting fans.

The Northam Stand offers unobstructed views of the pitch, giving away supporters a clear sight of the goal-line action.

As it is directly opposite the Northam Stand, which houses some of the most passionate home supporters, it leads to a friendly competitive atmosphere with the two groups often exchanging chants.

Given its location, away fans also have easy access to amenities such as food and drink kiosks and restrooms, improving the overall match-day experience for visiting supporters.

In addition, there is a clear and direct route to and from the stadium for coaches and buses carrying away fans, making the logistics of the trip smoother.

Free parking for away fans coach and minibus

If you’re a visiting supporter journeying to the match by an official supporters coach, private coach, or minibus, you’ll be pleased to know that complimentary parking is available on Britannia Road.

Do note, however, that Britannia Road becomes subject to a road closure 90 minutes prior to kick-off, but access to the parking area is still permitted.

To secure a spot for your away coach or minibus, reach out to the Operations Team directly. They can be contacted at 02380 727 785 or via email at [email protected].

Your booking ensures a smoother and more enjoyable match-day experience at Saint Mary’s Stadium.

How to Get to Saint Mary’s Stadium

Saint Mary’s Stadium is conveniently located in Southampton’s city centre, making it easily accessible by various means of transportation.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get there.

By Car

If you’re driving from the North, take the M3 motorway southbound, and if you’re coming from the West or East, take the M27.

Once in Southampton, follow the signs for the city centre or docks and then the signage for the stadium.

There’s limited parking available at the stadium, and street parking nearby is also restricted. Your best bet is to use city centre car parks, which are within walking distance.

By Train

Southampton Central is the closest mainline station to the stadium and is well-served by trains from across the country. From the station, the stadium is about a 20-minute walk. If you prefer, you can take a bus or a taxi from the station to the stadium.

Here’s a handy video tour of the station.

Coaches to Southampton

Travelling by coach can be a convenient and cost-effective way to reach Southampton from various parts of the UK. Here are some of the main coach services that operate routes to Southampton.

National Express

National Express is one of the UK’s largest coach operators, providing extensive services from many cities to Southampton.

Services are frequent and cover a wide range of departure points including London, Birmingham, Oxford, Bristol, and more.

Coaches arrive at Southampton Coach Station, which is centrally located on Harbour Parade, adjacent to WestQuay Shopping Centre.

From the coach station, it’s approximately a 20-minute walk to Saint Mary’s Stadium, or you can take a local bus or taxi.

Here’s a handy guide if you’re coming in via London Heathrow Airport.


Megabus also offer coaches to Southampton from most major cities in the south of England and the Midlands. These are generally cheaper than National Express but with less comfort and often less convenient departure times.

Nevertheless its worth looking to see if they are a better fit for your journey to Southampton’s St Mary’s Stadium

It’s worth noting that advance booking is recommended for all coach travel, particularly for high-demand matches. Be sure to check the latest timetables and service updates on the respective coach company’s website ahead of your journey.

Also, most coach companies now offer online booking, making it easier than ever to plan your trip to Saint Mary’s Stadium.

Local Buses to Saint Mary’s Stadium

Southampton boasts a robust local bus network, with several routes passing near Saint Mary’s Stadium. Here’s a quick guide to the main bus services that you can use on match days.


Bluestar provides comprehensive bus services across the city. The most relevant routes to the stadium are:


Operated by Bluestar, Unilink services are aimed at students but can be used by the general public. The U1 service runs from the city centre to the airport via the university and stops on Northam Road, close to the stadium.

Do note that services might be more crowded than usual on match days, so do plan for extra travel time.

Also, it’s recommended to check the latest timetables and route maps on the respective bus company’s website ahead of your journey.

Walking to the Stadium

Walking to Saint Mary’s Stadium can often be the easiest and most direct mode of transportation, particularly if you’re staying in or around the city centre.

Here are some common starting points and the approximate walking times to the stadium.

From Southampton Central Station

The walk from Southampton Central Station to the stadium is fairly straightforward and takes about 20 minutes. Exit the station towards the south, follow the Western Esplanade, turn right onto Palmerston Road, and continue onto Chapel Road. The stadium will be on your left.

From City Centre

If you’re starting from the Westquay Shopping Centre, one of the city’s main landmarks, the stadium is approximately a 15-minute walk away.

Head southeast on Portland Terrace, turn right onto Palmerston Road, continue onto Chapel Road and you’ll find the stadium on your left.

From Major Hotels

Many of Southampton’s major hotels are in the city centre, making them convenient bases for walking to the stadium.

  • Jurys Inn Southampton: Located near East Park, it’s roughly a 15-minute walk to the stadium. Head south on Charlotte Place, continue onto Brunswick Place, turn right onto Carlton Place, left onto Bedford Place, continue onto Carlton Crescent, turn right onto Rockstone Place, and finally turn left onto Chapel Road.
  • Leonardo Royal Hotel Southampton Grand Harbour: This hotel is approximately a 20-minute walk from the stadium. Walk east on W Quay Road, turn right onto Castle Way, turn left onto Western Esplanade, then right onto Palmerston Road, which becomes Chapel Road.
  • Holiday Inn Southampton: Situated near the port, it’s about a 25-minute walk to the stadium. Walk north on Herbert Walker Avenue, turn right onto West Quay Road, then left onto Castle Way, right onto Western Esplanade, right onto Palmerston Road, and continue onto Chapel Road.

Remember to factor in a bit of extra time to navigate through the crowd, especially closer to kick-off. The city is well-signposted, and the stadium is visible from several points, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding your way.

Nearest Airports to Saint Mary’s Stadium

Whether you’re a domestic or international fan, there are several airports near Southampton that make it possible to catch a match at Saint Mary’s Stadium. Here are the details.

Southampton Airport

Southampton Airport is the closest airport to the stadium, located approximately 5 miles from the city centre. It offers flights from

various parts of the UK and Ireland, including destinations such as Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle, and Dublin, among others.

Southampton Airport also hosts several European flights, including routes from Amsterdam, Paris, and a selection of other European cities.

Airlines operating out of this airport include British Airways, KLM, Aurigny, and Eastern Airways.

The airport has its own train station, Southampton Airport Parkway, which offers regular services to Southampton Central Station. From there, it’s a 20-minute walk to the stadium or a short bus/taxi ride.

Bournemouth Airport

Bournemouth Airport is a little further away, about 30 miles from Southampton.

It’s primarily serviced by Ryanair and TUI, offering several domestic flights and a broad range of flights to European destinations. It’s about a 40 minute drive from there to the stadium.

From Bournemouth Airport, you can take a bus to Bournemouth train station, then catch a train to Southampton Central. The entire journey can take around 2 hours, depending on schedules.

Here’s a quick look around Bournemouth Airport.

London Airports

For fans travelling from further afield, the London airports provide the broadest range of international flights.

London Heathrow

Approximately 70 miles from Southampton. The airport offers a vast number of international and domestic flights.

You can take a coach directly from Heathrow to Southampton, or take a train from London Waterloo to Southampton Central.

London Gatwick

Roughly 90 miles from Southampton. Like Heathrow, it offers a wide range of international and domestic flights. Trains run from Gatwick to Southampton Central, with a change at Clapham Junction.

Or if you plan to rent a car and drive from the airport, or perhaps a coach, the drive time is around 2 hours.

When planning your journey, remember to factor in sufficient time for travel between the airport and Southampton, particularly if you’re catching a match on the day of your arrival.

Always check the latest flight and public transport schedules to ensure a smooth trip.

Advice Before Going to Saint Mary’s Stadium

Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a seasoned match-goer, here are some tips and advice to help ensure you have a great match day experience at Saint Mary’s Stadium.


Always buy your tickets from official sources to avoid scams or counterfeit tickets. Tickets can be purchased from our ticketing partner P1 Travel or from the ticket office at the stadium. Remember, ticket sales on match days are subject to availability.


Arriving early is recommended, especially for high-profile matches.

This gives you ample time to navigate through potential traffic, find parking, and pass through the security checks at the stadium. It’s also an opportunity to soak up the pre-match atmosphere, visit the club shop, or grab a bite to eat before the game.

Dress Code

Make sure to check the weather forecast and dress appropriately. The stands are mostly covered, but it can get cold during the winter months.

If you’re seated in the home sections, wearing team colours can help create a united atmosphere, but avoid wearing rival team colours.


For security reasons, some items are not allowed in the stadium, such as flares, dangerous objects, or large bags.

A full list of prohibited items can be found on the club’s official website. Also, remember that the stadium is a no-smoking venue.


Take advantage of the facilities at Saint Mary’s Stadium.

From kiosks selling a variety of food and drink options to restrooms and the club shop, the stadium is well-equipped to cater to your needs.

Respectful Behaviour

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, respect those around you. This includes both your fellow supporters and the stadium staff, who are there to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. Abusive language, aggressive behaviour, or discrimination of any kind is not tolerated.

Visiting Saint Mary’s Stadium should be an enjoyable experience, so plan ahead and take these pieces of advice into consideration for a smooth, stress-free match day.