Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, Styria, Austria

The Red Bull Ring is short, fast, challenging and exciting. Quite different from its original layout which was, quite frankly, terrifyingly dangerous.  

These days the Red Bull Ring is a shorter and intense circuit built on the hillside with excellent viewing options for MotoGP fans to see their heroes at work. A short track means every corner counts, mistakes will cost lap time, 

Located in Styria, Austria, the Red Bull Ring, unsurprisingly is owned by Red Bull and has been given a new lease of life since 2014 thanks to its reappearance as the Austrian F1 Grand Prix and MotoGP too since 2016.

“This track is very fast. When the track is fast, it is always dangerous. “

Valentino Rossi, Nine-time MotoGP World Champion

As a spectator it’s quite a trek to get to. You’ll most likely be flying internationally into Vienna and then travelling some 200km to reach the circuit. Trust me its worth the trip though as this steeply sloped race track is one of a kind.

The track itself has just 10 turns over its 4.3km lap but with a huge elevation change of 65 metres. The most of any track in MotoGP.

This elevation change means many of the grandstands have exceptional views not only of the track in front of you but also far beyond to other corners. There’s also some great general admission options if you have your walking shoes ready! 

The Austrian MotoGP is also supported by races for the Moto2, Moto3 and new MotoE World Cup, so there’s plenty of track action all weekend.

If you’re into camping then this MotoGP is perfect for you. There’s 6 campsites nearby, all with decent facilities and a walkable distance to the beautiful countryside circuit.

Viewing options

Grandstand and ticket options are categorised by three colours. Yellow for the main grandstands and those to the north of the track. Blue for the first corner and grandstands leading up the hill. With green tickets for general admission at the top of the hill.

Start / Finish Grandstands A,B & C

At the bottom of the hill you’ll find the main grandstand along the pit straight. Some 626 metres long, the track here is a fast and frantic place to watch the MotoGP with plenty happening before the race to warrant the price of these premium seats.

With 11 grandstands to choose from between the last corner (A) and the media building and grandstand (K). You’re likely to catch a lot of action here, especially as the last corner is often the scene of some epic action.

The high raised grandstands offer great views into the garages before and during the sessions all weekend. Block A is somewhat past the back of the grid so you’ll get great views of the last corner and looking down the start finish straight and pit lane to your left. 

The further up the alphabet you go, the closer you’ll get to the start line around K. The large “​​Voestalpine” media centre above the grandstand here offers the best shelter and probably the best views of this area. I would argue it’s not the best view of the entire track though, so there is a compromise to be made here. 

Blocks A-B are priced together and are considered inferior to the main grandstands on the start / finish straight. Still they are a viable option if you want to catch some rack and pit action at the MotoGP. 

If seeing your favourite MotoGP driver as much as possible is important to you then seeing them in their garage, in the pit lane and lining up for the start of the grid, is where you need to be.

Grandstands D-O

While stands A to C get a better view of the last turn 9,grandstands D to O are where the real pit straight action is at. K sits at the middle of this selection with the giant media centre situated at the top of grandstand K. 

These are the most expensive grandstand tickets at the circuit (outside of hospitality packages) and offer the best views into the garages and the start and end of the race. 

There’s less overtaking action right here as the bikes are at full speed, you’re more likely to see overtaking moves down at turn 1. But you do get all of the podium ceremonies and race buildup to enjoy.

For Giant TV viewing of the rest of the MotoGP race you’ll find them located in front of the main grandstand K and a few blocks down at H. 

This large covered grandstand is a permanent structure sheltering you from the rain that can whip up quickly in this area of Austria.

The grandstands here are fairly close to the track so rather unavoidably there is safety fencing obscuring your view a little. There’s also a large gantry holding the start lights and sponsorship boards that will limit views into some MotoGP garages, especially for those in higher rows.

You’ll find most of the entertainment and amenities at this circuit are located a short walk away. There’s also Red, Yellow and Purple campsites closest to this section of the track with Purple being the closest around a 10 minute walk.

Start-finish Grandstand P & Q

Grandstands P & Q are probably my favourite views at the Austrian MotoGP thanks to the fact you’re looking back towards the start line from your grandstand. Those further up the alphabet enjoy more of the track with the start line to your right. This is great for the start of the race although maybe not optimal for race buildup. 

The grandstands here have an increasingly good view of turn one, the further you go from the start line, WIth Q obviously enjoying the best of turn one while P gets you closer to the start line. So you’ll need to make a decision which suits you best.

For the nearest giant screen you’ll have to look to your right back down the straight towards L and M, So it’s not the best for watching the MotoGP world feed.

Thanks to being at the bottom of the 65 metre hill you can see right up the circuit, especially in grandstands closer to turn one.

Turns 2 and 3 are visible but you’ll probably need a good zoom lens to see the rest, still it’s a chance to see a good percentage of the track all from one reserved seat.

Steirmark Tribune (South West)

Situated right on turn 1. This uncovered grandstand gives you excellent views with the pit straight to your right and then unparalleled views up the track after turn 1. You can actually see the bikes snake their way up the hill from here and much of the rest of the circuit too. 

Most of your view is over the top of the catch-fencing here too so you’ll get an excellent view of much of the track as well as watching the riders navigating the tight pit lane exit and accelerating their bikes up the hill. 

Turn 1 is always a pinch point at MotoGP, so the run off area to your left is likely to feature in the race, if not one of the support races too. Expect excitement and action right in front of you here.

Be prepared for all types of weather in the Styrian mountains as this grandstand is uncovered. Its an easy walk from the circuit entrance to this grandstand and with limited seating its a real treat to watch the MotoGP races from this vantage point. 

The only downside is that the view here isn’t as panoramic as it could be, with much of the action to your right, further down the pit lane, and straight ahead of you as the bikes make their way up the hill. 

Red Bull Grandstands A – P

Comprising 16 grandstands, the oddly named “Red Bull” grandstand runs from just beyond the exit of turn one, all the way up the hill towards turn 2. 

Don’t be fooled though, thanks to the elevation changes of this track and the high slope of the grandstand you can see almost all of the circuit from here. The track heads up the hill, turning left at turn 2 before shooting along the back straight and curling its way back towards the Red Bull grandstand. So you’ll see plenty of action from this location.

The exact view varies wildly from one end of the grandstand structure to the other. With A,B,C, etc closer to the action at turn 1. 

By the time the bikes reach the grandstands of M,N,O and P they are screaming at full speed. 

The higher up the grandstands you are, the better the view becomes, with unbroken vistas down to turn one, panoramic views all the way up the hill and excellent views of turn 6,7 and 8. 

MotoGP has added chicane called turns 2A and 2B introduced for the 2022 race.

This was designed to reduce the speeds entering turn 3 and add some extra excitement for fans sitting in the Red Bull Grandstands. 

This has worked a treat and for those in grandstands L, M, N, O and P you’ll get a great view of the action as they brake hard and navigate the chicane, fighting for position. These tickets are priced slightly higher thanks to their proximity to the chicane action. 

This Munzer chicane is unique to MotoGP at the Red Bull Ring, with Formula 1 sticking to the original turn 2 configuration.

For the best of both worlds, I’d recommend seats in grandstands closer to the chicane and as high a row as you can get. But to be honest the views are great wherever you sit in this grandstand and there’s a great atmosphere created by the many thousands of fans that fill them.

Grandstand T3

At the top of the hill you’ll find a grandstand that has possibly the best view of the entire Red Bull Ring circuit. 

As the name suggests Grandstand T3 is situated next to Turn 3 and sits some 70 metres above the start finish line, giving you unparalleled views down the hill of all but the last few corners that are hidden in the trees.

The grandstand is split into 8 sections with A,B,C and D making up the lower, cheaper half. With E,F,G and H up top with the best views. 

T3 Block E is probably one of the best grandstand blocks of the entire circuit. 

While there is some general admission standing in front of the grandstand, the view doesn’t compare to being in the grandstand, especially the higher rows.

Turn 3 is an action packed part of the track too with the MotoGP riders braving it out around the outside after braking heavily up the hill. Those that are the most brave will launch down the back straight ahead of their rivals, much to the delight of the excited crowd.

For those whose luck runs out there’s a small amount of run-off asphalt and plenty of grass and gravel to end their weekend quickly.

The temporary structure is pretty small compared to the likes of the Red Bull Grandstand, so sells out very quickly. With views like this its easy to see why as well. 

Having said that, amenities up here are limited to just a few food stalls and toilets shared with a lot of general admission ticket holders. So expect queues and long walks. If either are an issue for you I’d recommend looking at grandstands further down the hill like A, B and C of the Red Bull grandstand or the main start / finish straight.

Grandstand Schönberg (A & B)

Surrounded by general admission areas at the top of the hill, you’ll find the Schönberg Grandstand around halfway along the back straight. By this point the bikes are accelerating hard on their way to the tight right hander of turn 4.

While you may think there’s little action to be enjoyed in the middle of a fast, straight, the panoramic views allow you to see riders snatching positions out of turn 3 and then battling it out to be last of the late-brakers at turn 4. So plenty of action to enjoy.

Other than the pit building in the way at the start / finish straight, you can see the entire track from here. The views are truly epic from all seats here. 

The downside? It’s quite a trek from the circuit entrance down by the main grandstand, so once you’re in position you’ll likely want to stay up here for the day. 

You could also argue that the general admission viewing here is comparable to the grandstand viewing, but if an allocated seat and a comfortable place to park your behind for the day is what you require, this is a great option.

Schönberg is an uncovered grandstand so bring your weather-proofs. It’s also a decent walk from the main entrance and the fan zone so be prepared to walk a decent amount during the race weekend. Amenities nearby are limited. 

Grandstand North (Covered)

Located in the Yellow ticket zone, Grandstand North curves slightly around the run off area at turn 4. This is one of the highest points on the track with great views to your left down the hill. 

The 3 sections of this grandstand are lettered A, B and C with A at the highest point and C the lowest. 

Turn 4 is definitely an overtaking opportunity for those brave enough to slip stream along the back straight and dare to make a move around the tight right hander. With the grandstands facing head on to the track you’ll get an epic view of any battles that do occur here.

Thanks the high speed nature of the back straight there’s a large run-off area in front of the grandstand which does mean you’re not as close to the track as other grandstands are, its still an excellent view and a chance to see more overtaking action at turns 5 and 6 as well, before the KTM grandstand obscures the track.

There’s a giant screen opposite the grandstands on the inside of the track, although it’s not the best viewing experience due to the size of the run-off in front of you.

On the plus side this is one of the few covered grandstands at the Austrian MotoGP so definitely worth considering as the weather can be changeable at best this time of year.

KTM Grandstand / Center Grandstand / Mitte (A to F)

Located between turns 6 and 7 you’ll find the 6 blocks of the KTM Grandstand. They face head on to the Red Bull Grandstand on the run up the hill, only here your view is of the left hand turns.

These high tiered grandstands create a party atmosphere, especially appealing to fans of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team.

The grandstand also has some general admission viewing here, but wherever you are the view is pretty much the same thanks to the high gradient of the hill at this point. 

You can see over to the straight after turn 1, all the way up the hill with only a few moments obscured by giant screens or service buildings. 

For those lucky enough to be at the highest point of block A you may see more of the track on the lead up to Turn 6 as the bikes come around the corner and in front of the grandstand. 

For those in block F you’ll get a better view of Turn 7. Either way the view is fairly limited as turns 4, 5, 8, 9 and 10 are all behind the grandstand. 

This is an uncovered grandstand so bring wet weather protection for yourself and your belongings. 

If you get a seat right at the top you’ll have the best views of multiple parts of the track and you can look back over the top of the grandstand and see turn 5 too. 

The atmosphere in this grandstand is arguably one of the best of the weekend with plenty of MotoGP fans all up for a party. Many of them are camping for the whole weekend too.

It’s not the easiest grandstand to get to as its deep within the curves of the circuit, but you do have access to all of the Yellow Ticket zone where most of the amenities and entertainment are, with general admission access to the Green zone included too.

Grandstand T8 (A-D)

Located just after turn 8 you’ll find 4 blocks labelled A to D along the fast run down the hill to the Jochen Rindt 9th corner. The S curves of turns 7 and 8 make for fantastic viewing and with the grandstand situated on the steep hill you get a decent panoramic view from right to left.

Seats are limited here and I’d consider this grandstand more of an overflow from those that couldn’t get into the fan filled “Mitte grandstand”.

This is a high speed part of the track so there’s plenty of run-off needed to catch the MotoGP bikes if they go astray. So the grandstand isn’t as close to the action as others around the Red Bull Ring.

Nevertheless the raw speed the riders take through here is something to behold. 

The downside? There’s plenty of the circuit you can’t see thanks to the hill the grandstand is built upon and the main pit buildings obscuring the only track beyond that which is in front of you.

While the view is fairly panoramic the track to your left soon disappears into the heavily wooded area of the circuit, so track action is limited to what’s going on in front of you, which unfortunately isn’t known for its overtaking opportunities. 

Regardless of this, viewing is great from all seats here as there’s not that many to choose from. 

The grandstand is not covered so be sure to bring clothes for all weather conditions. 

Grandstand T10 

Situated on at the last 2 corners of the track, T10 is separated in to 7 blocks labelled A to G. Block A sits closest to the exit of turn 9 with a fairly decent view down the straight towards the right hander. 

While it’s closer to the corner, turn 9 is a fast curve that requires a decent amount of run-off including asphalt and gravel along with some crash barriers and catch-fencing, so expect to be sat a fair distance back from the actual track. 

The higher up the alphabet your block is, the closer you get to the track and the action at the last corner until you reach the apex, at which point more run-off is required. Block E is right on the apex with F and G after it with asphalt run-off in front of you. 

On the plus side those in F and G can see straight down the start / finish straight and the run-off area is often an escape road for those that dare to attempt brave overtakes. SO expect some decent track action right here.

You’re also not far from the grandstands on the pit straight here so the atmosphere here is exciting to say the least. 

This is an uncovered grandstand so be sure to wear appropriate clothing as conditions can change quickly in this part of Europe. 

There’s a giant screen directly opposite grandstand D that does a decent job of serving all the grandstands here, although I’d say viewing is optimal for blocks C,D and E. 

Space behind the grandstands is limited so you’ll find most of the amenities you’ll need behind the main grandstand. This entire area is in the Yellow Ticket zone which allows you to move freely around this area. 

You can also visit the Green Ticket zone for general admission viewing at the top of the hill. I recommend doing this for at least one of the sessions before race day.

General admission

While general admission is fairly limited at the Austrian MotoGP Red Bull Ring, the areas that are available are truly fantastic. 

Make sure you have your hiking boots on as you’ll want to head into the circuit and up to the top of the hill. 

Once you’re there you have plenty of space to find the perfect spot and experience the MotoGP weekend from multiple vantage points.

The general admission area starts just after Turn 3 and the run-off area, with a great view of any battles happening as the bikers race up the hill. This is often the scene of some epic MotoGP action so definitely one to consider.

Further along the straight you’ll get to see the immense raw speed of thes bikes as they blast along the back straight. Anywhere along here is great but my preferred spot would be closer to turn 3. 

Another must-see is the heavy braking zone of Turn 4 which can catch some riders out. The views here are great although much of the action at this turn happens further in to the corner. 

Wherever you stand for General Admission there is a great atmosphere throughout. I highly recommend you bring weather-proof clothing as the weather can be unpredictable. It’s also a decent walk from the main entrance so this may only be suitable for those willing to trek up the hill.