Circuit of the Americas (COTA)

The MotoGP Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas is held at the impressive 5.5km (3.426 mile) track in Austin, Texas. Affectionately known as COTA by its fans, the Circuit Of The Americas has become a firm favourite on the MotoGP Calendar as well as hosting one of the three Formula One races in America too.

Completed in 2012 with MotoGP first visiting in 2013, The circuit features some challenging turns and changes of elevation. The epic 41m rise up to turn 1 is a must to witness for any MotoGP fans. The twisting high speed corners push the riders and their bikes to the absolute limit. There’s plenty of quality grandstands and plenty of awesome vantage points too.

“COTA is a place I really enjoy coming to, it’s a pretty unique track on one of these bikes.”

Jack Miller – Australian MotoGP racer

This anti-clockwise track with 20 corners and 9 right turns features every kind of challenge you’d want to see on a circuit.

America knows how to throw a party too with exceptional entertainment included in your ticket price. A sell out crowd of 120,000 with just over 1000 acres to explore, the Circuit Of The Americas really is a MotoGP race not to be missed.

Held in mid-April, the climate is a warm spring day for Austi, Texas with temperatures around 83°F (28°C) in the day, dropping to around 58°F (14°C) at night.

Chances of rain are relatively low with a mildly cool breeze keeping the temperature manageable. 

Austin has long had a history of bikers and motorcycle racing so there’s a great atmosphere here and in the city here with a knowledgeable crowd in attendance too. Americans are big on hospitality and entertainment so there’s a real festival atmosphere at the Circuit of the Americas, much like the South American MotoGP race in Argentina, there’s a lot more here than just one race.

All seating is reserved in the main grandstand so you can be sure your seat is your own for the full race weekend.

Grandstand reviews of COTA for MotoGP races

Main Grandstand

One of the best grandstand at the Circuit of the Americas thanks to its proximity to the track and the epic views going up the hill to turn 1. The all important start will be witnessed right in front of you as the riders line up for the start of the MotoGP Grand Prix.

The pits are directly opposite you so, depending on how high up you book a seat, you’ll get to witness some of the pit lane action too. 

With riders lining up in staggered rows of 3 you’ll get to see a lot of the action close up here. There’s a small dusty service road in front of the grandstand and catch fencing. Nothing else separates you from the track so this is where you’ll get the closest view of the bikes. 

Main grandstand ticket holders also get the chance to get on to the track after the race has finished, to enjoy the podium celebration with an even closer view. Needless to say the atmosphere here is electric with lots of veteran MotoGP fans desperate to get up close to their motosport idols.

The grandstand itself is a permanent structure, fully concrete with great access and good amenities closeby. You’ll find food and drink available on the grand floor, with the VIP tickets giving you access to the “Velocity” lounge above the outdoor seating.

There are 3 ticket options available here with slightly confusing names. The closer to the track you are, the more the price rises.


The highest of the grandstand seats, you’re not that far back from the action and these seats have a better view of turn 1 going up the epic 41m elevation to the left hander.

The seating here is covered, protecting you from the midday sun. Seating is plastic but comfortable with tip down seats, all with handy cup-holders for your mid race beverage. 

The higher the seats the greater your view into the pit lane too so there are some clear benefits to these cheaper MotoGP tickets. You’re also more likely to see the last corner and 1st corner action. I think these benefits are much more useful than proximity to the track but your preferences may differ.

Seating here is sectioned into smaller boxes when compared to the “lower level” tickets. Just 4 rows with 6 seats per row limits each box to just 24 seats. The idea here is a more relaxed, less crowded atmosphere, great for groups of friends or just more room to move when fetching food and drinks. Blocks are numbered 4 to 17 with 2 boxes per block labelled A and B. 

If you want to be close to the start line then aim for blocks closest to 17. If the finish line is more your thing then you’ll want block 4.

Lower Level

These seats are closest to the track and are the first 9 rows of seats in blocks of 16 seats across. There are a total of 14 blocks of seats here numbered 104 – 117. The top row of seating here is reserved for disabled access. 

If you want to get the full force of the noise and the action then these seats may be for you.There’s just a service road and catch fence between you and the MotoGP rider.

It’s worth noting these seats are not covered by the permanent canopy so I recommend bringing at least a hat and some sun protection.


Considered the ultimate seat for race fans. If you want to sit right opposite the start line then these are the tickets for you. Block 123 is right on the start line with rows 118 – 122 perfect for sitting right next to the riders as they line up for the start of the race.

This is a full open grandstand with no canopy covering any of the seats. What you may lack in shade you make up for in noise and action right in front of you. This is the grandstand seating just before the rise up to turn 1 as well so you’re likely to get the best view of the race up the hill from these seats.

Trackside seats are all about proximity to the track, so there’s less options for panoramic views from here and possibly the worst of the grandstand seats to see any of the pit lane action and into the garages. 

Still, if you really want to get right up and close to the riders as they blast past on the start / finish straight then these are the seats for you, with the best seats being the first row of block 123.


Above the Mezzanine you’ll find Club Level seats also known as “200 Level”. The term “Club” is used at multiple grandstands and in the paddock so it’s worth double checking what you’re buying to make sure it’s definitely the tickets you were after.

Club tickets are one of the first hospitality packages available, giving you a grandstand seat high up with fully covered seating. Block numbers here are 204 – 217 with the higher numbers closest to the start line and better views of turn 1. 

From this high up you’ll get panoramic views from the last corner right alone to the hillclimb to the first corner left hander. You’ll also get an unbroken view of the pit lane too.

The permanent canopy roof tends to capture the noise of the MotoGP bikes and funnel it into this grandstand, so expect a lot of noise especially at the start of the race.

All Club tickets for the main grandstand get access to the “Velocity Lounge” located on top of the main grandstand area. This is a fully air conditioned lounge with food and drinks included. 

Club tickets are a great VIP option if you’re looking for that once-in-a-lifetime experience for a loved one.

Loge (Semi Private)

For the more hardened MotoGP lover, these semi VIP tickets get you closer to the action at both the finish line and start lines. Located either side of the main grandstand, above the “Trackside” seats.

You get a parasol style shaded booth just behind shared grandstand seating. The atmosphere here is exciting to say the least, with plenty of VIP ticket holders enjoying the closer proximity to the track and both start and finish lines.

The boxes here have a capacity of 8 people so they’re great for small groups of people travelling to the race together. It’s worth noting these boxes are not fully private so if you’re a group of 6 people you may be sharing a box with a group of 2. It’s actually a great way to meet MotoGP fans from around the world.

These VIP tickets include access to scheduled pit walks during the race weekend. You’ll also get waiter service to your box. They also come with 2 parking passes for the VIP car park giving you faster access in and out of the circuit.

Turn 1 grandstand

As the name suggests this reserved seating grandstand is right on the truly epic turn 1 at the top of the 41m elevation. This raised position gives ticket holders a great view back down the start finish straight and a chance to watch legendary MotoGP riders battling for position up to turn one in front of you and leaning left heading away from you.

I would argue this is one of the best corners in MotoGP right now. . 

Thanks to the exciting layout of turn 1 and the chance for some daring overtake manoeuvres here, these tickets are sought after and there’s always a great atmosphere. You’re pretty much guaranteed to see some action from this grandstand.

As you’re up on the hill too your view covers a lot of the circuit and onwards to the city of Austin too. This grandstand is not covered so a hat and sun cream is a must.

The view leads on to turns 2 and 3 in front of you so there’s plenty to see from this grandstand. You can also see into the exit of the pitlane so there’s a chance to see the best MotoGP riders in the world rejoin the track and fight for positions. 

This is one of my favourite grandstands in MotoGP right now with a decent price point, epic views and decent access to track amenities too.

The grandstand is split into 8 blocks with block 1 closest to the start line and block 8 closest to turn 1 at the top of the hill.

Upper level

For the best views from this grandstand you’ll want an upper level seat. Row numbers here are 21-30 and offer the most panoramic views of any grandstand at the circuit.

Middle level

Mid level seats are where the atmosphere is really here. Surrounded by people on all sides you really get a sense of the excitement and energy of a MotoGP crowd. Row numbers here are 11 to 20 and like the upper level have no covering overhead so be sure to dress for the weather.

Lower level

Right down the front you’ll be closest to the track and the action here. Seats in blocks with lower numbers will be closer to the track so if getting up close is your thing try to book in blocks 1-3.

As the rider near turn 1 the track opens up and has plenty of run-off to catch any erroneous overtakes. This does decrease your proximity to the track here but if there’s any riders unseated from their bikes its likely to happen right in front of you here. 

Turn 12 bleachers grandstand

Located at the end of the back straight, the turn 12 grandstand runs parallel to the track giving you an unbroken view of turns 13, 14 and back down towards 15. 

Along with the turn 15 grandstand there’s a really great stadium atmosphere with plenty of amenities behind the grandstands and plenty of on track action at these two hairpin switches.

Thanks to the exceedingly long straight and plenty of seating on offer there are fantastic views of the track here and you’ll get a real taste of the immense speed of the MotoGP bikes as they brake hard in front of you.

The only oddity here is the amount of grandstand seating that doesn’t have the track in front of it. 

The turn 12 grandstand is split into 14 blocks with lower numbers closest to the track. Blocks 12 – 14 only have a gravel run-off area in front of them with the on track action happening to the left of you. Blocks 8 – 11 have tarmac run-off in front of them so even they have a more restricted view than blocks 1 – 8. So it’s worth being careful what block you’re in. If you want the action of turn 12 right in front of you then block 9 has the best views.

The bleacher style seating here can start to ache after a while so I recommend packing something comfortable to pad your seating. On the plus side there’s no reserved seats here so you can pick and choose where to sit throughout the race weekend. This also means its first come first served so you’ll need to grab a good spot early before the race session when the grandstand is likely to be full. 

There’s no roof here so you’re open to the elements. Dress appropriately and bring sunblock just in case.

The grandstands here are split into two ticket prices. Upper and Lower. I personally would recommend upper level seating as you get a better view of the surrounding corners on the track. The further down the grandstand you go the more your distant view is restricted by track services like fences, grandstands, buildings and safety fences.

Marc Marquez Fan Zone

Block 11 in the turn 12 grandstand is known as the Marc Marquez Fan Zone and is the perfect place to party with fellow Marquez fans. The atmosphere is exciting to say the least. Expect Marc Maquez flags, shirts, banners and much more, with a fan merchandise stall available nearby. Tickets for this block sell out quickly.

Troops on Track discount tickets

One special note on tickets is the “Troops on Track” discount available to military veterans, law enforcers and first-responders who are American citizens. The turn 12 grandstand is available at a much reduced cost for the 3 days.

If you’re driving or riding to the circuit you’ll want to either park at Parking Lot F or one of the nearby parking services outside of the circuit, then walk in.

Here’s a handy view of the turn 12 grandstand from the opposite side of the track.

Turn 15 Grandstand

The view from the turn 15 grandstand is the winding set of corners at 12,13, 14 and 15. From the hard braking zone at the end of the back straight, to the slow switching corners that unfold in front of you. The views here are great for getting as much on-track action as possible. 

WIth the turn 12 grandstand nearby, this grandstand helps create the stadium atmosphere here. With a massive 25 blocks of seats available

This is a highly technical part of the track with slower speeds before the MotoGP bikes blast on down the track after turn 15 in front of you. 

The grandstand curves around turn 15 creating an amphitheatre like arrangement of fans, producing great atmosphere especially if a rider is brave enough to make a move. 

For the riders that make a mess of things there’s a large gravel run-off area in front of you. Coupled with the service road running along the front of the entire grandstand, seats here are pushed back from the track a fair bit. 

Seats in the Turn 15 Grandstand are amongst the most popular ones of Circuit of the Americas. In a fast and tricky portion of the track, adrenaline peaks are frequent here. An upper-level seat offers the most extensive views.

For those sitting to the far left of the grandstand you’ll get views close to the entry of turn 16 too which curves around the famous COTA Tower. 

Unlike turn 12 grandstand, this one has reserved seating, the same style as the main grandstand, with fairly comfortable tip down seats and cup holders for that all important race beer.

There’s no roof covering here so dress for the weather and get some shade when you can. It may be April in Austin but it’s still likely to be sunny!

Tickets here are split into upper and lower levels. With rows 25 upwards offering the best views of all the corners here. You can see much of the track from up here. The race up to turn 1 which turns left and winds back down the hill. You’ll have a partial view from there to turn 9 before the bikes scream down the back straight towards your grandstand.

There are also 2 sizes of grandstand here. With Blocks 1-7 being the smaller of the set. The smaller blocks are easier to access but have arguably a worse viewing position.

Blocks 8 to 25 are larger with 35 rows in total. The lower seating options are closer to the track but if you want an unbroken view of the corners with no safety fencing in the way you’ll want to sit at row 5 or higher.

COTA Club / MotoGP VIP Village

For the full VIP treatment the COTA Club is the best at the circuit. Situated right on top of the pit garages, this shared hospitality area has everything you could want from a VIP pampered MotoGP experience.

There’s both indoor and outdoor dining and social areas here with large screen TVs showing the world-feed broadcast. You’ll also have seating on a small balcony directly looking over the pit lane, offering one of the best views of any pit lane action. 

The noise out here is immense and the bowl created by the main grandstand opposite and the hill climb to turn 1 creates an exciting atmosphere. 

Tickets here are for Saturday and Sunday, with a gourmet breakfast and lunch included. There’s also unlimited alcoholic and soft drinks service as well. The hospitality area looks out over the start line offering a fantastic view of the start of the race.

Obviously the indoor area is shaded from the sun, with the outdoor area partially shaded. 

Tickets also include exclusive pit walk access during the weekend and private viewing options are also available for small groups. 

Beyond just the VIP grandstand you also get access to exclusive paddock experiences like the Expo Bike show, Bike Simulator, tours on both Saturday and Sunday. A photo opportunity with the winner’s trophy and a meet & greet session with championship riders.

Parking Lot A is reserved for COTA club guests with 1 car parking space per 4 tickets.

General Admission tickets

If the grandstands and VIP options are way over budget you’re in luck. The Circuit Of The Americas is one of the best tracks for general admission on the MotoGP calendar.

Be prepared to do a fair amount of walking as this is no small track, but its well worth it to check out a number of manmade embankments and viewing angles.

Trackside between the main grandstand and turn 1 grandstands is one of the best options with plenty of amenities nearby. If you want to catch first lap action in to the tricky first corner, this is the place to be.This also means its one of the most popular vantage point, so expect crowds and if you want the best view, arrive early to claim your spot with a camping chair or picnic blanket.

There’s a number of raised hills around turns 3, 4 and 5 worth checking out. From here you can see a lot of the circuit in the distance. The view here of the track closest to you is through safety catch fencing, so its somewhat of a restricted view.

At the other end of the track you’ll find another raised embankment at the final corner. From here you can catch the end of the lap, a back view of the start of the race and any of the bikes entering the pit lane during the sessions.

The great thing about general admission is you’re not tied to one viewing location. You can always start at turn 1 and walk around the circuit later in the session to check out the view from turn 4.

You’ll find small viewing areas next to most of the grandstands at the Circuit Of The Americas in Austin so there’s more than just the official viewing areas to explore. You’ll cover plenty of miles walking the perimeter of the track so be prepared.

Good walking shoes, a sturdy backpack, foldable camping chairs and plenty of energy are needed to make the most of general admission. There’s a good atmosphere from all these locations and a good chance to meet fellow MotoGP fans.

Premium RV Camping

It wouldn’t be an American Motorsport race weekend without an RV camping site overlooking the track. COTA is no different and contains a long stretch of “premium RV camping” along the back straight between the hairpin of turn 11 and the stadium section of turn 12. 

Tickets for a plot here are not cheap, expect to pay upwards of $2000 for a plot. On the plus side you are literally parked up right by the track and, ladder permitting, can sit on the roof of your RV and watch the MotoGP riders racing by.

You get a 40 feet by 20 feet plot to park your big American RV on, with water and power hookups provided. Camping is available from Thursday to Monday too so you can enjoy the entire race weekend here.

It’s worth noting that the RV camping price does not include tickets to the circuit, not even for general admission. So you’ll need to purchase a ticket to gain access to the entertainment, concerts, food stalls, tower and general admission viewing.

Parking (Extra purchase)

A quick mention should be given to the parking lots around the circuit. These are charged separately to any grandstand or general admission ticket your purchase. So if you’re driving to the circuit you’ll want to get yourself one of these.

Getting in and out of the circuit has been notoriously long in recent years, so expect delays in leaving after the race especially. 

Another option is to park in one of the nearby fields where landowners have opened up the real-estate for cheaper parking. You can expect around a 15 to 20 minute walk to get to the circuit so this is only an option for those happy to walk the distance. On the plus side you’re likely to be able to make it back to your car and away from this part of Austin a lot quicker than those parking in official Circuit Of The Americas parking lots.

A weekend at the MotoGP Americas Grand Prix

Watch this great vlog on what a weekend at the MotoGP is like.