Spa Francorchamps

At 7.004km, the Spa-Francorchamps located in the town of Stavelot, Belgium, is the longest track in the current Formula 1 calendar. It is also the host of the Belgian Grand Prix and has been since 1985 (besides 2003 and 2006).

It is often described as ‘the most beautiful circuit in the world’, thanks to its combination of quick turns and undulating nature, coupled with the spectacular scenic backdrop and the enormous history behind the race. The roar of the engines rings far and wide in this natural arena.

This circuit is perhaps best known for the notorious Eau-Rouge and Raidillon combo, regarded by many as the finest section of asphalt in modern-day motor racing. It provides a great challenge for the drivers, as they attempt to negotiate this part of the track at flat-out speeds, exceeding 300kmh when aided by the immense downforce. A slight error here can be catastrophic. 

“An historic circuit that has been the venue of some of the most spectacular races in F1 history. Corners like Eau Rouge are known to race fans around the world and the race always attracts a huge and very enthusiastic crowd.”

Toto Wolff – Mercedes Head of Motorsport

The majority of the grandstands at Spa-Francorchamps are situated pretty close to the pit straight at the opening on Eau-Rouge. The rest is mostly just general admission viewing areas, which have become noticeably busier over recent years thanks to Max Verstappen’s legion of passionate fans.

Entering and exiting the circuit, and moving around it in general, involves quite a significant amount of walking. Make sure you have some comfortable footwear. The walking isn’t as much of a problem if you have a grandstand seat as your base, but if you’re going for general admission then make sure your level of fitness is up to par.

Much like the British Grand Prix, Spa is for the real F1 fans. You’ll find plenty of knowledgable punters to chat with and lots of people camping in nearby fields. As with Silverstone, be prepared with good walking shoes and plenty of weatherproof clothing.

When it comes to the Belgian Grand Prix, the price tag of the tickets for each of the grandstands isn’t actually a great indicator of the quality of the track view, as is usually the case. There are some of the most expensive grandstands with extremely disappointing views, while some of the lower-priced ones offer an exceptional viewing angle.

Take the prices with a pinch of salt. Selecting the right section of whatever grandstand you are in tends to be more important – your best bet is to book well in advance and contact the ticket supplier requesting specific seats.

Known for its unpredictable weather changes, at one point in the race’s history it had rained every single year for 20 years in a row at the Belgian Grand Prix. Teams have to adapt to regularly changing circumstances, with some parts of the track often being bright and clear while another part could be rainy and slippery.

Pack clothing to cope with any kind of weather. it’s almost a certainty that you will use your umbrella at some point throughout the weekend.

Merchandise stalls and food and drink stalls are mostly concentrated in the F1 fan zone, which sits just outside of the circuit at Eau-Rouge. Another good catering zone is near Pouhon, at the other side of the track.

There are smaller stalls and also toilets dotted all over, so there will be something nearby. Be aware though that unfortunately, the prices at this circuit are extortionate, with a bottle of water costing around £3.

Spa-Francorchamps is a fantastic venue, and the Belgian Grand Prix has earned its spot as one of the favourites amongst fans and drivers alike. Its up there with the legendary greats like Monza, Monaco and the Japanese Grand Prix.

Viewing Locations

Gold 7 & Gold 8 

Spa is renowned for its unique start, with drivers going all out for a short rapid sprint, before filtering into the tight squeeze of a hairpin known as ‘La Source’. The Gold 7 and 8 Grandstands are the best places to watch the start unfold thanks to their excellent location on the main straight.

The first corner is often a site of collisions, so one of these grandstands makes a great choice for the fans who enjoy watching them. On the exit of turn 1, the cars once again go full throttle down the back straight and on to Eau-Rouge, which you can just about see in the distance from these grandstands.

The Gold 8 Grandstand edges its counterpart and is the slightly better option, thanks to its additional view of the grid and the finish line, which really makes it a great all-rounder. It directly overlooks the pit lane exit too, so you get to see your favourite drivers in a number of different situations.

This grandstand is expensive though, so more suited to those on a high budget.

You are also a little further from the track due to the large run-off area, but the electric atmosphere in the stands will help you forget about that pretty quickly. 

Gold 8 does have a big screen on hand to follow the rest of the action, and it is close to the main F1 Fanzone full of food and drink stalls, along with toilets.

The similar priced Gold 7 Grandstand offers fantastic views of La Source and is slightly closer to the track than Gold 8. However, its positioning on the hairpin means that you can’t see the start and finish from there, which for many are the most exciting parts of the race to watch.

Catch fencing also sightly obstructs the view here. A big screen is available though, and it’s close to the main fan area.

Both of these grandstands are a good choice, but Gold 8 is quite possibly the best grandstand at the circuit and should be strongly considered despite the high cost.

Just make sure to book well in advance if you want to sit here, as it is one of the most popular options at Spa.

Gold 1

Sitting half way down the pit straight and directly opposite the pit boxes, the Gold 1 Grandstand is another high-budget option for fans who want to be near both the site of the podium celebrations, and the pit lane entrance.

The main straight at Spa is short, so the best sections of this grandstand also offer a glimpse of Parc Ferme and of Eau-Rouge in the distance. 

The higher rows of this grandstand are the better choice, as they mostly avoid the catch fencing which is an annoyance for those lower down.

The problem with seating here though is that the view of the big screens is very poor, so if following the screens to watch as the race unwinds is important to you, then choosing another grandstand is a good idea.

Another issue with seating here is that you are quite far from the main F1 Fanzone, which is located on the back straight at Spa-Francorchamps as opposed to the main straight like at most Grands Prix.

This means it’s a bit of a trek to the bigger food and drinks stalls. There is a water tap nearby to refill water bottles though. 

Gold 9

Also located on the main straight, the Gold 9 Grandstand is another one of the higher-priced grandstands.

It makes for a great place to watch the start and finish of the race, as you can see the grid, although you can’t really enjoy much of the pre-race build-up from here. 

Gold 9 is quite an expensive option, especially considering it doesn’t really show the most exciting action here besides the start and finish. It does offer views of some of the smaller teams’ garages, and there is a big screen to follow the other parts of the race.

You can catch a view of the rear of the vehicles as they head into La Source too.

Amenities nearby are limited, as the main F1 Fanzone is on the back straight. Expect only basics here such as a water fountain and some smaller stalls and toilets.

This grandstand is great if you only care about the start and finish as the position on the track is excellent, but for those fans chasing more, it would be wiser to pick another grandstand. You’d probably save some money too.

Gold 6

Overlooking the chicane, the Gold 6 Grandstand offers a particularly exciting perspective thanks to it being a key spot for overtaking attempts. There is always lots of wheel-to-wheel action here, as the drivers tussle for positions through the corner.

There are quite a few issues with this grandstand though. The big screen can’t really be seen, so it becomes a bit of a struggle to keep up with the other parts of the race. Additionally, the catch fencing here is extremely close, especially in the lower rows, which obstructs the view of the track quite significantly. 

 The nearby General Admission actually has a better view, but obviously, you don’t get the benefits of a reserved seat, covered roof, and a separate toilet.

Despite this, it is still much better value, as long as you don’t mind tackling the elements in the event of any adverse weather.

Gold 6 isn’t a terrible place to spectate, but there are much better options at cheaper prices.

Silver 1 & 2 and Gold 2

Silver 1 is one of a number of grandstands situated on the back straight, all of which have views of the revered Eau-Rouge. These stands are also the closest to the main F1 village full of all the amenities.

Silver 1 and Silver 2 sandwich the Gold 2 Grandstand. They are both suitable for those on a mid-budget, and overlook the iconic stretch of track between La Source and Eau-Rouge.

Neither is covered though, so bring your umbrellas in case of any rain.

Silver 1 is closer to the hairpin and the pitlane exit – you can see the drivers squeeze on the throttle and accelerate their vehicles to top speeds before screeching past.

The atmosphere at this part of the track is always brilliant. The catch with Silver 1 is that it is further away from the mighty Eau-Rouge, so you don’t see as much of this historic piece of asphalt as in other spots.

The grandstand offers a respectable all-round view, at decent prices. Try to avoid the blocks on the edges of the stands, and also the back and front rows, as there is catch fencing along with some buildings which ruin the view of the track.

With better overall views than its mid-budget counterpart (S1), the Silver 2 Grandstand is located at a fantastic spot on the back straight. The side closer to Eau-Rouge provides the best view, as you get to see the drivers handle the corner up close. The catch is that the big screen is at the other end, so you don’t get a brilliant view of that. Bringing a pair of binoculars is a good idea. 

The Silver 2 Grandstand is the best in its price range, and also one of the best at the whole circuit for pure track views.

Sitting in the middle of the two silver grandstands, Gold 2 offers a nice balance between the view of Eau-Rouge and of the big screen.

What really makes it cost that little bit more is the added comfort – the grandstand is covered, and the seats have seatbacks, as opposed to the bleacher-style seating found in the cheaper stands.

There is some catch fencing that really damages the view for the fans at the Eau-Rouge side, but Gold 2 is a pretty large seating area and the majority of ticketholders will end up with a more-than-decent view.

Gold 3

Also offering exceptional views of Eau-Rouge, this grandstand points downhill which allows for a panoramic view as the cars climb up from La Source before passing right in front of you. It really is a wonderful sight so to see the vehicles weave towards you.

It’s also covered, protecting you from rain or sun, and there is a big screen here too. It’s close to the fan village so amenities are close by.

However, the positioning and angling of the stand mean the view isn’t as good for those in the rows further back. It is much harder to get a clear, direct view of the track, especially for those in row 10 and behind.

The problem is so bad that many ticketholders end up choosing to stand next to the grandstand to get a clear line of sight. Book early and ask for a seat in one of the first few rows.

Gold 4

Providing some great wide side-on views of Eau-Rouge, Gold 4 allows for the most prolonged view out of all the grandstands of this famous piece of track. It is an uncovered grandstand, and so if it rains, the view can be slightly obstructed by the umbrellas. The higher-up seats help to avoid this. 

The cars pass particularly close at Gold 4, really enabling you to feel immersed in the action. A big screen means you can watch the rest of the race too. Its location means it is nice and close to the main fan village, where merchandise, food, and drink stalls are on hand.

Gold 10

Situated closer to the entry of Eau-Rouge than the other grandstands, Gold 10 is another one of the pricier options, that comes with access to a big screen, a covered roof, and close proximity to all the amenities including the main F1 Fanzone. 

The back rows to this stand are slightly better, as the catch fencing isn’t as noticeable. The stand is low down in general, so you are nice and close to the track and you will feel a powerful gust as the cars speed by. 

 Be aware though, there are some trees that partially block the view down to La Source.

Silver 3 

The Silver 3 Grandstand sits on the inside of the track at the speedy double right-hand section. Cars pass through here at around 177kmh in 3rd gear, with the beautiful woodland backdrop adding to the experience. You get to see the cars go on to turn 13, and the big screen means you can watch beyond that too. 

 Silver 3 is a decent middle-priced option, but it is quite a distance from most of the amenities. There will be some toilets and smaller stalls nearby, but if you crave that feeling of being surrounded by the energetic fans at the major entertainment zones, then sit closer to the main fan village.

Silver 4 

With clear views of the track thanks to the lack of catch fencing, Silver 4 overlooks the Bruxelles corner and has a big screen on hand so you’re never out of the loop. It is mid-priced, but there is a noticeable lack of wheel-to-wheel action here which means it isn’t particularly exciting.

The view becomes tedious after a while, and this is definitely one of the more boring places to sit. There are much better options in the same price range or cheaper. It’s a long way from the main amenities too.

Speed Corner

As the name suggests, this grandstand overlooks the speed corner. It sits at the exit of the bend, and is good for seeing the cars clearly and to get some good photographs. It’s one of the cheapest grandstands at the circuit.

There are more negatives than positives though – there is no roof, no big screen, and the view gets boring very fast due to the lack of overtaking scenarios. You are better off sitting elsewhere, and the general admission area is a much better choice.

Bronze 17-27

For the lucky fans who fit into the 17-27 age category, there is the added option of the Bronze 17-27 Grandstand. This is definitely worth the small extra cost to upgrade from general admission, as you can still reap the benefits of it in that you can move freely around the circuit. This grandstand doesn’t have reserved seats, so you can come and go as you please. 

It is perched over 2 of the medium-speed right-handers, which makes for a great watch as the drivers weave by. DJs perform sets in between track sessions, so the atmosphere here is always electric and there is a real party vibe. There is a big TV screen showing all the action as well.

General Admission (Bronze)

General admission at Spa is known as Bronze, and there is a wide range of different options available, with each providing a unique view of the track. Some of the best spots are so good that the view is even better than in some of the most popular grandstands. An early rise is necessary for these vantage points though, as hoards of die-hard fans all flock to these places.

At Pouhon, there is a grassy hill which is particularly popular. You can see a number of the high-speed corners from up here, and there are some big screens dotted around too.

The mighty Eau-Rouge is obviously a fan favourite, and you can see it from a place to the right of the Gold 4 Grandstand. The view isn’t as good as the grandstands here though, and the catch fencing is a bit annoying.

One of the best spots in General Admission is at the Bus Stop Chicane, just before the main straight. The cars pass very close here, so you feel as though you are right in the heart of the action. There is also a good view of the pit entry, and you are in the prime position to take part in the post-race track invasion.

Best seats at Spa Francorchamps Circuit?

Without a doubt the best seats are now at the new Eau Rouge grandstand also known as Gold 3. This truly legendary turn is one of the most famous in the world. Also consider Gold 4 which offers a panoramic view up Eau Rouge. Book well in advance to avoid disappointment!

How to get to Spa Francorchamps?

So hopefully you’ve found the best place to sit at the Belgium F1 Grand Prix. Now lets talk about how you get there! We’ve reviewed all of the options for you, from nearest airports and international flights, to coaches, trains and scenic driving routes. We’ve even reviewed some accommodation options too.