Silverstone Circuit, Towcester NN12 8TL, England

Few motor racing circuits in the world have the history and legendary status that Silverstone has. It first hosted the British Grand Prix back in 1948 and has hosted most of the British Formula One races ever since.

Originally a World War II airfield located next to the village of Silverstone in Northamptonshire. Its an unusually flat circuit that has some of the fastest corners in Formula 1. Its iconic turns like Copse, Maggotts, Becketts and Stowe keep this circuit firmly in any F1 driver’s top 5 circuits to race on.

The British Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone has become much more than just a race with concerts, entertainment and festival like atmosphere all weekend long.

“I’ve always loved the circuit – it’s high speed, flowing and beautiful. Copse is flat and then into Maggots and Becketts is just epic, I’m genuinely so excited about this race”

Daniel Ricciardo – F1 Driver

Many fans camp in nearby campsites and walk to the track to avoid the long traffic jams that can occur on race weekends. Expect lots of walking around the circuit if you want to check out the most famous corners in F1 around the back of the track, as well as walking from your grandstand to the entertainment too.

A range of ticket options are available here, all including access general admission viewing areas, with 3 key grandstands reserved for full 3 day tickets only.

The rest allow for “roving” access which means you can sample other grandstands throughout the weekend during support races.

Viewing areas

Farm Curve

Looking straight on to turn one of the Silverstone Circuit, the view here is fantastic for the start of the race and with cars approaching at high speed its definitely one to look out for.

It also leads on to the lower speed section of Village which bunches the cars up and creates some close quarter wheel-to-wheel action.

Due to the high speed nature of turn one there is a large run off area in front of the grandstand. So your distance from the action is increased somewhat. If you get the right seat you can see all the way down the start finish straight so there’s plenty to see from this viewing angle, with vast panoramic views of the action up to turn 2.

The grandstand here is long with much of it cutting off the view down the pit straight so chances are you’ll see cars sweeping around turn 1 at high speed and fighting for position down to turn 2. A thrilling experience for any motorsport fan.

If for any reason there’s a “coming together” of cars at the start you’ll be sure to see all the action unfold right in front of you as the cars take to the tarmac and gravel runoff.

This grandstand is not enclosed so you’re open to the elements here, bring a waterproof coat or poncho to keep dry. The great thing at Silverstone is you’re rewarded with even more action if the rain does start to fall.

While the action isn’t right by the front row of seats here, you do get a wider field of view and multiple turns, plus the mixture of high and low speed corners are guaranteed to create some action in front of you.

There is a thin strip of general admission grass land in front of the grandstand here but the view lends itself to being higher up so you can see more of the action over the longer distances.

A giant TV screen is located on the other side of the track so visibility isn’t great due to the large run off areas. In fact other that Stowe corner this Tv screen Is the furthest away from spectators.

Access to amenities here is great with the entertainment zone a short walk away and toilets located between the Farm Curve and Village grandstands.

Tickets for Farm Curve include full access to all general admission areas of the circuit.

Village A and B

Catching some of the action down from turn 1 at Farm Curve, from here you’re right in the thick of it for the village complex comprising of turns called Village, The Loop and Aintree. Its a fantastic area that brings the cars together after the fast sweeping corners at the start of the circuit.

With cars braking hard and turning right you’ll get to see plenty of action here as the cars head away from you towards The Loop and head back behind your grandstands as they continue on to the Wellington Straight.

At the start of the race these corners provide plenty of action as the cars all enter close together. Expect a lot of excitement and attempts at overtaking here although successful overtakes are only for the brave!

The panoramic views of the track as they approach from the right means people tend to stand up at the start of the race especially but there’s plenty of viewing possible as the guys navigate the twisting course.

The grandstands are enclosed offering protection from the rain should it be a wet race. This makes for an easier experience especially if you’re bringing children.

Village B grandstand is arguably the best with clear line of sight views down the track from Village corner to The Loop.

A giant TV is located across the track offering you views of all the other action. These screens provide a view of other corners but are generally too far away to read lap times. I recommend using the F1 app for keeping up to date with all the on-track action.

Access to the hospitality areas is excellent here as the entertainment village is right behind the grandstand. As such this area can get very busy with pedestrians from multiple grandstands and zones coming together.

It does however provide great food options and easy access to toilets between the Village and Farm Curve grandstands as well as in the entertainment village.

Tickets to the Village grandstands include general admission access too.

You can also purchase a “Village enclosure ticket” which provides access to an exclusive area just north of the Village B grandstand where you’ll find ample seating, exclusive toilets, food and bars along with extra TVs and both indoor and outdoor seating to relax between Formula 1 track sessions.

Wellington Straight

The long fast Wellington Straight offers a chance for general admission ticket holders to see cars are full throttle hurtling down from Aintree to Brooklands.

This was the location of Kimi Raikkonen’s off-track excursion and subsequent crash happening right in front of general admission fans. So while there’s no grandstand views here action can still happen right up close to you!

General admission is first come first served so you’ll need to get there early to get a good spot. People often bring camping chairs here and pick a spot for the rest of the day.

The great thing about the Wellington Straight general admission area is that it has very good access to the entertainment village, F1 fan zone and concert zone.

Giving you plenty of extra entertainment. Toilets are located at the F1 fan zone if you’re closer to the Brooklands end of the straight, or in the entertainment village if you’re more towards the Aintree end.

Brooklands and Luffield General Admission

The general admission area continues on from the Wellington Straight, curving around behind the concert zone giving you a view of one of the most exciting overtaking areas of the Silverstone formula one grand prix circuit.

This general admission area has the added bonus of a more purpose built disabled access area which has the effect of opening up the general admission to a wider audience and more panoramic view of the track.

There’s plenty of views to choose from here, the North end closer to the action as the cars brake heavily and turn left to snake around the stadium like curve.

Past thousands of cheering fans. Or you can move further around towards the Luffield Grandstand and see the drivers gently applying the throttle as they accelerate down Woodcote and towards the old pit straight.

Either way the views are great here and this has long been one of Silverstone’s most popular general admission areas.

With its easy access from multiple paths between grandstands and a great piece of track to see some brave overtakes, especially in the wet, its a must for any race fan.

You’ll find easy access to refreshments, toilets and team clothing shops in this area. There’s plenty of purpose built and temporary structures here as it was once part of the original start finish straight with plenty of amenities and access points.

Luffield Grandstand

With guys hurtling down the Wellington Straight towards Brooklands and the sweeping curve of Luffield you’ll get not just great views here but also great atmosphere.

With enclosed grandstands keeping you dry and also helping to contain and amplify the crowd noise. Perfect for qualifying and race day.

Cars are not at their fastest here but over the years we’ve seen plenty of amazing overtakes at these corners.

The last of the late braking drivers can create memorable overtakes right in front of you, with switch backs and drives round the outside at Luffield often happening, especially when its a wet race.

Be prepared for loud cheering from thousands of fans in this amphitheatre style section of the track. So this may not be the best grandstand if you’re taking small children along.

Access to the concert zone and entertainment zones is a short walk away, with purpose built toilets right behind the grandstand.

You’ll also find a large screen and chill out area behind the grandstand which is great for grabbing some food and watching support races from for a change of scenery.

Seating to the left of this grandstand gives you a view partially down Brooklands corner, the full 180 of Luffield and on to Woodcote, with the end seats affording an extra view down the national pit straight.

Woodcote Grandstands

A fantastic view down the Welllington straight will show you cars coming towards you at top speed. Heavy braking to turn left and sweeping around the Luffield corner before whizzing past at full throttle on down the national pit straight.

One of the best areas for atmosphere and action as well as speed and bravery. A panoramic view of multiple corners and one of the most iconic parts of the Silverstone F1 race track.

The noise here is incredible from the fans and the cars. Expect high intensity atmosphere especially if a British driver goes past. With the BRDC grandstands opposite there is a strong feeling of the track being surrounded by motorsport fans here which creates a very unique experience.

Amenities here are great with plenty of areas to relax between sessions, purpose built toilets a short walk away and plenty of food stalls and souvenir shops to keep most fans busy.

It’s a little further away from the entertainment and concert zones so expect a longer walk after the track action has finished.

For decades this was the original start / finish straight so this are contains arguably some of Formula One’s most iconic corners and views.

National Pits Straight

With the new configuration of the Silverstone track making Abbey the first corner of the track, the old pits and pit straight have now become the half way point of the 5.14km circuit.

While the new pit straight is obviously the focus for the start and finish of the race, much of the best action still happens down at the old start finish now affectionately know as the National Pits Straight.

The twisting nature of the corners before the National Pits straight create awesome overtaking opportunities that can often be in full motion as cars accelerate along the straight in front of the grandstand.

The roar of the crowd around this section of the track is almost as loud as the cars themselves and the panoramic view of the track from Luffield and Woodcote corners to your right and the insanely quick turn of the wheel going in to Copse is one of the best views in Grand Prix racing.

Facilities in this area include purpose built toilets, areas to relax and grab a bite to eat as well as quick access via Gates 3 and 5 with ample parking nearby.

Access to the entertainment zone and concert area takes a little longer to get to so if you’re not up for the walk or have small kids this may not suit you.

On the other hand a lot of the support races use the National Pits as Silverstone effectively has two pits. Formula 2 and Formula 3 cars are managed here so you may get a view of many more cars in the pits and on track from this grandstand.

There’s a giant TV on the opposite side of the track although the grandstand is positioned further back from the track than others with handy toilets and family areas nearby.

A fast sweeping right hander that was once the first corner of the Silverstone F1 Grand Prix circuit. Its been re-profiled over the decades since Silverstone first started hosting races but if anything its challenge has increased.

You’ll see drivers snapping the wheel to the right and the downforce straining to keep the cars gripping the tarmac as they’re flung in to Copse at around 280km (174mph).


There are 3 enclosed grandstands here with a general admission and disabled access area in front. Each of the grandstands offering a different view of this iconic corner.

Grandstand A is looking up beyond Copse corner so you’ll see the cars appearing from your left and sweeping around the fast turn and down towards maggots right ahead of you.

Grandstand B offers better views down the national pit straight as cars jostle for position and head to Copse corner. Turning in at break-neck speed and sweeping past you as you watch them disappear up the road to your left.

Grandstand C has more of a panoramic view from the national pits straight to the right and up to Maggots corner to the left. Its also closes to the toilets and refreshments if quick access to those things is a requirement for you.

All 3 grandstands offer excellent views of this fantastically fast corner with grandstands A and B being our preferred options. The atmosphere is fantastic and there’s quick and easy access to parking via Gate 6.

A giant screen is located on the opposite side of the circuit. There’s great access for more general admission viewing up towards Maggots and Becketts corners which are well worth the walk.

This part of the track is a fair distance from the F1 Fan Zone, Entertainment Village and Concert Zone, so expect a fair bit of walking if you plan to visit those areas.


One of the fastest and best places in the world to see racing cars taking corners at astonishing speed. Watch the Formula 1 cars grip the track and turn quickly left in to Maggotts before switching right in to Becketts before ending up in Chapel.

A weekend at Silverstone wouldn’t be complete without visiting the general admission area here and seeing it for yourself.

There’s ample room here for general admission to view the corners from multiple angles. Its a fair walk from much of the amenities and entertainment areas but its well worth it to see the cars at their best.

There’s quick access via Gate 9 if you’re parked at carpark P37. You’ll also find food stalls and the Club Silverstone exclusive Marquee here.

There’s one grandstand here for the general public called Becketts which is enclosed and offers great views of the Maggotts and Becketts corners as well as the track carrying on through Chapel on to the Hangar Straight.

As Silverstone is on a flat plain there’s very little change in elevation to help you see corners further away but one great place for this is at Becketts Grandstand where you can also see The Loop and Aintree corners of the Village complex before they head down Wellington Straight. Wait around 30 seconds and the same cars will have made it to the Maggotts and Becketts corners.

Amenities here are scarce as the density of fans around this side of the race track thins out. Its a decent walk around the track to get to the entertainment zone so this grandstand and general admission area is usually filled with the more fanatical motor racing fans.

You’ll find toilets, some limited entertainment and refreshments located just behind the grandstand.

If you do decide to get a ticket for Becketts grandstand you’ll be sitting at one of F1’s most iconic set of corners. If you don’t sit here I still highly recommend you watch at least one of the sessions from this incredible piece of F1 history.


The blisteringly fast 770 metre long Hangar Straight is the back straight of the Silverstone grand prix circuit where F1 cars reach more than 300kph before turning in to Stowe corner. This high speed corner needs plenty of run-off so the 3 grandstands of Stowe A, B and C are set back from the main track. Never-the-less watching cars hurtle towards you at around 180mph is quite a sight!

From Stowe A and B grandstands you’ll see the entire length of the Hangar Straight with cars navigating their way through Chapel just before. Its an excellent spot to see cars at top speed and head on rather than from the side. The length of the Hangar Straight can make the cars appear deceptively slow but they cover the 700+ metres in just a few seconds!

Stowe is also the spot where some drivers may before donuts if you’re lucky, the large run-off area lending itself to this visual, audible, and surprisingly smelly performance.

Grandstand C at Stowe corner has limited views down the Hangar Straight so you’re more likely to see cars sweeping around the corner in front of you and on down Vale on to Club Corner.

The grandstands here are not enclosed so be prepared and bring all weather clothing with you just in case.

Amenities here are somewhat sparse especially given the number of grandstands and fans around here and the general admission fans lining up along the Hangar Straight. In recent years there’s been a “Sports zone” offering places to eat, shop for souvenirs and use the toilets as well as a giant screen.

There’s also a giant TV straight opposite grandstand B for all the on track action. I’d recommend grandstand B at Stowe for the best mix of Hangar Straight views and onwards down to Vale.

You can enter via Gate 10 here but walks to the entertainment zone are a good 15 minutes so be prepared to walk.


This short straight scrubs little speed out of the cars as the head around Stowe and on to the slowest corner on the track at Vale. A short sharp chicane reduces the cars speed dramatically giving you more time to see the Formula One cars in action with potential for the odd overtake.

The slightly banked area in front of the grandstand is general admission and is the largest general admission spot at the circuit. This can get busy on race day as its not too far from the entertainment areas and offers great views of the last remaining corners of the track.

The grandstand here is not enclosed so bring all weather gear. Thanks to the elevated nature of the seating you can actually see quite a lot from this position. A sweeping panoramic view from Stowe all the way down to Vale and the last corner of Club before the cars accelerate down to the start finish line in front of the International Pits Straight grandstand.

There’s never been a huge amount of action at this part of the track but its fast entry and slow exit makes it a popular place especially if you want to take photos of the cars. You’ll need a zoom lens to make this possible though as the grandstand is set back from the track by quite some distance.

Amenities here are limited as there’s no much room behind the grandstand. Just enough for some toilets, a souvenir stall and some food vans. You’ll also find fast track entry here at Gate 15 with Gare 12 nearby, both offering access to car park 40.

Its not one of the most exciting of views of Silverstone but it is one with great value for money and not too far from all the entertaining action after the sessions. A short 7 or 8 minute walk to all the fun stuff.

Club Corner

The last corner on the track and one with plenty of potential for a great viewing experience at the Silverstone F1 British Grand Prix!

The long sweeping nature of Club Corner offers plenty of great viewing potential and you’ll get to see the cars from almost all angles as they slow down around the Vale Chicane before entering the amphitheatre like feeling of Club.

Club and and the main Club Corner grandstands offer fantastic views not only of Value and Club but also down the pit straight to the finish line, making this location a must for fans as you’ll get to see plenty of on track action and the first car to cross the finish line too.

This double-apex corner gives drivers a challenge and a chance to overtake, or make a mistake due to the almost blind 2nd apex. Get it wrong and you’ll no doubt see a challenge from a nearby car as they head down the International Pits Straight.

The two grandstands here offer cheaper non-enclosed seating at Club A and the more expensive enclosed larger curved grandstand of Club Corner. While its definitely not the cheapest grandstand at the circuit it does give you some of the best views of the podium and pit straight, aside from the main start finish grandstand of course.

Amenities here are limited due to there not being much room between the grandstands and the service road that runs around the site. You’ll find a few food stalls, toilets and souvenir options with easy walkable access to the main entertainment area just beyond the pit straight section to the west.

Views of giant TV screens here are minimal with a screen usually over at Vale, quite some distance away back at the Vale chicane.

If proximity to the start finish line is a requirement for you but budget is still limiting you from buying on the pit straight then Club Corner is the perfect grandstand for you .

International Pit Straight (South)

If podium celebrations are your thing then this is the grandstand for you. Situated right opposite the podium with great views of Vale and Club Corner, you’ll be able to see down the pit entrance and a number of garages of the mid-field and back markers too.

With a field of 20 cars the last few rows of the grid are likely to be right in front of you so you’ll see all the mechanics frantically at work before the Formula One race starts.

The grandstand here is enclosed so you’ll be sure to stay dry while the pit crews get wet if it rains. In the dry its a fast sweeping end to the track with noise and acceleration happening right in front of you.

If your favourite driver made it on to the podium you’ll be glad you spent the extra money on this pit straight grandstand as you celebrate with them. With quick access to the track after the race you could join the crowd just below the podium too. A memorable treat for any F1 fan.

You’ll find plenty of amenities here just a short walk away with some food options located just behind the grandstand. The entertainment sizes and plenty more food options are also nearby to the north west of the grandstand with fast track access to the site via Gate 16.

This grandstand is also close to the ticket collection point so you’re all set up for the day if you need to collect your tickets on site.

International Pit Straight (North)

This grandstand is one of the biggest and best positioned for the start of the race at the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit. Its the first after the starting line and offers the best views in to all of the team’s garages opposite.

There’s plenty to view here beyond just the start and end of the race, with pit stops, practice sessions and car maintenance all taking place during the grand prix weekend. You’ll see all types of action here.

This grandstand is also the closest to the newly constructed Hilton Garden Inn Hotel which occupies some of the space behind the grandstand with some rooms having direct view of the track between the north and south pit straight stands.

This is the grandstand where all the start of race action will happen right in front of you. Looking back at the front runners as the lights go out, accelerating up towards Abbey and the small incline towards Farm Curve.

There’s a giant TV on the impressive “Silverstone Wing” pit building opposite so you’ll be sure to catch all the other action on track. This grandstand is also one of the closest to the track with very little need for run-off next to the tarmac and no general admission either.

During the race you’ll see cars sweep past here at high speed so the view in to Abbey is a must. Higher seats will give you a better view over the pit wall and in to the garages too.

The View (Abbey)

The smallest grandstand at the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit but no less of an impressive view. In fact you could argue that the limited crowd size in this grandstand makes it the perfect viewing experience of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Originally a full general admission viewing area, the grandstand added in 2016 offers raised views down the pit straight towards the start finish lining, making it one of the best places on the track to see the first lap action.

Due to the way the pits and track are angled apart it also makes it one of the most compelling views for pit stops and pit exit action as well. Something that even fans on the pit straight are unable to see.

This is an unenclosed grandstand so you will need waterproof clothing if it rains. You’ll also get amazing views of the first corner action and acceleration up the slight incline to the fast Farm Curve and down to Village.

There is a large general admission area here so the grandstand is pushed back from the catch fencing.

Access to all the best entertainment, food and amenities in the Entertainment zone are just a moment’s walk away. With quick access to the Fan Zone and Concert Zone which is a must after sessions have completed on track.

Tickets are very limited for this little grandstand but if you manage to get one they are one of the most impressive views of a pit straight anywhere in the current Formula 1 calendar.

Best seats for the British F1 Grand Prix?

Our top pick for the Grand Prix at Silverstone is Club Corner or International Pit Straight (South). Both give you great views of the start of the race as well as a decent view down the last couple of corners. The atmosphere here is wild as the fans that attend are always lively and knowledgable about F1.

How to get to Silverstone Circuit?

Now you know which is your best seating option for the British Grand Prix its time to figure out how you’re going to get to the Silverstone Circuit. Wether you’re driving to Silverstone, flying in to the UK or maybe want to take a helicopter directly to the circuit, we’ve reviewed all your options.

From drive times, train options, coach services from around the UK, even some cycling information! We’ve also taken a look at some accommodation options once you’re there.