Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Imola, Italy

One of the most iconic Formula One circuits ever built. Imola is filled with so many incredible F1 moments and is high on everyone’s list of must visit tracks. Including yours I see. Well you’ve come to the right place.

Home to the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix until at least 2025, Imola is best known for the many years it was called the San Marino Grand Prix. One of 2 races in Italy with the other being at Monza which is another you seriously need to put on your F1 bucket list. The current name of ​​​​Emilia Romagna refers to the region the circuit is located in.

You’ll find the town of Imola some 50km from Bologna and relatively easy to get to with an international airport in Bologna serving many European destinations.

“Every time we are in Italy we have so much support and it’s amazing to see so many people in the grandstands”

Charles Leclerc – Ferrari F1 Driver

This high-speed track has seen it all over the years. From the highs of recent wins by Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. To the tragedies of losing two drivers in one weekend back in 1994, including the legendary Ayrton Senna. 

Beyond the race-track there’s much to see and do in this beautiful region of Italy. With the likes of Ferrari, Ducati and Lamborghini all situated a reasonable drive away offering museums and factory tours for you and your loved ones.

Whether Imola remains on the calendar beyond 2025, who knows. So these next few years may be your one and only chance to see a Formula One race at the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari.

Tickets are available both per day and for the full race weekend. 

Viewing options

There are plenty of grandstands at Imola and some great General admission options too. The circuit runs anti-clockwise which is unusual among F1 tracks, yet its grandstand numbering system runs clockwise in places with confusing numbering systems in others. So please be careful when booking your tickets to make sure you’ve got the right grandstand.

They’ve also renumbered the grandstands for 2023 onwards so I’ll include their previous numbers and letters along with their names. My advice is pick the corner name you want, then find the best grandstand number that suits you. 

Tribuna Start / Partnenza 4 – 1 (Formerly 8, I M & A)

The start finish line with arguably the best grandstand views at Imola. It’s an odd setup here as most of the grandstands are pushed back from the track by an alternative track layout with a chicane, often used in Super Bikes and other formulas. 

Grandstand 2 (Formerly M)

One of the most expensive grandstands at the circuit for good reason, its right opposite the start finish line with fantastic views of the start and end of the race for sure. It’s a high speed section so once the race gets going you’ll see Formula One cars at top speed through this section.

It’s not the most ideal view on the F1 calendar as you’d really want to be in close proximity to the track, although being further back does create a slight bowl of activity happening in front of you with great views of the entire start and a decent view from left to right of all the action in this area. 

The atmosphere here is positively electric as Italian fans are passionate about their motorsport, none more so than F1. It’s especially great for the buildup of the race with plenty going on as the grid forms. 

Seats closest to Grandstand 1 (formerly A) are closer to the track and the start line too.

Grandstand 1 (Formerly A) 

Just after the start line and right up against the track, the cars roar past you and are accelerating hard at the start of the race right here. So if proximity to the action is your thing this is one of the best seats at Imola. 

You get a great view to your right looking towards the starting grid, it’s unusual to get such a head on view while also being close to the track so this is a special grandstand within the F1 calendar and worth considering for that alone. 

There’s a large amount of catch-fencing here so visibility is slightly obscured but when you’re watching such a large field of view it’s not too much of an issue.

The grandstand is covered and there’s a giant screen next to the pit lane exit so you’re sure to catch all of the action from here. It’s also covered so you’ll be dry and relatively warm in the Italian climate of May.

You also get one of the best views of a pit lane you’ll find anywhere in Formula One as well. A chance to see down the entire pit lane and any action that may unfold there. The pit wall obscures the cars exiting the pit lane for much of the exit but the views down the start / finish straight and into the pits are really why you’d want these tickets.

Grandstand 3 (I)

For the podium celebrations this is the grandstand for you. Located right opposite the raised podium you’ll get to celebrate with the teams right in front of you at the end of the race. 

At the start you’re up close to the cars, save for a gravel strip before the asphalt. The right of the grandstand sits closest to the track as the grandstand is angled around the extra chicane used by other motorsports.

Thanks to the way the track turns right slightly just after the start line, you get a great view down the track and see the cars at full speed hurtling towards turn 1 and 2 towards the Villeneuve Chicane.

You’ll get a great view into the tail end of the team garages here, with the grandstand raised high enough that plenty of rows of seats can see over the pit wall. Unlike modern circuits Imola is classically cramped and everything feels pretty close. So you’ll really feel a part of the action. 

While it’s not the most modern of grandstands this iconic circuit makes up for it in history and grandeur. You’re looking at the start / finish straight and pit garages of one of the most legendary circuits in F1. 

The atmosphere here at the end of the race is truly amazing, especially if Ferrari win! 

The grandstand is not covered so be prepared for all weather possibilities! It’s the only grandstand in this section which is not covered so if shelter is one of your requirements I would suggest 

At just 12 rows tall this is a small grandstand that offers much the same view from top to bottom, with the first 2 rows only obscured slightly by the safety fencing. 

Grandstand 4 (Formerly 8)

At the far end of grandstand 3 you’ll find grandstand 4, formerly grandstand 8 which is located right opposite the end of the pit buildings. In previous years this has been reserved for Scuderia AlphaTauri fans who have received a team flag to wave, along with their grandstand ticket. 

Thanks to its closest proximity to the podium and being the end of the grandstand closest to the track, plus this fan community feel, this little section sells out very quickly. 

You’ll get fantastic panoramic views both from the last 2 corners of 19 and 20. Cars are at full speed and screaming past you on their way down the start / finish straight and the first couple of turns, with great views right down the track thanks to the unusual layout here. 

Like the rest of the grandstand 3, 4 is uncovered and the seats have no backs to them either. My advice, take a blow up cushion or something soft to sit on as the old plastic chairs can soon take their toll on your behind! 

Villeneuve 1 Grandstand

The temporary structure of the Villeneuve Grandstand is located right at the heavy braking zone for the chicane named after the legendary F1 driver Gilles Villeneueve. 

After the tragedies of 1994 and various safety concerns about this high speed track, changes were made to slow the cars down and make the track a little safer. The Villneueve chicane was one of those changes and actually improves the technical skills required to complete a lap of Imola.

The uncovered grandstand here is fairly tall with good views of the safety fencing for all who have a ticket. Higher seats enjoy more of a panoramic view especially to the left of you where you can see beyond the chicance of turns 5 and 6 and onwards to turn 7.

To your left, as ever at Imola, you’ll find plenty of trees that stop you having a truly wide angle view of as much race track as possible, but that’s all part of the charm of Imola.

The grass run-off area in front of the grandstand means you’re not quite as up close to the action as you could be but you will see F1 cars braking super hard and fighting for position as they attempt to enter the chicane ahead of their opponents. 

This grandstand is inside the circuit so getting to it takes a little longer than others. With access via underpasses and few facilities available nearby.

You’ll find a few toilets near the chicane itself and some food and drink options. For everything else you’ll need to take a walk within the circuit grounds. 

This isn’t my preferred viewing option as even the chicane itself isn’t that visible from the grandstand without peering over the heads of the crowd in the grandstand and hoping to get a glimpse. Still it’s a good budget option at an iconic part of the track. 

Tosa Grandstand 1

From the Villeneuve chicane the track heads down to Tosa, AKA the tight left hander of turn 7. The chicane was introduced after 1994 to slow down cars entering this area and some purists may argue it destroyed the challenge of this corner. I beg to differ as in recent years we’ve seem so fantastic battles down to Tosa. 

You’ll find 2 grandstands here so check which you have been allocated, both have good views of the track looking back up the circuit towards the chicane. Some annoyingly placed sponsorship boards and the giant TV itself obscure the view a little for those in the right hand grandstand. But you’ll get fantastic views out of turn 7 to make up for it.

For those with tickets to the left of the 2 grandstands you’ll get epic views down the hill from the chicane, braking hard and turning left through turn 7 and back up the hill. It’s probably one of the longest lengths of time you can witness an F1 race car at Imola so well worth considering. 

The grandstands here are pushed back from the track by the large amount of run-off, just in case someone locks their brakes coming down the hill. 

Thanks to the almost hairpin link turn the cars are going adequately slow enough to get some great photos, so bring your camera with a decent zoom for photo opportunities here. 

You’ll get pretty decent views up to the slight right hander of turn 8 up the hill and really get to see the elevation changes of this iconic F1 circuit. 

Expect lots of passionate Italian fans here and a great atmosphere in this slow speed bowl like min-arena. There’s only 1 giant screen here on the inside of the track.

Behind the grandstands you’ll find plenty of amenities. 3 different entrance / exists, food and drink, plus toilets all very closeby. You’ve got car parks 21-26 to aim for as well. All within a short walk. 

Prato Tosa (Lawn B)

On the way up the hill after the Tosa grandstands at turn 7 you’ll find Prato tosa, previously known as Lawn B. You can just about make out the track through the trees on their way down to turn 7 and hear them before you can see them accelerating out of the hairpin corner and past you on their way to the right-hander of turn 8.

It’s a great place to bring a picnic blanket and watch F1 cars blast past you at impressive speed. The views are improved somewhat beyond simple general admission by the tiered levels built into the man-made mound. 

Don’t be fooled though, this is no grandstand seating arrangement, there’s not even benches, so you’ll need something clean and comfortable to sit on.

There’s plenty of space here to lounge out and enjoy the race weekend, with views pretty good up and down this area. I’d recommend more towards turn 7 if you can as the views feel more panoramic at this end. 

There’s not much in the way over takes in this short stretch of track as the moves are usually done at turn 7 or further round the track at turn 11. Still there’s a great atmosphere and it has its own appeal within the context of being at this legendary circuit.

Acque Minerali 4,1,2 & 3 (Grandstands 6, D, E and F)

Acque Minerali is named after the park nearby, open all year round and includes the famous Ayrton Senna statue which is well worth visiting.

The numbering system here is confusing, as was the previous grandstand numbers and lettering system. So let’s go through them and decipher what’s going on here.

Grandstand 4 (Formerly 6)

Facing the track at turns 11 and 12, Grandstand 4 is the only grandstand in this area that gives you a glimpse up the track before turn 11 and offers the widest viewing angle of the track action. 

The track falls down towards you before turning right and right again sweeping back up the hill a little, opposite the grandstand are trees so your views are strictly close track only. 

Having said that, the grandstand is small and raised, offering decent views. It’s a tricky little section for the Formula 1 drivers. 

The grandstand is pushed back from the track due to the gravel run-off area. It’s not the fastest of sections so there’s not too much gravel but if you’re looking for panoramic views and close proximity to the track, this might not be the grandstand for you. 

On the plus side the grandstand is small so pretty much all the seats have great views. Those close to the front will have more safety fences obscuring some of the track.

A giant screen is located opposite you, in front of the trees on the outside of the track. These grandstands are on the inside of the circuit so you’ll need to use the nearby underpass to gain access.

You’ll find toilets, food and merchandise all right behind this grandstand with access to both the north and south sides of the circuit too. I recommend parking at P27 or a number close to this as you’ll experience less crowds and traffic on this side of the circuit.

Grandstand 1, 2 and 3 (Formerly D, E & F)

After grandstand 4 comes grandstand 1. Confusing right? The first of 3 grandstands which are at least in the correct order, now named 1,2 and 3. 

Grandstand 1 and 2 get more of the action than 3, with their proximity to Grandstand 4 and the entrance to turn 12. You’ll get to see F1 drivers at their best navigating this technical part of the track where it narrows and slows before blasting up the hill. 

The elevation change here is prominent and it’s quite a sight to see F1 cars appear out of the trees and scream past you. 

Seats higher up in these 3 grandstands enjoy views of the safety fences with only a few rows down the front with a slightly obscured view. 

All 4 of the grandstands at Acque Minerali are pushed back from the track thanks to the run-off areas which can often catch drivers out if not careful. Just ask Kevin Magnussen in 2022 when he almost beached his car in the gravel before managing to rejoin the track.

None of the grandstands are covered, like most of the other grandstands at Imola. So bring waterproofs in case it rains and comfortable walking shoes as there’s plenty of general admission spots worth checking out too (more on that later).

You’ll find the toilets behind Grandstand 3 (F) and food behind grandstand 1 (D). For merch head over to the back of Grandstand 4.

There’s a short path that leads to an underpass and takes you out of the circuit to car park 27 among others, so access is relatively easy here. 

Gresini Variante Alta (Grandstand 7)

The scene of some epic battles, Variante Alta, AKA Gresini, AKA Grandstand 7 has witnessed some legendary mistakes, moves and action over the years. While not the place that overtakes usually happen they do cause tight tussles into the final corners at Rivazza. So expect to see crucial moments of the race unfold here.

In 2022 this was the scene of Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc’s badly timed bounce across the curb causing him to spin and lose positions right near the end of the race. All infolding right in front of Variante Alta. 

While it’s a slow chicane you will at least witness the very best of the cars taking as much curb as possible and flooring it down to Rivazza. There’s not much to see here other than the chicane as the view to your left is obscured by trees, service buildings and fencing, with your view to the right obscured by yet more trees. You are in the countryside after all!.

There’s no cover over the grandstand here but you are at least very close to toilets, one or two food options and some merchandise stalls.

Car parks are plentiful here but expect crowds from other nearby grandstands to use the 3 exits and entrances here. Car parks 27 – 30 are all nearby and easily walkable.

If your budget can’t stretch to another grandstand then Gresini Variante Alta may be an option. There are definitely better options available at Imola for an F1 race weekend.

Rivazza 2 (Grandstand H)

There’s not much to see to the left of you at Rivazza 2 which confusingly comes before 1 on the circuit, but you will see F1 Cars braking hard as they turn into Rivazza, also known as turns 18 and 19.

While the views down to 18 are pretty good the layout of the track and the viewing areas here means you won’t see much of 19. Making this grandstand extremely limited on viewing and track action. 

One for fans on a budget, the atmosphere is great, with the grandstand in 2 sections, the right of which is closest to turn 18 and a slightly better view of 19. Just don’t expect miracles here. 

To the left of the grandstands the service bridge over the track and the fact the circuit bends behind the grandstands means you won’t see anything in that direction. 

This is probably my least favourite grandstand, while there are some overtaking opportunities in front of you here, you don’t get much for your money. 

A giant screen is at least situated right opposite you on the inside of the track. There’s no roof covering here and the setup is fairly rustic. On the plus side the toilets, food and merchandise are all right behind the grandstand.

Parking is best at P30 or P31 and is just a minute’s walk from the grandstand so getting in and out is one of the easiest here.

Prato Rivazza (Lawn)

Another legendary location at Imola that fills with many fans on the race weekend and has quite a party atmosphere. The Lawn at Rivazza is pretty much a free-for-all so you can view turns 18, 19 and, if you’re lucky, much of the track down the start finish straight too.

What starts off as fresh green grass on Friday can soon turn to a quagmire by Sunday if it’s raining so be sure to wear good walking shoes or boots. You will get muddy if the weather turns! 

As the name suggests this is just a lawn area rather than a grandstand although access to it requires a specific ticket for Prato Rivazza, not a general admission ticket.

While the area is sloped to provide a pretty decent view for all who take to the lawn, the slope is not as pronounced as it could be, so expect track views to be obscured with safety fencing when the track is close by.

The slope is also towards the track after turn 19, don’t let the maps of the circuit fool you. There’s very little viewing of the run-down to turn 18 and not the greatest view of the short run to turn 19 either. Most of your viewing pleasure at the Prato Rivazza is the slight curve of turn 20 and the view down to the finish line.

For race day the views of the grounds here are pretty epic too with thousands on the lawn, thousands filling Rivazza 1 and the view down to the grandstands of the pit straight. 

Rivazza 1 (Grandstand R)

While some circuits would call this “general admission” Imola is quite different, Rivazza has long been one of the most exciting places to watch Formula 1 and you’ll find thousands of excited fans in this section. Expect a party atmosphere with very knowledgeable F1 fans.

While it technically has rows of “seats” it’s really more of a man-made earth mound or hill, creating a cone of seating options on a steep slope. Views down to the track are great here and thanks to its location the views you’ll get vary quite a bit. Those in zones F,G and H will get the best views down the pit straight including in to the pits, the parc ferme area at the end of the pit buildings and, if you’re lucky, part of the podium celebrations too.

Imola is a very leafy green circuit with plenty of trees up close to the track, these can at times obscure the views further down the track, so it really is quite hit and miss what you’ll be able to see from your exact seat. For the best views you’ll want to be in the higher rows.

A real perk of this “grandstand” is the ability to gain track access after the race and make your way down to watch the podium celebrations close up. You’ll need to be fairly fit to do this as you can imagine the throng of eager fans that run down to the podium area once the gates open up nearby to Rivazza. 

As you’d expect from an earth made rustic grandstand there’s no roof covering so dress for all weather conditions and expect the ground to get pretty muddy if it rains too. Good hiking boots would be best!

General Admission

As general admission goes Imola is one of the best tracks in the world for a simple circuit access ticket. There are plenty of viewing options available to you all around the circuit. 

From turn 1 all the way down to turn 6 there’s general admission viewing points. Man made mounds and access right up to the safety fence in some areas. Getting you closer to the action than most of the grandstands can give you.

In between most of the grandstands on the outside of the circuit you’ll find good viewing points although your comfort may be somewhat reduced as you’ll need to stand to get decent views.

From turns 13 – 16 you’ll find more general admission viewing options, especially around Acque Minerali and down towards Rivazza. This is inside the circuit so you’ll need to access via the underpasses near Variante Alta to the south or after turn 1 to the north. 

There’s plenty of grassy mounds along these areas but be warned, if it rains, and it often does, the grass turns to mud and can be tricky to walk. Wear decent all weather shoes and be prepared to work. So this may not be best suited to small children.

It’s worth noting that even though the two Lawns of Tosa and Rivazza appear to be just grassy “general admission” style areas, they are not covered by a general admission ticket.

You must get a specific ticket for either Prato Tosa or Prato Rivazza as capacity is limited and very popular on race day.