Hungaroring – Hungary

Known around the world as the ‘Hungaroring’, this racetrack has been the site of the annual Hungarian Grand Prix since 1986. Located in the small village of Mogyoród, it sits 18 kilometres to the north east of Budapest with a maximum capacity of 70 000 people.

Due to its twisting track and bumpy terrain, the circuit is notorious for its difficulty when it comes to overtaking, especially in dry conditions.

The Hungaroring is situated in a natural valley, allowing for spectacular views of almost the entire track from various angles. Conditions tend to be extremely hot and dry, as the Grand Prix is typically held deep into the summer race calendar.

“I like the Hungarian GP. Everyone always says it’s Monaco without walls, but it’s not, it’s Hungary! It’s fast, it’s normally really hot and even though it’s a tight track there’s still quite a lot of overtaking and always a bit going on”

Daniel Ricciardo – F1 Driver

A favourite amongst many – particularly German and Austrian fans, the 70 lap race is relatively slow, yet has built a reputation for its technical demands due to the 11 braking zones over 14 tight corners.

Often nicknamed ‘Monaco without the walls’, the venue has hosted some memorable races, including the 58th lap overtake of the legendary Ayrton Senna by Nigel Mansell to take the win in the 1989 Grand Prix, and Jenson Buttons Maiden GP win in 2006 under notably wet conditions.

Budapest fans are known for their passion – expect high energy with waving flags and a great atmosphere all the way from the airport to the hotel to the circuit. A free shuttle bus in from Budapest is the easiest way to the track, and likely the most exciting too.

What it may lack in overtaking opportunities, it makes up for with the excellent spectator points and phenomenal atmosphere throughout.

A trip to the Hungaroring will be an unforgettable experience, and certainly one for the bucket list. We’ve even written a full guide on how to get to the Hungaroring for all you plane, train, bus and accommodation needs.

With that, let’s discuss the very best of the best areas to watch.

Grandstands at the Hungary F1 Grand Prix

Super Gold Grandstand

As the most expensive seating zone at the Hungaroring, the Super Gold Grandstand offers a number of benefits and perks that cannot be found elsewhere at the track. Perhaps the most significant of these is that this stand is the only one with a roof.

In the scorching summer months, temperatures in Mogyoród frequently reach the high twenties celsius and beyond, and so this added protection from the sun could mean it is worth you splashing out a bit for a slightly more comfortable viewing experience.

In addition to it being a shaded area, this grandstand is in the thick of the action – located at the centre of the pit straight. If a peek into the hectic team garages and a view of the frantic pit stops excites you, then this is most likely the perfect place to sit.

This does come at a cost, as the pit building blocks some sections of the track. However, if you select the top few rows of the Super Gold Grandstand, you can overcome this problem.

There are some other slight drawbacks to being seated here, in addition to the price. This grandstand doesn’t directly overlook the grid or the podium area, so if this is the most important thing to you then there are probably some better places to sit (See Gold 1&2).

Despite this, the stand offers unrivalled views of the start/finish line, so you will see arguably the most important parts of the race from a prime position. 

Situated directly next to the F1 fan zone, below the commentary area and within close proximity to the main food and beverage zone, purchasing tickets for this grandstand ensures you really are at the heart of the action.

You will be truly engrossed in everything that occurs as the day unfolds, aided by a huge big screen immediately in front of you, to follow even the parts of the track that you can’t quite see. 

Gold 1 Grandstand

 Also positioned on the main straight, the Gold 1 and Gold 2 grandstands offer the same unrivalled views at a slightly reduced cost. Gold 1 offers marginally better placement, due to the fact that it directly overlooks the upper half of the starting grid, while Gold 2 has a view of the back markers.

Expect to see the cars flying past, as they exit the final turn and approach their top speeds down the home prepared for lots of sharp head movements as you follow the cars from right to left.The straight connecting turns 11 and 12 can also be seen in the far distance.

For the sections of the race that aren’t quite visible from Gold 1, the huge videowall enables you to keep up with the action throughout. 

With its location directly opposite the podium and parc ferme, and with some of the top team garages visible to the far left of the grandstand, Gold 1 makes for an all-round viewing spectacle that will provide countless exhilarating moments throughout the day.

Additionally, the front of the grid also doubles up as the scene of the post-qualifying interviews, so you are right in the thick of the action.

 The Gold 1 grandstand is still a pricey option, and so despite being cheaper than the Super Gold grandstand, it may not be ideal for those trying to experience the Hungaroring on a budget. It also doesn’t offer any protection from the elements, as there is no roof, so it is likely that the intense midday sun could be uncomfortable.

 The amenities surrounding Gold 1 are fantastic – the toilets are relatively close by, as are the main food and beverage areas. Gold 1 is perhaps one of the best viewing areas at the track, and the atmosphere will undoubtedly be thrilling.

Gold 2 Grandstand

Perched between the Gold 1 and Silver 2 grandstands, you will find Gold 2. It allows for great viewing angles spanning the main straight, being opposite the mid and rear half of the starting grid. The large videowall directly in front ensures you won’t miss any of the action.

Gold 2 is a nice compromise between the views of the grid and podium, and the views of the final sector of the race.

It sits in a position allowing for respectable views of both, although if you are only bothered about one or the other, then Gold 1 or one of the silver stands would be a better option.

Being in close proximity to all the important amenities means you are able to easily access the toilets and the main food and drink areas too.

Additionally, the positioning of Gold 2 directly above the grid puts you in the prime position to see inside the Red Bull garage amongst others, so be sure to bring your binoculars and delve into the ‘behind the scenes’ of your favourite F1 teams. 

The great view of the pit lanes comes at a slight cost – there is no roof at the Gold 2 grandstand, so don’t forget sunglasses, a sun hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

It’s also one of the more expensive seating options at the track. For a similar price, Gold 1 probably offers better overall value.

 In summary, if you are chasing some decent views of the main straight coupled with the ability to see into the pit lanes of some of the largest teams on the circuit, then Gold 2 could be a great choice – provided you aren’t on a budget.

Gold 3 & 4 Grandstands

Situated directly above turn 1, the Gold 3 and Gold 4 grandstands offer what is arguably the most exciting seating arrangement in the house. With the majority of the most electrifying and exhilarating moments of the Hungarian Grand Prix historically happening at this very turn, it’s a favourite amongst many.

The Hungaroring is well known for its difficulty in overtaking thanks to its twisty and dusty circuit, and so the sharp and hard turn one tends to be where all the action takes place, being one of the few good overtaking opportunities.

Gold 3 sits slightly further to the right than Gold 4. This allows for a more enhanced view of the main straight and the approach to the corner but is not as close to the corner as Gold 3.

However, due to the elevation of both Gold 3 and 4, the approach and exit can be seen almost in full, regardless of which you choose.

An important thing to note is that Gold 3 is the only one of the grandstands at the Hungaroring that offers full wheelchair access. This comes in the form of a large spacious platform at the top row of the stand, excellent views, and accompanying seating for companions.

Gold 4 gives spectators a better view of the corner due to its positioning to the far left. The immediate approach and exit can be seen in full, and it provides a slightly better spot for photo opportunities due to the reduced speed of the cars at this point. Don’t forget your camera!

This does come at a slight cost, as due to the angle of the seating, the view of the long approach isn’t as good in comparison with that from Gold 3.

Both Gold 3 & 4 are relatively close to amenities, with toilets and a food and beverage area directly behind the stands and close proximity to the main fan lounge.

These stands don’t offer a great view of the starting grid or the team garages, and so if this is a priority for you, I would not recommend sitting here. It’s still an expensive option too. Also, like most of the other stands and the Hungaroring, there is no roof and so no protection from the elements. 

Despite this, the Gold 3 & 4 grandstands are cited by many as the best seats at the circuit.

You are seated directly above perhaps the most exciting section of the race, where the most dramatic and gripping moments of the weekend will undoubtedly occur. There are also the 2  large videowalls in front of the stands so you won’t miss any of the action.

Bronze 1 & 2 Grandstands 

At the far side of the track, the Bronze 1 & 2 grandstands are positioned overlooking turns 5 and 7.

These stands are the furthest away from the F1 fanzone and so these are not as lively as some of the other more expensive grandstands.

This can mean it may somewhat lack the electric atmosphere that many people attend the F1 for at times, and it may seem particularly dull between track sessions.

However, the cost of a seat here is significantly cheaper than any of the other grandstands, coming in at only slightly more expensive than the general admission tickets. If you merely want the guarantee of a reserved seat whilst on a tight budget, this may be the place for you.

There are still some amenities nearby, with a food and drink stall located nearby, along with toilets and one of the many first aid tents. A large videowall is visible too, so you are always able to follow the action..

The Bronze 1 grandstand overlooks the chicane turns of 6 and 7, so expect to see drivers weaving by at high speeds. It’s a great spot to see some of your favourite drivers up close, but it’s unlikely anything eventful will happen here.

It definitely isn’t an overtaking hotspot, so if you really want to see the drivers jockeying for positions then there are better places to be.

Neither of the bronze grandstands have roofs either, so don’t forget your sunscreen.

Bronze 2 is located on the exit of turn 5. Besides the security of having a specific reserved seat to return to, this grandstand does not particularly offer any major advantages over the numerous general admission zones nearby.

The viewing angles are very similar. It is only slightly more expensive than the general admission though, and so for some, this guaranteed seat is worth the small cost.

The bronze grandstands are much cheaper than any of the other grandstands, and so it is a good option for those on a tight budget who like knowing they have a specific seat they can keep returning to throughout the day.

The positioning also makes it possible to get some great photographs as the drivers manoeuvre the corners. Just to note, the Bronze 1 grandstand is regarded as the better of the two, providing a better vantage point for each of the bends.

Silver 5 Grandstand

One of the least revered grandstands is the Silver 5, situated to overlook the short straight between turn 11 and 12 of the course with some views of the following bends in the distance.

The vantage point of the race isn’t particularly great from here, and any of the other grandstands are probably a more enjoyable and all round better option.

The stand does come equipped with a state of the art videowall, and is much cheaper than any of the Gold grandstands so it could be an OK option if you’re on a budget.

One benefit of being here is that the stand sits on its own, not really close to any other stand, and so the queues for the toilet facilities and food and beverage stalls are often significantly shorter and faster than elsewhere at the circuit.

Additionally, it is close to the activity zones at the back area of the circuit.

The lack of roof means no protection from the intense Hungarian sun, and so be sure to factor that in before considering this grandstand too.

There are much better places to spectate at the Hungaroring and for a cheaper price. If you want to make the most of your day and truly appreciate the racing, the Silver 5 grandstand should only be considered as a last resort.

Silver 3 and 6 Grandstands

The mid-budget silver 3 and 6 grandstands hug the final corner, turn 14, at the very start of the main straight.

This crucial point of the race often sees drivers experimenting to find the quickest line to propel them to top speeds, making  it one of the more exciting seating areas. It also provides a decent view of the start and finish lines.

The atmosphere will be great here, and its location next to the stage gives you a good chance of seeing some of the best drivers in the world up close.

A large video wall comes as standard, and the toilets and food and drink areas are close by too.

Although, expect some congestion here as this is one of the most heavily populated zones at the circuit. The stands have no roof, and so no protection from the weather conditions.

For an excellent view of the track at possibly its most important segment, purchasing a seat in one of these grandstands is a brilliant idea.

They aren’t as expensive as many of the other seating options either, so tickets won’t break the bank. 

Silver 1, 2, 4 & Red Bull Grandstands

For some of the most spectacular views of the circuit at a very respectable price range, a seat in one of these grandstands is a must.

The location means you directly overlook the final section of the race, free to watch the drivers battle for position over the multiple twisting corners that come immediately before the start / finish straight.

The atmosphere at any one of these stands will be electrifying, and full to the brim of knowledgeable seasoned F1 fans and first-timers alike.

 Amenities are always nearby, with toilets and the main food and beverage area all within close reach. The F1 fanzone is also not too far away, meaning you really are in the heart of all the action when seated here.

One of the few drawbacks is the lack of a roof which could mean some discomfort when the temperatures creep up, but this will likely go unnoticed when you are distracted by the drivers roaring past.

The view of the grid and pits isn’t as good as some of the more expensive gold stands, but this compromise saves quite a lot of money. A videowall is easily visible from here too.

Silver 1 & 2 and the Red Bull grandstands all neighbour each other, so the vantage point between each of these hardly differs. Silver 1 is the closest to the grid, so this is the best choice if you want to see the drivers hitting their top speeds.

The Red Bull stand is closest to the corner, so offers better photo opportunities due to the lower speeds here.

Note, between SIlver 4 and the Red Bull stand, there is a conveniently located water tap to fill up your drinking bottle, which will no doubt be a lovely relief from the midday sun.

Silver 4 is the most elevated stand at the Hungaroring, and so allows for unrivalled panoramic views of almost the entire circuit. It sits behind and above the Red Bull stand, and so views are similar but you are obviously further away from the action.

This is one of the drawbacks to being seated here, and you may feel a little bit further away from the track than you would like.

In addition to this, the videowall isn’t particularly close, and fans often have difficulty seeing the timing information on here.

Despite the complaints, the view alone is enough to make this stand one of the better seating options – just don’t forget your binoculars!

General Admission

The general admission tickets at the Hungaroring allow you to experience the Grand Prix at an unbeatable price, and you are sure to have an amazing time.

Spend Friday and Saturday exploring the numerous general admission zones, which enable you to see almost the entire track. The hill located between turns 9 and 10 offers an excellent spot for photo opportunities and is a favorite amongst many. 

When it comes down to race day, be sure to arrive at the track early. Competition for the best general admission spectator points is tough, and you don’t want to miss out.

There are a number of fantastic viewpoints positioned on the main straight by the stands, and many have one of the state of the art big screens in sight. 

General admission does come with the stress of not having a guaranteed seat reserved in a particular spot, however, in a sense this offers you the most freedom to explore the Hungaroring on arrival and decide for yourself where you would like to be come race day.

As the cheapest tickets available and arguably providing the best atmosphere at the track, general admission is never a dull option to choose. 

The best grandstand at the Hungary F1 Grand Prix

For the best all round experience at the Hungarian Grand Prix get Silver 3 Grandstand seats. You’ll get the most amount of track action and will see almost everything from turns 12, 13 and 14. It’s located a short walk to the fan zone and gives you a decent view down the main straight too.

How to get to the Hungaroring in Hungary

So now you know where the best places are to sit at the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix. Now you need to know how to get there! We’ve created an entire article reviewing all of the transportation options. From nearest airports and flights in from major cities around the world, to train journeys, road trips, bus routes and even some useful accommodation options too in Budapest.