Mercedes-Benz Stadium, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose stadium that opened in August 2017. This venue, replacing the Georgia Dome, serves as the home ground for the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and MLS’s Atlanta United FC.

Owned by the state government of Georgia and operated by AMB Group, it was constructed at a cost of approximately $1.6 billion.

In this article we’ll review all of the ticket options for Falcons games as well as MLS and concert tickets too. With in-depth information on the best seating sections so you can decide which are the best seats at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta to suit your preferences and budget.

We’ll also review the premium suites and clubs as well as all of the food and drink options available in the concourses.

History and Development

The stadium’s history is marked by its ambitious design and functionality. It opened with a Falcons preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals, despite initial challenges with its retractable roof system.

The venue has since hosted a variety of major events, including the SEC football championship game, Super Bowl LIII in 2019, and is set to feature in the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

Architectural Design

The stadium’s most distinctive feature is its retractable roof, designed as a pinwheel of eight translucent, triangular panels, each operating on parallel rails. Architect Bill Johnson drew inspiration from the Roman Pantheon for the circular opening.

The roof’s design allows for natural light control and offers a unique aesthetic when opened, resembling a bird’s wings extended. The exterior, predominantly clear polymer and glass, ensures an unobstructed view of the Atlanta skyline from certain areas within the stadium.

Seating and Capacity

With a seating capacity that varies from 71,000 to 75,000 for special events, the stadium is equipped to handle large crowds.

The design includes multiple club levels, suites, and exhibition areas. For soccer configurations, retractable lower bowl seats widen the field, and mechanized curtains can reduce capacity to about 42,500 for concerts and smaller sports events.

Viewing Experience

Your experience of viewing a game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium is influenced by its innovative design. The Halo, a 58-by-1,100-foot ring-shaped video board, offers an immersive viewing experience, making it easy to follow the action no matter where you are seated.

The east end zone’s omission of a middle concourse and upper bowl ensures an unobstructed view of the skyline, adding to the visual experience.

Amenities and Concessions

The stadium emphasizes a fan-first approach, especially in its concessions. With over 670 points-of-sale and a policy of affordable pricing, the venue focuses on quality and speed of service.

It also features Atlanta-based restaurants under the “Best of Atlanta” banner, integrating local culinary culture into the stadium experience. Notably, the stadium adopted a cashless payment system for transactions at concessions in 2019.

Accessibility and Comfort

Accessibility is a key aspect of the stadium’s design. Features specific for college football, like oversized locker rooms, and soccer-specific configurations, indicate its multi-use adaptability.

The stadium incorporates contemporary art, adding to its aesthetic appeal, and is equipped with areas like the “100 Yard Club” and “AT&T Perch” for enhanced fan engagement.

Sustainability and Community Engagement

The stadium’s design and operations focus on sustainability, with features like an efficient drainage system and outdoor-rated electrical systems. Community engagement is evident in elements like the art installations and The Home Depot Backyard, a tailgating area that doubles as a green space.

Seating arrangement at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Before we jump into the detailed reviews of each seating option at the stadium, here’s a quick run down of all the options. Don’t worry we’ll give you all the details you need to make an informed choice on the best seats at the Mercedes Benz Stadium for your preferences and budget.

100 Level seating options

If you crave being right in the thick of the action, the 100 Level seats are for you. Here, you’re so close to the field that you can feel the intensity and energy of the game firsthand.

This level is perfect if you love being part of the crowd’s roar and seeing the players up close.

200 Level

For a more comprehensive perspective of the game, the 200 Level suits your needs. Elevated above the 100 Level, you get a clearer view of the entire field, making it easier to follow the plays.

This level strikes a balance between proximity to the action and an overall view of the stadium, ideal if you prefer a fuller understanding of the game.

300 Level

As someone who appreciates a bird’s-eye view of the action, the 300 Level is your go-to. Located at the upper tier, these seats allow you to see the entire stadium and all the plays unfold from a strategic vantage point. It’s an excellent choice if you enjoy analyzing the game from a broader perspective.

Standing Room Only

For a more relaxed and social game day experience, consider the Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets. This option gives you the freedom to move around and pick your viewing spot. It’s a great choice if you enjoy watching the game in a dynamic, communal atmosphere.

100 Level Seats at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

When you choose to sit in the 100 Level at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, you’re selecting some of the most engaging and dynamic seats in the venue.

Spanning sections 101 through 136, these seats bring you close to the action, whether it’s a Falcons game, an Atlanta United match, or any other event hosted at the stadium.

Falcons and Visitor Sidelines

If you’re a Falcons fan, you’ll want to focus on sections C109 through C111, as these are right in front of the Falcons’ sideline, putting you in the heart of your team’s energy.

For visiting team supporters, sections C127 through C129 offer a similar experience on the opposite side.

The Falcons’ player tunnel is adjacent to sections 116 and 117, a prime spot for seeing players enter and exit the field, while the visiting team’s tunnel is near sections 134 and 135.

Lower Endzone and Corner Seats

The Lower Endzone sections (101-103, 117-121, 135-136) are a fantastic choice if you enjoy being close to the touchdowns and field goals.

The front row seats here offer an up-close view of scoring plays, while higher rows provide a broader view of the field. In soccer matches, these sections bring you close to the goal-scoring action.

Lower Corner seats (104-105, 115-116, 122-123, 133-134) in the 100 Level are a great option to see the entire field without stretching your budget.

These seats still keep you in the heart of the 100 Level atmosphere and offer a unique vantage point, especially for plays developing in the corners.

Lower Sideline and Premium Club Seating

For a sweeping view of the entire field, the Lower Sideline sections (106-107, 113-114, 124-125, 131-132) are ideal. They are especially appealing if you want to see your favorite players from just a few rows away. These sections provide a balance of proximity and perspective.

The Lower Club Midfield sections (108-109, 111-112, 126-127, 129-130) elevate your experience with club amenities like private restrooms, restaurants, and bars. These seats are wider and padded for extra comfort and offer access to the North and South Piedmont Clubs.

The Lower Premium Club sections, specifically the AMG Lounge 110 and SunTrust Club 128, offer an exclusive experience.

These sections come with perks like all-inclusive food and beverage, private lounge access, field-level access, and a VIP entrance to the stadium. These highly sought-after seats provide an unmatched viewing experience.

Supporter and Fan Specific Sections

For Atlanta United matches, sections 101-103 and 135-136 transform into supporter sections, filled with 90 minutes of chanting, singing, and cheering.

Some of these sections are general admission, where fans typically stand throughout the match, adding to the lively atmosphere.

The Dirty Birds Nest in Section 134 is a unique area dedicated to Falcons fans, creating a charged environment to support the home team. This section becomes general admission for Falcons games, fostering a communal and spirited fan experience.

200 Level Seats at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

In the 200 Level at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, encompassing sections 201 through 209, 213 through 235, and 239 through 247, you’re positioned for an expansive view of the game.

This level, also known as the mezzanine level, typically features rows numbered 1 through 12, offering a more intimate setting compared to the upper tiers.

Endzone and Corner Views

If the endzone action excites you, consider the Mezzanine Endzone seats in sections 222-226.

These seats provide an affordable option with a comprehensive view of the entire field, often preferred over lower-level seats for their unobstructed sightlines.

The Mezzanine Corner seats, located in sections 201-205, 217-221, 227-231, and 243-247, offer similar benefits to the Lower Corners but with a more elevated perspective.

From here, you can see both teams as they enter and exit the tunnels, adding an extra dimension to your experience.

Sideline Perspectives

The Mezzanine Sideline seats, found in sections 206-209, 213-216, 232-235, and 239-242, are ideal for a comprehensive view of the game.

These sections allow you to follow the action from a 10, 20, or 30-yard line perspective, providing an excellent vantage point of the 360-degree halo board.

Club Level Comfort

For a more exclusive experience, the Mezzanine Club Midfield sections (210-212 and 236-238) are located around the 50-yard line.

These club seats grant you access to Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort and Cherokee River Valley Casino & Hotel Clubs, which offer nearly 6,000 square feet of space with private restrooms and dining areas.

These seats are also wider and padded, ensuring a comfortable experience throughout the game.

Recommendations for Seat Selection

When choosing your seat, consider the different experiences each area offers. For a budget-friendly option with a full view, the Mezzanine Endzone sections are a solid choice.

If you prefer a corner view with a great perspective of team entrances, the Mezzanine Corner sections are ideal. For those who enjoy a sideline view without the premium price tag, the Mezzanine Sideline seats provide a fantastic angle.

And if you’re looking for the ultimate blend of comfort and view, the Mezzanine Club Midfield is your go-to area.

300 Level at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

As you venture to the 300 Level of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, covering sections 301 through 350, you’re engaging with the stadium’s most elevated perspective. These upper-level sections, varying in rows from 1 to 35, offer the most affordable tickets for Atlanta Falcons games, providing a budget-friendly option to enjoy the event.

Endzone and Corner Views

In the Upper Endzone, specifically sections 323-328, you get more than just a ticket to the game. These seats offer a surprisingly effective view of the field. The presence of the 360-degree halo board ensures you won’t miss any action, regardless of your specific seat.

The Upper Corners, encompassing sections 301-308, 315-322, 329-336, and 343-350, present a unique value proposition.

Not only do these seats allow you to watch the game at a lower cost, but they also offer picturesque views of the Atlanta skyline through the stadium’s glass roof, adding another dimension to your game-day experience.

Sideline Seating

For a central field perspective that doesn’t break the bank, the Upper Sideline sections (309-314 and 337-342) are your destination.

These seats provide a bird’s-eye view from midfield, giving you a comprehensive view of the entire field and an exceptional view of the halo board.

Choosing the Best Seats

When selecting your seat in the 300 Level, aiming for rows 4-10 can enhance your experience. These rows are above the disruptive railing, close to the concourse tunnel for easier access to amenities, and still maintain a good vantage point over the field.

Sections 321-327, hanging over the 200 Level, bring the front rows slightly closer to the field, offering a unique viewing advantage.

Views and Amenities

While the 300 Level may be further from the field, it compensates with a superior view of the halo board. This world-famous video board encircles the roof of the stadium, and from these sections, you have one of the best views of this impressive feature.

The 300 Level also houses the 100 Yard Club on the concourse. This area, open to all guests, is equipped with multiple televisions and bars, designed for socializing and moving freely, adding a communal aspect to your visit.

Standing Room Only Options

If you’re seeking an even more affordable way to experience a Falcons game, consider a Standing Room Only (SRO) ticket.

These tickets allow you to explore the stadium’s concourses and amenities. Dedicated standing areas include spots behind 100 level sections and on the multi-level bridge, which offers views of the field, the entrance lobby, and downtown Atlanta.

Tips for 300 Level Seating

  • For an endzone perspective, sections 323-328 offer great views, especially in the lower rows (1-8).
  • Sideline sections on the 300 Level, particularly near the goal line, are angled for comfortable views of both ends of the field.
  • Consider spending a bit more for lower rows to minimize stair climbing and enhance your viewing experience.

As you choose your seat in the 300 Level, remember that while these seats are higher up, they offer a unique experience combining affordability, panoramic views, and access to unique stadium features.

Whether you’re there for the game or the overall atmosphere, the 300 Level provides a fulfilling experience at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Where to sit at the Mercedes Benz Stadium (Our pick)

When you’re in the lower level at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the club sections 105-112 on the Falcons side and 126-130 on the visitor side stand out for their exceptional views.

These sections are not just about the premium amenities and lounge access; they are strategically positioned to offer the most engaging views of the game.

Specifically, you’ll find the best sightlines in rows 20-35, as these rows provide the necessary elevation to see over the players and the occasional crowd movement near the tunnels around row 8.

However, if club seats aren’t your choice, the rows 36-44 in adjacent sections like 106, 107, 113, and 114 offer a pleasant viewing experience as well.

These higher rows give you a comfortable angle to watch the game and a better view of the stadium’s renowned halo board.

Ideal Elevation in the 200 Level

The 200 Level is where you get a perfect blend of great views and accessibility. The sections between 208-214 and 234-240 are particularly noteworthy for their sideline views at just the right elevation.

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, the corner sections, such as 219, 220, 228, and 229, are highly recommended.

They provide some of the best sightlines to midfield and an excellent view of the halo board, making them a superior choice over many options on the 300 level and non-club seats in the lower level.

Halo Board Views on the 300 Level

For those particularly fascinated by Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s halo boards, the 300 Level offers the best vantage point.

This level allows you to enjoy a comprehensive 360-degree view of the video screens, ensuring you don’t miss any stats, replays, or social media updates.

While these seats are set higher up, distancing you slightly from the field, they more than compensate with their unique view of the halo board.

Do keep in mind that the heightened position means the field view is not as intimate as in the lower levels. Its definitely a very different atmosphere to that of 100 level.

In conclusion, when selecting your seats at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, your decision should be influenced by what you value most in your game-day experience.

Whether it’s the club-level exclusivity and views in the lower level, the perfect balance of sight and comfort in the 200 Level, or the unique experience of the halo board in the 300 Level, each choice promises to enhance your enjoyment of the event.

Best Seats for Concerts at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

When attending a concert at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, being on the field offers an unmatched experience. Sections Floor A, B, C, and D are the Field Seats, providing the closest views of the performers.

These field sections are subject to change based on the specific concert layout, which might include General Admission areas or fan pits.

Sitting in these sections, like Floor F, often means being amidst the most sought-after tickets. However, keep in mind that these seats are temporary and lack elevation between rows, which could impact your view the further back you are.

Large video screens are typically used during performances to ensure everyone gets a good experience of the show.

Side of the Stage: Elevated and Close

For a different perspective, consider seats to the side of the stage, such as in Club 108, Club 109, and Club 129. These seats offer a unique vantage point with a bit of elevation, providing not only a closer view of the stage compared to head-on seats but also the comfort of being actual stadium seats.

Head-on to the Stage: Comfortable and Direct Views

If you prefer a head-on view of the performance, seats in Section 117, 118, 119, and 120 are ideal. These sections provide a comfortable and direct line of sight to the stage. With 115 being a decent option to really enjoy the stage depth.

Even upper-level sections, though further away, offer unobstructed sightlines. You won’t be able to see as much detail from these seats compared to closer options, but they do offer a balanced view of the entire stage setup.

Considerations for Concert Seating

When choosing your concert seats, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Avoid Seats Behind the Stage: It’s generally not advisable to select seats behind the stage, such as those near or above sections 101-104, as these often result in obstructed views and a less engaging experience.
  2. Field Seats for Shorter Attendees: If you or your companions are on the shorter side, field seats in the first few rows can be a better choice to avoid obstructed views. Taller attendees in front can significantly impact the viewing experience in further back rows.
  3. Lower Level Side Sections: While close side sections offer great views, those farther from the stage, like Club 112 and Club 126, can lead to uncomfortable viewing angles. Instead, consider lower-level head-on sections or close side seats in the upper level, such as 310 and 311, for a better viewing experience.

Club Seating for Extra Comfort

For added comfort while maintaining proximity to the stage, the club seating options at Mercedes-Benz Stadium are worth considering.

The Mercedes-Benz Club, Delta Sky360 Club, and Harrah’s Cherokee Club provide a premium concert experience with added amenities.

Premium options at the Mercedes Benz Stadium

Located just above the 100 Level sections on the north, west, and south sides of the stadium, the 100 Level Suites, also known as NCR Level Suites, offer a luxurious viewing experience.

These suites, numbered from 101 to 197, with Suites 180 and 182 being the closest to midfield, accommodate up to 28 guests.

Each suite features an enclosed space with comfortable seating, a private restroom, television, and available catering. The non-enclosed space includes oversized seats where guests can enjoy the game action directly.

Premium Lower Level Suites

For an even more exceptional suite experience, the Centennial Suites, located above sections 126-130, and numbered 1-10, provide an excellent view coupled with upscale suite amenities.

The Gull Wing Club Suites, another premium option on the lower level, are similar to other 100 Level suites but come with added perks like included food and drink.

Positioned along the sideline, they offer some of the best views in the stadium and are located on the home sideline for Falcons games. These suites range in numbers from 10-30.

200 Level Suites: Gallagher Level Suites

The Gallagher Level Suites, found above the 200s sections primarily on the north and south sides of the stadium, offer a luxury suite experience similar to the 100 Level.

Key suites like 281 at midfield on the North side and 220 at midfield on the South side provide an unparalleled view of the field.

These suites accommodate up to 30 guests and feature both enclosed and non-enclosed areas, private restrooms, a dining table and chairs, and optional catering.

Exclusive Club Access

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is also home to three all-inclusive clubs: the Truist Club, AMG Lounge, and Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Clubs. These clubs offer a range of amenities including complimentary food and beverage, private bars, restrooms, and dining space.

The Truist Club, near Section 128, provides a midfield view and on-field space for an immersive experience. The AMG Lounge offers a similar experience for those in Section 110, with access to the Mercedes-Benz Club.

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Clubs, located on the 200 level, provide some of the best views for both soccer and football, with all-inclusive lounges featuring premium food and beverages.

Delta Sky360 Club

The Delta Sky360 Club Seats, situated in sections 126-130, are known for their outstanding in-seat experience and club access.

These seats, cushioned and larger than standard with additional legroom, are positioned between the 20-yard lines for football and near midfield for soccer and concerts.

The Delta Sky360 Club Lounge, located below these sections, features upscale furniture, multiple bars, food stations, dining tables, and an on-field patio area.

Harrah’s Cherokee Club

The Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Club seats, located in sections 210-212 on the Falcons side and 236-238 on the visitor side, are among the most exclusive in the stadium.

Positioned between the 30-yard lines, these seats offer elevated views and access to club lounges with an all-inclusive experience, including dining areas, field views, full-service bars, and private restrooms.

Mercedes-Benz Club

The Mercedes-Benz Club in sections 108-112 offers an outstanding sideline view with comfortable stadium seats and exclusive club benefits.

The club lounge provides a luxurious space with HDTVs, dining tables, private restrooms, and premium finishes. An on-field patio offers a unique perspective of the game.

On Field Club

For soccer matches, the On Field Club provides the most exclusive seating.

Located directly on the pitch in front of sections 108-112 (AMG On Field Club) and on the opposite side (Truist On Field Club), these seats offer up-close views, access to an all-inclusive lounge with food and beverage, and in-seat drink service during MLS games.

Food and Drink Options at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium has a wide array of food and drink options to cater to various tastes and preferences. It’s worth noting that not all stalls are open for every sporting and concert event at the stadium, but the following is a great overview of whats available on a typical NFL sports event weekend.

Sandwiches, Burgers, and More

If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, you have multiple choices. The 100 Level Suites (NCR Level Suites) and the Premium Lower Level Suites, including the Centennial and Gull Wing Club Suites, offer sandwiches along with other snacks.

For a quick bite, 4 Rivers BBQ at Section 218 and AB Market at Section 336 serve up delicious sandwiches, with barbecue options available too.

You can also find satisfying sandwiches at ATL Grill in Sections 133, 210, 234, and 347, where burgers and chicken or pork dishes are also on the menu. If you’re near Section 245, Farm Burger provides a range of tasty burger options.

Pizza and Salads

For pizza lovers, Capital Crust Pizza, located in Sections 115, 131, 214, 230, and 338, is a go-to spot, offering not just pizza but also salads and snacks. Another option for pizza, along with salads and chicken or pork dishes, is ATL Pizza Company at the Field Level.

Mexican and Barbecue Flavors

If you’re craving Mexican flavors, Fresh Mex at Sections 105, 125, 305, and 340 has you covered with Mexican dishes, chicken or pork, and snacks.

For barbecue enthusiasts, apart from 4 Rivers BBQ and AB Market, Taffer’s Tavern at Section 223 and The Mac Shac at the Field Level and its carts in Sections 122, 238, and 320 offer a range of barbecue options.

Sweet and Savory Snacks

For those with a sweet tooth, Bruster’s (Field Level, Sections 104, 124, 221, 246, 303, 322, 334), Dippin’ Dots (Sections 113, 126, 216, 226), Coca-Cola Grab N Go (Section 107), Frios Gourmet Pops (100 Level), and Nothing Bundt Cakes (Field Level) provide a variety of dessert options.

For savory snacks, ATL Fan Fare at Sections 105, 113, 205, 308, 322, and 329, along with 180 Nachos at Sections 117, 209, and 316, are perfect choices.

Comprehensive Beverage Selection

The stadium boasts an extensive array of bars and portable stands serving beer, wine, and liquor. This includes the AB Market Bar (Section 336), AT&T PERCH MKT (Section 220), Bacardi Bar (Section 216), Blue Moon Bar (Section 323), Bud Light Bar (Section 119), and numerous others scattered throughout the stadium.

These spots offer a great selection of wines, beers, and spirits to complement your food choices.