Stevenage Rd, London SW6 6HH, United Kingdom

Craven Cottage, an idyllic football arena situated on the banks of the River Thames, is the distinguished home of Fulham Football Club.

The club, established in 1879, has an impressive history, making it one of the oldest football teams in London. Fulham FC holds a special place in the hearts of its loyal fan base, and Craven Cottage, with its unique blend of old-world charm and modern facilities, reflects this bond eloquently.

Craven Cottage Stadium, with a current seating capacity of approximately 19,359 spectators, was initially developed in 1896. The name ‘Craven Cottage’ comes from a royal hunting lodge that previously occupied the site in the 18th century.

The initial design, done by renowned architect Archibald Leitch, has over the years seen various improvements, but his iconic ‘Cottage’ design remains integral to the stadium’s identity.

In its early days, the stadium was designed as a multi-sport facility, hosting various sports events including cricket and rugby. However, it was in 1904, when Fulham FC took residence, that the venue truly began to flourish as a football stadium.

One of the defining aspects of Craven Cottage is its notable balance between maintaining its historical identity and adapting to the demands of modern football. This balance is clearly visible in the stadium’s structural design.

While the Johnny Haynes Stand and the ‘Cottage’ – both Grade II listed structures – remind us of the stadium’s historical roots, the Riverside Stand and Putney End offer a more contemporary feel.

The most recent redevelopment was the ambitious Riverside Stand project, completed in 2022, which expanded the seating capacity and added an array of modern facilities, including new restaurants, shops, and apartments.

This development also opened up a stunning river walk along the Thames, further enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the venue.

Thus, Craven Cottage, much like Fulham FC itself, offers a unique blend of rich history and modern innovation. Despite the redevelopment over the years, the stadium has managed to retain its unique charm and continues to offer an intimate, engrossing football experience.

Notable Players and Managers

Over the years, Fulham FC’s Craven Cottage has been graced by numerous notable players and managers who have left a significant mark on the club’s history.

Bobby Robson

One of England’s most respected football figures, served the club as both a player and a manager. As a player, he had a remarkable career at Fulham FC from 1950-1962.

He returned as a manager in 1968, serving for a period of four years and demonstrating his exceptional understanding of the game.

George Cohen

A one-club man, is another integral part of Fulham’s history. A World Cup winner with England in 1966, Cohen spent his entire professional career at Fulham, making over 450 appearances for the club. His significant contributions to the club were acknowledged when a stand was named after him at Craven Cottage in 2016.

Johnny Haynes

Often referred to as ‘Mr. Fulham,’ is arguably the greatest player to don the Fulham FC shirt.

Having spent his entire professional career with Fulham, Haynes is remembered not just for his extraordinary playing ability but also his loyalty to the club. The Stevenage Road Stand was renamed to the ‘Johnny Haynes Stand’ in his honour in 2005.

Brede Hangeland

A colossal figure in Fulham’s defense, contributing significantly to the team’s success in the late 2000s and early 2010s. His leadership skills and commanding presence earned him the captain’s armband.

Roy Hodgson

Under his leadership, Fulham FC achieved its highest-ever finish in the Premier League and reached the final of the UEFA Europa League in 2010. Let’s face it there aren’t many football clubs he hasn’t managed! Take a look at his incredible career in this video.

While these individuals have made significant contributions, Fulham FC’s history is rich with many other notable players and managers who have had an indelible impact on the club.

The history of the club is alive within the walls of Craven Cottage, with these figures helping to shape it into the cherished venue it is today.

Grandstand Reviews of Craven Cottage for Fulham Matches

Johnny Haynes Stand

Named in honor of the legendary Fulham player, Johnny Haynes, this grandstand is steeped in history. As a Grade II listed building, the Johnny Haynes Stand harks back to a bygone era with its early 20th-century design by the famous football ground architect, Archibald Leitch.

This stand, which runs along the length of the pitch, is divided into two tiers. The lower tier provides a close, ground-level view of the action, allowing spectators to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the game.

The upper tier, while offering a more elevated view, maintains an intimate connection to the field, offering an excellent panoramic view of the pitch. The total capacity of this stand is around 4,600.

Being the oldest stand in the stadium, the Johnny Haynes Stand offers a nostalgic matchday experience, complete with wooden seats and a palpable sense of the club’s rich history.

Riverside Stand

The newly redeveloped Riverside Stand, with its completion in 2021, brought a new level of modernity to Craven Cottage. This state-of-the-art stand, situated along the Thames, has a unique and appealing design that perfectly complements the historic aesthetic of the stadium.

You’ll find a lot of praise for this grandstand thanks to its redevelopment, indeed a lot of praise for this entire stadium.

This stand is three-tiered, with each tier offering a distinct viewing experience.

The lower tier offers an up-close view of the action on the pitch, while the middle and upper tiers provide sweeping views of the entire stadium, along with a picturesque view of the River Thames. The Riverside Stand has a capacity of approximately 4,750.

Besides, the Riverside Stand houses several new facilities including restaurants, bars, and event spaces, ensuring a comprehensive match day experience for spectators.

Hammersmith End

A favorite among the hardcore Fulham faithful, the Hammersmith End is well-known for its passionate and lively atmosphere. This single-tiered stand located behind one of the goals provides a spectacular view of the pitch and is particularly thrilling when the action is up close.

The Hammersmith End has a capacity of about 4,500.

The proximity of this stand to the pitch makes it a favourite for those looking for an immersive and atmospheric football experience.

Putney End

The Putney End, located opposite the Hammersmith End, serves a dual purpose. While it is a home end for Fulham supporters, it also hosts the away fans. It is designed to create an integrated yet comfortable experience for both home and away spectators.

This end of the stadium is also a single-tier stand, offering a similar view to the Hammersmith End, with a capacity of around 6,000. The upper sections provide a broader view of the pitch, while the lower sections offer a more close-up view of the action.

The atmosphere in the Putney End can vary greatly depending on the balance of home and away fans, making it a unique place to watch a game at Craven Cottage.

Each grandstand at Craven Cottage offers a unique matchday experience. From the historic Johnny Haynes Stand to the modern Riverside Stand, and the lively Hammersmith and Putney Ends, spectators can choose from a variety of vantage points to enjoy the beautiful game.

Hospitality Options

Craven Cottage boasts a variety of hospitality options to enhance your matchday experience. These range from luxurious executive suites to more informal dining areas, all offering excellent views of the pitch.

The Riverside Restaurant

Located in the newly developed Riverside Stand, the Riverside Restaurant offers a spectacular dining experience. With its glass front, this restaurant offers panoramic views of both the River Thames and the pitch.

The dining option is a three-course menu, expertly crafted by in-house chefs. The Riverside Restaurant combines the thrill of live football with a memorable culinary journey.

Executive Suites

Craven Cottage’s Executive Suites offer a premium matchday experience. These suites, located in the Riverside Stand, provide a luxurious private space for guests to enjoy the match. With floor-to-ceiling windows, guests can take in uninterrupted views of the pitch from the comfort of their own suite.

Each suite comes with VIP padded seating located directly outside, ensuring guests don’t miss a moment of the action.

In addition, the Executive Suites offer a range of dining options, from a la carte menus to buffet-style offerings, tailored to the preference of each group.

The Haynes Lounge

Situated in the Johnny Haynes Stand, the Haynes Lounge pays tribute to the Fulham legend. This lounge provides a casual and relaxed matchday experience, including a gourmet burger meal and a cash bar. This option offers padded seating in the Johnny Haynes Stand, providing an excellent view of the pitch.


Named after the former Fulham and USA international captain, Brian McBride, this American sports bar style lounge offers a unique atmosphere.

Located in the Hammersmith Stand, McBride’s offers a matchday experience complete with an American-themed menu, a range of craft beers, and multiple TV screens showcasing football action. Seating for match viewing is available in the Hammersmith Stand.

The Chairman’s Club

For the ultimate in luxury, the Chairman’s Club provides a superior hospitality experience. Located in the Riverside Stand, this club offers Champagne on arrival, a gourmet four-course meal, and complimentary drinks throughout the match.

Seating is in the Director’s Box, offering some of the best views in the entire stadium.

Each of these hospitality options at Craven Cottage offers a unique way to experience a Fulham FC match.

Whether you are looking for a private, luxury experience or a more casual but vibrant atmosphere, there is an option that caters to your preferences.

Seating for Away Fans at Craven Cottage

Away fans visiting Craven Cottage are usually accommodated in the Putney End. This section of the stadium is unique in that it serves as a mixed stand, accommodating both Fulham FC supporters and visiting fans.

The allocation for away fans is typically in the southernmost part of the stand, closer to the Riverside Stand. The arrangement allows for a distinct separation between home and away fans, while still providing a comfortable viewing experience for all attendees.

Away fans can expect an impressive view of the action from the Putney End. The seating area for away fans provides both an up-close perspective of the goal-side action and a broader view of the entire pitch.

This arrangement ensures that visiting supporters can fully engage in and enjoy the match.

The Putney End’s location, near the banks of the River Thames and the new Riverside development, also adds to the unique matchday experience at Craven Cottage for away fans.

From this location, away supporters can also enjoy the various amenities and facilities provided by the newly developed Riverside Stand, enhancing their overall experience.

In conclusion, Craven Cottage provides a friendly and enjoyable environment for away fans.

The seating arrangement in the Putney End ensures a good view of the match, and the facilities within the stand ensure a comfortable matchday experience.

How to Get to Craven Cottage Stadium for Fulham matches

Craven Cottage is conveniently located in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, offering multiple modes of transport for visitors. Whether you are driving, using public transport, or even walking, getting to the stadium is fairly straightforward.

By Car

Driving to Craven Cottage from major motorways requires some navigation through London’s road network.

From the M25 motorway west of London, you can take the M4 towards London, which becomes the A4. Then follow signs for A219, which will lead you to Hammersmith. From there, follow the signs to Fulham and then to the stadium. If you’re coming from the north take the A1, M1 and A406. Please note that driving into London can take longer than you think so leave with plenty of time spare for traffic jams.

Keep in mind that parking near the stadium on matchdays is restricted. Nearby parking options include the Fulham Broadway Retail Centre and the Olympia Exhibition Centre. Both are within a 15-20 minute walk of the stadium.

By Train

The nearest underground stations to Craven Cottage are Putney Bridge and Parsons Green. Both are on the District Line and are roughly a 10-15 minute walk from the stadium.

If you are travelling by overground train, the nearest station is Putney, which is a 15-minute walk from the stadium. Putney station is served by South Western Railway, with connections to other major stations in London, such as Waterloo.

Coaches to Fulham matches

National Express coaches from major cities across the UK stop at London Victoria Coach Station. From there, visitors can take the District Line on the Underground to either Putney Bridge or Parsons Green stations.

Local bus services

Local buses offer another convenient way to reach the stadium. Routes 74, 220, 424, and 430 stop at Fulham Palace Road. From there, it’s a short walk to the stadium. Route 14, 414, and 424 stop at Fulham Broadway, which is a 15-20 minute walk to Craven Cottage.

Walking to Craven Cottage

For those located nearby, walking to Craven Cottage can be an enjoyable experience, particularly if you’re coming from the Putney side. A footpath known as the Thames Path runs alongside the river and leads directly to the stadium.

Nearest airports to Fulham FC

For international visitors or those traveling from afar, the nearest major airport is Heathrow. From Heathrow, visitors can take the Piccadilly Line to Earl’s Court and then switch to the District Line to reach Putney Bridge or Parsons Green stations. Gatwick, London’s second major airport, also offers train services to central London, where visitors can connect to the District Line.

Advice Before Going to Craven Cottage

Before heading to a match at Craven Cottage, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Plan Your Journey

London is a bustling city with a vast transport network. Planning your journey in advance is recommended. If you’re driving, ensure you know your parking options. If using public transport, familiarize yourself with the train or bus routes. The Transport for London (TFL) website or mobile app can provide real-time travel updates, helping you to avoid potential delays or disruptions.

Arrive Early

On matchdays, the areas around the stadium can get busy. Arriving early not only allows you to avoid the rush but also gives you time to soak up the pre-match atmosphere.

You’ll have time to find your seat, grab a bite to eat, and maybe even catch the teams warming up.

Dress Appropriately

Remember that you’ll be outdoors for several hours, so check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. The stadium is on the bank of the River Thames, and it can get chilly, especially during evening games.

Know the Stadium Regulations

Like all stadiums, Craven Cottage has rules and regulations for safety and comfort. Check the Fulham FC website for information on what items are permitted in the stadium, as well as other policies. This can help you avoid any issues at the entry gates.

Enjoy the Local Area

Craven Cottage is located in a scenic part of London. If you have time before or after the match, consider taking a walk along the River Thames, visiting the nearby Bishops Park, or exploring some of the local pubs and eateries.

Respect the Surrounding Residential Area

Craven Cottage is situated in a largely residential area. It’s important to respect this by keeping noise to a minimum and disposing of litter properly when in the surrounding streets.

Stay Hydrated and Nourished

Remember to stay hydrated, especially during warmer weather. There are numerous food and drink options available within the stadium, but on busy match days queues can be long, so consider bringing a water bottle.

Going to a match at Craven Cottage is more than just watching a football game; it’s an experience. Plan ahead, respect the rules and the local area, and take the time to soak up the atmosphere of this historic venue.