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The greatest race on earth and entertainment capital of the world come together in the form of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. This famous US city will host the best drivers in the world on an exhilarating street circuit around the Las Vegas Strip. 

In this article we’ll explore all of the grandstand options available to you so you can pick the best seats at the Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix to suit your budget and preferences. If you’re looking for transport and hotel options too we’ve got you covered as we’ve written an extra article on How to get to the Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix.

The 6.1-kilometre track will have drivers breaking speeds of up to 341 km/h as they skillfully weave through some of Sin City’s most famous landmarks, casinos and hotels near the centre of Las Vegas.

Fans will get a chance to see world-class action and won’t have to walk far to see famous attractions like Planet Hollywood, High Roller, Treasure Island and more.

This is a really interesting circuit with a lot of very different corners and long straights. At night, the tyres lose temperature a little bit so it’s interesting going into the hard braking zones. This could make for a fun race with overtaking opportunities.

Fernando Alonso – F1 World Champion

The race is expected to be a lively addition to an already lively city. Roughly 170,000 extra visitors will flood into Las Vegas for the weekend, accounting for about 400,000 hotel room nights.

This influx will provide an extra half a billion dollars in revenue for the city. Not bad for a single weekend.

Expect plenty of excitement at the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Not only is the race a street circuit, but it will also be a night race.

To top this off, it will be held on a Saturday night in one of the liveliest cities in the world, with plenty of after-race celebration options to choose from across the city. Party-going fans especially will be able to enjoy the action from the race with a few drinks before heading off into the city for numerous after-parties and events.

Grandstand and general admission tickets will have all-inclusive food and non-alcoholic drinks and will be sold as 3-day passes.

Premium tickets also have all-inclusive food and drink and will be sold as multi-day passes. Children under 24 months of age are allowed to enter the Las Vegas Grand Prix for free as long as they are sat on a parent or guardian’s lap. Any children above 2 years old will need a ticket. Sadly, there are no discounts for children’s tickets.

With four airports to choose from, there should be plenty of opportunity to get into Las Vegas providing you book in advance. Booking in advance is a good idea, as this is a very busy city and there will be an extra inflow of people coming in on race weekend.

The closest is Harry Reid International Airport located in Paradise, about 8 kilometres away from Downtown Las Vegas and a roughly 4.3-kilometre drive away from the track.

You can also fly in to many US destinations and either get a bus or a car rental too. For all the information on transport before, during and after the Las Vegas F1 race read our very detailed guide on How to get to the Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix.

The Harry Reid International Airport is very accessible for the city centre, with plenty of taxis, shuttle buses and public bus services running to and from the Las Vegas Strip.

You can take the 108 bus from the airport until the NB Paradise after the Desert Inn stop. From there, you will take the Las Vegas Monorail heading South and exit at your desired grandstand location.

A big concern for the Las Vegas Grand Prix has been ticket prices. The cheapest tickets are expected to cost $500, potentially making the race out of reach for many fans.

The Tickets to the East Harmon Zone, across the circuit from the paddock, are expected to set you back even more. Spectators who want to see the action from a grandstand are expected to sell out as much as $2,500, while those who want to watch from the comfort of the PH1 Skybox Shared Hospitality section will find themselves as much as $10,000 poorer.


Las Vegas F1 grandstand map

Grandstands at the Las Vegas F1GP

East Harmon Zone

The East Harmon Zone Grandstand is in the top right-hand corner of the circuit, outside the track and opposite the start/finish line and the pit building. A seat here will offer spectators a good view of the start of the race, pit action, the end of the race and the post-race ceremony. 

Fans in this grandstand should also get a good view of Turns 1-2. After the initial start/finish line straight, the drivers will slow down significantly for Turns 1 and 2 before speeding back up again in preparation for the slightly faster Turns 3-4 and the long straight afterwards. 

Expect an exciting time full of action in the East Harmon Zone Grandstand. Although the seating here is not along the Famous Las Vegas Strip, spectators can gain access to some of the city’s world-famous entertainment options by crossing over the track and walking west towards Planet Hollywood and Paris.

The bright lights and large buildings of the Las Vegas Strip should be visible from far away so you’ll know you’re going in the right direction.

South Koval Zone

The South Koval Zone Grandstand is on the inside of the track stretching from Turn 4 to almost halfway along the long straight between Turns 4 and 5.

A seat here will give fans a good view of the drivers coming out of the slow Turns 3 and 4 before speeding up for the long straight before Turn 5.

Spectators sitting towards the top of the grandstand may also be able to see some of the action from Turns 1-3 as the drivers navigate the first few corners. This is a strategic area that could see plenty of attempts at overtaking. 

The South Koval Zone Grandstand will put racegoers not far from attractions like Planet Hollywood. To access this famous resort and casino, you should walk behind the grandstand in a Westerly direction. Just to the South of Planet Hollywood, you’ll find Paris, another famous Las Vegas resort.

North Koval Zone

The North Koval Zone Grandstand is also on the inside of the track to the left of the South Koval Grandstand.

Unlike the South Koval Grandstand, it does stretch almost halfway across the long straight between Turns 4 and 5 but rather takes up a smaller area in the middle of the second half of the straight. 

Fans with a ticket to this grandstand will probably not get a good view of the race. The cars will be travelling at such a speed along this straight that they’ll probably race past in a blur before slowing down further on to navigate Turn 5. 

The North Koval Zone Grandstand will leave visitors close to the High Roller, an iconic Las Vegas observation wheel that soars 550 feet above the ground and is the largest of its kind in North America.

To get there, you should walk behind the grandstand and head West. You’ll probably see the wheel long before you get there.

MSG Sphere

The MSG Sphere Grandstand is located on the outside of the track near Turns 6, 7 and 8. A seat in this section of the track will offer fans a view of the cars as they manoeuvre the relatively fast Turn 6 before slowing right down for Turns 7 and 8. 

Ticketholders sitting in the upper rows may also get a sneak peek at the cars as they exit Turn 8 and slow down to navigate the slower Turn 9. Expect the drivers to be testing each other out and potentially trying to overtake each other in this section of the race. 

Like the East Harmon Zone, the MSG Sphere is not that close to the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

Fans looking for an experience at some famous entertainment establishments after the race can still find the strip by crossing over onto the inside of the track and walking West to the strip.

Again, the strip should be fairly obvious from afar due to the large buildings.

West Harmon Zone

The West Harmon Zone Grandstand is situated on the right-hand side of the track towards the end of the circuit just before Turn 17. A seat here will offer fans a chance to see the cars racing down the final long straight before slowing down slightly to take the final corner at Turn 17. 

You can expect plenty of excitement at this grandstand as the drivers will be looking to gain a strategic advantage over their rivals by getting a fast exit speed from the last turn and maybe even overtaking each another. This will be especially true for the final lap of the race.

MGM Grand Hotel Exterior

The West Harmon zone will give party-going spectators close access to the MGM Grand, a huge casino resort with nightclubs. To get there, you should cross to the other side of the track and walk in a Southerly direction. You can also access Planet Hollywood on the inside of the track by walking in West.

Paddock Zone

The Paddock Zone is on the inside of the track opposite the start/finish line.

As for the East Harmon Zone Grandstand, Paddock Zone ticket holders will get to see some of the most exciting parts of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Spectators lucky enough to have access to a ticket here should benefit from good views of the drivers as they prepare for the race, the start of the race, the pit action, the end of the race and the post-race ceremony. 

They will also benefit from what is likely to be top-quality hospitality throughout their stay, with all-inclusive food and (non-alcoholic) drinks throughout the afternoon and evening.

General Admission Tickets

General Admission tickets will be available as a cheaper option at the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

As for other Formula 1 Races, General Admission at Vegas will save you money but probably not get you the best view. That being said, one potential benefit of this ticket is that you can see the race from multiple points throughout the weekend. 

A good spot to watch from should be between Turns 11 and 12 near The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort. Fans here will get to see the drivers exiting the fast Turns 10 and 11 before braking heavily for the slower Turn 12.

Expect plenty of atmosphere at this spot and maybe even some overtaking to try and get a better position for the long straight after Turn 12.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix is set to be a fantastic event for those who love Formula 1 and want to explore the entertainment capital of the world. Racegoers will get to watch world-class drivers negotiate this street circuit. They will also have plenty of options for after-race celebrations in Sin City’s many bars, casinos, resorts and clubs. 

Just make sure you don’t end up like the guys from the Hangover movie, with no recollection of the havoc they’ve wreaked the night before. Las Vegas can be a tough city to handle for people with a history of substance abuse and gambling issues.

If that applies to you, it may be extra hard to keep yourself from losing control in a city like this. Try to make rules for yourself or seriously consider whether coming to Las Vegas is the right option for you.That said, Las Vegas is normally a fun and hassle-free destination for most of the people who visit it.

There is a wealth of entertainment options to choose from guaranteed to stop you from getting bored. So with a combination of world-class racing and after-race entertainment, get ready for an unforgettable (hopefully) weekend at the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The best grandstand at the Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix?

Best grandstand Las Vegas F1

The best all-rounder grandstand is at the East Harmon Zone. You’ll get great views of the start of the race, all the pit action and plenty of entertainment before and after the race too. This grandstand will sell out fast so I urge you to get your tickets as soon as possible.

How to get to the Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix?

Now that you know where you want to sit its time to work out how you’re going to get there! We’ve written an entire article just for you so you can pick the best transport option for your budget and preferences.