Miami International Autodrome – Miami

The Miami International Autodrome is the home of the Miami Formula One Grand Prix (Not to be confused with the United States F1 Grand Prix in Texas). Situated in the Hard Rock Stadium complex in Miami Gardens, it is a temporary stadium which made its debut in 2022 to become the 11th American venue to host a Formula 1 world championship round.

Despite being a temporary stadium, it has track has a more permanent feel to it with a street circuit vibe that is somewhat similar to Melbourne’s Albert Park.

It has a 5.412km circuit length with 19 turns, 3 straights and an estimated top speed of 320km per hour. Another thing to look out for is the change in elevation.

Between Turns 13 and 16, drivers can find the track underneath them going over an exit ramp and under multiple flyovers across uneven ground.

“It feels amazing to win in Miami, the whole atmosphere this weekend has been incredible and to win in the US is always a nice feeling. It was a physically tough race; I think I must have lost around 3kgs!“

Max Verstappen – F1 World Champion

Spectators at the Miami Grand Prix will appreciate the abundance of great viewing spots across this purpose-built track.

You can even see every corner of the stadium by walking around the top deck of the Hard Rock Stadium. Not something you can do in every stadium!

As for good viewing spots, locating close to Turns 1, 11 or 17 should leave fans with a good chance of seeing some passing action.

The Miami International Autodrome is roughly 15 miles north of downtown Miami. Yellow cabs can be readily found in the Miami area.

The most cost-effective way to get there is to take the Metrorail to Earlington Heights Station, followed by the Metrobus number 297 to Hard Rock Stadium. Dedicated shuttles may also be available from the nearest Metrorail stations on the weekend of the race.

The Miami Formula One Grand Prix is not to be confused with the other F1 races that take place in America. Currently the United States Grand Prix at the Circuit Of The Americas in Austin, Texas and the forthcoming Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix debuting in 2023.

Viewing areas at the Miami F1 Grand Prix

Start/Finish Grandstand

The start/finish grandstand is 16 sections across, 30 rows high, has tip up seating and offers covered upper rows. It gives you a great view of the paddock, starting grid and main straight.

This is a good place to get al ofl the action from beginning to end. There is probably no better spot to watch the most exciting parts of the race. 

A seat here will also give you a prime place to watch the pre-race action, pit stops and post-race podium ceremony. Another advantage is access to food options behind the grandstands in the North Campus area. 

Spectators here also benefit from close access to the Hard Rock stadium in front of the grandstand. To get to the Hard Rock stadium, take the bridge from Turn 19 just West of the Start/Finish Grandstand.

Expect covered seating higher up the grandstand with uncovered near the front to allow for better views from the back.

For shade and panoramic views I’d recommend the back of the grandstand for an unbeatable location to see the best parts of the action especially at the start and end of the race.

Even though you’ll probably not see plenty of overtaking action here on this long straight, fans can stay up to date with events through large screens and possibly catch some pit action.

A ticket here is one of the most expensive options on race day but great value if you like pit action too.

Turn 1 Grandstands

Turn 1 Granstand is 6 sections across and 21-33 rows high. It has tip up seating and offers shaded upper rows. It gives a view of the cars as they navigate the first corner of the race.  

There are two grandstands, east and north. East gives spectators a view of the breaking zone coming into the first corner and a view of their acceleration afterwards into turns 2 and 3.

North is placed at the end of the initial straight, meaning it will be a good place to watch the start of the race as the cars accelerate towards the first corner. Turn 1 North should provide the best views out of the two.

Turn 1 is an exciting place to be. You get to see how the drivers handle the very first corner, a potential overtaking zone. Expect plenty of action here. 

Like for the Start/Finish Grandstand, fans can benefit from easy access to food options in the North Campus behind the Turn 1 North Grandstand. Other features include the Trophy Suite, which is located between the Grandstand East and Grandstand North. 

They are also within close proximity the East campus to the South of Turn 1 South Grandstand where other food and drink options can be found. Additionally, spectators can benefit from access to the Paddock district, which can be found by crossing the Turn 3 bridge to the south of Turn 1 East Grandstand.

Also like the Start/Finish Grandstand, a ticket here appears to be one of the more expensive options on race day. 

Marina Grandstands

Marina Grandstands are 12 sections across, have tip up seating and feature covered upper rows. The Marina North, Central and South grandstands give you a good view of the cars as they navigate turns 6 and 7 before speeding away into the lengthy South straightaway. 

Expect the action to be a bit less fast here as the cars slow down to navigate the corner. You can also expect to be relatively far away from the action, as these gradnstands are not too close to the track, especially the Marina North Grandstand.

The Marina grandstands are the perfect choice for “partygoers”. Spectators will have plenty of access to both the action on the track and food, drink and entertainment options nearby in the marina campus and promenade as well. And with a yacht club nearby, the Marina Grandstands certainly have a luxury feel to them. To access these food and entertainment options, spectators can either take the Turn 6 or Turn 8 bridges to cross over the track. 

The North grandstand is home to the McLaren Fan Club, while the South grandstand is home to the Aston Martin Fan Club. Spectators here can also make use of easy access from the city via NW 27TH AVE. The Marina grandstand tickets appear to be at around a mid-range price point.

Fountain View Grandstand

The Fountain View Grandstand is 4 sections across, 24 rows high and has tip seating can. It be found on a fast section positioned at the entrance to Turn 9. 

Sadly, it can not be expected to provide a great view of the action. This is because it is on one of the fastest straights of the track, meaning the cars will quickly speed past without you getting to see that much. 

While it may be situated close to to Turns 4-5 on an adjacent section, the views of that section are likely to not be visible or be obscured. Luckily, there will be a giant video board located in the South Campus area where fans can keep up to date with the race.

It also provides convenient access to stalls in the Grove and Fountain areas. To access the Fountains, visitors can follow a path from the grandstand and cross bridge 8A to get to the inside of the track where most things to do are. 

Visitors here can also find convenient access parking from NW 199th street. Like the Marina grandstand, the Fountain View grandstand appears to be at around a mid-range price point.

Family Grandstand

The Family grandstand is 4 sections across, 27 rows high, has tip up seating and offers covered upper rows. It can be found on a fast straight between Turns 10 and 11. 

The views from here are also not expected to be very good. Like the Fountain View Grandstand, while you’ll get to see the cars at some of their fastest speeds, this won’t provide a good viewing experience as they’ll just race past you in a blur.

This area offers a family friendly atmosphere where spectators of all ages can enjoy the action. Spectators here can also benefit from quick access to a variety of food options behind the grandstands in the West Campus area and across the track in the East Campus area. To get to the East Campus area, take the Turn 10 bridge to the West of the the grandstand.  

Like the Fountain View Grandstand, the Family Grandstand offers convenient parking nearby, with a large carepark just across NW 199th street. It also comes in at around a mid-range price point.

Beach Grandstands

The Beach Grandstands are 16 sections across, 30-35 rows high, have bench style seating and feature covered upper rows. They are located at Turns 11, 12 and 13 on the east side of the track.

There are two Beach Grandstands, north and south. The South Beach Grandstand lies outside the approach to Turn 11, while the North Beach Grandstand is located around the inside of Turn 12. 

South Beach Grandstand will offer views of the drivers slowing down as they approach Turn 11. North Beach Grandstand will have slower views of the long corner as they approach Turns 12 and 13. These grandstands are in a potential overtaking zone, so expect plenty of action throughout the race. 

Like the Marina Grandstand, this is one of the best spots for “party-goers” and is expected to have a lively atmosphere. The grandstands have several food an drink options behind the stands.

They also have views of the Hard Rock Beach Club Canbanas. This can be reached from the South Beach grandstand by walking north and from the North Beach grandstand by crossing the Turn 13 Bridge just to the West.

They are within close proximity to the Red Bull Energy Station, which can be found between the two grandstands on the inside of the track. To access it from the South Beach Grandstand, cross Turn 12 Bridge to the Southwest of the grandstand. 

Spectators here can benefit from access to parking on the outside of the track and across NW199TH ST, as well as entrance and exit routes near Turns 14, 15 and 16 to the north of the grandstands. 

A ticket here is expected to be sold at one of the cheapest price points.

Turn 18 Grandstand

Along with Turn 15, this has become one of the most popular grandstands in terms of seat price and views of the circuit. Seats in this mid-priced, uncovered grandstand vary in terms of the quality of their views.

Whilst the lower seats have adequate views of the sequence of corners, there is some interruption from the safety fence up to about Row 6. The upper seats take in marvellous views of almost the entire circuit.

As a section of the circuit that ends the lap, there’ll probably be plenty of action in these strategic corners. The drivers here will try to out-brake each other at Turn 18 as they come off the second fastest straight on the track. They’ll then maneuver through Turns 17, 18 and 19 in an attempt to get the fastest exit speed possible as they approach the lap’s final straight. 

A seat here is realtively close to the finsih line but will probably not allow you to see the cars as they cross. Fans will however be able to see the action on a large screen in front of the grandstand. 

Spectators here will benefit from a variety of food and drink options behind the grandstand in the West Campus Area. Again, a large screen will allow you to keep up to date with the race even as you refill on food and drink. 

You will also have access to several fan zones and pop-up stalls. The Mercedes and Ferrari Fan Clubs can be found seated here. 

In terms of access, fans will benefit from parking just behind the grandstand to the right and a road connecting to NW 27TH AVE to the West of the track. A ticket at this grandstand is expected to be at one of the most expensive price points.

Although still a relatively new circuit on the Formula 1 race calendar, the Miami Grand Prix is definitely worth a trip.

A spectator here can experience the electric atmosphere of Miami and the excitement of the track, with plenty of after-parties to be found throughout the city after the race is finished.

The best grandstand at the Miami Formula One Grand Prix

The Marina grandstand and Beach grandstands are great for anyone looking for a party atmosphere. Marina also offers some of the best views of F1 cars in action in Miami. This grandstand sells out fast so be sure to grab your tickets soon.