Sachsenring, Saxony, Germany

First held in 1925, and becoming part of the world championships in 1952, the German MotoGP in June is a sell out event year after year. 

Taking place at the Sachsenring circuit, it’s located in the small town of Hohenstein-Ernstthal near Chemnitz in Saxony, Germany. It’s one of the more rural events in the calendar, and a fair distance from the nearest cities of Leipzig and Dresden.

Everybody knows that the ‘waterfall’ corner is one of the best corners in all of racing, and if the bike is working well there, it’s a lot of fun.

Nicky Hayden – Ducati Team

At 3.617km in length, the Sachsenring is one of the shortest tracks of the season,  but that doesn’t mean you’ll be short for entertainment. It’s renowned for its extremely technical nature, and proves a tough test for even the most experienced and daring riders. 

Marc Marquez has the most MotoGP wins here with 11, storming to victory at every single edition of the race from 2010 through to 2021. In addition, he has the championship lap record, riding to a ridiculously quick time of 1.21.228 back in 2019.

Despite its pretty remote location, vast numbers of fans flock to this small town year on year to witness their favourite riders burn some rubber on one of the most challenging tracks there is.

The closest airports are in Dresden (100km away) and Leipzig (140km away). There are trains available from Berlin too, with Hohenstein-Ernstthal being the closest train station to the track and it’s just a 10 minute walk away.

Weather in this small town isn’t particularly great if you’re used to the sunshine and tropical climates of some of the other venues in the MotoGP championship, so be prepared for cold and rain.

There aren’t many hotels available in the vicinity of the Sachsenring – the vast majority of visitors choose to camp at the circuit, saving a long commute and also meaning you’re right at the heart of the hustle and bustle during race weekend. The atmosphere is excellent here, and the home fans are particularly passionate about motorbikes.

Alternatively, some fans choose to stay in one of the nearby cities, but that means a commute each day to get to the circuit, and its an added distraction when all you should be thinking about is motorbikes!

Most years have over 200 000 spectators, so you’re surrounded by plenty of like-minded people. It gives you a real buzz being around so many who share your interest.

What makes the German MotoGP so exciting is how close the riders get at various points throughout the course. They really do end up, quite literally, rubbing shoulders with some of their fiercest rivals, and it makes for a truly exciting spectacle. Trackside viewing is brilliant too, and most of the grandstands are worth every penny.

The Sachsenring is known for having lots of natural elevation, allowing for great views even for general admission ticket holders. Grandstands are well priced – the ones with views covering the downhill run and heavy braking zone into turn one are some of the best you’ll find.

There’s a plunging downhill right-hander known as ‘the waterfall’ too (turn 10), which always plays host to some race-defining moves, and has been labelled ‘MotoGP’s best corner’.

With its tight turns, average speeds are lower than at many of the other circuits, but this means there’s plenty of close race action.

Don’t be fooled though, you aren’t starved of those high speed moments if that’s what you crave – there’s a 700m long straight where the riders can squeeze everything out of their bikes, hitting speeds in excess of 300kph.

Catering and toilets are significantly better at the Sachsenring than at most other events, with quirky cocktails and authentic German cuisine adding some real flavour to your race weekend. The atmosphere is exceptional, and it’s definitely one for the bucket list if your a motorbike lover.

The question is, where is the best place to watch?

Viewing options

T1 Grandstand

As the main grandstand at the Sachsenring, T1 gives you an overview of what most fans deem the most exciting and important parts of the race – the start, the finish and the main straight. 

With a seat here, you can see into the pit lanes too, watching your favourite team in their pre-race build up and post-race celebrations (hopefully). As your favourite rider climbs onto the podium, you’re in the prime position to snap some pictures and cheer alongside thousands of other enthusiastic fans.

There’s a video wall on the roof of the pit lanes, so whatever unfolds throughout the course of the race, you can follow along there.

You have a key vantage point over the most decisive moments, but also distant but respectable views of the first and last bends. The main straight here is one of the longest in Europe, so if witnessing raw flat out speed is what you fancy, this is going to be your best bet.

As with most of the grandstands at the Sachsenring, there are toilets and food and drink stalls all within walking distance, and being on the main straight, you’re really in the thick of it here, so expect various merchandise stalls and other forms of entertainment nearby too.

Despite being on the upper end of the price spectrum, it is worth splashing out for a ticket here if seeing the key race moments unfold before your eyes is a must for you. The experience will be one you’ll never forget.

T2 Grandstand

The massive T2 grandstand is the biggest at the Sachsenring, and overlooks the first turn, along with the small transition from turns 10 to 11. 

The view it offers of the first turn is breathtaking, especially at the start of the race as the riders squeeze the accelerator and battle for position. With it being a sharp right-hander, the riders are then forced to slam on the brakes, beautifully demonstrating the immense braking power of the bikes in MotoGP.

Turn 2 is a tricky and technical left-hander, and this section of track offers multiple overtaking opportunities. Expect to see some very close racing, particularly in the earlier stages of the race.

There are a few different food and drink stalls nearby, so you can grab a beer and a bratwurst whenever you please. Toilets are in the vicinity too.

The big screen here ensures you stay in the loop throughout the race.

While a more expensive option, it’s definitely one of – if not the best grandstand at the circuit, and should be seriously considered, especially if you’re an adrenaline junkie.

In my opinion, this grandstand should be at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to buying tickets for the German MotoGP. T2 is the best grandstand at the circuit.

T3 & T3/1 Grandstand

Perched on the exit of turn 3 which forms part of the first block of corners, The T3 grandstand covers a series of tight bends that push the riders to the brink in terms of testing their cornering ability and outright bravery.

Being the closest to turn 3, you’ll get the best view of the entrance and exit to this bend from here. The huge big screen on the inside ensures you won’t miss any race-defining moments either.

T3/1 is located to the left of T3, further from turn 3 and close to turns 4 and 5. The view of the entrance to turn 3 isn’t as good as in the T3 stand, but you can still see most of the corner, and you have a better view of the following few bends.

It’s the better option of the two. There’s plenty of overtaking opportunities at this part of the race.

There are toilets close to these grandstands, along with food and drink stalls too. Being very close to some other grandstands, the atmosphere here is always lively and you wont leave disappointed after race weekend.

That being said, there are definitely better options at a similar price point, as it is one of the more expensive seating areas.

T4 Grandstand

The T4 grandstand offers a well balanced view, allowing you to watch the riders as they weave towards you following their exit form the omega section of the circuit, before speeding off into the distance as they race towards the lengthier straights that follow.

There’s a giant screen right in front of you, which is always a bonus. No one wants to be left wondering what’s going on elsewhere in the race.

The crowds are bouncing here, and the proximity to other grandstands means there’s a real buzz in the air. 

Food and drinks spots are available just a stone’s throw away, with toilet facilities on hand as well.

T4 is a good grandstand, but it’s not the best at the circuit, nor is it the best in its price range. If your budget is high enough for a ticket here, you should look at going for The T1 or T2 grandstands instead.

T6 Grandstand

Lying on the outside of the circuit and with a vantage point over an extremely fast, downhill section of the track is the T6 stand. Coming in at a similar price to most of the grandstands at the circuit, it allows for a brilliant view of a very exciting piece of track, and of the videowall that sits directly in front of it. 

Seeing your favourite riders slingshot out of the previous turn before flying towards you at breakneck speeds is a bucket-list experience. It allows for some great angles for any budding photographers too.

You’re close to grandstands T7, T8 and T9, so thousands of fans line this bit of the track. T6 is located nearer the top end of the hill, so you get a better view of the exit of the preceding turn.

Toilets and food and drink facilities are well within your reach.

T6 is expensive, but the view is one of the better ones available at the Sachsenring. It’s worth considering.

T7 and T8 Grandstand

To the right of the T6 grandstand is T7. It’s located overlooking the short but snappy straight between turns 6 and 7, as the riders accelerate hard out of the previous bend before attacking the high-speed turn 7, with the aim of maintaining their speed throughout.

The 7th corner of the Sachsenring is one of the quickest at the track, so you get a good glimpse of the riders as they try to balance their speed with their technical prowess, not wanting to sacrifice any time on the lap.

One of the main selling points for T7 is the added bonus of being able to see the courses earlier corners in the distance –  if you’re lucky enough you should have a distant, but still enthralling view of turns 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. There are big screens either side of you, but these aren’t directly in front of the grandstand so you wont have the best view of these.

T8 offers a view that is virtually identical to that of T7. It is closer to the bend, so you have a slightly better view of the bikes as they take the 7th corner. You still have a strong view of the fast downhill passage as the riders prepare for the corner, before launching out the other side. 

The big screen is directly in front of you at T8, so you don’t need to worry about straining your neck when trying to follow the rest of the race. The first 5 corners are still visible in the distance as well.

This is one of the livelier parts of the track, being so close to other grandstands and a vast amount of fans. Toilets and food and drink stalls are nearby.

When it comes to value for money, the T7 stand is good, and the T8 is slightly better. They’re the best choices for this part of the circuit, but there are better grandstand options overall. Being quite expensive, I’d recommend going for the main grandstand (T1) or (T2) if you want to spend a similar amount while having a slightly better race day experience.

T9 Grandstand

The last grandstand in this area of the track is the T9, which sits right on the apex of the curve so you have an unrivalled view of the 7th corner.

If you’ve bought a ticket for this stand, you’ll be gifted with a clear and widespread vantage point as the riders hurtle towards you, before catapulting out the bend and flying down the straight towards turn 8 at immense speed. 

Thanks to the layout of the track, you should also catch a glimpse of the straight that follows too, between turns 8 and 9. Bring your binoculars to really make the most of this opportunity.

One drawback here is that you might struggle to get a good view of the big screen, as its off to your left. Don’t rely on it – you might end up having to stream the rest of the race on your phone or keep an eye on twitter if you want to stay up to date with these key race moments.

Within walking distance are food and drink stalls and toilets. 

T9 is priced in the same region as most of the other grandstands at the circuit. It’s not the best option for spectators, but you also won’t leave disappointed if you end up viewing from here.

T10 Grandstand

After the riders have swept through turn 7, they find themselves on the flat out straight that builds up to turn 8. The T10 grandstand is found around half way along this straight, just as the riders are picking up some serious speeds. 

It’s a spot for the speed lovers, but you also have a brilliant rear view as the bikes take the sharp left-hander that is turn 8.

With a big screen right in front of you, you don’t need to worry about missing any action. 

T10 is a bit more isolated than some of the other stands. The atmosphere is far from dead, but it isn’t as chaotic as at some other parts of the circuit. Toilets and food stalls are well within reach, being next to the grandstand on the right. It’s close to a fan information point and a first aid area, which is always nice to have on hand.

You can see the earlier turns in the distance, so you do get to see a healthy portion of the circuit. 

This grandstand offers some good all round views, but don’t expect to see lots of overtaking here.

Grandstand T10/1

The T10/1 grandstand gives you a view of the 9th and 10th turns at the Sachsenring.

It is one of the worst grandstands at the circuit for a number of reasons.

For one, you only really get a view of a small part of the track. There’s no videowall available to you here, so what you see is essentially what you get. Additionally, the pedestrian bridge that is on the preceding straight hinders your view of the previous corner quite significantly depending where you’re sat. 

Toilets and food and drinks stalls are also a little further away. You’re much better off sitting somewhere else.

Despite the negatives, it’s not the end of the world if you end up here. The atmosphere is still second to none, and spirits remain high throughout the weekend. 

T13 Grandstand

Offering a terrific view of the iconic Sachsen Kurve, fans in the T13 grandstand have some of the best seats at the circuit. 

The technically challenging 90 degree turn is taken following an intense high speed descent, meaning riders risk it all to keep their speed while negotiating the corner and aiming to not lose any positions.

It’s great for the adrenaline junkies as it’s an overtaking hotspot, so you’re pretty much guaranteed some exhilarating mid-race action as the riders battle it out in the closing stages of the lap.

Expect riders to take advantage of slipstreams and out-break their competition in order to secure the all important places.

There’s a video wall directly in front of you here, and it’s the closest grandstand to the main camping village. There are toilets, food and drink stalls and first aid facilities all nearby.

You’ll get to see the riders entering the last turn too, which is a priceless experience when it comes down to the last lap. Legend has it that the roar of the crowd as the riders fly past can be heard all over Germany.

T13 is excellent value for what you get, and a favourite amongst many of the regulars at the German MotoGP. Don’t expect it to be the liveliest of grandstands when it comes to atmosphere though.

T15 Grandstand

T15 covers the last turn at the Sachsenring, regarded by many as the most exciting part of the race to watch as it’s usually the riders last chance the riders have to make a move.

The atmosphere here is absolutely electric, with the grandstand covering the last corner, and also thanks to its close proximity to the main straight.

The view of the main straight from here is great, and you’ll see the riders tackle the last turn before they catapult out . You’ll have a rear view of the riders for the start and finish , so you can see your favourite rider cross the line with your own two eyes.

A massive big screen is set up just across from you, so you can follow on with the rest of the race too. There are toilets and food and drink stalls near as standard.

T15 is worth the money if the start and finish are important to you and you’d like a view of the last bend, but the view you get from T1 is overall much better, so buy tickets for that grandstand if you get the choice between the two.

General Admission

Situated on the inside of the track, the general admission zones at the Sachsenring are found on a number of the corners, and on the outside of turn 13 towards the end of the lap.

Unfortunately for those with general admission tickets at the German MotoGP, there is little access to much of the track, and a significant portion of the circuit is restricted to those who hold grandstand passes.

It’s the cheapest option as usual though, so if your on a tight budget it’s worth considering still. The atmosphere is always booming, and if you get there early enough you’ll be able to secure some of the better general admission viewing points which do offer some great views.

The end of the back straight is good for spectators as you can witness the riders tear up the tarmac as they plunge over the iconic ‘waterfall’. There’s also the big hill by turn 3 where you get to see some nice close up action.

You’ll be able to follow the bikes through turns 3 and 4, onto turns 5 and 6, and then as they accelerate on the short straight between turns 8 and 9. There’s the added benefit of a big screen here so you can follow the rest of the race too.

With plenty of food and drinks vendors around, you’re going to be within walking distance of some snacks and also the toilets.

General Admission here is decent value, but it is much more limited than at most other circuits in the calendar, and it’s worth stretching your budget a little bit further and grabbing some tickets for one of the cheaper grandstands if you don’t want to hinder your experience.