Bramall Lane,  Highfield, Sheffield, S2 4SU

Sheffield United’s home stadium holds a rich history as one of the oldest professional football stadiums in the world. Established in 1855, it initially hosted cricket matches before becoming the home of Sheffield United F.C. in 1889. Over the years, the stadium has seen numerous renovations and expansions, reflecting the growth and evolution of the sport and the club itself.

In this article we’ll review all of the best seats at Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane including every grandstand and hospitality option too.

Evolution and Redevelopment

In the early years, Bramall Lane had a modest capacity, with stands erected and modified to accommodate the growing fan base. The stadium’s first significant redevelopment occurred in the early 20th century, which allowed for increased seating and improved facilities.

Post-War Era

Post World War II, the stadium underwent further changes, with the addition of new stands and further enhancements to increase its capacity and improve the overall fan experience. These changes allowed Bramall Lane to host larger crowds and provide better amenities for spectators and players alike.

Modern Times

In the 21st century, Bramall Lane has continued to evolve, with state-of-the-art facilities and seating arrangements ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of fans. The stadium now boasts a capacity of over 32,000, with various seating options offering different perspectives of the game.

Current Structure

The stadium is currently divided into four main stands: the John Street Stand, the Bramall Lane End, the Kop, and the Redbrik Estate Agency Stand. Each stand offers a unique viewing experience, catering to different preferences and budgets.

In the next sections, you will explore the best seats at Sheffield United Bramall Lane, delving into the specifics of each stand and the viewing experiences they offer. Your journey into choosing the perfect seat at this historic venue begins now.

Notable Players and Managers

Sheffield United Bramall Lane has been graced by the presence of numerous notable players and managers over the years, contributing to the rich heritage and legacy of the club. Their skills, leadership, and passion for the game have left an indelible mark on the history of Sheffield United F.C.

Notable Players

Tony Currie

One of the most celebrated players in Sheffield United’s history, Tony Currie made a significant impact during his time at Bramall Lane from 1968 to 1976. His exceptional skills and memorable goals are still fondly remembered by fans.

Brian Deane

Brian Deane is another iconic figure in Sheffield United’s history. He is best known for scoring the first-ever goal in the Premier League while playing for Sheffield United against Manchester United in 1992.

Billy Sharp

In more recent times, Billy Sharp has become a beloved figure at Bramall Lane. His consistent performance and goal-scoring ability have made him a crucial player for Sheffield United, earning him the admiration and respect of fans and peers alike.

Famous Managers

Dave Bassett

Dave Bassett, also known as “Harry,” served as the manager of Sheffield United from 1988 to 1995. Under his leadership, the club experienced significant success, including promotion to the top tier of English football.

Chris Wilder

Chris Wilder, a former player and manager at Bramall Lane, led Sheffield United from 2016 to 2021. Under his guidance, the club achieved two promotions in three seasons, marking a remarkable period in the club’s history.

Their Lasting Legacy

The contributions of these and many other notable figures continue to resonate within the walls of Sheffield United Bramall Lane. Their legacies are celebrated and honored, reminding fans and players alike of the rich history and tradition of Sheffield United F.C.

As you explore the best seats at Bramall Lane, take a moment to appreciate the legends who have shaped the club’s history, enhancing the overall experience of watching a game at this iconic venue.

Grandstand Reviews

John Street Stand

The John Street Stand, completed in 1996, is located along the north side of the pitch at Bramall Lane. It serves as a family enclosure for home fans, ensuring a friendly and inclusive atmosphere for supporters of all ages.

Views and Seating

Boasting excellent views of the playing action, the John Street Stand has the word “BLADES” written in the seats and holds just under 7,000 fans. This stand is also designated for home disabled supporters, ensuring accessibility and comfort for all fans.

Facilities and Amenities

The John Street Stand is home to a small club shop, providing fans with a convenient location to purchase merchandise. Additionally, it houses the Marstons & Malta Executive Suites and the “Tunnel Bar,” offering enhanced hospitality options for guests. A row of 31 individual executive boxes with private facilities and their own balconies along the back of the stand further elevate the matchday experience.

John Street Corner

Also known as the Northeast Corner and formerly the Pukka Pies Stand, the John Street Corner was completed in 2001. It is fully linked to the John Street Stand and continues to serve as a family enclosure.

Holding around 900 fans, this section underwent the installation of new restricted-view seats after the 2006–07 campaign. Historically part of the Kop stand structure, the lower half was used as a family standing enclosure until its redevelopment.

Tony Currie Stand / Laver Stand

Located off Cherry Street, the Tony Currie Stand is a significant part of Bramall Lane, opened in August 1975. It was named after Sheffield United legend Tony Currie in 2018, honoring his contributions to the club. Despite its official name, some fans still refer to it as the Laver Stand or the New Stand, reflecting its history and the changes over the years.

Renovations and Seating

During the 2005–06 season, the Tony Currie Stand underwent substantial renovations. The exterior was re-clad, and the old wooden seats were replaced with red and white plastic seats, forming an emblem of two swords, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the stand.

The box seats within the stand were also upgraded, enhancing the viewing experience for spectators. The stand now holds approximately 7,500 fans, offering ample seating with improved comfort and visibility.

Hospitality options

The Tony Currie Stand is home to most of the ground’s amenities. It houses the box office, the newly expanded Blades Superstore, the Platinum Suite, and the “Legends of the Lane” museum. Fans can also enjoy dining at the “1889” award-winning restaurant, formerly known as Bosworth’s of Bramall Lane. More on these in our Hospitality section in a few moments.

Wall of Fame and Statues

Adding to the stand’s unique features, the bottom of the Tony Currie Stand, facing into the club car park, has been transformed into a fans “Wall of Fame.” Built of the ground’s signature red bricks, each brick is etched with an individual supporter’s name or nickname, celebrating the dedicated fan base of Sheffield United.

Adjacent to the stand on Cherry Street, statues of Joe Shaw and Derek Dooley were erected in 2010, commemorating their significant roles in the club’s history.

Bramall Lane End / Redbrik Estate Agent Stand

The Bramall Lane End stand is known for its vibrant atmosphere, housing some of the most passionate supporters of Sheffield United. It is a great place to experience the energy and enthusiasm of the fans.

All seats in the Bramall Lane End stand offer clear views of the pitch. The upper seats provide a more extensive view, while the lower seats offer a more intimate and immediate connection to the game. Many of the fans choose to stand in this area so you may find you’ll need to stand too if you want to actually see the match!

The Bramall Lane End contributes significantly to the overall seating capacity, accommodating thousands of fans.

The viewing experience at the Bramall Lane End is enhanced by the electrifying atmosphere. The clear sightlines and close proximity to the pitch make it a desirable location for many fans.

Bramall Lane Corner

The Bramall Lane Corner, also referred to as the “new” corner infill, is situated in the south-west corner of the Bramall Lane Stadium. Positioned between the Bramall Lane Stand and the South Stand, it seamlessly integrates with the surrounding structures, enhancing the overall stadium layout.

Sharing its facilities, turnstiles, and exits with the Bramall Lane Stand (upper tier), the Bramall Lane Corner ensures a cohesive and convenient experience for fans. This integration allows for smooth movement and access, contributing to an efficient matchday experience.

Reputed for offering some of the best views of the ground, the Bramall Lane Corner is a favorite spot for many home fans. It holds approximately 2,000 fans, providing ample seating while maintaining an intimate atmosphere for enjoying the match.

Additional Facilities

In addition to the stand itself, a four-star hotel is built just behind the Bramall Lane Corner. This hotel offers convenient accommodation options for fans and visitors, adding to the appeal of this section of the stadium.

The Kop

The Kop Grandstand, located on Shoreham Street, has been a seated section since 1991. It is situated at the east end of the stadium, built into a hillside behind the goal. This location places the stand along Shoreham Street, contributing to the often-heard chant of “Shoreham boys we are here” emanating from this stand on matchdays.

Known for housing the most boisterous home fans, The Kop is synonymous with the “Bramall Roar,” a term coined by former assistant and manager Kevin Blackwell after a significant 2003 play-off semi-final victory.

The energetic atmosphere and passionate fan base make this stand a vibrant section of Bramall Lane.

Capacity and Facilities

The Kop Grandstand holds 10,221 fans, making it the largest stand at Bramall Lane. Despite its large capacity, the facilities in The Kop are of lower quality, with no indoor concourse. However, an outdoor bar and fast-food takeaway, completed in September 2007, offer refreshment options to fans. Despite the limited facilities, The Kop remains a firm favorite amongst fans, usually filled to capacity on matchdays.

Currently sponsored by Kennedy’s Law, The Kop was formerly sponsored by Hallam FM. The sponsorship contributes to the maintenance and operation of the stand.

Each stand at Sheffield United Bramall Lane offers a unique viewing experience, with various vantage points and atmospheres to choose from. W

hether you prefer the energetic atmosphere of The Kop and the Bramall Lane End, or the modern comforts of the John Street and Redbrik Estate Agency Stands, Bramall Lane ensures that every fan has a memorable matchday experience.

Where Do Away Fans Sit at Sheffield United Bramall Lane?

At Sheffield United Bramall Lane, away fans are typically allocated seats in the Redbrik Estate Agency Stand AKA the Bramall Lane Stand. This stand is situated on one side of the pitch, ensuring that visiting supporters have a clear and unobstructed view of the game.

The allocation of seats for away fans is in line with the regulations and guidelines set by football governing bodies, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all spectators.

The exact number of seats allocated for away fans can vary depending on the match and the expected number of visiting supporters.

However, Bramall Lane ensures that a sufficient number of seats are always available to accommodate away fans comfortably.

The Redbrik Estate Agency Stand is equipped with modern facilities and amenities to ensure that away fans have a comfortable matchday experience. Concession stands, restrooms, and other essential facilities are easily accessible from the away fans’ seating area.

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all spectators, Sheffield United Bramall Lane has robust security measures in place. Away fans can expect a welcoming environment, with dedicated stewards available to assist with any queries or concerns.

The seating area for away fans is designed to ensure both safety and a good viewing experience, contributing to an enjoyable visit to Bramall Lane.

Hospitality Options

Sheffield United Bramall Lane offers a range of premium hospitality options for fans and visitors looking for an enhanced matchday experience. Each package provides different levels of luxury and exclusivity, ensuring that there is an option to suit various preferences and budgets.

Tony Currie Suite

As you step into the renowned Tony Currie Suite at Sheffield United Bramall Lane, prepare yourself for a matchday experience steeped in luxury and exclusivity.

Situated in the John Street Stand, the suite’s glass-fronted restaurant offers you a panoramic view of the pitch, allowing you to observe every moment, from the players’ warm-up routines to pre-match presentations, in utmost comfort.

Your experience in the Tony Currie Suite begins with a delightful pre-match two-course meal in the presence of the Club Legend Tony Currie himself. Relish the exquisite cuisine as you soak in the vibrant atmosphere, gearing up for the exciting match ahead.

Premium Seating

Post your meal, make your way to the luxury cinema-style padded seats, available both indoor and outdoor. Here, you can settle down and enjoy the game with an exceptional unobstructed view, ensuring you don’t miss a single moment of the action on the field.

Throughout the match, enjoy the attentive service of dedicated waiting and customer care staff, ensuring all your needs are met. At half-time, refresh yourself with complimentary tea and coffee, and engage in exciting competitions with the chance to win exclusive prizes.

The Tony Currie Suite offers flexible pricing options, dependent on the match grade. Choose from Gold Plus, Gold, Silver, or Bronze grades, with special pricing available for member extra guests. This tiered pricing ensures that you can select an option that best suits your budget and preferences.

Dress Code

Ensure to dress smartly for your visit to the Tony Currie Suite. While smart jeans are permitted, trousers are preferred, and the club maintains a strict policy against replica club shirts or trainers. Adhering to this dress code ensures a refined and elegant atmosphere within the suite, enhancing your overall matchday experience.

1889 Restaurant Suite

Imagine yourself entering the 1889 Restaurant at Sheffield United Bramall Lane, a venue where fine dining meets the thrilling atmosphere of football. This exquisite setting offers you the perfect blend of entertainment and culinary excellence, allowing you to immerse yourself in an intimate and exclusive matchday experience.

As you settle into the award-winning 1889 Restaurant, anticipate a sumptuous pre-match four-course meal accompanied by complimentary drinks. Relish the delectable flavors as you dine amongst both Home and Away Team Directors, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to your experience.

Prime Viewing

Post your delightful meal, proceed to the Directors’ Box seat, where the best views in the stadium await you. Here, you are in the thick of the action, ensuring you don’t miss a single moment of the game while enjoying the comfort of premium seating.

Throughout the match, enjoy the convenience of table waiter service, ensuring your every need is catered to. At half-time, refresh yourself with complimentary tea and coffee, keeping you energised and ready for the second half of the game.

Your exclusive match day package in the 1889 Restaurant also includes a complimentary programme and team sheets, adding to the comprehensive and luxurious experience.

Flexible and Tiered Pricing

Choose from a range of pricing options, including Gold Plus, Gold, Silver, and Bronze grades, each offering varying levels of exclusivity and amenities. Special pricing for member extra guests is also available, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the unmatched hospitality of the 1889 Restaurant.

Ensure to dress to impress when visiting the 1889 Restaurant. Adhere to a smart dress code, including a collar and tie, to maintain the elegant and exclusive atmosphere of the venue. Note that jeans, replica club shirts, and trainers are not permitted, ensuring a refined environment for all guests.

Legends of the Lane Package

The ‘Legends of the Lane’ package at Sheffield United Bramall Lane is an entry-level hospitality package offered in the well-known museum located in the South Stand. With a limited capacity of 40 guests, it provides a unique matchday experience, especially for those interested in the history of the club.

Upon arrival, two hours before kick-off, guests are welcomed with a complimentary drink. This initial hospitality gesture allows guests to settle in and prepare for the exploration of the club’s extensive memorabilia displayed in the museum.

The museum offers guests an opportunity to delve into the rich history of Sheffield United. The vast collection of memorabilia provides an overview of the club, offering insights and information that may be particularly appealing to history and football enthusiasts.

Before the match begins, guests have the opportunity to enjoy a self-service buffet meal. The buffet offers a variety of options, although the specific details of the menu are not provided in the package information. A pay bar facility is also available for guests during this pre-match period.

A dedicated hospitality host is available to assist guests and guide them to their stadium seats, ensuring a smooth transition from the museum to the viewing area.

Seating and Match Viewing

Guests vacate the museum approximately 20 minutes prior to kick-off to watch the game from seats located within the Bramall Lane Upper Stand. The package promises excellent views of the pitch from this location. During half-time, guests have access to concourse facilities to purchase additional refreshments.

Package Inclusions

The ‘Legends of the Lane’ package includes a welcome drink, pre-match buffet, a commemorative lanyard, match day programme, team sheets, and the services of a match day host. It’s important to note that there is no hospitality access at half-time or full-time with this package.

The dress code for the ‘Legends of the Lane’ package is smart casual. The pricing is tiered based on the match grade, ranging from £110 + VAT for Bronze Grade to £175 + VAT for Gold Plus Grade for adults.

International Bar

The International Bar at Sheffield United Bramall Lane is designed for those seeking a relaxed hospitality experience while enjoying full views of the stadium. This offering provides access to all home League games throughout the season, presenting a casual environment for entertainment and match viewing.

Upon arrival, members and their guests are treated to a pre-match grazing platter. The details of the platter are not specified in the package information, but it is intended for sharing, offering a light meal before the match begins.

Seating Options

The International Bar offers armchair padded seats, available both indoors and outdoors. These seats are situated in a prime position, promising excellent views of the game.

Meet and Greet with former players

Adding to the matchday experience, the International Bar hosts former players of the club to entertain guests throughout the season. This feature provides an opportunity for guests to interact with past club members, enhancing the overall matchday experience.

Additional Amenities

Members have access to dedicated waiting and customer care staff, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience. Tea and coffee are available at the half-time interval and after the match, providing refreshment throughout the game. The package also includes match day programmes and team sheets, adding to the comprehensive hospitality experience.

Pricing and Membership

Pricing for the International Bar package is tiered based on the match grade, with additional options available for member extra guests. Membership is available for purchase, providing access to the International Bar for the entire season.

Dress Code

The dress code for the International Bar is smart, with a strict policy against replica club shirts or trainers. While smart jeans are permitted, trousers are preferred, ensuring a polished and refined atmosphere within the bar.

Platinum Suite

The Platinum Suite at Sheffield United Bramall Lane, located in the South Stand, is tailored for guests seeking a high-end matchday experience. This package promises an immersive experience, combining fine dining with excellent match viewing from a prime location.

On arrival at the Platinum Suite, guests are welcomed with a complimentary drink. This gesture sets the tone for the luxurious and attentive hospitality that characterizes the Platinum Suite experience.

Before the match, guests are treated to a three-course meal. While the specific menu is not detailed in the package information, the meal is described as outstanding, suggesting a focus on quality and culinary excellence.

Prime Viewing Location

The Platinum Suite offers luxurious, padded, armchair-style seats located near the halfway line, providing guests with an exceptional view of the game within an enclosed area. This seating arrangement places guests in the midst of the action, enhancing the match viewing experience.

Additional Amenities

In the Platinum Suite you have access to dedicated waiting and customer care staff, giving you a seamless and comfortable experience throughout the match. Additional amenities include tea and coffee at the half-time interval and after the match.

The Platinum Suite package includes access to competitions and prizes, adding an element of excitement to the matchday experience. A pay-bar facility with a full range of beverages is also available for guests, offering a variety of drink options throughout the match.

Guests in the Platinum Suite have the unique opportunity to experience the Man of the Match presentations, providing an additional highlight to the matchday experience.

Pricing and Membership

Pricing for the Platinum Suite package is tiered based on the match grade, with additional options available for member extra guests. This tiered pricing allows guests to choose a package that aligns with their budget and the significance of the match.

Dress Code

The dress code for the Platinum Suite is smart, with a strict policy against replica club shirts, trainers, and jeans. Adherence to this dress code is essential, as the club reserves the right to refuse admission for non-compliance.

Premier Club Hospitality Boxes

The Premier Club hospitality boxes at Sheffield United Bramall Lane are positioned for a high-standard matchday hospitality experience. Located directly on the halfway line, these private boxes can seat up to 16 guests and are designed to offer a comprehensive and upscale hospitality experience.

The Premier Club hospitality boxes are located on the third-floor tier, providing external padded seating and panoramic views of Bramall Lane Stadium. This location ensures guests have an unobstructed and expansive view of the match, enhancing the viewing experience.

Dining Experience

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed with a grazing board and a glass of Prosecco. The package includes a pre-match meal, and during half-time, a cheese board and desserts are served. These dining options are included in the package price, ensuring guests have a variety of food options throughout the match.

Complimentary drinks, including beer, wine, and soft drinks, are available to guests until an hour after the final whistle, adding to the hospitality experience. Post-match snacks are also provided, concluding the hospitality experience on a satisfying note.

Guests in the Premier Club hospitality boxes have access to dedicated hosts and waiting staff, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience throughout the match.

Additional amenities include complimentary tea and coffee, an official matchday programme and team sheet for all guests, and an appearance by Sheffield United F.C. legends. Each guest also receives an exclusive Sheffield United F.C. gift as a memento of their matchday experience.


Pricing for the Premier Club hospitality boxes is dependent on the match grade and is charged per box or per person. The prices range from £4,500 + VAT for a Bronze Grade match to £6,000 + VAT for a Gold Plus Grade match for a 16-seat box.

Executive Boxes

The Executive Boxes at Sheffield United Bramall Lane offer a private and exclusive matchday experience, ideal for entertaining clients, rewarding employees, or celebrating special occasions. Available for purchase on a seasonal or match-by-match basis, these private boxes can accommodate up to 10 guests, providing a personalized VIP suite for the day.

Each private box, which can seat either 8 or 10 guests, includes armchair padded seats on a viewing balcony, ensuring comfort and an excellent view of the game. This private setting allows guests to relax and enjoy the match in an exclusive environment.

Guests in the Executive Boxes receive complimentary match day programmes and official team sheets, enhancing the matchday experience by providing essential information and insights about the game.

Dining Options

The Executive Boxes package includes a selection of dining options, although specific details about the menu are not provided in the package information. Meals are inclusive in the private box package price, ensuring guests can enjoy a dining experience without additional charges.

Dedicated waiting and customer care staff are available to assist guests throughout the match, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience. The package also includes a pay bar facility, post-match light bites, and complimentary tea and coffee, providing continuous refreshment options throughout the match.


Each Executive Box package includes one car park pass in one of the Club’s car parks, subject to availability. This inclusion adds convenience to the matchday experience, especially for guests traveling by car.


Pricing for the Executive Boxes is dependent on the match grade and is charged per box. The prices range from £2,250 + VAT for a Bronze Grade match to £3,500 + VAT for a Gold Plus Grade match for a 10-seat box.

Dress Code

The dress code for the Executive Boxes is smart casual. While smart jeans are permitted, the club prefers guests to wear trousers. Replica club shirts and trainers are strictly prohibited, and adherence to the dress code is enforced by the club.

How to Get to Sheffield United Bramall Lane

Navigating your way to Sheffield United Bramall Lane is a straightforward process, with various transportation options available to suit different preferences and needs. Below is a comprehensive guide to help you plan your journey to the stadium.

Driving Routes from Major Motorways

From the North or South

  • If you are driving from the North or South, the M1 is the major motorway to use.
  • Exit the M1 at Junction 33 and follow signs for Sheffield (A57), and then follow signs for Sheffield United Bramall Lane.

From the West

  • If coming from the West, use the M60 and M67, and then join the M1 southbound.
  • Exit at Junction 33 and follow the same directions as above.

Parking Near Bramall Lane

Navigating parking options near Bramall Lane can be a challenge, especially on match days. Below is a detailed overview of the parking options available in the vicinity of the stadium, ensuring you can focus on the game rather than the pre-match parking scramble.

NCP Car Parks

Sheffield Furnival Gate is home to 327 spaces, including 4 accessibility spots, and is a short 10-minute walk from the Sheffield United ground. Alternatively, NCP Sheffield Wellington Street, though slightly further away (around a 20-minute walk from the stadium), tends to be cheaper.

Address: Furnival Gate, Matilda Way, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 4QJ


JustPark offers a quick and efficient parking process allowing you to pre-book a car parking spot. Booking in advance is recommended to secure a better price.

You can expect to pay between £5-£20 for matchday parking. More information and booking options are available on the JustPark website.

Eyre Street (The Moor) Car Park

Operated by APCOA, Eyre Street Car Park is partnered with Sheffield United, offering 24-hour parking, which is useful for later kick-offs.

Use the code SUFCDAY when pre-booking your spot to reduce your matchday parking price to £6.50. More information is available on the Sheffield United’s Official website.

Meadowhall Railway Station

To avoid city centre congestion, consider parking at Meadowhall Station. Parking at the station is free, and a £4 tram ticket will take you into the City Centre, a short walk away from the stadium.

Address for satnav: Sheffield S9 1JQ

Ant Marketing

Located just a 5-minute walk from the stadium along Bramall Lane, Ant Marketing offers unofficial matchday parking for £5. This spot fills up extremely quickly, so it’s advised to arrive at least 2 hours prior to kick-off.

Address: Ant Marketing, 363 Bramall Ln, Lowfield, Sheffield S2 4RN

Train Lines and Stations

Sheffield Interchange Railway Station is a crucial hub for those traveling to Sheffield, especially for attending football matches at Bramall Lane Stadium, the home of Sheffield United. This review provides a straightforward look at the travel times from major English cities to Sheffield, helping you plan your journey effectively.

Travel Times to Sheffield

For football fans traveling from cities with Premier League teams, the Sheffield Railway Station offers convenient and timely connections to ensure you reach Bramall Lane with ease. Its probably the easiest way to get to Sheffield if you’re an away fan.

  • From London: If you are traveling from London, expect the journey to Sheffield to take around 2 hours.
  • From Manchester: Traveling from Manchester to Sheffield will take you approximately 1 hour.
  • From Liverpool: Plan for a journey of around 1 hour and 40 minutes from Liverpool to Sheffield.
  • From Leeds: Leeds is just under 1 hour away from Sheffield by train.

It’s then a 20 minute walk to Bramall Lane Stadium or a quick taxi ride if you can find one available. There are also local buses but walking may be a quicker option on match days. More on buses later.

Coach Options from Major Cities

National Express and Megabus operate coaches from major cities to Sheffield. Upon arrival at the Sheffield Interchange, you can take a local train to Sheffield station, a local bus or a taxi to the stadium.

Bus Services to Bramall Lane Stadium

Navigating to Bramall Lane Stadium by bus is a convenient and eco-friendly option. Several bus services connect various parts of Sheffield to the stadium, ensuring ease of access for attendees. Below is a detailed guide to the bus services you can use to reach Bramall Lane Stadium.

From Sheffield Interchange

Services 47 and 48

  • Destination: Shoreham Street
  • Details: These services will take you directly to Shoreham Street, a nearby location to the stadium.

Service 53 (Low Edges)

  • Destination: Queens Road
  • Details: Service 53 will transport you to Queens Road, providing another route to reach the stadium.

From Arundel Gate

Service Numbers 33, 43, 44/44a (Chesterfield), or 252

  • Destination: Bramall Lane
  • Details: These service numbers offer direct routes to Bramall Lane, ensuring you arrive at the stadium with ease.

From High Street

Services 20/20a, 25/25a, 75, 76, 97, & 98

  • Destination: London Road/John Street
  • Details: These services will take you to London Road/John Street, another nearby location to the stadium.


If you are coming from the city centre then Bramall Lane is easily within walking distance. Simply follow the signs to the stadium, which should take around 20-30 minutes on foot. You’ll soon find plenty of other football fans making the journey too, especially from Sheffield Railway Station.

Nearest Airports

Doncaster Sheffield Airport

The nearest airport to Bramall Lane is Doncaster Sheffield Airport, located approximately 25 miles from the stadium. From the airport, you can take a taxi or shuttle service to Sheffield, and then use local transportation to reach the stadium.

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport is another option, located around 40 miles from Sheffield. Direct trains from Manchester Piccadilly to Sheffield Station are available, making it a convenient option for international visitors. There are express trains from the airport to the city centre.

Whether you plan to drive, take a train, bus, or fly to Sheffield, various convenient options will ensure your smooth arrival at Sheffield United Bramall Lane.

Proper planning and consideration of these options will help you choose the most convenient and efficient mode of transportation, ensuring a pleasant start to your match day experience at Bramall Lane.

Advice Before Going to Sheffield United Bramall Lane

Before heading to Sheffield United Bramall Lane for a match or event, consider the following advice to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Purchase Tickets in Advance

P1 Travel for Soccer tickets

Ensure to purchase your tickets in advance from the official Sheffield United website or the box office to guarantee your seat and avoid any potential issues on the match day. The official seller of tickets for Sheffield is P1 Travel.

Plan Your Journey

Plan your journey ahead of time by checking train or bus timetables and ensuring you are aware of the driving routes and parking facilities. This planning will help you avoid any unexpected delays and ensure you arrive at the stadium on time.

Understand the Stadium Layout

Familiarise yourself with the layout of Sheffield United Bramall Lane, including the entrances and exits, to make your entry and exit smoother and more efficient.

Adhere to Stadium Policies

Review the list of prohibited items on the Sheffield United website to ensure you do not bring any restricted items to the stadium, ensuring a hassle-free entry.

Dress Appropriately

Check the weather forecast for the day of the match and dress appropriately. Remember that umbrellas may be restricted, so consider wearing waterproof clothing if rain is expected.

Arrive Early

Arrive at the stadium early to enjoy the pre-match atmosphere, find your seat comfortably, and avoid the last-minute rush.

Stay Hydrated and Nourished

Make use of the concession stands within the stadium to stay hydrated and nourished. Grab a Chip Butty and a soft drink at half time. I also recommend being aware of where the toilets are in relation to your seat, especially if you’re bringing children!