Elland Road Stadium, the iconic home to Leeds United Football Club, is steeped in rich football history and tradition. Located in the heart of Leeds, West Yorkshire, it has witnessed some of the most memorable moments in English football.

The stadium was officially opened in 1897, initially serving as the home of Holbeck Rugby Club. It wasn’t until 1919 that Leeds United, a newly formed football club at the time, began using the ground as their home.

Since then, Elland Road has seen countless matches, including league games, international fixtures, and thrilling cup ties.

Redevelopment Over the Years

Elland Road, like many historic venues, has undergone numerous renovations and upgrades to adapt to the growing demands of modern football and its fans.

1930s: The 1930s marked the first significant development at Elland Road. The West Stand was rebuilt, increasing the stadium’s seating capacity and providing better facilities for supporters.


In this decade, the iconic floodlights were introduced, enabling evening fixtures and illuminating the stadium in grandeur. The addition of the floodlights allowed the venue to host matches under the European lights, bringing about some of the most atmospheric nights.


The 1970s were transformative years for Elland Road. The North Stand was reconstructed, and the West Stand underwent significant refurbishments, solidifying the stadium’s status as one of the most advanced in the country.

1990s to Early 2000s

The East Stand, which is now one of the largest cantilever stands in the world, was redeveloped during this period. With a seating capacity of around 15,000, it stands as a testament to the club’s ambition and foresight.

Recent Years

The modern era has seen further improvements in infrastructure, including enhanced hospitality zones, state-of-the-art media facilities, and dedicated areas for differently-abled supporters, making Elland Road not just a venue for football but an inclusive space for everyone.

As you explore the various seating options at Elland Road Stadium, understanding its evolution offers a unique perspective on how each stand and section has its own story to tell. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual visitor, there’s no denying the allure of this legendary venue.

Notable Players and Managers at Leeds United

Billy Bremner

A midfield dynamo and club legend, Billy Bremner’s tenacity, skill, and leadership made him a mainstay at Leeds United during the 1960s and 70s. With over 700 appearances, his commitment to the club is unquestionable, and he’s often remembered for his tireless performances and crucial goals.

Peter Lorimer

Known for his powerful shots, Lorimer holds the record for the most goals scored for Leeds United. During his two spells at the club, spanning the 60s, 70s, and 80s, he netted an astonishing 238 goals.

John Charles

A versatile player, Charles could dominate as both a defender and a striker. His physical prowess, combined with his exceptional skills, made him a standout figure in the 1950s and earned him the nickname “The Gentle Giant.”

Visionary Managers

Don Revie

Revie’s managerial reign from 1961 to 1974 transformed Leeds United into a powerhouse of English football. Under his guidance, the club secured numerous domestic titles and became a force in European competitions. His tactics, man-management, and dedication to the club left an indelible mark on Elland Road.

Howard Wilkinson

Taking charge in the late 1980s, Wilkinson led Leeds United to their last First Division title in 1992 before the inception of the Premier League. He instilled a sense of discipline and tactical nous, making Leeds a tough side to compete against.

Marcelo Bielsa

In recent years, the charismatic Argentine, Marcelo Bielsa, has become a revered figure at Elland Road. Instrumental in Leeds United’s return to the Premier League after a 16-year absence, his innovative tactics and footballing philosophy rejuvenated the team and rekindled the passion of the fans.

Elland Road has been graced by numerous talents, both on the pitch and in the dugout. These figures, along with many others, have etched their names into the annals of Leeds United’s illustrious history.

Grandstand Reviews at Leeds United Elland Road Stadium

Jack Charlton East Stand

The East Stand is arguably one of the most impressive structures at Elland Road. Dominating the stadium’s landscape, it boasts a seating capacity of approximately 15,000 spectators.

From the uppermost points of the East Stand, fans gain a panoramic view of the entire pitch. The height allows for a tactical perspective, where one can see player formations and movements unfold in real-time. Some fans particularly enjoy this eagle-eye perspective because it lets them anticipate plays and analyze team strategies.

The middle tier offers a balanced view of the pitch, blending the close-up action from the lower seats with the broad overview of the upper tier. Many season ticket holders prefer this section, finding it the best of both worlds in terms of perspective and match experience.

Being closest to the pitch, the lower tier immerses fans in the electric atmosphere of match day. The proximity means supporters can hear player communication, feel the intensity of challenges, and truly experience the ebb and flow of the game. It’s the ideal spot for those who want to feel the raw energy of football up close.

John Charles West Stand

The West Stand is one of the older parts of the stadium but has undergone significant refurbishments over the years. It blends the classic with the contemporary, providing fans with modern comforts while retaining a sense of history.

Offering a side view of the pitch, the West Stand’s upper tier provides a vantage point similar to most televised broadcasts. The angle is particularly great for appreciating team shape, off-the-ball movements, and intricate passing sequences.

Mid-way up the West Stand, fans get a closer look at the near-side touchline action while still having a comprehensive view of the far side. This middle ground is perfect for supporters who enjoy watching wing play and the dynamics of side-to-side ball movement.

The West Stand’s lower tier thrusts fans right into the midst of the atmosphere. Close to the dugouts, spectators can catch glimpses of managerial reactions, witness first-hand the intensity of challenges on the near touchline, and feel every goal celebration deeply.

Norman Hunter South Stand

The South Stand is known for its passionate fans and electric atmosphere. It’s where some of the most ardent Leeds supporters congregate, making it the heart of Elland Road’s match day energy.

The topmost seats of the South Stand provide a goal-end perspective, which is ideal for those who love the thrill of attacks, defensive setups, and, of course, those crucial goal-mouth scrambles.

The lower tier of the South Stand is all about immersion. Being so close to the goal, fans can almost feel the net ripple during a goal and experience the highs and lows of the match with unparalleled intensity.

Don Revie North Stand

The North Stand, reconstructed in the 1970s, complements the South Stand and balances the stadium’s aesthetics.

Much like its southern counterpart, the North Stand’s upper tier offers a goal-end view, allowing fans to appreciate the depth and width of team formations, especially during attacks.

Being nearest to the pitch, the North Stand’s lower seats are for those who wish to be at the heart of the action, experiencing every twist and turn of the game in vivid detail.

Each stand at Elland Road offers a unique viewing experience, catering to the varied preferences of Leeds United’s diverse fan base. Whether you prioritise tactical understanding, atmospheric immersion, or a blend of both, there’s a seat at Elland Road waiting for you.

Hospitality Options at Leeds United Elland Road Stadium

Elland Road offers a plethora of hospitality options, catering to fans who want a bit more luxury with their match day experience. These options provide an assortment of amenities, from gourmet dining to exclusive seating areas. Let’s delve into the various choices available:

Centenary Pavillion

Centrally situated opposite the Main East Stand, its location is convenient and hard to miss. I recommend arriving roughly three hours before kick-off to get the most from your ticket. The reception staff at the Pavilion were prompt and cordial, ensuring a swift and seamless entry.

A word of advice, though: while bag checks are comprehensive and efficient, you might want to avoid carrying large items bigger than A4 size, as the stadium doesn’t permit them, and there’s no facility to store them.

Every guest is provided with a matchday lanyard upon entry. The tables are well-laid out, and if you’re a smaller party, expect to share your space – a great opportunity to meet fellow fans and share in the camaraderie.

The Centenary Pavilion isn’t just about football; it’s about the entire experience. A couple of hours before kick-off, you’ll get treated to a two-course pre-match meal, complemented by a range of house beers, wines, and soft drinks. Do note that while the inclusive package is generous, special drinks like spirits and champagne will cost you extra. The cashless move by Elland Road makes the payment process smoother, with card transactions ensuring a quicker service.

What truly elevates the Pavilion’s hospitality, though, is the entertainment included. With live sports broadcasting on large screens and performances by local artists, the ambiance is nothing short of electric.

The match itself is an experience. When it’s time, you cross over to the East Stand Main Reception to access your seats. The view from the East Upper Seating is panoramic, capturing the essence of a live match perfectly.

After the match, the Centenary Pavilion is where you’d want to return. They serve the third course of your meal, and the bar remains open for any additional refreshments you might desire. To cap off the evening, the resident legends offer post-match analysis, blending expertise with nostalgia.

In terms of dress code, ‘smart casual’ is the way to go at the Pavilion. So, while trainers, sportswear, and even replica shirts are acceptable, it might be a good idea to dress comfortably yet stylishly. For those driving, there’s parking at Car Park B, right across the Club Shop.

Yeboah’s Crossbar

Upon setting foot at Yeboah’s Crossbar, you’re stepping into a specially curated matchday experience. Conveniently located next to the Centenary Pavilion and opposite the East Stand, this marquee structure opens its doors two hours before kick-off. For a hassle-free entry I recommend you download your digital ticket to your Apple or Google Wallet as this makes life much easier.

Once you’re at the entrance, a brief bag check awaits you. It’s worth noting that large bags, especially those bigger than A4 size, aren’t permitted inside, so it’s best to travel light. After this quick procedure, you’ll be presented with a lanyard, a vital accessory that must be visibly worn throughout your time at Elland Road.

As an added touch, a complimentary copy of the match day programme is handed to guests upon arrival.

Inside Yeboah’s Crossbar, you can bask in glory of a complimentary bar, well-stocked with a selection of house beers, wines, and soft drinks. As kick-off nears, precisely 30 minutes before the game begins, you’ll be directed to the East Stand Entrances. Here, you’ll scan your digital ticket, securing your spot in the East Stand Upper Tier.

It’s essential to know that once the game starts, Yeboah’s Crossbar closes its doors, directing guests to the stadium’s concourse area for any additional refreshments.

When the final whistle blows, the Centenary Pavilion invites Yeboah’s Crossbar guests for post-match reflections. With a complimentary drink voucher in hand, you can indulge in some refreshments while engaging with resident legends.

They’ll offer post-match insights, adding depth to your experience. Remember, Elland Road is transitioning to a cashless venue, so any extra purchases should be made via card. With no strict dress code and parking available at Car Park B, your experience promises ease and immersion into the world of Leeds United.

The Legends Club

When you step into The Legends Club, you’re greeted by a unique mix of history and luxury. Notable faces from Champions League campaigns, including Danny Mills, Ian Harte, and Lee Bowyer, as well as recent standouts like Neil Sullivan, might be seen mingling in the club.

Positioned centrally on Hospitality Level 4 in the East Stand, where the boardroom used to be, The Legends Club offers a prime vantage point. The experience begins with a champagne welcome and continues with a 4-course pre-match dining, featuring a fine selection of dishes from an a la carte menu and an array of desserts.

Throughout your visit, complimentary drinks, including beers, house wines, and soft drinks, keep the atmosphere lively. Want something more? Premium spirits and fine wines are available for purchase.

Your viewing experience is enhanced with padded seats located at the center of Level 4, offering clear views of the match. The carpeted balcony outside the club adds a touch of class. At half-time and full-time, hot tea and coffee await you.

Perks don’t end there. Every guest gets an official match programme, team sheet, and access to in-suite table betting. A dedicated parking spot in the Stadium Way Car Park is also part of the package.

Considering a longer commitment? Seasonal hospitality places are limited to ensure exclusivity, priced at £4,500+VAT per person. For detailed insights or inquiries, reach out to the VIP Hospitality Team directly.

Lucas Radebe Suite

When you step into the Radebe Suite at Elland Road, there’s an immediate sense that it strikes the right balance between sports enthusiasm and upscale hospitality. The suite embodies a contemporary sports bar atmosphere, characterized by sleek poseur tables and a buzz that’s palpably exciting. The presence of multiple TV screens keeps guests engrossed, as they broadcast every little nuance of the pre-match preparations and analyses courtesy of LUTV.

One of the key features that stood out to me was the buffet. It’s a delightful array of hot and cold dishes that cater to diverse palates, ensuring that everyone has something to look forward to before the game commences.

And while you’re relishing your meal or just engaging in pre-match banter, there’s an added convenience of a matchday betting service brought directly to your table, all thanks to Sky Bet. It gives that extra edge of excitement, especially if you’re feeling lucky about the day’s match.

Now, when it comes to the actual match viewing experience, the Lucas Radebe Suite truly shines. Guests enjoy direct access to executive padded match seats located right in the heart of the West Stand. Believe me, the view from there is unparalleled, ensuring that you catch every move, every goal, and every crucial moment of the game. The direct access is a thoughtful touch, allowing guests to move seamlessly between the suite and their seats.

The suite also boasts of exclusive amenities that enhance the overall matchday experience. Right from a private entrance that adds a touch of exclusivity, to the assurance of a reserved dining table waiting for you, the Lucas Radebe Suite ensures that every little detail is taken care of.

Positioned in the West Stand, the suite’s location is prime, making it easily accessible while also guaranteeing some of the best views of the pitch.

As for the dress code, the Lucas Radebe Suite encourages a smart-casual approach. While smart denim gets a nod, it’s worth noting that trainers, sportswear, and replica shirts are best left at home. However, for those visiting with children under 16, the dress code is more relaxed, ensuring the young ones can be at ease.

Premier Lounge

Nestled conveniently close to the ground entrance, the Premier Lounge at Elland Road emerges as a space designed with both executives and fans in mind. Whether you’re aiming to impress clients, reward staff, or simply enjoy a day out with friends, this venue lays out an inviting setting that’s both cozy and sophisticated.

Upon entering, the first thing that might catch your attention is the well-stocked bar. It’s not just any bar; it’s a space where conversations flow as freely as the drinks. If you’re peckish, the lounge doesn’t disappoint. While a variety of bar snacks are available to satiate those pre-match hunger pangs, the availability of food for purchase ensures that you can choose something more substantial if you prefer.

The Premier Lounge tickets include comfortable West Stand seating, ensuring that your match-viewing experience is nothing short of top-tier. With seats like these, you’re guaranteed a fantastic view of the on-pitch action, making every pass, goal, and tackle feel incredibly up close.

A touch that I particularly found thoughtful was the facility to return to the lounge during half-time and full-time. It’s a quiet reprieve where you can discuss the game’s highlights over a warm cup of tea or coffee, which is included in the package.

Furthermore, each guest in the Premier Lounge is treated to a match programme and team sheet, keeping them well-informed and engaged. The presence of a matchday host adds to the experience, ensuring smooth operations and addressing any queries guests might have.

For those who enjoy a little flutter, the lounge offers a betting service, adding an extra layer of excitement to the matchday. If you’re planning to drive to the venue, there’s the option to avail a car parking permit, albeit at an additional cost and subject to availability.

Lastly, attire does matter in the Premier Lounge. Embodying a “Smart-Casual” dress code, guests are expected to put their best fashion foot forward, steering clear of denims, trainers, and football shirts.

Where Do Away Fans Sit at Leeds United Elland Road Stadium?

At Elland Road, away fans find their spot in the John Charles Stand, specifically on the side that leans towards the South Stand. The default seating allocation provides you with 1,566 seats in the upper tier. If there’s a surge in demand, another 1,104 seats from the lower tier can be utilized, totaling the away section to 2,670 seats.

When you’re ready to enter, it’s straightforward. The electronic turnstiles require you to scan the barcode on your ticket, granting you seamless access.

Once inside, the John Charles Stand showcases a blend of old wooden and newer plastic seats. A heads-up: the upper tier might not be your first choice due to limited legroom and several supporting pillars which can obstruct your view. For an unhindered match experience, consider opting for the lower tier seats.

While the stand’s amenities are functional, some parts might come across as slightly outdated. But, the atmosphere is palpable. The stadium buzzes with energy, and you’ll often find yourself in lively exchanges with the home Leeds fans situated to your right.

The concourse offers a variety of food choices. From Holland’s Pies like Peppered Steak, Chicken Balti, to other classics like Burgers and Hot Dogs, you’ll have several options to sate your hunger.

How to Get to Leeds United Elland Road Stadium

Reaching Elland Road Stadium is relatively straightforward, thanks to its convenient location and the well-connected infrastructure of Leeds. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get there:

By Car:

Elland Road is ideally situated just off the M621 motorway, making it easily accessible for drivers.

From the M1

  • Take the M621 towards Leeds.
  • Exit at Junction 2.
  • Follow signs for Elland Road Stadium.

From the M62

  • Join the M621 in Leeds.
  • Exit at Junction 1.
  • Follow the signs directing you to Elland Road.

Best place to park near Elland Road Stadium?

JustPark Private spaces

One of the easiest options to park near to the stadium is to temporarily rent a private parking space. This can be done through the JustPark website and app. It’s super easy and surprisingly cheap too. There’s hundreds of spaces within a short walk of Elland Road so its well worth viewing what’s available.

Car Park A & B

Right on Elland Road’s doorstep, you’ll find Car Parks A and B, with postcode LS11 0ES. If you’re an away fan, this is the spot you might want to opt for. Why? It’s often the chosen ground for away fan coaches.

The advantage for you is a potentially quicker getaway after the match, with fewer vehicles scrambling to leave simultaneously. Just a quick hop from the stadium, it’s only 0.1km away, and at £5, it offers convenience without being too heavy on the pocket.

These car parks allocation for home and away fans, plus coach parking can change depending on the match you’re going to so its always worth contacting Elland Road Stadium to ensure parking here is possible.

Fullerton Car Park

Venturing just a little further out, about 0.5km from Elland Road, there’s Fullerton Car Park (postcode LS11 8TZ). It’s spacious, and you’re still within a brisk 3-minute walk to the stadium. Again, priced at £5, it’s both accessible and affordable for a match day.

The Old Peacock Pub

Are you looking to mingle with fellow fans before heading to the game? The Old Peacock pub (postcode LS11 8TU) is a popular match day hangout and has the added benefit of a large car park right next to it. At £5 and 0.5km away from Elland Road, you’re not just paying for a parking spot, but also the lively atmosphere of a fan-favourite pub.

Elland Road Park & Ride

For those who prioritise security and convenience, the Elland Road Park & Ride might catch your attention. Launched in 2014, it started with 425 spots and now boasts 800 spaces, complete with disability-friendly parking and CCTV surveillance. You’ll find it next to the Leeds United football stadium, right opposite the entrance to Elland Road Police Station on the A643.

Keep in mind the height restriction barriers with a maximum height of 2.35 metres, so check your vehicle’s height if you’re driving something larger. For navigating, punch in the postcode LS11 0EB.

They have a structured timetable with varying frequencies, especially around match days. Ticket pricing is flexible, with several bulk options and discounts available.

Drop-off Points

If someone’s giving you a lift to the match, there’s a designated drop-off point in Car Park A, which is next to McDonalds. It’s a new addition and is conveniently signposted. This spot is a great alternative to the often congested Lowfields Road.

Fans should note that all car parks open from 1pm on Sunday. Those holding passes for Fullerton Car Park or VIP Club Guests can start their matchday earlier, with access from 9.30am. Always consider setting off early for the game to accommodate any unforeseen delays.

There are two expansive car parks at the ground for your convenience. However, if you’re thinking of finding on-street parking close to Elland Road, think again. Remember that street parking near the stadium is reserved for residents so only use designated parking areas.

Remember, the actual address for Elland Road, if you’re tapping it into your GPS, is Elland Road, Leeds, LS11 0ES.

By Train

Positioned at New Station Street in Leeds, with the postcode LS1 4DY, Leeds Railway Station is conveniently situated approximately two miles from the iconic Elland Road. This prime transportation hub serves as a nexus, ensuring passengers from various regions have a seamless journey to the stadium. It takes around 46 minutes to walk from the station to the stadium. Or take the shuttle bus R2 (More on that in a minute).

Railways that serve Leeds

For those journeying from the capital, Leeds Railway Station is connected directly to London King’s Cross through the East Coast Main Line, and to London St Pancras via the Midland Main Line.

Within the West Yorkshire region, the MetroTrain network becomes pivotal. The Airedale Line, for instance, provides connectivity through locations such as Keighley, Skipton, and as far as Heysham Port, Morecambe, and Carlisle.

Additionally, the Caldervale Line facilitates travel between Leeds and other key spots like Manchester Oxford Road, Blackpool North, and Huddersfield.

The Hallam Line becomes especially handy for those traveling from areas around Castleford, Wakefield, Barnsley, and Sheffield. In a similar vein, the Harrogate Line ensures that those from Harrogate, Knaresborough, and York have a straightforward journey. For passengers from Dewsbury and Huddersfield, the Huddersfield Line is their best bet.

Moreover, the Pontefract Line caters to those coming from Castleford, Pontefract, Knottingley, and Goole, while the Wakefield Line extends services to Wakefield, Doncaster, and Sheffield. The Wharfedale Line, connecting to Ilkley, and the Leeds-Bradford Lines, linking Leeds to Bradford, further expand the station’s reach, ensuring visitors from near and far have efficient means to reach Elland Road.

Local Buses

Matchday Shuttle Service: First Leeds Buses R2

Navigating your way to Elland Road for the match? There’s a smooth, timely solution awaiting you. First Leeds Buses operates a designated match day shuttle service, numbered R2. Starting from Sovereign Street, which is ideally positioned adjacent to Leeds station, this service ensures you reach the stadium without any hassle.

Strategically departing 90 minutes prior to kick-off, the shuttles are frequent, so you’re never left waiting too long.

Post-match, they’ve got you covered too, with consistent services transporting fans back to Leeds city centre. In terms of fares, it’s economically priced at £3 return for adults, while children and OAPs can enjoy a reduced fare of £1.50.

If you’re only looking to take a one-way ride, the cost stands at £2 for adults and a mere £1 for children and OAPs.

Other bus services that stop at Elland Road

Besides the special shuttle service, there are regular bus routes that can help you reach the stadium. Bus numbers 51, 52, and 55 routinely ply from Leeds city centre, taking a route that conveniently passes along Elland Road.

These buses make a stop right outside the stadium opposite the merchandise store, making it an efficient choice for match-goers. However, it’s worth noting a small logistical point: due to match day traffic, bus stops situated outside the ground are temporarily suspended.

This halt in service occurs one hour before and resumes an hour after the conclusion of a home match. So, factor in this slight delay when planning your journey.

Walking from City Centre to Elland Road

For those based in Leeds or staying in city centre hotels, walking can be a great way to reach Elland Road, especially on sunny days. The walk takes approximately 30-35 minutes from the central railway station and is mostly straightforward.

Nearest Airports

Leeds Bradford Airport

If you’re planning on catching a Leeds United match and flying into the region, Leeds Bradford Airport serves as a convenient gateway. Home to numerous airline services, the airport is well-connected, boasting operations from well-known airlines like Aer Lingus, Ryanair, Jet2.com, EasyJet, and KLM, among others.

Once you’ve touched down, transitioning from the airport to Leeds city is a breeze. You have multiple transit options to choose from. Buses run regularly, providing an economical and reliable means to reach the city centre.

Alternatively, if you’re seeking a faster or more private means of transport, there are ample taxis available right outside the airport terminal. This convenience ensures that getting to a Leeds United football match from the airport is straightforward and hassle-free.

Manchester Airport

If you’re flying into the UK to catch a Leeds United match at Elland Road but can’t secure a flight directly into Leeds, Manchester Airport is your next best option.

Located approximately 56 miles southwest of Leeds, this bustling international hub connects to a vast array of global destinations.

Upon landing, you have several convenient options to reach Leeds. The train from Manchester Airport to Leeds runs regularly and takes just over an hour, dropping you at Leeds Railway Station.

From there, you can take a short taxi ride or hop on the local buses that serve Elland Road. Additionally, if you prefer a direct route, consider pre-booking a taxi or car service from Manchester Airport straight to the stadium. This can be especially useful if you’re running tight on time or have luggage with you.

Whatever your choice, planning ahead ensures a seamless journey from touchdown to kick-off.

Advice Before Going to Elland Road Stadium

Plan Ahead

Ensure you’ve got your tickets in advance, especially for high-profile matches which can sell out quickly. It’s also vital to ascertain your seat location before arriving to avoid any confusion.

Dress appropriately for Leeds’ unpredictable weather. Check the forecast and consider dressing in layers, and bring a waterproof jacket if rain seems likely.

On Arrival

Aim to arrive at least an hour before kick-off. This provides ample time to navigate the crowds, locate your seat, and even soak in the pre-match atmosphere.

Security at major sports venues has increased over the years. Expect to undergo a bag check at the entrance. To facilitate a smooth entry, bring only the essentials and avoid carrying large bags or backpacks.

At the Stadium

Once inside, familiarise yourself with the location of restrooms, food and drink concessions, and emergency exits closest to your seat. Elland Road is a place steeped in history, so always ensure you respect the venue.

Keep it clean by using the bins provided and adhering to the venue’s rules and regulations. Remember that football is a sport that unites people, so always be respectful to fellow fans, even those of the opposing team.

Local Customs

Leeds United fans are renowned for their fervent support. Joining in with popular chants can enhance your match day experience, but always ensure your involvement remains respectful and in good spirit.

After the final whistle, if you’re not in a rush, consider lingering a bit to avoid the immediate post-match congestion.

Additional Tips

Ensure your phone is charged before heading to the stadium. For visitors from abroad, consider purchasing a local SIM card for optimal connectivity.

Stay hydrated and nourished during the game. Carry a bottle of water and consider grabbing a snack, especially if you’ve been active or on your feet for extended periods.

Lastly, if your schedule allows, explore some local attractions around Elland Road or in Leeds city centre. The city boasts a rich cultural heritage that’s well worth delving into.