Crystal Palace Selhurst Park, often simply referred to as Selhurst Park, stands as a testament to the rich football heritage of England.

Nestled in the borough of Croydon, South London, this venue has been the heart and soul of football action for Crystal Palace Football Club (CPFC) since its inauguration.

In this article we’ll tell you about all of the seating options so you can find the best seats at Crystal Palace to suit your budget and style.

The Early Years

Initially opened in 1924, Selhurst Park was designed to be a state-of-the-art facility of its time. The initial capacity was around 25,000, which was quite substantial given the standards of the early 20th century.

It was created with the idea of providing a space that not only catered to football matches but also facilitated community engagement.

Redevelopments and Transformations

Over the years, Selhurst Park witnessed multiple phases of redevelopment, each aiming to enhance the spectators’ experience while preserving the stadium’s original charm.

The 1960s and 1970s: Modern Touches

The period between the 1960s and 1970s saw significant changes, most notably the construction of the Arthur Wait stand, named after the club’s then-chairman. This addition expanded the stadium’s seating capacity and brought a modern touch to its infrastructure.

The 1980s: Introduction of the Holmesdale Road End

During the 1980s, another significant shift in Selhurst Park’s layout was introduced with the completion of the Holmesdale Road end. This was a move to cater to the increasing demand for better viewing angles and enhanced seating comfort.

The Late 1990s to Present: Holistic Upgrades

Starting from the late 1990s, the focus shifted to holistic upgrades. The Whitehorse Lane end underwent redevelopment, adding executive boxes and increasing capacity. The Main Stand and the Arthur Wait stand also saw improvements in terms of seating and facilities.

The latest development plans, which have been discussed in recent years, aim to increase the seating capacity further, with modern facilities ensuring that Selhurst Park remains a competitive venue in the top tiers of English football.

In your journey through this article, you’ll discover insights into the best seats that Selhurst Park has to offer. This will ensure your next visit is memorable, giving you the finest views of the action on the pitch.

Notable Players and Managers

Crystal Palace Selhurst Park has witnessed a parade of remarkable talents over the years. Both on the pitch and off it, Selhurst Park has been graced by individuals who have left indelible marks in the annals of football history.

Crystal Palace’s best players

Geoff Thomas

Serving as the club’s captain during the late 1980s and early 1990s, Geoff Thomas’s leadership and midfield prowess remain legendary among Palace fans. His tenacity and ability to command the game from the center made him a standout figure at Selhurst Park.

Mark Bright

A prolific striker, Bright formed one half of the iconic forward partnership with Ian Wright during the late 1980s. Together, they were responsible for many of the club’s memorable goals and remain a celebrated duo among the fans.

Wilfried Zaha

A product of the club’s youth system, Zaha’s flair and skill on the wings made him one of the most exciting players to watch in the Premier League era. His commitment to the club has endeared him to fans, making him a modern-day icon at Selhurst Park.

Julian Speroni

The Argentine goalkeeper, with over a decade at the club, has made numerous vital saves that have etched his name in Palace folklore. His loyalty and consistent performances have made him one of the most celebrated figures at the club. He even has a restaurant named after him at the Stadium (more on that later!)

Famous Crystal Palace Managers

Steve Coppell

With multiple stints as the manager of Crystal Palace, Coppell’s reign is remembered for stability and some of the club’s most successful periods. His ability to get the best out of his players made him a beloved figure at Selhurst Park.

Alan Smith

Smith guided the team to its highest-ever league finish, securing third place in the old First Division during the 1990-91 season. His tactical acumen and understanding of the game brought about an era of success for the club.

Roy Hodgson

A highly respected figure in English football, Hodgson took the helm at Crystal Palace in 2017. With his vast experience and knowledge, he stabilised the team and ensured its status in the Premier League, making him one of the key managerial figures in recent times.

His return to the manager’s role for the 2023/2024 season has surprised many but there’s denying he’s a competent and passionate Crystal Palace fan.

Through the decades, Selhurst Park has been a stage for many footballing maestros, both in boots and in suits. These individuals have not just added to the club’s legacy but have also enriched the memories of countless fans who frequent this historic venue.

Grandstand Reviews

Selhurst Park, with its rich history and tradition, is divided into various stands, each offering a unique experience for spectators. The blend of old charm and modern upgrades makes it a captivating venue for football enthusiasts.

This section will delve into the specifics of each grandstand, providing you with a comprehensive overview of what to expect in terms of views, capacities, and the overall atmosphere.

Holmesdale Road Stand

The Holmesdale Road Stand, especially known for its vociferous support, provides an excellent viewpoint of the game.

The lower tier offers a close and immersive experience, enabling fans to feel the intensity of every tackle and the pace of each counter-attack.

As you ascend to the upper tier, the vantage point becomes more panoramic, giving a broader overview of team formations and play patterns.

With a seating capacity of approximately 8,000 fans, the Holmesdale Road Stand often resonates with passionate chants and fervent support, making it the heartbeat of Selhurst Park.

Given its reputation as the home of the most ardent supporters, the atmosphere here is electrifying, particularly during crucial fixtures. For those seeking a raw, unfiltered football experience, this is the place to be.

Arthur Wait Stand

The Arthur Wait Stand, situated on the side of the pitch, offers a balanced view of both ends of the field. The lower sections provide proximity to the players, allowing spectators to appreciate the intricate passes and skilful manoeuvres.

The upper levels, while distanced, afford a sometimes obstructed view of the entire pitch, making it easier to follow the flow of the game.

Housing around 9,500 spectators, the Arthur Wait Stand is one of the larger sections of Selhurst Park, accommodating a mix of both die-hard fans and casual viewers.

Being one of the main grandstands, it witnesses a blend of intense support and casual chatter. Its position offers a balanced football experience, combining the thrill of close encounters and the advantage of a broader perspective.

Whitehorse Lane Stand

The Whitehorse Lane Stand has undergone several transformations, with the latest redevelopments offering a splendid view of the action.

The lower tier, much like the other stands, places fans close to the touchline, making every sprint and tackle palpably intense.

The upper sections, equipped with executive boxes, provide both luxury and a comprehensive view of the match proceedings.

With a seating capacity of roughly 2,219, it might seem smaller in comparison to other stands. However, it compensates with its executive facilities and an intimate atmosphere.

The Whitehorse Lane Stand, with its blend of regular seating and executive boxes, caters to a diverse audience. Whether you’re a corporate guest or a seasoned fan, the amenities and views here won’t disappoint.

Main Stand

The Main Stand, as the name suggests, holds a central position at Selhurst Park. The views here are symmetrical, offering an equally good perspective of both goalposts.

The higher tiers, while providing a comprehensive sight of the field, also allow glimpses of the surrounding locality, merging the thrill of football with the charm of South London.

Accommodating around 5,400 spectators, the Main Stand is a buzzing hub during match days, brimming with anticipation and excitement.

The Main Stand is a blend of tradition and modernity. Here, you’ll find seasoned supporters recounting tales of past glories alongside younger fans, wide-eyed and hopeful for the future.

The amenities are relatively good given the age of the stadium. All this will change in the coming years as the stadium gets a much needed upgrade.

Where do Away Fans Sit at Crystal Palace Selhurst Park?

Selhurst Park, like most football stadiums in the UK, has a designated section for away supporters to ensure safety, segregation, and an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Away fans visiting Selhurst Park are allocated seats in a section of the Arthur Wait Stand. This location provides several advantages:

The seats designated for away supporters in the Arthur Wait Stand offer a clear and unobstructed view of the pitch, ensuring that fans can closely follow their team’s performance.

The away section can accommodate around 2,000 to 3,000 supporters, depending on the fixture and demand. Seats are designed to offer comfort, and the sightlines are optimized for an enjoyable matchday experience.

The entrance and exit routes for away fans are clearly marked and are managed by stadium staff and security on match days. This ensures smooth entry and exit from the venue, minimising any potential for confrontations between home and away supporters.

Within the away section, fans have access to concession stands offering food and beverages. There are also restroom facilities available exclusively for the use of away supporters.

Selhurst Park ensures that away fans have a dedicated and comfortable space from which to support their team. The club prioritises the safety and enjoyment of all fans, making sure that even those supporting the opposition can have a memorable experience at the venue.

Hospitality Options

Selhurst Park isn’t just a venue for passionate football; it’s also a destination for luxury, relaxation, and elite experiences.

The club offers a range of hospitality options that cater to various preferences, whether you’re attending a business event, celebrating a special occasion, or simply wanting to watch the game in style.

Let’s delve into the unique hospitality options available at the stadium.

Speroni’s Restaurant

Named after the legendary goalkeeper Julian Speroni, this fine-dining restaurant is located in the Main Stand.

Elegantly designed with a mix of contemporary and classic elements, Speroni’s offers a chic dining environment, adorned with memorabilia celebrating the goalkeeper’s illustrious career at the club.

Expect a blend of traditional British fare with modern twists. The wine list is curated to complement the dishes, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

On matchdays, patrons can enjoy a three-course meal, halftime refreshments, and post-match analysis from Palace legends. A perfect blend of football and luxury.

The 2010 Club

A nod to the club’s foundation year, The 2010 Club is an exclusive setting offering unparalleled views of the action.

Situated in the Main Stand, it provides a panoramic view of the pitch, ensuring you don’t miss any part of the game.

Guests at The 2010 Club are treated to champagne receptions, gourmet four-course meals, and post-match Q&A sessions with first-team players. The seating is plush, with personal HD screens to catch replays and other matches.

Legends Club

Paying homage to the club’s rich history, the Legends Club is where past meets present.

Located in the Whitehorse Lane Stand, the Legends Club offers a vibrant atmosphere, adorned with photos and memorabilia of club legends.

Aside from a delightful three-course meal, guests are treated to appearances from Crystal Palace legends, sharing tales from their playing days. Matchday programmes, team sheets, and halftime beverages complete the premium experience.

Executive Boxes at Selhurst Park

If you’re looking for an elevated match-viewing experience at Selhurst Park, the home of Crystal Palace AFC, you might want to consider their Executive Box offering. Overlooking the pitch, these boxes cater to spectators who appreciate an enhanced, more private view of the game.

An Enhanced Match day Experience

Regular stands have their charm, but the Executive Box introduces a layer of exclusivity to your matchday. Whether you’re hosting clients or celebrating a special occasion with loved ones, this private space gives you a distinct way to watch, isolated from the bustling crowd.

What stands out about the Executive Boxes is their versatility. Depending on your group size, Selhurst Park offers boxes that fit either 10 or 20 guests. Furthermore, you’re provided with an array of layout choices and food and drink packages, ensuring your match day feels tailored to your preferences.

Views from the Balcony

One of the significant benefits you’d get from an Executive Box is access to private balcony seating. Here, you can step outside to immerse yourself in the palpable match atmosphere, enjoying a clear, uninterrupted view of the game.

It’s a unique blend of privacy and immersion, letting you dictate how you wish to experience the match.

How to Get to Crystal Palace Selhurst Park

Navigating your way to Selhurst Park can be achieved via a myriad of transportation methods. Whether you’re travelling by car, train, coach, bus, or even flying in for a match, this guide will assist you in finding the most convenient route.

Driving to Selhurst Park

  • Exit the M25 at Junction 7 and follow signs for the A23 North towards Croydon.
  • Continue on the A23 for about 10 miles until you reach the A232 junction for Selhurst Park.

Parking at Crystal Palace Selhurst Park

When heading to a Crystal Palace FC match at Selhurst Park, finding a convenient parking spot is crucial. Despite potential road closures and limitations on matchday, a bit of prior knowledge and planning can simplify your parking experience.

Street Parking

You might attempt street parking near the stadium. However, be aware, as many areas are reserved for residents or are blocked off on match days.

You can avoid the hassle by using JustPark. This platform allows you to pre-book parking spots in the area, typically priced between £10-£20. It’s a practical option, letting you handle parking arrangements beforehand and consider the road closures on match days.

Some fans have managed to find parking along Whitehorse Lane leading to South Norwood Hill opposite Howden Road.

There’s also Auckland Road. These areas operate on a pay and display system with a 4-hour limit, so make sure to adhere to the rules to avoid fines.

Sainsbury’s and Iceland Options

Right next to the stadium, Sainsbury’s car park is a free option you might use. Be ready to arrive early as roads nearby are closed 2-3 hours before kick-off and stay closed for about an hour post-match for pedestrian safety.

Another alternative is parking at Iceland on Brigstock Road, about a 15-minute walk from the stadium. It’s affordable at £4 for 6 hours, but it’s limited to 20 spaces.

Purley Oaks Station

If you’re open to a bit of public transport, Purley Oaks Station parking might suit you. Park your car for the day at £2.15 and take a 15-minute train ride to Thorton Heath station. It’s a budget-friendly and relatively convenient option, but always check for any potential train delays or strikes that might disrupt your plan.

In case you’re considering parking further out and taking the train to Thornton Heath, keep in mind the traffic on Saturdays, even without the football crowd, can cause delays. Make sure to allot extra time for your journey to ensure you don’t miss the kick-off. Your SAT NAV can be directed to postcode SE25 6PU.

Train Routes and Stations

Traveling to Selhurst Park for a match day doesn’t have to be a headache. The train stands out as the easiest and most efficient mode of transportation, especially when coming from central London. Board a train to either Selhurst or Thornton Heath station.

These stations are a mere 5-10 minute walk from the stadium, ensuring you don’t miss a minute of the action. A return ticket should not cost you more than £6.

For those coming from regional or national locations, target London Victoria, London Bridge, or Clapham Junction as your primary destination. You can make a change here for the aforementioned stations, with total travel time usually ranging from 30-50 minutes. The quickest is VIctoria Station to Selhurst Station which takes around 25 minutes.

Unfortunately, Selhurst Park doesn’t have an underground station. However, above-ground stations at Norwood Junction and Thornton Heath are not only accessible from London centre but also situated next to welcoming pubs, adding to your match day experience.

Selhurst Station

The nearest train station to the stadium, it’s just a short 10-minute walk away. Trains from both London Victoria and London Bridge frequently service this station.

Thornton Heath Station

Another nearby option, this station is around a 15-minute walk from the stadium. It also receives trains from London Victoria and London Bridge.

Norwood Junction Station

Located a bit further out, it’s roughly a 15-minute walk but offers connections to and from London Bridge, East Croydon, and Gatwick Airport.

Coach Options

Coaches from major cities often drop passengers off at central locations in Croydon or Victoria Coach Station. From there, local trains, buses or taxis can be used to reach Selhurst Park.

You’ll find plenty of coach services operating into Victoria Station and from there you can take the 25 minute train ride to Selhurst Station and walk to the stadium.

Local Buses

Several bus routes service the area around Selhurst Park. Key routes include:


For those living locally or staying in nearby accommodations, walking might be the most convenient option. Well-lit footpaths and signposts make navigating to the stadium straightforward. You’ll find many fans making their way towards the stadium on foot from the 3 major train stations, bus stops and nearby car parks too. Remember to be respectful and friendly.

Nearest Airports

Gatwick Airport

The closest major airport to Selhurst Park, it’s approximately 20 miles away. Rail connections from the airport to Norwood Junction are available.

Heathrow Airport

Located to the west of London, this airport is further away, but has numerous transport links into Central London, where you can then connect to services heading to Selhurst Park.

Reaching Selhurst Park is relatively straightforward, regardless of your starting point or preferred mode of transport. Always check in advance for any travel disruptions, especially on match days, to ensure a smooth journey to the stadium.

Advice Before Going to Crystal Palace Selhurst Park

A trip to Selhurst Park, home of Crystal Palace, promises an electric atmosphere and a genuine football experience.

However, to ensure that your visit is enjoyable and hassle-free, consider the following pieces of advice before heading to the stadium:

Dress Appropriately

British weather can be unpredictable. Check the forecast and dress accordingly, be it rainwear, sunscreen, or extra layers during colder months.

While wearing Crystal Palace colours is encouraged for home fans, it’s advisable for away supporters to be more discreet to avoid potential confrontations.

Eat and Drink Before the Game

Navigating the pub scene near Selhurst Park can enhance the overall match day experience, offering both away and home fans a space to enjoy good food, drinks, and company. Close to Selhurst station, the Clifton Arms on Clifton Road and the Two Brewers on Gloucester Road stand out. Despite their tendency to get crowded, especially the Clifton Arms with its wide array of quality ales, they offer comfortable environments and excellent beverages and cuisine.

Away fans often find a warm welcome at The Railway Telegraph on Brigstock Road, near Thornton Heath station. The Alliance on Station Road, close to Norwood Junction station, also garners positive reviews from visiting supporters. For a lively atmosphere, consider the Ship on South Norwood High Street, a free house equipped with Sky TV.

These pubs offer friendly environments for all fans to enjoy a pre-match pint or meal, contributing to the festive football atmosphere.

Of course, for convenience, alcohol is also available inside the Selhurst Park Stadium.

Familiarize Yourself with Stadium Policies

Check the club’s official website for a list of items not allowed inside the stadium, such as large bags or certain types of cameras.Selhurst Park now uses mobile tickets and QR codes to gain entry so be sure to have your e-ticket ready.

Like many UK stadiums, Selhurst Park is a smoke-free venue. Ensure you’re aware of the guidelines if you’re a smoker.

Stay Safe

The stewards are there for everyone’s safety. Adhering to their directions helps ensure a safe environment for all attendees.

Derby days or high-profile matches can lead to increased crowds. Be mindful of your surroundings, and consider exiting the stadium slowly to avoid congested areas.

Enjoy the Experience

Crystal Palace fans are known for their passion and hospitality. Engage in friendly banter and enjoy the camaraderie.

Soak in the Atmosphere

Selhurst Park is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, especially the Holmesdale fanatics in the Holmesdale Road Stand. Regardless of the match outcome, the experience is sure to be memorable.