Amex Stadium, Falmer

The American Express Community Stadium, commonly known as the Amex Stadium, is the home ground for Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club. Located in Falmer, the stadium is situated between the city of Brighton and the South Downs.

The Amex Stadium was officially opened on July 30, 2011, marking a significant change in the club’s trajectory. Prior to this, Brighton & Hove Albion had been without a permanent home since leaving the Goldstone Ground in 1997.

The club spent over a decade at various temporary locations, including the Withdean Stadium, which was originally an athletics track.

The path to the Amex Stadium was fraught with challenges. The club encountered numerous planning obstacles and faced opposition from local groups.

However, after a protracted campaign, planning permission was finally granted in 2007.

The stadium was designed by KSS Design Group and initially had a capacity of 22,500. In response to high demand, the capacity was increased to 30,750 in 2012. The design of the stadium provides good sightlines from all seats.

In addition to hosting football matches, the Amex Stadium is also used for other events such as concerts, conferences, and exhibitions. The stadium includes a range of facilities, including a family stand, hospitality areas, and a superstore.

The development and realization of the Amex Stadium represent a significant period in the history of Brighton & Hove Albion. It now serves as a central hub for football in the South East of England.

Notable Players and Managers

Brighton & Hove Albion has been home to several notable players and managers throughout its history, many of whom have left their mark at the Amex Stadium.


Glenn Murray

A key figure in Brighton’s recent history, Glenn Murray’s goals were instrumental in the club’s promotion to the Premier League in 2017. His scoring prowess at the Amex Stadium made him a fan favorite.

Lewis Dunk

A product of Brighton’s youth academy, Lewis Dunk has been a stalwart in the team’s defense. His performances at the Amex Stadium have earned him recognition and even led to international call-ups.

Anthony Knockaert

The French winger was a standout performer in Brighton’s 2016-17 Championship-winning campaign. His flair and creativity on the pitch at the Amex Stadium won him the Championship Player of the Season award.


Gus Poyet

The Uruguayan manager led Brighton to the League One title in 2011 and oversaw the club’s move to the Amex Stadium. His attacking style of football was well-received by the fans.

Chris Hughton

Taking over in 2014, Hughton guided Brighton to the Premier League for the first time in their history. His tenure saw the club establish itself in the top tier of English football, with the Amex Stadium as their fortress.

Graham Potter

The current manager, as of 2023, Potter has brought a new style of play to the Amex Stadium. His emphasis on possession-based football and youth development has been a notable feature of his tenure.

These individuals have contributed significantly to the club’s history and have left their mark on the Amex Stadium. Their performances and leadership have created memorable moments and have shaped the club’s identity.

Grandstand Reviews

Brighton and Hove Albion’s Amex Stadium is designed with four primary stands: the East Stand, the West Stand, the North Stand, and the South Stand. Each stand offers a unique viewing experience, with varying capacities and views of the pitch.

East Stand

The East Stand, also known as the Family Stand, is the heart of the Amex Stadium. With a capacity of approximately 13,000, it is the largest stand in the stadium. The stand is spread over three tiers, offering a range of viewing experiences.

The lower tier provides a close-up view of the action, allowing spectators to feel the intensity and pace of the game. The middle tier, often preferred by families, offers a balanced view of the pitch, while the upper tier provides a panoramic view of the entire stadium and the pitch.

The East Stand is also home to the family area, where a more relaxed atmosphere is cultivated, making it ideal for younger fans and their families.

The views from this stand are generally excellent, with clear sight lines to the pitch from all areas.

West Stand

The West Stand, with a capacity of around 5,800, is spread over two tiers. This stand is home to the most premium seats in the stadium, including the director’s box and corporate hospitality areas.

The lower tier of the West Stand offers a close view of the pitch, similar to the East Stand. The upper tier, however, provides a more elevated view of the game.

This stand is known for its comfortable seating and excellent facilities, making it a popular choice for those seeking a premium matchday experience.

The West Stand also offers a fantastic view of the South Downs, providing a unique backdrop to the football action on the pitch.

North Stand

The North Stand, often the choice of the most vocal supporters, has a capacity of around 2,500. This single-tier stand is located behind one of the goals, providing a unique perspective of the game.

The North Stand is known for its vibrant atmosphere, with fans often standing and singing to support their team.

The views from this stand are excellent, particularly for witnessing goal-mouth action up close.

However, the view of the far end of the pitch can be slightly obstructed, especially from seats closer to the pitch.

South Stand

The South Stand, mirroring the North Stand, is also a single-tier stand with a capacity of approximately 2,500. It offers similar views to the North Stand, with excellent sightlines to the near goal and slightly obstructed views of the far end of the pitch.

The South Stand is also home to the away fans, with a dedicated section for visiting supporters. This stand is known for its lively atmosphere, particularly during high-profile matches when the away section is full.

Each stand at the Amex Stadium offers a unique viewing experience, catering to different preferences. Whether you prefer the close-up action of the lower tiers, the balanced views of the middle tiers, or the panoramic views of the upper tiers, the Amex Stadium has something for every football fan.

Hospitality Options

The Amex Stadium offers a range of hospitality options, designed to provide an enhanced matchday experience. From private boxes to premium lounges, there are options to suit a variety of preferences and budgets.

The 1901 Club

The 1901 Club is the Amex Stadium’s premium hospitality offering. Located in the West Stand, it provides members with access to a dedicated lounge, premium seating, and a range of dining options.

The 1901 Club offers three tiers of membership – Gold, Silver, and Bronze – each with varying benefits and access levels.

Gold Membership

Gold members enjoy the best seats in the house, located centrally in the West Stand. They have access to the Gold Lounge, where a complimentary matchday programme, team sheet, and half-time refreshments are provided.

Gold members also have the option to purchase a pre-match meal.

Silver Membership

Silver members have access to excellent seats in the East Stand. They can enjoy the facilities of the Silver Lounge, where a matchday programme and team sheet are provided.

Like Gold members, Silver members also have the option to purchase a pre-match meal.

Bronze Membership

Bronze members have access to seats in the North Stand. They can enjoy the facilities of the Bronze Lounge, where a matchday programme and team sheet are provided.

Bronze members also have the option to purchase a pre-match meal.

Executive Boxes

For those seeking a more private and exclusive matchday experience, the Amex Stadium offers Executive Boxes. These private suites, located in the West Stand, can accommodate up to ten guests. Each box features a private balcony with padded seating, offering excellent views of the pitch.

Executive Box holders also enjoy a range of benefits, including a dedicated hostess service, a three-course meal, complimentary drinks, and a matchday programme and team sheet for each guest.

HB’s Restaurant

Named after the club’s former chairman, Harry Bloom, HB’s Restaurant offers a fine dining experience on matchdays. Located in the West Stand, the restaurant offers panoramic views of the pitch.

Guests at HB’s Restaurant enjoy a three-course meal prepared by the stadium’s executive chef. The package also includes a matchday programme, team sheet, and half-time refreshments.

The Amex Stadium’s hospitality options cater to a range of preferences, whether you’re seeking the exclusivity of an Executive Box, the premium experience of the 1901 Club, or the fine dining experience of HB’s Restaurant. Each option offers a unique way to enjoy a matchday at the stadium.

Where Do Away Fans Sit at Brighton and Hove Albion’s Amex Stadium?

At the Amex Stadium, away fans are typically allocated seats in the South Stand. This stand is located behind one of the goals, providing a unique perspective of the game.

The South Stand can accommodate approximately 2,500 away supporters, depending on the fixture. The stand is designed to ensure a good view of the pitch, with clear sightlines to the near goal. However, views of the far end of the pitch can be slightly obstructed, especially from seats closer to the pitch.

The atmosphere in the South Stand is often lively, particularly during high-profile matches when the away section is full. The stand is also equipped with adequate facilities, including food and beverage outlets and restrooms, to cater to the needs of visiting supporters.

It’s worth noting that the allocation of seats to away fans can vary depending on the fixture and the demand for tickets.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea for away fans to check the specific arrangements for each match with their own club or with Brighton & Hove Albion directly.

How to Get to Brighton and Hove Albion’s Amex Stadium

The Amex Stadium is conveniently located in Falmer, making it easily accessible by various modes of transport. Whether you’re driving, taking a train, or using local buses, there are several options to reach the stadium.


The Amex Stadium is situated near the A27, making it easily accessible from major motorways.

From the North:

If you’re coming from the north, you can take the M25, then the M23/A23 towards Brighton. Continue onto the A27 towards Lewes. Exit at Falmer.

From the East or West:

If you’re coming from the east you’re likely to take the 25 orbital motorway or the M20 if you’re coming from somewhere like Folkestone or Dover. From the West, you can take the M4 to the M25 then down the M23 and eventually the A27 to Falmer.

Please note that parking at the stadium is limited and must be booked in advance. There are also several park-and-ride options available around Brighton.

Private parking with JustPark

One of the most convenient solutions for parking in Brighton is the app JustPark which allows you to temporarily rent a parking space from a local resident.

You can often find parking spaces either a short walk away from the football stadium or an easy public transport journey to the match. Rates are on a par with car parks in the city and booking is super easy thanks to the JustPark app.

JustPark for private parking spaces


Falmer Station is the nearest train station to the Amex Stadium, located just a short walk away. Trains from Brighton to Falmer run regularly and the journey takes approximately 9 minutes. Trains from Lewes to Falmer also run regularly and the journey is around 6 minutes.

You can also get main line trains from London Victoria or London Bridge stations, down to Brighton station and then on to Falmer. It takes around 1 hour from London Victoria to Brighton by train, then wait for a connecting train for the short journey to Falmer.


National Express operates coaches from major cities to Brighton. From Brighton, you can take a local bus or train to the stadium.

Local Buses

Several local bus services run to the Amex Stadium from Brighton city centre, including the number 25 and 28 buses. The journey takes approximately 25 minutes.


If you’re in Brighton city centre, you can also walk to the stadium. The walk is approximately 5 miles and takes around 1.5 to 2 hours. You would be better to catch a train as the station is right next to the Amex Stadium.


The nearest airport to the Amex Stadium is Gatwick Airport, located approximately 28 miles away. From Gatwick, you can take a train to Brighton and then a local bus or train to the stadium.

Please note that it’s always a good idea to check the latest travel information and plan your journey in advance to ensure a smooth trip to the Amex Stadium.

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Advice Before Going to Brighton and Hove Albion’s Amex Stadium

Before heading to the Amex Stadium, there are several things you might want to consider to ensure a smooth and enjoyable matchday experience.

Plan Your Journey

The Amex Stadium is easily accessible by various modes of transport, but it’s always a good idea to plan your journey in advance. Check the latest travel information, consider potential traffic or delays, and aim to arrive at the stadium well before kick-off to soak up the atmosphere.

Book Parking in Advance

If you’re driving, remember that parking at the stadium is limited and must be booked in advance. Alternatively, consider using one of the park-and-ride options available around Brighton.

Dress Appropriately

The weather can be unpredictable, so check the forecast and dress appropriately. Remember, the stands are open, so consider bringing a hat, sunglasses, or raincoat depending on the weather.

Familiarize Yourself with the Stadium Layout

Knowing the layout of the stadium can help you find your way around more easily. Familiarize yourself with the location of your seats, restrooms, food and beverage outlets, and exits.

Follow Stadium Rules

The Amex Stadium, like all sports venues, has rules to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all spectators. These include restrictions on certain items and behaviors. Make sure you’re familiar with these rules before you go.

Stay Hydrated and Fed

There are plenty of food and drink options at the stadium, but it can get busy during half-time. Consider eating before you go or during non-peak times to avoid queues.

Enjoy the Experience

Finally, remember to enjoy the experience. Whether you’re a die-hard Brighton & Hove Albion fan or a neutral spectator, the atmosphere at the Amex Stadium is something to savor. Soak up the atmosphere, join in the chants if you feel like it, and enjoy the game.