Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Yas Marina circuit is home to the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix. Designed by Hermann Tilke and completed in 2009, the circuit twists through the Yas Island complex, passing by the marina and striking façade lighting design of the Yas Hotel Abu Dhabi.

It also houses a high quality graywacke aggregate track offering excellent road grip and the largest permanent lighting installation of any sports venue in the world.

The circuit covers 5.5km with 21 turns in total and a 1.2km straight, well known for hosting great moments of recent F1 history including Kimi Räikkönen’s win for Lotus in 2012, and the first and only double points award given to Hamilton in 2014.

“The circuit is quite amazing and the facilities are really impressive. The corners are a lot different to each other so it’s vital to find a good balance, get accustomed to the conditions and master it.”

Niko Hulkenburg – F1 Driver

Some of the circuit’s top viewing points include the slow speed corners bookending turns 7 and 8, marking the beginning and end of the 1.2km straight, and the particularly tricky run through turns 15 and 16 into turn 17. That said, with capacity for 60,000 spectators across 5 grandstands at Yas Marina, you’ll have plenty of options for a seat.

Taxis to Yas Marina are readily available from the airports and Abu Dhabi itself.

Free shuttle busses also run into, and around, the Marina – with distances across the island reaching up to 2.5km, they’re certainly welcome after a long day in the sun.

Whichever way you travel to Yas, parking and shuttle bus drop offs run the perimeter of the circuit, making it a relatively easy entry.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, like the Singapore Grand Prix, is a night race or rather a ”sunset race” which takes place as the sun drops and the flood lights illuminate the track. This certainly adds to the spectacle of F1 racing and also helps generate a great party atmosphere in the grandstands.

This is now one of a trio of races in the Middle East. With both Bahrain and the new Saudi Arabian F1 Grand Prix now firm fixtures on the race calendar.

Grandstands at the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix

South Grandstand

Facing the end of the second long straight around turn 11, the South Grandstand gives a clear view of overtakes and turning ability through to turn 15 in sector 3.

Seating higher up in the grandstand is unobstructed, but do be aware that lower seating in the South Grandstand can be obstructed by safety rails and catch fencing. It’s also worth noting that one of the super screens sits directly in front of the South Grandstand.

Those to the far left or far right of the grandstand may have a more restricted view of the screen, but screen placement here is one of the best across all grandstand options.

Seating here is fully covered so you’re ready for all weathers, and all seats are reserved. Tickets for South Grandstand are comfortably in the midrange of choices across Yas Marina, and those looking for an upgraded package can opt for South Grandstand Club tickets for a little more: Club tickets give you elevated seats for a better view, as well as access to an air-conditioned lounge area with food and drink available for purchase.

South Grandstand ticket holders will have access to the South Oasis, a nearby entertainment and refreshment area. Alongside the essential food and beverage trucks and toilet access, you can also expect live music and F1 games.

Access to the South Grandstand is via gates 1 through 5, beside the yacht club.

Marina Grandstand

The Marina Grandstand sits on the track straight between Turns 10 and 11. You’ll have a range of views from this position – not only cars on the straight directly in front of you, but there’s also a view of the passes for position at turn 11, and turns into the corners opposite at medium speed turns 15 and 16, and low speed turn 17.

This grandstand is also a great spot for photos given its placement – not only for variance on the track, but you’re also directly above the support race garages for Formula 2 and GP3 at this stand.

A super screen is placed at one end of the stand, adjacent to turn 17. If you want a view of a screen in this stand, make sure you choose the right end! The screens from your neighbouring grandstands, South and West, will be well out of view.

All seats in Marina Grandstand are reserved, and covered seating is available at this stand. Tickets here are the best in the price range, and this grandstand is a great lower budget option for those wanting to take in as much as possible at the circuit. In Marina Grandstand, you’ll have shared access to the South Oasis alongside South Grandstand ticket holders. Here you’ll find food and refreshments, live music, and a general festival feel for whenever you need to take a breather from the action.

Gate 10 will lead you straight to the grandstand – keep an eye out for signage to the Shahama Park and Ride Shuttle if you need some pointers, as this sits behind the grandstand.

West Grandstand

The West Grandstand sits directly on the turn of 8 into 9, wrapping around the circuit in an L-shape. You are perfectly positioned here for overtakes as drivers brake hard for turn 8 after a long straight, and then navigate two slow corners before accelerating into turn 11. You’re also primed here to see drivers coming into the final two turns of the circuit, as well as pitlane entry.

Seating on the left-hand side of the stand, you are best placed for turns 20 and 21, and the grid and pit boxes – but you may miss some of the overtakes from turn 8 at that distance.

Over to the right of this grandstand will give much better views of overtaking and slowing runs into the corners, and still have a clear line to the final two corners.

However, you’ll be out of luck if you’re wanting to view any of the pit stops or any rows of the grid. Wherever you are placed in this stand, you’ll find good opportunities for photographs, and catch a lot of the action.

A super screen is directly in front of the West Grandstand, which you’ll have a great view of wherever you sit thanks to the curved structure. Seating is reserved, and covered, so you can trust you’ll be protected from the sun and your seat secured. Seating here is some of the cheapest you’ll find, and is brilliant value for money given the range of action you’ll get to see.

Easiest access to the grandstand is through Yas West Entrance, Gate 16. West Grandstand ticket holders will have access to the West Oasis for food, drink and refreshments, alongside games, entertainment, and F1 merchandising stalls.

North Grandstand

The North Grandstand is a giant wraparound structure on the turn 7 hairpin, offering an up-close and personal view of turns 5 through 7. You’ll have prime position for drivers perfecting their exits and setting up overtakes for the long back straight out of the hairpin.

There are more exciting grandstands to watch from that capture more of the action, but you can land some great photographs from North Grandstand. As cars slow on their approach to such an extreme turn, you’ll have an opportunity for some great images and a chance to really appreciate the cars. A screen can be viewed from the North Grandstand, parallel to turn 6.

Seating is reserved and has good weather cover, so you can take in the action in comfort. Tickets for these seats are towards the lower end of the scale, and could be a good choice for you if you’re visiting on a tighter budget.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to spend some money and enjoy extra hospitality, premium packages and extra seating options are available in North Grandstand, including Premium and Yas Suite offers.

West Entrance will be your quickest access, then take Gate 25 – Ferrari World will be situated behind you.

For refreshments and further entertainment, North Grandstand ticket holders will have access to the North Oasis. Alongside food and drinks trucks, you’ll find relaxed seating, F1 games, and opportunities to bag some merchandise. You’ll also be within a short distance from Yas Kartzone, powered by ADNOC, if you’re keen for a break from the track.

Main Grandstand

You’ll find the Main Grandstand right in the middle of the action, overlooking the start-finish straight and in the best position to view Abu Dhabi’s famed pyrotechnics post-race.

You’ll also have some great views of the action in the pits and podium invasion when winners receive their trophies, but you will sacrifice seeing more of the on-track action.

Main Grandstand seats are reserved and have ample weather cover. Ticket prices for these seats are in the higher mid-range for standard seating, then reaching the top end of the budget if you’re opting in for a seating upgrade or hospitality package – Premium, Yas Suites, and Premium Yas Suites are available for the Main Grandstand.

Take note, tickets for these seats are available as 3-day options only. Access to the Main Grandstand is through Gate 14, followed by a short walk through the tunnel at Gate 16 to the inside of the circuit.

You’ll have access to the F1 Fanzone as a Main Grandstand ticket holder, the hub for all things F1. You’ll find food, drink, and other refreshments here, as well as the biggest scale entertainment from across the circuit. Expect plenty of fun for superfans and a festival atmosphere.

Abu Dhabi Hill: General Admission

For those on a budget but still wanting to be part of the action, general admission entry with seating on Abu Dhabi Hill is for you. Located on a grassy bank in the middle of the circuit, behind the Main Grandstand, you’ll have a fairly good view of the action for a fraction of what you’d pay for grandstand tickets.

You’ll see multiple corners looking towards the hairpin approach, provided you arrive early enough to secure a good spot for the day. Unlike general admissions at other F1 tracks, general admission at Yas Marina will keep you limited to the Abu Dhabi Hill area.

Take Gate 20 from the West entrance for direct access.

Seating here is first come, first served, and you’ll be finding a perch on the grass available, open to the elements – so come prepared.

General admission fans at Abu Dhabi Hill will have a view of a giant screen to keep you up to speed on all the action, while you’ll be circled by turns 1 through 8, whichever spot you’ve been able to secure. If you don’t mind giving up your viewing point, you’re welcome to explore the food, drink, games and merchandise stalls of the Abu Dhabi Hill Oasis area.

Hopefully this run through has been a helpful guide to grandstand options at Yas Marina circuit, and your planning is made easier with our advice and tips.

For further research, click here for an in-depth map of the circuit, with a comprehensive visual over parking and shuttle bus drop off points, amenities, circuit services and the track itself.

Deluxe experiences, including trackside seats and suite bookings, brunches by the Marina, and tickets for the live evening performances at the Yasalam After-Race Concerts.

The best grandstand at the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix

Best grandstand Abu Dhabi F1

The North Grandstand is without doubt the best grandstand at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Surrounded by thousands of fans, you can see multiple corners as the cars head towards you at incredible speed before battling it out at the hairpin and screaming their way up the back straight. A memorable experience.