Silverstone Circuit, England

Held at the legendary Silverstone circuit in Northamptonshire, the British MotoGP is one of the most hotly anticipated events in the motorbike racing calendar. This is a race for the real race fans and is one of the fastest circuits in the world. It also plays host to the Formula 1 British Grand Prix as well and is a firm favourite with racers and fans alike.

As the first motorcycle Grand Prix to be held on the British mainland, it holds a place deep in the hearts of the nation’s most passionate bike fanatics.

Renowned for its fantastic entertainment, jaw-dropping stunt shows and with live music from some of the world’s biggest performers, fans flock from all over the world to nab a piece of the action.

Its position in the calendar means it’s usually held smack bang in the middle of British summer, so you can usually expect some sunshine and warm temperatures, which comes few and far between in England.

I love Silverstone, it’s in my top five favourite tracks. I like it a lot because it’s an old-style track. It’s very long, riding a lap is like taking a trip from one place to another, and it’s technical – it has everything. When you’re fast, it’s a great pleasure to ride there.”

Valentino Rossi – 9 time MotoGP World Champion

Valentino Rossi holds the most wins at the track with 8 to his name, while Honda have the most manufacturer wins with 42. The 2019 edition of the race saw one of the closest and most dramatic finishes in the history of motorbike racing, as Alex Rins and Marc Marquez took it right to the wire, with Rins stealing the victory by a hair, winning by just 0.014 seconds.

Camping is the most popular option for those attending on race weekend, with the Silverstone Golf Club Circuit just a 10 minute walk from the circuit. It’s equipped with all the usual facilities, from charging stations to toilets to an on-site shop, with the added bonus of free parking for those coming by motorbike.

There’s a glamping option too – sleep under canvas surrounded by woodland just a 5 minute walk from the track. It comes with hot showers, a breakfast and hot drinks station, and numerous other luxuries, but it is obviously more expensive.

Wolverton is the nearest train station, served directly by Birmingham, London and Leicester to name but a few. 

Entertainment at Silverstone is truly second to none – it runs non stop throughout the whole weekend, and includes some massive names. 2023 will see Chase & Status performing on the Friday, followed by Kaiser Chiefs on the Saturday. 

Monster energy are the headline sponsor, and throw on some truly spectacular stunt shows for all those who aren’t too squeamish to watch.

With multiple grandstand options and a brilliant general admission, now you just need to know the best places to spectate from…

Viewing options for the British MotoGP

General Admission 

Easily one of the best value general admission areas available in MotoGP, ticket holders at the British Grand Prix in Silverstone are in for a treat.

You’ll struggle to find a circuit that offers more to its GA ticket holders, and it’s fantastic value in comparison to grandstand prices, especially when taking into account the cost of the full 3 day race weekend. You’re going to save an absolute fortune if you opt for this – it’s the most cost effective way of getting into Silverstone.

Under 11’s go free, while under 16’s are half price – perfect for a full family day out with any bike-obsessed children.

With General admission, you have the freedom of being able to spectate from virtually anywhere you want. The spectator areas wrap around the entire outside of the track, meaning any and every angle is available to view from. 

The one main drawback of general admission at Silverstone is that, with it being an airfield, you can’t see massive portions of the track like you can at some of the other GP’s. Essentially, what you see in front of you is what you get, so if you want to switch up your view then you’ll have to go on a trek and find another vantage point elsewhere. 

There are big screens dotted all around though, so position yourself near one of these and you won’t have to worry about missing out on the rest of the action. Toilets, food stalls and merchandise stalls are plentiful at Silverstone, and you will never be more than a short walk away from whatever it is you need.

General Admission holders are granted all-access to the entertainment, music, stunt shows, merchandise stalls and more, so you aren’t going to feel like you’re missing out on anything.

Everyone will be chasing down the best spots come race day, so you need to make sure you’re at the track extremely early if you fancy your chances at securing some of the best spots. 

Vale corner is the biggest and most popular area for GA ticket holders – it covers the exit of Stowe corner, the whole of the tight Vale chicane, club corner and then the run onto Hamilton straight. You’re guaranteed some intense overtaking action here as your favourite riders fight for positions, and the atmosphere is always electric. It’s one of the most exciting parts of the circuit.

What really sets apart the General Admission at the British GP are the Roving Grandstands. In addition to the usual GA spectator points, a standard ticket grants you access to a number of grandstands, providing some of the best views you’ll find at Silverstone without paying anything extra. These do operate on a first come first served basis, so you would have to be one of the first at the track on race day if you plan on grabbing a spot in some of the better ones.

Abbey A (Roving)

Abbey A is one of the roving grandstands available. It offers a superb opportunity for the general admission ticket holders to secure a spot in a grandstand overlooking the start/finish line. The view is magnificent, and you also will have a view of the pit lanes and team garages, so you can see all the ‘behind the scenes’ action.

In addition, you’re close to the post-race podium celebrations, so should be able to catch a glimpse of your heroes popping champagne after the race.

There’s a big screen here, so you can follow on with the rest of the race too. You’re within a 10 minute walk to the main entertainment zone, and also the fan zones where you can meet the riders and teams and get pictures and autographs in the build up to race day.

The nearest toilets and food & drink facilities are within a 5 minute walk.

Abbey A is a stellar grandstand, even more so that it’s included in the price of the cheapest tickets available at silverstone. It’s the place to be if you want to watch the dramatic race start unfold, as the riders jostle for positions and speed towards the abbey corner at full throttle.

Don’t be fooled though – you’ll be extremely lucky to snag a spot here, and will have to get to the circuit as the gates open on race day to do so.

The View (Roving)

With wonderful views of the first corner, the view is another one of the free grandstands offered to General Admission ticket holders on a first come first served basis.

A spot here puts you in prime position for that early race action, where the riders are at their most aggressive as they fight for the key positions.

If you’re lucky enough to be more towards the left side of the stand, you should have decent views across the Maggotts and Becketts corners too.

The View grandstand is just a short walk away from where the podium celebrations take place, which is always a bonus. Who doesn’t want to see their heroes climb the top step?

In addition,  there are toilets and food and drink stalls less than a 5 minute walk away. The entertainment village is pretty much next to here as well. You’re around 25 minutes away from the family zone located on the national pits straight.

This grandstand is one of the best places to watch the chaotic first lap, and there’s an awesome vibe at this part of the track as excitement fills the air on race day. 

Village A (Roving)

Another one of the roving grandstands included in the general admission ticket price, the Village A grandstand overlooks the first truly technical section of the lap at Silverstone. 

It covers an extremely tight right-hander that forces the riders to squeeze the brakes pretty heavily, drastically reducing their speed. They are then met quickly by a tight left-hander, where rides often gain or lose positions or time.

Village A is unbelievable value, giving you a vantage point over one of the most exciting and testing parts of the circuit at no additional cost. The thrilling first lap is magnificent from here, and the fact it’s a slow corner means you get to see the motorbikes and riders for much longer than if you were elsewhere.

There’s a big screen here, so you can follow the rest of the action as it unfolds. You’ll be close to all the main fan zones, and there are toilets and a range of food and drink stalls less than a 5 minute walk away.

Woodcote A (Roving)

As one of the better grandstands at the circuit regardless, the fact that Woodcote A is included with a general admission ticket at no extra cost is just mind blowing.

A spot here blesses you with views of the iconic Luffield corner, the rapid exit as the bikes storm around woodcote, and then away up the national pits straight at breathtaking speeds.

It’s 5 minutes to the family zone, so a good choice if you’ve brought any bike-mad kids with you to the Grand Prix. You’ll also be just 15 minutes from the main stage, where some of the biggest acts in the world will be performing. Food and drink stalls are even closer, less than 5 minutes away, and the same goes for toilets.

A big screen here keeps you in the loop.

The speeds the riders take woodcote means you’re pretty much guaranteed intense wheel spins as they fly through 4th and 5th gear. 

Alex Rins stole the win from Marquez here, nabbing the inside line on that nail biting final lap back in 2019, before the start/finish moved to the Hamilton straight.

Becketts (Roving)

Another world-class grandstand, Becketts grants you sensational and widespread views overlooking what is probably the most demanding part of the circuit.

You’ll watch your idols weave through Maggotts to Becketts, before slingshotting out of chapel corner onto the huge hangar straight. 

High speeds here mean overtaking isn’t particularly common, but the precision and bravery required to negotiate this series of bends without sacrificing lap time means it’s a real make or break when it comes to the overall race result.

A nearby videowall stops you missing out on any of the other parts of the race. Toilets and food and drink stalls are all within a 5 minute walk, but as you are at the far side of the track, you’re much further from the rest of the facilities. Expect a 45 minute walk to the entertainment village, fan zones and main stage.

General Admission ticket holders lucky enough to get a spot here will be in for a true spectacle, though you may feel a little isolated at times.

Stowe C (Roving)

Small but mighty, if raw flat out speed is what gets your engines going, snagging a spot in the Stowe Grandstand might be a good idea. It’s another one of the many terrific grandstands included with the price of a general admission ticket.

Being an airfield, views at Silverstone don’t tend to be very widespread. Stowe C is the best you’re going to get in this regard, and if you bag a place here you should be able to see around 30% of the circuit.

Be aware that it is set quite far back from the track though, so you’re going to be a little further away from the riders than you’d probably like.

Stowe corner is a sharp right turn at the end of the long hangar straight, so the ridiculously high speeds are followed by some heavy braking, as the riders bring their bikes to sensible enough speeds to take the bend.

Views over the catch fencing here along with there being no roof means it’s a prime location for photographers.

While just 5 minutes away from toilets and food and drink stalls, you’re 30 minutes to the main stage and the entertainment village, which could be a slight inconvenience if you need a break from the bikes at any point.

Lakeside (Roving)

The Lakeside Grandstand looks out over the straight between Stowe corner and vale, and is situated on the inside of the track.

It’s definitely one of the weaker views offered at the track when compared to the other grandstands, but it is included in the cost of a general admission ticket so it may still be worth checking out.

You’ll see the bikes from side on as they roar past, before gripping the brakes on the approach to vale, which is notoriously tough.

5 minutes away you’ll find toilets and some food and drink stalls, but the main fanzone and family area is a significant walk away, near the national pits straight.

There are much better places to watch the race than lakeside, so I’d suggest exploring your options before heading for here.

International Paddock Grandstand 

Perched on the inside of the first corner, the International Paddock Grandstand is a popular choice amongst fans who fancy splashing out a bit extra to secure their seating for the weekend.

If you’re not someone who likes to just ‘go with the flow’ and hope for the best, a ticket for this grandstand means you’ll be gifted with your very own seat on race day, in a fabulous location.

There are tremendous views of Hamilton straight and into Abbey corner, and you’re in for some absolutely exhilarating bike racing, especially on the first lap. You should also be able to see the pits and garages, which is always a nice little touch to any petrolheads weekend.

With a big screen directly in front of you, you won’t miss out on watching the rest of the race. Being so close to the start/finish straight, you’re right at the core of all the action here, and the atmosphere is second to none.

Food and drinks stalls are close, and the main entertainment village and fan zones are just a short walk away. There are of course toilets next to the grandstand too.

While a fair bit more expensive than general admission, for those fans who like to know their seat is certain (without having to worry about getting up at silly o’clock to get there), then a ticket for the International Paddock Grandstand is a nice choice.

Abbey B & Ducati Fan Stand 

To the left of Abbey A, you’ll find the bigger Abbey B grandstand, the far left side of which is designated as the Ducati Fan stand.

If you opt for tickets in the Ducati fan stand, you’ll have a small gift thrown in for you included in your ticket price. This tends to be a t- shirt or some form of merchandise, so you can join the  Ducati army in their display of red. It’s good fun to be able to dress up in your team colours and share a stand with some passionate and like-minded fans, so you can expect the roof to be raised come race day.

Abbey B and the Ducati Fan stand are found on the outside of the circuit at Abbey corner, so you’ll see the bikes bolt towards you at death defying speeds before tapping the brakes and threading through the farm curve.

A video wall is here to watch the race on, and toilets and food and drink vendors are all within a 5 minute walk as standard.

The view here is very respectable, with the main selling point being the excellent views of the start and finish of the race, which is the most important aspect for many fans. The extra cost compared to general admission may put off some fans, but if you want to have a guaranteed seat come race day then it’s a very good option.

Marc Márquez Fan Stand (Village B)

On the left of Village A is the Marc Marquez Fan stand, home to the legion of supporters who admire the Spanish rider more than any other. Expect fans here to be kitted out in Honda gear and Marquez jerseys, as they cheer on the Spaniard.

Renowned for his Innovative racing and exaggerated cornering technique, the ‘Ant of Cervera’ or the ‘Baby Alien’ has stolen the hearts of motorsport fans not just in Spain, but across the world.

The view from the Marc Marquez fan stand is very similar to that of the roving grandstand Village A.

It looks over the first tight and technical section at Silverstone, and is a key point of the lap in determining positions. Marquez fans will be looking to see their hero gaining some positions here, or maintaining his lead.

There’s a big screen so you can keep up with the race throughout the lap, and it’s a slow part of track, so you should be able to see SuperMarc for longer than you would at any other point of the course.

You’ll have views across the farm curve too, through “Village” corner and onto the loop.

It’s one of the best grandstands at Silverstone, and you can’t really beat having an allocated seat surrounded by fans of the same rider. The extra money is worth it if you’re crazy about Marc Marquez.

Club Corner & KTM Fan Stand (Club C)

With views overlooking the final technical section of the lap at Silvertsone, the Club Corner and KTM grandstands are the place to be if you want to see some last minute overtaking action.

The adrenaline that hits as the riders make their last-ditch attempts at victory cannot be described. You’ll see them speed towards you from Stowe corner, before squeezing around the iconic Vale and catapulting through Club down the Hamilton straight.

Riders put everything on the line here, with it being the last shot at success, but it’s also so easy for them to get wrong. At any given point they’re just one tiny error away from disaster.

Club corner is actually split into 3 grandstands – A, B and C. A is a separate one closer to Vale corner, offering the worst overall view of the 3. B and C are attached to one another, B being closer to vale but to the left of A, while C is closer to the Hamilton straight.

Club Corner C provides the best view of the 3 as you have much better views of the Hamilton straight, and so the start and finish of the race.

The KTM fan stand is just to the left of Club Corner C, so also provides brilliant views of the final corner and the riders as they catapult onto the finish straight. You’ll be drowned in a sea of orange, as KTM’s most zealous fans packed into this grandstand.

With big screens in sight, toilets and food and drink nearby, and a close proximity to the main straight, this series of grandstands are some of the best at the track. Club corner C and the KTM stand are better than B and A, and if you’re wanting a reserved seat on race day, I’d say that here is as good as it gets.

Hamilton A

Sitting on the start/finish straight, Hamilton A gives you unrivalled views of the first lap stampede, as the rear wheels spin and the motorbikes roar off into the distance.

A ticket here puts you in pole positions for witnessing the end of the race too, as the riders go hell for leather round the final corner and hurtle past you towards the line.

It doesn’t get much more exciting than this.

Reserving a seat in the Hamilton A grandstand puts you right in the thick of things. You’ll be just 15 minutes from the main fan zone and entertainment village, and there are food and drink vendors and toilets less than 5 minutes away.

Follow the rest of the race on a big screen, located in front of you.

While more expensive than general admission, Hamilton A guarantees you a seat overlooking what are arguably the most important and most exciting parts of the race. Witnessing your favourite riders pelt around the final bend before racing towards the finish line will evoke all kinds of emotions you never even knew existed.

Best seats at the British MotoGP?

Best stand at Silverstone Circuit

The best seats at Silverstone are Village A or Woodcote A for accessibility, view, atmosphere and track action. I would also highly recommend General Admission as Silverstone is one of the best circuits in the world to walk around and enjoy the views from many vantage points.

Ultimately, while there are a plethora of excellent paid grandstand options at the Silverstone circuit, the general admission here is truly exceptional. You won’t find general admission that offers better or more inclusive access anywhere else in the world.

How to get to Silverstone Circuit?

Wether you’re driving to Silverstone, flying in to the UK or maybe want to take a helicopter directly to the circuit, we’ve reviewed the lot. From drive times, train options, coach services from around the UK, even some cycling information! We’ve also taken a look at some accommodation options once you’re there.