Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Valencia, Spain

The Valencia MotoGP is the last of 3 races in Spain and the last race of the season too. Maybe the Circuit Ricardo Tormo saves the best until last as this 4km fast “racer’s circuit” is definitely one that is a must for any MotoGP fan.

The grandstands here are unlike most circuits as they are arranged in a stadium-like setup around the entire circuit instead of hugging every curve and corner. The atmosphere here is incredible too with over 150,000 capacity, you’ll have plenty of grandstand options to choose from.

The long main straight means the MotoGP bikes achieve top speeds of over 330 km/h (205mph). Couple that with some fast sweeping corners, heavy braking zones and some tricky tight turns and you have the ultimate recipe for these MotoGP champions to battle it out.

Valencia is also a very international and cosmopolitan city as well as being a beautiful coastal town. There’s plenty to see and do in Valencia with a rich cultural history. 

“It’s quite a stop-and-go circuit with a lot of hard braking and a lot of acceleration points. It’s important to have good stability on the brakes and good traction on the exits. It’s a bit of a tricky circuit to get the balance right, but when you do, it’s really rewarding”

Jack Miller – Australian MotoGP racer

The race event is in late November so you’ll need to be prepared for cooler temperatures and changeable weather conditions. Expect highs of around 19C (66F) and lows of 8C (46F).

Getting to the circuit is very easy. Just a 30 minute drive from the centre of the city costs around 40 euros for a taxi. You can also go straight from the airport to the circuit in about 20 minutes. The circuit is located inland to the West of the city. If you plan on exploring the area as well then I’d recommend renting a car for the duration of your stay.

The last MotoGP weekend also concludes the support races of Moto2 and Moto3 so there’s plenty of track action while you’re there. 

Grandstands at the Valencia MotoGP

Purple (Boxes)

Situated on the main straight. The views from here are quite incredible. While its obvious you’ll get a view of the starting grid making their charge down to the 1st corner to your right, you get so much more than that.

Almost every grandstand at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo can see almost every corner of the track, such is the nature of this stadium like configuration. 

The purple  grandstand seats are known as “boxes” but this is mostly due to the fact that they’re built on top of the pit garages. Front row seats here will get you a view down into the pits but for everyone else the view is really all about looking out over the entire track

Thanks to their high elevation above the garages (aka pit boxes) the views here are the ultimate in what I’d call ‘panoramic’ with the circuit visible all the way over to the stadium seats on the other side of the back of the track.

The only downside to the purple grandstand is that you can’t see into the pits themselves like other circuits. Most tracks have the main straight grandstands opposite the pits but at this MotoGP circuit. Opposite the pits are support vehicles, team trucks and service roads. 

This is actually a great thing as it means your view isn’t broken by other grandstands. It’s easy to view almost the entire track from this vantage point. Only a few parts of the track are obscured by other buildings, safety fences and sponsorship signage.

Expect to pay a premium for this grandstand but this really is one of the best places to view the Valencia MotoGP. It’s worth noting that this isn’t a VIP “box” you’re getting for your ticket. It’s uncovered seats on the roof of the pit lane garages. If you’re looking for sheltered VIP tickets we’ll get to those later on.

You will catch all the race build up and start action right here as well as watch the winner cross the finish line first. There are four blocks here with the left-most block closest to the start/finish line. To the left of the grandstand is the media centre housing journalists and commentators.

Purple ticket holders have access to the VIP zone area for entertainment, food and drinks. There’s toilets at the base of the grandstand in the paddock and the main entrance is just a few minutes walk away. Making this one of the most convenient and sought after grandstands at the Valencia MotoGP.

Orange (Tribuna Naranja)

The bulk of the seats at the Orange Grandstand aka Tribune Naranja are located right next to the apex of turn 1 which sweeps left heading away from you. Most of your viewing pleasure will be to the left of this grandstand as to the right is the huge Yellow Grandstand complex.

At the start of the race you’ll be trying to catch a peek of the MotoGP heroes accelerating hard towards you before the first corner, fighting for position right in front of you. 

Those with tickets to the right of this grandstand are likely to have a fair amount of run-off painted asphalt in front of you so your proximity to the track is reduced somewhat. 

This doesn’t detract from the viewing too much as the atmosphere here is exciting and festival-like with so many thousands of MotoGP race fans in both the Orange and Yellow grandstands.

As with pretty much all the grandstands at the circuit you can see a very high percentage of the entire track, although from this vantage point most of it is to the left of you rather than in front.

One of the great things is that the straight just after turn 1 is directly opposite you so you’ll experience the full intense noise of these MotoGP bikes with their exhausts blasting the sound straight at you. Its an incredible experience especially at the start of the race. Maybe not quite so great for small kids but for everyone else it’s a real treat.

As with all the standard grandstands at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo it is uncovered and open to the elements, so be prepared for all weather eventualities. WIth the race in the last week of December the temperatures are warm enough but can drop with high chances of rain.

Compared to most of the seats in the Yellow grandstand, the orange seats are definitely closer to the track with a decent enough view down to the start grid in the distance, and a clear unbroken view of turn 1 and beyond.

Your nearest gate into the circuit is Gate A with ample parking just outside the entrance. You may well be instructed to park on the other side of the A3 road that bypasses the track, so take care when walking into the circuit.

Yellow Grandstand (Tribuna Amarilla)

This huge grandstand section ranges from the first corner, along the straight and opposite the 2nd corner. So your view could vary massively depending on where your ticket is. 

As we’ve mentioned though, the great thing about this MotoGP circuit is that you can see multiple corners and the view here is one of the best too. 

There’s 3 great viewing benefits to the Yellow grandstand. You’re either at the left end with a view right down the start / finish straight. 

  1. The bikes hurtling towards you at immense speed before turning right in front of you and racing up to turn 2. 
  2. You’ve got a panoramic view of the track between turns 1 and 2 with the rest of the track in the distance all very visible.
  3. You’re situated close to turn 2 with the bikes leaning left hard as they navigate the track and turn back on themselves heading to the slight kink of turn 4 and the right hander of turn 5.

Whichever you end up with, the views are pretty awesome and there’s the mass of corners in the distance to witness as well.

Seats in the middle of this huge grandstand complex enjoy the closest proximity to the track and the widest panoramic views. With seating to the far left and right having some run-off area in front of them so proximity is reduced. 

There’s still a sizable run-off area in front of you so you’re not exactly up close and personal with the track but the near unbroken views of the entire track are something quite unique to this very special track so you’ll see plenty of on track action.

The entire grandstand is split into 8 blocks so access to the entire grandstand is relatively easy. You’ll also find entrances at gate A and B just behind the grandstand with plenty of parking available nearby. 

There’s a couple of large screens on the inside of the circuit but they’re not particularly huge so I recommend downloading the MotoGP app on your smartphone and getting a local sim for data so you can enjoy live timings and english commentary through headphones as this will enhance your race weekend.

This is a permanent grandstand with relatively comfortable plastic seating on a concrete structure. There’s no roof covering so I would recommend bringing clothes to suit all weather and keep in mind it’s November in Spain so while its too chilly during the day the weather can be changable.

Blue Grandstand (Trubuna Azul)

Along what you’d normally consider the “back straight” you’ll find the Blue and Green grandstands. In fact along with the Red and White grandstand this immense complex makes up the remaining seating areas, but they are split into different price zones for good reason. 

The blue grandstand known locally as Tribuna Azul consists of 6 blocks that continue on from where the Yellow grandstand left off, save for a small patch of trees and grass on the very corner.

From here you’ll get a great view down the fast straight from turn one with the MotoGP riders heading straight towards you as they tackle turn 2. You’ll also get the best views of turns 3, 4, 5 and 6 all right in front of you. 

As with the Yellow Grandstand, your view may vary massively depending on where you sit within the 6 blocks of the Blue Grandstand. With seats in the right hand blocks enjoying views straight down the track from turns 1 to 2 and seats in the far left having the best views of the MotoGP bikes heading towards you and to your right at turn 6. 

Unlike the Yellow grandstand, the seats in the middle here probably have the worst view as you’re directly facing the area of the track that leads away from you, so expect vast run-off areas and service roads in front, with the action all to your left and right.

I would say that the views here are so wide and all-encompassing that you’ll be hard pushed to complain about any of the views from any of the seats. 

You’ll be able to see all of the action from turns 1 and 2 to your left, the riders navigating turns 3, 4 5 and 6 in front of you. Turn 7 off in the distance before the track turns back in on itself towards you with turns 8, 9, 10 and 11 getting closer to your seating area. 

There’s not much of the on-track action you can’t see from here, with the higher rows enjoying the best views of the entire track. Bring a zoom lens for your camera and you’ll get some incredible shots from here. 

There’s plenty of amenities close by that serve all of the grandstands on what could be considered the back straight. Lots of food and drink stalls and few merchandise stalls too. There’s plenty of toilets all along this area. 

The downside? The grandstand complex is massive and serves many thousands of people so you may expect queues for food and drink at times, especially after sessions have finished.

This grandstand is uncovered and while you might get lucky with the weather, I recommend preparing for all types just in case.

Your nearest entrance gates are B, behind the Yellow Grandstand and gate C on the other side of the white grandstand. Both are quite some distance so expect a decent walk from your car to the grandstand. I recommend wearing walking shoes so you can explore in comfort.

Green Grandstand (Tribuna Verde)

The huge Green grandstand continues on from the Blue although is somewhat closer to the track which is a bonus. Turns 1 and 2 are quite a way off in the distance to your left, so most of the action you’ll be enjoying is from turns 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 as the track snakes back on itself in front of you. 

If you get tickets to the left of this grandstand, closest to turn 6 you’ll get most of the action right in front of you as turn 11 is just the other side of the safety fencing beyond the straight that the grandstand is situated on.

To your right you’ll see the track snaked back out towards the grandstands and should catch some of the action down at turn 13 if you’re lucky.

As this is such a long grandstand your viewing angle can differ massively. Seats to the left are closest to the track with plenty of turns in front of you. Seats more to the right can see more of the last few corners and a larger view of the entire site.

As with other grandstands at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo you can see almost all of the circuit in front of you, with higher rows enjoying the best views across the entire circuit.

The grandstand is also uncovered so be prepared for all weather conditions in late November. 

There are plenty of amenities behind the grandstand with toilets, food and drink just a short walk away. The grandstand is made of 6 blocks each with staircase access so you should have no problems getting to your allocated seat. Just be prepared for queues between race sessions.

The right most block of this grandstand is situated on the bend of turn 7 and has a slightly different viewing angle to the other blocks. The view is still pretty epic and you’re that little bit closer to Gate C which is likely your preferred entrance gate if you’re taking public transport or shuttle service to the circuit. If you’re parking then you’ll likely enter by Gate B.

Expect a decent amount of walking during your MotoGP weekend, so comfortable shoes are a must!

Red Grandstand (Tribuna Rojo)

7 blocks make up the Red grandstand, built into the man made mound along what would be considered the back straight. As you can probably tell, nothing is quite like any other circuit when you visit this MotoGP track near Valencia!

While you can view a lot of the track in front of you, the fast turn of 7 means there’s a lot of run-off area in front of you, so proximity to the track is not favourable here. 

Higher rows enjoy the best views but the run-off does mean you’re not exactly close to the track. Most of the blocks here are situated between turns 8 and the long sweeping left hander of turn 13. So some of the grandstands actually have very little in front of them, with most of the action to your left and right. 

This isn’t as bad as it sounds as the immense views beyond the immediate track are as fulfilling as any other grandstand at this circuit. 

Amenities here are good with plenty of toilets and food stalls behind the grandstand. Access is also very easy with 7 blocks all with wide easy access staircases. The lower rows of the grandstand may have slightly obscured views by safety fencing and take longer to get to but generally the views here are good. 

Be prepared for plenty of walking as access to the circuit itself is via gates that may be some distance from the grandstand. C is your closest but parking is limited and is only preferable for the few public transport options available. B is your most likely entrance point near the car parks

White Grandstand (Tribuna Blanca)

While the views here encompass most of the circuit in the distance, the track action in front of you is probably one of the worst at the track. I say this only because of the quite frankly enormous run-off gravel in front of the grandstand. 

The White grandstand wraps slightly around the last corner of the track but is long enough that views may vary depending on where your seat is located.

The atmosphere from the fans is what makes this grandstand enjoyable and you can see thousands of fans at the other grandstands too which gives the entire event a carnival / festival like vibe. 

The grandstand here is at least tall enough that you can view the entire track, save for a few moments blocked by service buildings or safety fences. You’re also at the highest elevation here so it’s much easier to view it all when compared to the grandstand of Yellow and Blue at the lowest elevation.

It’s certainly not the best grandstand at this iconic track but it does have plenty still going for it so you’re unlikely to be too disappointed.

There’s plenty of amenities behind the grandstand and you’re the closest to Gate C of all the grandstands, although this won’t be of much use to you if you have driven to the circuit as you’re likely to park entirely via Gate B which is a good 20 minutes or so walk away.

The best view here is arguably the 2 corners of 13 and 14. With 13 being a long fast left hand turn before the heavy breaking into 14 and blasting down the pit straight. For this you’ll want a seat in the far right of the grandstand closest to turn 14. 

As always be prepared for any weather in late November even though it may be sunny and mild for the time of year. This is an uncovered grandstand so all weather clothes is a good idea. 

There’s giant screens opposite you on the inside of the track but due to the large run-off area these screens are quite some distance from the grandstand. I recommend downloading the MotoGP app for live timings and commentary.

VIP Lounges

There are a number of “hospitality” tickets available for the Valencia MotoGP, all of which are along the main start / finish straight. Views from all of these are generally the same with only the Grid Lounge being slightly more special for being so up close to the starting grid.

Circuit Lounge

Situated underneath the Purple “boxes” grandstand mentioned at the start of this review, the Circuit lounge consists of a large public indoor space right above the pit boxes, with plenty of room to move around, network with corporate guests and soak in the atmosphere of this VIP location. There’s also a Sports Bar area with numerous large screen TVs to view the race on.

The entire space is air conditioned so you can relax in comfort, you can also park at the VIP parking area situated right by the main gate, making this one of the most convenient and comfortable experiences at the track.

Tickets usually include Paddock and pit walks at the discretion of the circuit promoters.

Tickets include access to a private terrace on the main straight so you have two vantage points for all of the race sessions and support races too. 

Food is included in your ticket with a variety of buffet style options throughout the race weekend.

The lounge area really does have that relaxed vibe about it with a few choice seats available and ample room to stand and chat too. 

I recommend the terrace more than the lounge as its higher up with better views of the entire circuit and with a more lively atmosphere too.

Grid Lounge

Situated a little further down the main straight, this rooftop temporary structure features excellent views of the starting grid, before the start line, so the MotoGP riders will head off to your right once the lights go out.

This is a mix between a terrace and a lounge setup, with a few seating options and ample room to enjoy the views from the balcony.

You can see the entire track from here so the flat screen TVs aren’t quite as necessary here but they come in handy if there’s any exciting overtakes or crashes.

The views of the track here are panoramic but just being that little bit further down the straight means you’re not quite on top of the start / finish action. Consider this option a lower cost VIP hospitality ticket when compared to the VIP Terrace (more on that in a moment)

As with all VIP options there’s parking very close by in the VIP car park, private access directly to the lounge, air conditioning to keep you comfortable and catering is included every day.

VIP Terrace

Not to be confused with the terrace that Circuit Lounge ticket holders have access to, this one is quite different!

This hospitality option has it all. A rooftop, covered terrace area, big enough for plenty of VIPs with unparalleled views across the circuit.

Coupled with some of the best gourmet dining the circuit can offer, the venue, while on top of the roof, is air conditioned for your comfort.

There’s even musical performances between race sessions to keep you entertained throughout the day. 

Tickets include VIP parking and easy access to the terrace as well as a cloakroom so you don’t need to worry about any coats or bags either. 

Best VIP tickets Valencia MotoGP

The best bit? You’re right on the start line for the race so you’ll get one of the best views of the pre-race entertainment and that all important lights out moment. There’s also plenty of big screens to catch all the race action.

This would be my preferred VIP hospitality ticket of choice.

Orange Lounge 

This one is an oddity as its really an add-on to a grandstand ticket for the Orange (Naranja) Grandstand. The lounge itself doesn’t have any views of the circuit, designed primarily as a networking space, dining room and a lounge to hang out in between sessions. 

When the sessions are on you’ll definitely want to be at the grandstand next door. There is a section of the Orange grandstand with unnumbered seats, specifically for Orange Lounge users. So you’ll get a lounge to relax in and a grandstand seat to enjoy the MotoGP racing.

Tickets include lounge access, catering all weekend, free wifi in the lounge and VIP parking at the nearby car park. This is a low-cost option for those wanting to meet business partners and clients, or treat a loved one to something a little special beyond just a grandstand ticket.

But if you’re looking for a real VIP experience I’d opt for the VIP terrace.

The Best Grandstand at the Valencia MotoGP

My pick would be the purple grandstand also known as the “Boxes Tribuna”. It has epic views of the entire track as well as a perfect vantage point for the start of the race. It’s also the most convenient for parking and entertainment. This grandstand sells out quickly.

Valencia MotoGP Race weekend videos worth watching