Welcome to this comprehensive review of Raymond James Stadium, the iconic home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the University of South Florida (USF) Bulls.

This guide aims to assist you in finding the best seats at the stadium to match your budget and preferences.

Alongside seating insights, you’ll delve into the rich history of this multi-purpose venue, its numerous redevelopments, and the notable events that have graced its grounds, including concerts by famous bands and singers.

History and Development

Opened in 1998, Raymond James Stadium replaced Tampa Stadium as a new home for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The stadium’s construction, fueled by public funds, was a significant move by the Buccaneers’ then-new owner, Malcolm Glazer.

He viewed the old Tampa Stadium as inadequate for the NFL franchise he purchased in 1995. A significant point of contention during its development was the financing method, leading to a public referendum on a sales tax increase.

A notable feature of Raymond James Stadium is its 103-foot, 43-ton steel-and-concrete replica pirate ship, a unique element that distinguishes it from other NFL stadiums. The ship enhances the fan experience with interactive elements, such as firing cannons when the Buccaneers score or enter the opponent’s red zone.

Since its opening, the stadium has undergone several renovations. In 2016, a major upgrade included the installation of state-of-the-art, high-visibility video displays in both end zones and new luxury boxes. Before the 2022 season, 3,600 seats were added in the south end zone.

Seating and Comfort

Raymond James Stadium boasts a seating capacity of 69,218, which can expand to about 75,000 for special events with temporary seating. The stadium offers a variety of seating options, from standard seats to luxury suites, ensuring a range of choices for different budgets and preferences.

Seating and Comfort at Raymond James Stadium

The stadium’s design ensures that most seats offer a good view of the field, with the upper levels providing a comprehensive view of the action.

The addition of the “Krewe’s Nest” in the south end zone has further enhanced the seating options. Comfort is a priority, with recent renovations addressing issues like seat fading and upgrading amenities to enhance the fan experience.


Accessibility is a key feature of Raymond James Stadium. All areas are ADA compliant, ensuring that fans with disabilities have appropriate access to the stadium and its facilities.

Parking, restrooms, and concessions are designed to be accessible to all visitors, making the stadium experience inclusive and welcoming.

Notable Events and Concerts

Raymond James Stadium has been a prominent venue for a variety of events beyond football. It has hosted three Super Bowls, including Super Bowl LV in 2021, where the Buccaneers made history by winning the championship on their home field.

The stadium is also the site for college football’s annual Tampa Bay Bowl and Gasparilla Bowl.

In terms of entertainment, Raymond James Stadium has welcomed a range of concerts, with U2 attracting the largest attendance (72,000) in 2009.

The Sunset Music Festival is an annual event here, and notable artists like Taylor Swift have had multiple sold-out shows, underscoring the stadium’s capacity to host large-scale events.

100 Level seats

When you visit Raymond James Stadium, the 100 level seating offers an immersive and exciting experience, whether you’re there for a football game or a concert.

100 Level seats Raymond James Stadium

This section, ranging from 102 through 151, provides diverse perspectives and amenities to enhance your visit.

Sideline Views and Accessibility

Located close to the action, the lower level sidelines are where the atmosphere is electric. Sections 109 to 112 sit directly behind the Buccaneers’ bench, offering a first-hand view of the home team’s dynamics.

109 Raymond James Stadium

Conversely, if you’re interested in the visiting team, sections 134 to 137 are your go-to spots. These sections are not just about proximity to the players; they also offer excellent sightlines to the field, ensuring you don’t miss any play.

For guests with accessibility needs, wheelchair-accessible seating is thoughtfully placed at the top of most 100 Level sections. These spots are labeled WC and provide both wheelchair space and companion seating, ensuring comfort and inclusivity.

Choosing the Best Side

Your preference for the Buccaneers or the visiting team might influence your choice of side. However, consider the sun’s position too.

Section 106 at Raymond James Stadium

The most sought-after seats are often in sections 106 to 115, for two reasons: they are on the Buccaneers’ side, and importantly, the sun sets behind this side, offering a more comfortable viewing experience in the hot Florida weather.

Optimal Seating for Concerts

For concerts, the 100 level sections transform into prime viewing areas. When the stage is set in front of sections 120 to 126, sections 112 and 134 become the most desirable, providing a close view of the stage without a severely angled perspective.

Section 120 at Raymond James Stadium

Buccaneer Cove

Above sections 145 to 151 lies Buccaneer Cove, the stadium’s primary social space and home to the famed pirate ship.

This area becomes a hub of activity during both concerts and football games, filled with fans socializing and enjoying the unique stadium atmosphere.

Corner and Endzone Seating

If you’re a football enthusiast keen on a different perspective, consider the lower level corner seats, especially sections 140 to 145 near Buccaneer Cove and the Pirate Ship. These seats offer a diagonal view of the field and are close to scoring opportunities in the near endzone.

Section 140 at Raymond James Stadium

Alternatively, the Lower Level Endzone seats, particularly sections 121 to 125 and 146 to 150, offer an up-close view of goal-line action. You’re right in the thick of things here, with easy viewing of the video boards for replays and highlights.

Sideline Seating Considerations

The Lower Level Sideline seating, while close to the field, doesn’t offer any shade or cover. This exposure can be a factor during early fall games when the Florida sun is intense.

Sideline Seating Considerations at Raymond James Stadium

If you prefer a more elevated view and quicker access to concourses, opt for seats in the double-letter rows (e.g., AA, BB, CC). These seats combine a better view with convenience.

Krewe’s Nest seats

The Krewe’s Nest, a relatively new addition to Raymond James Stadium, presents a unique seating experience for football fans.

Krewe Nest seats raymond james stadium

These sections, labeled 1-8, are situated in the south endzone, towering above sections 120-126. As you settle into your seat here, you’ll find it offers a distinctive perspective on the game.

Viewing Experience from Krewe’s Nest

When you’re seated in the Krewe’s Nest, particularly in a spot like Row X of Krewe’s Nest 5, your view is two-fold. Firstly, you get a head-on view of the north videoboard, which is perfect for replays and close-ups of the action.

Viewing Experience from Krewe's Nest

Secondly, the view of the field from this vantage point can be described as video-game-like. It offers a broad, encompassing view of the game, allowing you to see play developments and formations with ease.

Comfort and Shade Considerations

While Krewe’s Nest tickets don’t come with special privileges like club access, they do offer one significant advantage, especially in the late afternoon – shade.

Shade Krewe's Nest at Raymond James Stadium

The sun typically sets behind this area, and with the south videoboard providing ample shade, especially in sections 3-6, you can enjoy the game without the discomfort of direct sunlight.

This feature makes the Krewe’s Nest seats some of the best-shaded options in Raymond James Stadium during afternoon games.

Layout and Accessibility of Krewe’s Nest

Each Krewe’s Nest section is designed with approximately 25 rows, starting from Row A at the front to Row AA at the back.

Layout and Accessibility of Krewe's Nest

The design ensures that every spectator has an unobstructed view of the field. The entrance tunnel for each section is conveniently located at Row A, making access to your seats straightforward and hassle-free.

When you choose a seat in the Krewe’s Nest at Raymond James Stadium, you’re opting for a unique and comfortable way to watch a football game, with excellent views and the added benefit of being in one of the best shaded areas in the stadium.

200 Level Seating Perspective

As you explore the 200 level at Raymond James Stadium, you’ll discover a balance of comfort, view, and amenities that cater to a variety of preferences, whether you’re attending a Buccaneers game or a concert.

200 Level Seating Chart at Raymond James Stadium

Hyundai Club

Nestled on the west side of the stadium, sections 205 through 216, the Hyundai Club offers an elevated experience. As you settle into your comfortable, padded seat with extra legroom, you’ll appreciate the quick access to the 60,000 square foot Hyundai Club.

Hyundai Club

This climate-controlled area is equipped with private bars, upscale food offerings, and flat-screen HD televisions.

You’ll enjoy a $35 per game credit for food, beverages, and merchandise, early entry into the stadium, less wait at restrooms and concessions, and attentive concierge service. In-seat waiter service is an exclusive perk for those seated on the 50-yard line, enhancing the luxurious feel of your visit.

East Stadium Club

On the east side, sections 230 through 241 make up the East Stadium Club. Similar to the Hyundai Club, you’ll have access to a 64,000 square foot club area with all the premium amenities, including Bar 76, a tribute to the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Hyundai Club raymond james stadium

Early entry, premium parking options, and reduced wait times at facilities make your experience smooth and enjoyable.

Middle Level Corner Seating

For a unique vantage point, the Middle Level Corner sections, such as 245, offer a great height for viewing the action and proximity to near endzone scoring.

Middle Level Corner Seating

You’ll find yourself close to Buccaneer Cove and the Pirate Ship, adding a distinctive flavor to your game-day experience. With rows running from A to DD, you can choose how close or elevated you want to be from the field.

Maximizing Your Experience

For the ultimate viewing experience, sections 209-212 and 234-237, located near midfield, offer the best sightlines.

Section 209 at Raymond James Stadium

These club level seats provide an unobstructed, comfortable view of the field, allowing you to see plays develop without the need for sharp head-turning.

club level seat raymond james stadium

For a balance of view and comfort, consider rows AA-DD in these sections. They not only offer a superior vantage point but are also conveniently close to the club lounges and typically shaded during early afternoon games.

Budget-Friendly Options

If you’re seeking a budget-friendly option without compromising too much on the view, sections 217-220 are your best bet. These corner sections offer a good angle and height for watching the field, the North videoboard, and the iconic pirate ship.

Section 218 at Raymond James Stadium

An added benefit is that these seats are among the first in the stadium to be shaded, a welcome feature during hot days.

300 Level Seating Overview

When you visit Raymond James Stadium and choose the 300 level seats, you’re opting for an affordable yet satisfying experience. This level, encompassing sections 302 through 319 and 327 through 344, offers a different perspective on the game or event you’re attending, emphasizing value and accessibility.

Level 300 Seating Chart at Raymond James Stadium

Upper Level Corner Seating

In the corners of the upper level, sections like 317-319 provide some of the most cost-effective options for Buccaneers games. These seats are the furthest from the field in the top deck, but they offer surprisingly good value.

Their sitelines, especially in sections closer to the endzone, are preferable to some of the more expensive upper sideline seats. Here, you’re balancing budget with a decent view of the field.

Accessible seating is conveniently located upon entering each section, with Row A just a small set of stairs away. For ease of access and to minimize stair climbing, aim for seats as close to Row A as possible.

Section 311 at Raymond James Stadium

Elevators at all four corner entries of the stadium make these corner seats a particularly good option if you prefer or require easier access to your seats.

Upper Level Sideline Seating

The upper deck’s sideline seating is expansive, encompassing roughly 30 rows per section. Here, row placement is crucial for an optimal experience.

Upper Level Sideline Seating

The lower rows, A-K, require the least amount of stair climbing, ideal if you want to avoid a strenuous ascent. However, if you’re shorter in stature, be wary of Rows A and E, where railings might occasionally obstruct your view.

With no shade or cover in the upper deck, higher rows generally mean lower ticket prices but also more exposure to the elements. The sun does set behind the west deck (Sections 306-315), but this may not provide much relief during early-season games known for their heat and sunshine.

Section 335 at Raymond James Stadium

In terms of sitelines, almost all sections offer clear views, but the best are around midfield, particularly near Sections 310/311 on the west side and 335/336 on the east side.

That said, for a better viewing angle and potential savings, consider opting for an upper corner section over extreme sideline sections like 306 or 315.

Hall Of Fame Club

When you choose the Hall of Fame Club at Raymond James Stadium for a Buccaneers game, you’re stepping into a zone of luxury and exclusivity. This club, nestled on the upper suite level on the east side of the stadium, beneath sections 339 and 340 and also 331 and 332, offers a premium game-day experience with its 180-degree view of the field.

The seating in the Hall of Fame Club is notable for its unobstructed sightlines, ensuring you won’t miss any of the action. The first two rows feature oversized luxury chairs, while the third row offers bar-style seating at a ledge, combining comfort with a good vantage point.

One of the standout features is that these seats are indoors, sheltered from any inclement weather. However, the retractable glass windows can be opened, allowing you to feel the game’s atmosphere and enjoy the breeze when the weather is favorable.

Hall Of Fame Club

The club itself spans 9,500 square feet and is climate-controlled. It’s equipped with upscale food offerings, private bars, and flat-screen HD televisions.

The all-inclusive arrangement, covering food, soft drinks, and alcohol, adds to the luxury of your experience. Additionally, the club provides bar top seating that offers a view of the field, unreserved dining tables for a more casual setting, and private restrooms for convenience and comfort.

In terms of accessibility, the club offers discounted premium parking options and allows for early entry into the stadium, making your arrival and departure as smooth as possible.

Hall Of Fame Club

Described by some as a mega-suite, the Hall of Fame Club seats at Raymond James Stadium are especially appealing for those seeking comfort and luxury during Tampa’s hot, humid, or rainy days.

Though they have the exclusivity of a suite, these seats are occasionally available on a single-game basis, making them a coveted choice for a high-end game-day experience.

Aerovanti Lounge (Champions Lounge)

The Aerovanti Lounge, previously known as the Champions Lounge, offers a new and luxurious way to celebrate the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl LV victory. Located near the East Stadium Club at Raymond James Stadium, the Aerovanti Lounge provides an exclusive, fully indoor experience for Bucs games. This premium option is designed for fans who seek a blend of comfort, luxury, and an all-encompassing game-day experience.

Premium Features and Comfort

As a ticket holder in the Aerovanti Lounge, you’ll be treated to a premium food experience that goes beyond the typical stadium fare. The lounge provides complimentary beer, wine, and cocktails, ensuring a diverse range of beverage options to complement your meal. In-seat wait service adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing you to enjoy the game without missing any action.

Aerovanti Lounge raymond james stadium

Seating and Viewing Experience

The seating arrangement in the Aerovanti Lounge is thoughtfully designed for comfort and a good view of the game. There are two rows of seats in each lounge: the first row consists of oversized stadium chairs, offering ample space and comfort, while the second row features barstool seating at a ledge, perfect for those who prefer a higher vantage point. This setup ensures that all guests have a comfortable spot from which to view the game.

Aerovanti Lounge raymond james stadium

Additional Lounge Amenities

Beyond the seating and dining experience, each Aerovanti Lounge is equipped with additional amenities to enhance your visit. The lounges have extra seating areas, ideal for socializing or just relaxing. Multiple televisions are strategically placed so you won’t miss any game highlights. Private restrooms offer convenience and less wait time, a significant advantage over regular stadium facilities. Furthermore, the lounges are adorned with decorations honoring the Buccaneers’ championship, adding to the celebratory atmosphere.

Aerovanti Lounge raymond james stadium

The Ideal Escape from the Florida Heat

Choosing the Aerovanti Lounge tickets is one of the best ways to escape the Florida heat and enjoy a Buccaneers game in luxury and comfort. It’s an ideal option for those looking to elevate their game-day experience at Raymond James Stadium, offering a blend of premium amenities, exclusive seating, and a fully indoor environment.

The Ideal Escape from the Florida Heat

Please note that while these amenities are available for football games, availability may vary for other events hosted at the stadium.

Stadium Club

The Stadium Club at Raymond James Stadium is a premier choice for those seeking club-level seating on either side of the field. It’s particularly well-suited for guests who prioritize oversized, padded chairs and access to an indoor club space.

Aerovanti Lounge raymond james stadium

This club is designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience, whether you’re watching a football game or attending a concert.

Hyundai Stadium Club Distinction

Within the Stadium Club, sections 205-216 are designated as the Hyundai Stadium Club seats. These sections are distinguished by their location on the west sideline, offering shaded seating which is a significant advantage during sunny games.

Hyundai Club raymond james stadium

The Hyundai Club is known for its luxurious amenities, exceeding those of the East Stadium Club located in sections 230-241. Additionally, being on the home side of the field, these seats have an added appeal for Buccaneers fans.

Shared Features of the Stadium Clubs

Despite the differences in price and location, both the Hyundai and East Stadium Clubs share several key features. They are fully indoors and air-conditioned, creating a comfortable escape from the Florida heat.

Shared Features of the Stadium Clubs

The clubs offer exclusive concessions with premium options, enhancing the culinary experience. Additionally, they provide dining tables, numerous televisions, and full-service bars, creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Early access to the stadium for Buccaneers games is another perk, allowing guests to settle in and enjoy the facilities before the general crowd arrives.

Exceptional Views for Events

The Stadium Club seats are positioned to provide excellent views for football games. Located just 30 rows from the field and extending no higher than 60 rows, they offer a perfect balance between proximity to the action and an elevated perspective.

South endzone

For concerts, especially with the stage set in the South endzone, these seats maintain their advantageous positioning.

Sections near midfield, like 210/211 and 235/236, are particularly sought after for their clear line of sight to the stage, making them a prime choice for concert-goers who prefer a side view combined with a premium experience.

Section 235 at Raymond James Stadium

Overall, the Stadium Club at Raymond James Stadium stands out as a top-tier option for those seeking a blend of comfort, luxury, and an exceptional viewing experience, whether for a Buccaneers game or a concert event.

Best seats for concerts at Raymond James Stadium

When attending a concert at Raymond James Stadium, if your priority is to be as close to the performers as possible, the field sections, namely Field A, B, C, and D, are your ideal choice.

Best seats for concerts at Raymond James Stadium

These seats put you right in the midst of the concert’s energy and excitement. However, it’s important to remember that the layout of these sections might vary depending on the specific concert or artist, which can affect the views from each area.

These adjustments could either enhance or diminish the viewing experience, depending on the stage setup.

Side Stage Seating

For those who prefer a combination of closeness and an elevated view, the seats to the side of the stage in Section 112, 113, and 133 are excellent options.

Section 113 at Raymond James Stadium

While these don’t offer a direct, head-on view, they compensate with their proximity to the stage and better elevation than field seats.

Another advantage of these seats is that they are traditional stadium seats, which provide more comfort compared to standing in the field sections.

Head-on Stage Views

If a direct view of the stage is what you’re looking for, coupled with comfort, the seats in Section 146, 147, 148, and 149 across from the stage are ideal. These sections offer a head-on view, allowing for a comfortable, unobstructed perspective of the entire performance.

Section 146 at Raymond James Stadium

They are especially suitable for those who prefer to enjoy the concert without the need to continually turn or adjust their position.

Upper-Level Seating

For concertgoers on a budget or those who prefer a panoramic view of the concert, the upper-level sections at Raymond James Stadium are a suitable option.

upper level raymond james stadium

While these seats are farther from the stage, limiting detailed visibility, they provide an unobstructed, comprehensive view of the concert atmosphere, making them a worthwhile choice for an overall enjoyable experience.

Choosing the Right Concert Tickets

When selecting concert tickets at Raymond James Stadium, it’s crucial to consider a few key points for the best experience. Firstly, avoid seats behind the stage, typically near or above sections 115, 118, 119, and 120, as they often offer obstructed views of the performance.

Section 115 at Raymond James Stadium

For shorter individuals or those with children, field seats are best chosen in the first few rows to avoid visibility issues. Lastly, be aware that not all lower-level side sections are equally desirable.

Section 239 at Raymond James Stadium

Sections like 207 and 239 may require you to turn your head for a better view, making sections directly facing the stage or closer side seats in the upper level, like 312 and 313, more appealing choices.

Shaded Seat options

Finding shaded seats at Raymond James Stadium, especially during the hot Florida days, can significantly enhance your game-day experience.

Shade raymond james stadium

As a general rule, for 1pm starts, shaded seats are primarily located in the southwest corner, which is on the home side near the south end zone.

For games starting at 4pm, the home side of the stadium typically offers more shaded areas. Additionally, the last few rows of the 200-level sections often provide some respite from the sun.

Stadium Orientation and Sun Movement

Understanding the stadium’s orientation can help in selecting the best seats. Raymond James Stadium is aligned north to south, and as the day progresses, the sun moves across the sky towards the west, eventually setting behind the structure on the home side of the field.

Sun Movement at Raymond James Stadium

This movement means that as the afternoon goes on, more seats on the home side begin to fall into the shade.

Early Afternoon Games

During early afternoon games, such as those starting at 1:00pm, there are significantly more seats in the sun than in the shade. Initially, very few seats are shaded.

However, if you choose seats in the farthest rows back in the 200-level, like rows AA-DD in sections 231-240, you might find some relief under the overhang of the 300-level. As the game progresses to around halftime, sections on the home side, starting around sections 140 and 240, begin to receive shade, spreading to more seats over time.

Early Afternoon Games

Late Afternoon Games

For games kicking off later in the afternoon, finding shaded seats is somewhat easier. Early in the game, sections 146-150 in the south end zone are likely to be shaded.

As the afternoon progresses, the 100-level and 200-level sections on the home side, starting with sections 101 and 201, gradually become shaded.

Late Afternoon Games

Night Games

If you’re attending a night game, such as on a Sunday, Monday, or Thursday, the sun won’t be a concern. These games usually start post-sunset, eliminating the need to seek out shaded seating.

Night Games

Seats in the Sun

Conversely, seats that typically remain in the sun include those on the visitor side of the stadium and in the north end zone. For University of South Florida games, which are often played in the early afternoon, these areas are particularly sunny.

Seats in the Sun

In conclusion, when you’re planning to attend a game at Raymond James Stadium and prefer shaded seating, consider the time of the game and the stadium’s orientation.

Opting for seats in the southwest corner, the home side, or the upper rows of the 200-level can provide a more comfortable viewing experience, especially during the warmer, sunnier parts of the day.

Best Seats for Families

When attending Buccaneers games at Raymond James Stadium with your family, especially if you have kids, selecting the right seating area can make a significant difference in your experience. Section 342 stands out as an excellent choice for families for several reasons.

Best Seats for Families at Buccaneers Games

Firstly, this section offers more affordable seating options, located on the highest level of the stadium. The advantage of being on the upper level is the generally lower ticket prices, making it a budget-friendly choice for families.

Moreover, Section 342’s proximity to a cluster of concessions is a notable convenience. This means easy access to food and drinks, which is always a plus when attending a game with children.

The close proximity to amenities reduces the time spent walking around the stadium and allows more time to enjoy the game.

Section 342 at Raymond James Stadium

Another appealing aspect of Section 342 is that it is sometimes designated as an alcohol-free area. For families, this can mean a more kid-friendly atmosphere, free from potential disturbances that can sometimes accompany alcohol consumption.

This environment ensures a more comfortable and family-oriented experience during the game.

Food and Drink options

Raymond James Stadium stands out not just for its sports but also for its wide array of food choices. Among the heartier options, the Bucs Burger in Section 143 is a standout, combining the classic cheeseburger with brisket and tater tots.

For a more international flavor, the Beef Birria Tacos in Section 137, filled with slow-roasted Barbacoa and Cotija Cheese, offer a delightful twist.

Beef Birria Tacos raymond james stadium

BBQ lovers are treated to the BBQ Bacon Dog and Footlong Dog in Sections 107, 132, 124, 209, and 236, featuring a unique blend of house-made Buffalo Chicken Dip and drizzled sauces.

BBQ Bacon Dog raymond james stadium

Gourmet Sandwiches and Pizzas

Sandwich enthusiasts have a variety of choices, from the Aussie Grill Original Chicken Sandwich available in Sections 118, 204, and 241 to the Montreal Smoked Beef Sandwich in Sections 207 and 232. These gourmet sandwiches provide a satisfying meal for any appetite.

Sandwich raymond james stadium

Pizza Plant and Little Caesars offer classic and deep-dish pizzas, perfect for sharing with friends or family. These are located on the main level and level 300, making them easily accessible.

BBQ and Grilled Delicacies

For those who can’t resist the allure of BBQ, the Burnt End Mac & Cheese and Burnt End Sandwich in Sections 114, 139, 213, 238, 307, and 339 blend the smoky taste of BBQ with classic comfort food. The Grilled Bratwurst in Sections 118, 133, 315, and 340 also offers a traditional grilled experience, perfect for a game day.

bbq raymond james stadium

Classic Stadium Snacks and Refreshments

When it comes to classic stadium snacks, Raymond James Stadium has plenty to offer. Crafty Dogs brings a new twist to the traditional hot dog, while Tampa Fried Chicken on Level 300 serves up a satisfying combination of fried chicken and wave fries.

Hot Dog

For those looking for a quick snack or to cool down, popcorn buckets, ice cream sundaes, and frozen yogurt are available at various concession stands around the stadium.

ice cream sundaes raymond james stadium

Vizzy Hard Seltzer stands, spread throughout the stadium, provide a refreshing beverage option to enjoy during the game.