Attending the Formula 1 race at the Sakhir Circuit involves navigating through a series of transport options from various starting points across the globe. This guide offers a straightforward approach to help you plan your journey efficiently.

Flying into Bahrain

Traveling to Bahrain for the Formula 1 Grand Prix begins with the journey to Bahrain International Airport, the primary gateway located near the capital, Manama.

Let’s focus on the practical aspects of arranging air travel to participate in or witness the Grand Prix at the Sakhir Circuit.

Europe to Bahrain

Direct flights from Europe to Bahrain offer a straightforward path for those traveling to events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix, with key airlines like British Airways, Gulf Air, and Lufthansa facilitating this journey.

These flights connect Bahrain International Airport with major European cities, including London, Paris, and Frankfurt, ensuring accessibility for motorsport enthusiasts and travelers.

Flight Times from Major European Cities

Flights from London Heathrow directly to Bahrain International Airport typically span around 6 to 7 hours, offering a relatively quick transition from the UK to the heart of Bahrain.

From Paris Charles de Gaulle, the direct flight duration to Bahrain is usually about 6 hours and 30 minutes, providing French fans with efficient access to the event.

Similarly, direct services from Frankfurt am Main cover the journey in approximately 6 hours and 20 minutes, allowing German spectators to connect directly to the Formula 1 excitement.

Average Prices for Flights

The cost associated with flying from Europe to Bahrain can vary, influenced by factors such as booking timing, seasonality, and airline choice.

On average, early bookings can secure more favorable round-trip fares. From London, direct flight prices start from approximately €400 to €600 for economy class during less busy seasons, but these can escalate as the event draws nearer or during peak travel periods.

Parisian travelers looking to fly to Bahrain might find economy fares ranging from €350 to €550 if tickets are purchased well in advance.

Meanwhile, those departing from Frankfurt are likely to encounter prices between €400 to €600 for round-trip economy flights when booked early, with the caveat that prices fluctuate based on demand and the timing of the booking.

Booking Tips for Travelers

For those aiming to secure the best possible fares, booking several months ahead of the planned travel date is recommended, particularly when the trip coincides with major events like the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Flexibility with travel dates can also lead to cost savings, as flights in the middle of the week may be priced lower compared to weekend departures.

Additionally, leveraging flight comparison websites can be beneficial in scouting the most economical options available across different carriers, ensuring travelers can make informed decisions for a seamless and enjoyable journey to Bahrain.

USA to Bahrain

Traveling from the USA to Bahrain requires passengers to navigate through connecting flights, as there are no direct routes available.

The journey to Bahrain International Airport for American travelers involves stopovers, usually in key Middle Eastern hubs such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi. This section of the journey is critical for understanding the logistics of getting to Bahrain from various American cities.

Travel times and routes

Airlines like Emirates and Turkish Airlines are among the primary carriers facilitating this route. They offer comprehensive services that include the transatlantic leg as well as the final leg into Bahrain.

The choice of airline and the specific route taken can significantly impact the overall travel time, which is an important consideration for those planning their trip to Bahrain, especially if attending time-sensitive events like the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Travel times from the USA to Bahrain can vary widely depending on the point of departure. For example, flights from the East Coast, such as New York, have a minimum duration of around 16 hours when including layovers, while flights from the West Coast, including cities like Los Angeles, may extend beyond 18 hours due to the longer transatlantic segment.


The inclusion of layovers in cities like Dubai or Abu Dhabi not only affects the total travel time but also provides travelers with a brief glimpse into these transit hubs, which are known for their extensive duty-free shopping areas and lounge facilities.

For travelers, the journey from the USA to Bahrain, while lengthy, can be an opportunity to experience the amenities and services offered by some of the world’s leading airports and airlines.

Australia to Bahrain

For those embarking from Australia to Bahrain, the journey necessitates the use of connecting flights, mirroring the travel structure faced by passengers from the USA. Direct flights are not an option, requiring travelers to plan for stopovers, typically in the airlines’ hub cities in the Middle East.

Emirates and Qatar Airways are the leading carriers facilitating this route, offering connections through their expansive network hubs in Dubai and Doha, respectively.

These stopovers are integral to the travel plan, bridging the considerable distance between Australia and Bahrain with efficiency and comfort.

The choice of airline and the specific transit city can significantly influence the travel experience, as both Emirates and Qatar Airways are known for their high service standards, extensive in-flight entertainment options, and comfort.

Layovers in Dubai or Doha also afford travelers a chance to explore these vibrant transit hubs, albeit briefly, adding an additional layer of experience to the journey.

While the travel time from Australia to Bahrain is notably lengthy, often requiring 16 to 18 hours or more depending on the city of departure and length of layovers, the carriers’ efforts to ensure passenger comfort make the journey more bearable.

For Australian fans and attendees heading to events like the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain, the journey offers a blend of convenience and the opportunity to momentarily immerse in the unique cultures of their transit stops.

Ground Transportation in Bahrain

Taxis and Car Rentals

Upon arrival, taxis present a straightforward option for travel from Bahrain International Airport to either the Sakhir Circuit or accommodations in Manama.

For those preferring more autonomy, car rental agencies are available at the airport. Booking in advance through aggregators like can yield better rates.

Public and Ride-Hailing Services

While public transport options are limited and do not directly serve the Sakhir Circuit, ride-hailing services such as Uber offer a reliable alternative for getting around Bahrain.

These services provide competitive pricing and the convenience of cashless transactions.

Driving and Parking at the Bahrain Grand Prix

Opting to rent a car for the duration of the Bahrain Grand Prix presents a practical choice, particularly for groups or those preferring the convenience of personal transport.

While taxis in Bahrain can be on the pricier side, car rental emerges as a cost-effective alternative, offering the freedom to explore at one’s own pace.

The Case for Renting a Car

Renting a car in Bahrain has several advantages. The roads are generally in excellent condition, with clear signposting in both English and Arabic, reducing the likelihood of getting lost or encountering road defects.

However, it’s worth noting that driving in Bahrain may present a challenge for those unaccustomed to the local driving style, which can be perceived as aggressive.

Car rental rates are reasonable, with prices starting from around 24 Dinar for a weekend rental from Thursday to Sunday, or 10 Dinar for a single-day rental.

These rates can vary, so it’s advisable to book in advance. Utilizing online search aggregators like can help secure the best deals by comparing prices across multiple car hire companies.

Journey to the Circuit

The Bahrain International Circuit is situated approximately a 40-minute drive from Manama. The route is straightforward: drivers should head south out of the city on the Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway, then turn right onto the Zallaq Highway after about 22km, following signs directly to the circuit.

Traffic management measures during the Grand Prix weekend, such as making local roads one-way, help alleviate potential delays, making the drive smoother than one might expect at a major sporting event.

Parking Facilities

For those deciding to drive to the event, the circuit offers ample parking. Notably, parking is complimentary for vehicles carrying three or more ticket holders. For vehicles with two or fewer occupants, a parking pass is required, costing 10BHD.

It’s crucial to arrange these passes beforehand, as they cannot be purchased on the day of the event. Parking passes must be collected from designated collection points, such as the BIC stand at City Centre Mall or the Beyond Money F1 Village in Block 338, and displayed on the vehicle’s windshield.

In summary, renting a car for the Bahrain Grand Prix not only provides a cost-efficient mode of transport but also adds an element of flexibility to the travel experience, allowing for a more personalized and comfortable exploration of Bahrain.

With strategic planning and adherence to local driving norms, navigating to and from the circuit can enhance the overall enjoyment of the Grand Prix weekend.

Shuttle Bus from Hotels to the Circuit

During the Grand Prix weekend, the complimentary Grand Prix Shuttle Bus service seamlessly connects attendees from downtown Manama and the airport directly to the Bahrain International Circuit.

This hassle-free transportation option is specifically designed for F1 ticket holders, eliminating the need for additional passes and providing a straightforward route to the race events.

The shuttle service is remarkably inclusive, catering to guests from a wide range of hotels in the central Manama area. Key hotels served by the shuttle include the Sofitel, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons Hotel, Intercontinental Regency, Nordic Palace & Spa — Seef, Ibis Hotel Manama, Ibis Styles Diplomatic, Gulf Hotel, The K Hotel, and The Olive Hotel.

It’s important to note that the shuttle service is not exclusive to guests of these hotels; any F1 ticket holder can access the service from the nearest departure point, making it a versatile option for all attendees, regardless of their accommodation choices.

Operating with departures every 45 minutes, the shuttle service ensures that transportation to and from the circuit is both frequent and accessible. The service kicks off from Monday, 27th February through Sunday, 5th March for routes from the airport to Manama, accommodating the varying arrival times of international visitors.

For those looking to travel directly from the airport to the circuit, shuttles run from Thursday, 2nd March to Sunday, 5th March, primarily in the morning and early afternoon.

Similarly, the route from Manama to the circuit is available during these days, catering to attendees staying in the city. In the evenings, the shuttle also operates from the circuit back to Manama and the airport, ensuring that guests can return after the day’s events.

Why use the shuttle bus to the Bahrain F1 Circuit?

Choosing the Grand Prix Shuttle Bus as a means of transportation offers several advantages. Primarily, it’s a cost-effective solution that eliminates the expenses associated with taxis or car rentals. The convenience of having a scheduled service with frequent departures reduces wait times and simplifies travel plans.

Additionally, the broad coverage and easy accessibility of the service ensure that all F1 ticket holders can benefit from stress-free transport to and from the circuit, regardless of their accommodation location.

Transportation Options for Visitors

Getting around in Bahrain offers a variety of options tailored to different preferences and budgets, ensuring visitors can navigate the island with ease, whether attending the Grand Prix at the Sakhir Circuit or exploring the sights of Manama and beyond.

Ride-Hailing and Taxi Services

Uber has established its presence in Bahrain, offering a convenient and modern solution for transportation. By downloading the app, users can enjoy the benefits of competitive, flat fares, cashless transactions, and the security of a reliable service.

This platform is especially appealing for those who prefer a straightforward and transparent way to move around.

Traditional taxi services remain a staple for short-term visitors, providing direct and flexible travel options. However, it’s crucial to ensure the taxi meter is visible and activated before starting your journey to avoid unexpectedly high fares.

For a more comfortable experience, reputable taxi companies such as Speedy Motor Taxis and Arabian Taxi offer services at regulated rates, with typical fares being around 6 BHD (approximately €15 EUR) from the airport to Manama, and about 15 BHD (roughly €35-40) from Manama to the Sakhir circuit.

Chauffeured Cars for Premium Comfort

For those seeking a touch of luxury or simply prefer the convenience of a dedicated vehicle, private chauffeur-driven cars are available.

These services, offered by companies like Bahrain Limo and City Limo, provide superior comfort and service levels compared to standard taxis, albeit at a higher cost. Arrangements for such services can usually be made through your hotel.

Public Transportation for Budget Travelers

For budget-conscious travelers, Bahrain’s public bus service offers an affordable way to get around. While the bus network doesn’t extend to the Sakhir circuit, it connects major areas within Manama and the surrounding regions, including a route from the airport to the city center. One-way tickets are exceptionally cost-effective, costing just 250 fils (less than 1 EUR).

Frequently Asked Questions about the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix

Here’s some questions we often get asked about getting to Bahrain and to the Sakhir Circuit. If you have any questions let us know in the comments and we’ll get those added too.

What is the best time to arrive for the Bahrain Grand Prix?

To fully experience the race weekend, it’s recommended to arrive at least a day before the events start. This allows time to settle in, explore the surroundings, and possibly attend any pre-race activities or events. Check the official Formula 1 calendar for exact dates and plan accordingly.

Can I buy tickets for the Bahrain Grand Prix at the circuit?

While tickets may be available at the circuit, it’s strongly advised to purchase them in advance to ensure availability and possibly benefit from early booking discounts. Tickets can be bought from the official Formula 1 website or authorized ticket sellers.

What are some must-see attractions in Bahrain besides the Grand Prix?

Bahrain is rich in cultural heritage and modern attractions. Don’t miss the Bahrain National Museum, the Bahrain Fort (Qal’at al-Bahrain), and the Al Fateh Grand Mosque for a taste of local history and architecture. For a more modern experience, visit the Bahrain City Centre for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Is English widely spoken in Bahrain?

Yes, English is widely spoken in Bahrain, especially in hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions, making it relatively easy for international visitors to communicate.

What is the climate like in Bahrain during the Grand Prix?

The Bahrain Grand Prix usually takes place in late March or early April when the climate is pleasantly warm with daytime temperatures ranging from 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F). It’s advisable to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated, especially if you’re spending long periods outdoors.

Are there any cultural norms or dress codes to be aware of in Bahrain?

Bahrain is a modern and relatively liberal country, but it’s respectful to adhere to modest dress codes, especially when visiting religious sites or traditional areas. Lightweight, long-sleeved clothing is recommended for sun protection and to respect local customs.

By keeping these questions and answers in mind, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience at the Bahrain Grand Prix, taking in not only the excitement of the race but also the rich culture and hospitality Bahrain has to offer.