Welcome to our full seating review of the EverBank Stadium, formerly known as TIAA Bank Field, a significant landmark in Jacksonville, Florida, home to the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team, seating some 67,814 passionate fans and concerts goers.

In this review we’ll show you all of the ticket options available to you and our frank and honest reviews of each of them so you can find the best seats at the EverBank Stadium to suit your budget and preferences.

We’ll even give you the lowdown on the concessions stands and useful information for getting around the stadium whether you’re visiting for a concert, sporting event or to cheer on the Jacksonville Jaguars. We’ve got you covered.

Opened in 1995, EverBank Stadium stands on the grounds of the former Gator Bowl Stadium, which was a hallmark since 1927.

Its location, right on the St. Johns River in downtown Jacksonville, adds to its scenic and strategic importance.

This stadium has seen the intense rivalry of the Florida–Georgia football game and has hosted the annual Gator Bowl, a post-season college bowl game.

In 2005, it gained national attention by hosting Super Bowl XXXIX. Beyond football, it has also been a chosen venue for the United States men’s national soccer team.

The stadium underwent a name change from Jacksonville Municipal Stadium to Alltel Stadium, and then to EverBank Field in 2010, reflecting its evolving identity and partnerships. In 2018, it was briefly known as TIAA Bank Field before reverting to EverBank Stadium in 2023.

Concerts and Events

The EverBank Stadium extends beyond sports. Famous artists like The Rolling Stones, Green Day, and Def Leppard have performed, bringing in crowds for concerts on a massive scale.

If you’re looking for the best concert seats at the Everbank Stadium this guide will help you decide whats best for you and your budget.

Construction and Planning

EverBank Stadium represents a fusion of past and present.

Portions of the old Gator Bowl Stadium were incorporated into the current structure, preserving a piece of history. Its construction, starting in 1994 and completing in 1995, was a rapid yet significant transformation for Jacksonville.

The planning and development stages saw considerable negotiations, particularly for hosting the Florida–Georgia game, which played a crucial role in the stadium’s renovation plans.

NFL Expansion and Current Features

The stadium’s journey includes its pivotal role in Jacksonville securing the Jaguars as their NFL team. The commitment to extensive renovations was a key factor in this achievement.

Today, the stadium boasts 11,200 club seats, 88 luxury suites, and a ‘super suite’, merging comfort with an exhilarating atmosphere. We’ll cover all of these in the forthcoming chapters of this article so lets get stuck in shall we!

100 Level at EverBank Stadium

The 100 level wraps around both endzones, extending from the 20-yard lines and is segmented by the Field Club at midfield on both sides. If you’re seeking the best non-club option for a game, these seats, all within 31 rows of the field, offer an excellent view and a vibrant atmosphere.

100 Level Diagram at EverBank Stadium

Accessibility and Row Arrangement

The unique structure of the stadium means that both the lower-level (100-Level) and the 200-Level seats share a concourse and tunnel. This design requires fans to enter the section from the top and walk down to their seats, enhancing the ease of access and egress.

100 Level  tunnel At TIAA Bank Field

The rows in the 100-Level are labeled alphabetically, starting with “A” and followed by double-lettered rows after “Z”, with “GG” being the last row in most sections.

Corner and Endzone Seating

In the 100 Level Corner seating, most rows follow the A-Z and then AA-FF labeling system. Notably, sections 127 and 145, positioned above the player tunnels, consist only of six rows, labeled AA-FF. The Endzone seating on the North end (sections 121-125) features 33 rows, extending from A-Z and then AA-GG, with row GG designed for wheelchair accessibility.

On the South side, section 148 begins in Row E, and other sections provide wheelchair accessible seating in Row A, offering inclusive viewing options for all fans.

Sideline Seating

The Sideline seating on the 100-Level has seen significant transformations due to recent renovations, particularly with the introduction of the Assure Clubs. These clubs intersect the sideline seating on both sides of the field, limiting the number of seats behind the benches that are not part of premium seating.

100 Level Sideline at EverBank Stadium

In each of these sections, Row A is closest to the field, followed by single-letter rows through Z, and then double-letter rows from AA to GG. For an optimal viewing experience that combines proximity to the field and ease of access to the main concourse, the double-letter rows are highly recommended.

Team Sidelines and Tunnels

When you’re in the 100-Level at EverBank Stadium, you’re also close to the heart of the action. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ sideline is located in front of sections 7 through 12, while the visiting team’s sideline faces sections 34 through 39.

The Jaguars' tunnel

The Jaguars’ tunnel is near sections 7 and 8, offering an up-close view of the team’s entry and exit, while the visiting team’s tunnel is adjacent to sections 11 and 12, adding to the immersive experience of the game.

Club sections

The best seats within these club sections are located in sections 108-111 and 135-138 on the lower level, as well as 208-211 and 235-238 on the upper level.

These sections are strategically situated between the 25-yard lines, providing an ideal balance of proximity and elevation. You’ll be 20-60 rows off the field, ensuring you have enough height to see over the players without feeling detached from the on-field action.

One of the standout features of these club seats is the access to a climate-controlled indoor space, which is a significant comfort, particularly during adverse weather conditions or extreme temperatures.

Among these, the sections on the west side of the field, like 108-111, are particularly sought after. These seats are on the less sunny side of the field, offering a more comfortable viewing experience during games that take place under the bright Florida sun.

200 Level at EverBank Stadium

The 200-Level at EverBank Stadium forms a part of the lower bowl of seating, offering a distinctive perspective of the game. The rows in this level are labeled alphabetically, starting with single-lettered rows at the front, followed by double-lettered rows.

If you have tickets at the front of a 200 section, you’ll be seated behind the 100-level seats and a walkway, providing an elevated view over the crowd in front.

For the optimal game-viewing experience on the 200-Level, the larger sections near the corners or sidelines are recommended. Sections 201-206, 213-216, 230-233, and 240-245 are particularly notable for their better elevation and angles to the field.

In contrast, endzone sections on the north side tend to be flatter and much further from the field, offering a different viewing experience.

Family Zone

Section 227 is designated as the Family Zone, where alcohol consumption and cursing are not permitted. This zone ensures a family-friendly environment, and football fans who do not adhere to these rules will be removed from the stadium.

This area is ideal for families or those seeking a more reserved game-day atmosphere.

Shaded and Covered Seating

Shade and cover are a premium at EverBank Stadium, with less than 10% of seats offering some type of protection from the elements.

Notably, rows EE and above in Sections 241, 242, and 239 are covered, providing relief from sun or rain. This feature is particularly valuable in the sunny and occasionally wet Florida climate.

Corner and Endzone Seating

In the 200 Level Corner seating, each row can accommodate up to 25 seats, labeled from A to FF or A to KK. The Endzone seating on this level has up to 26 seats in each row. While the main scoreboard was once located above these seats, a massive videoscreen across the stadium now enhances the viewing experience.

These seats are a budget-friendly option, especially for fans who enjoy watching the game unfold from the quarterback’s perspective.

Sideline Seating

A significant portion of the 200-Level sideline seating has been converted into the East and West Assure Clubs. The remaining sections, including 205, 206, 214, 232, 233, 240, and 241, provide an elevated goal-line view of the game.

The most popular among these are the seats on the west sideline above where the Jaguar players stand. These seats not only offer proximity to the home team but also receive shade earlier than many other areas in the stadium, adding to their appeal.

400 Level at EverBank Stadium

The 400-Level at EverBank Stadium, the highest level of seating, is situated exclusively on the east and west sides of the stadium. This positioning gives you a bird’s-eye view of the action, providing a different perspective compared to the lower levels.

Row Arrangement

In this upper echelon, the rows are labeled alphabetically, starting from “A” at the front to “HH” at the back. The arrangement ensures that sight lines to the field are clear from all sections. The high elevation, combined with the sideline location, offers a comprehensive view of every play, albeit from a distance.

Viewing Experience

While the views from the 400-Level are unobstructed, it’s worth noting that the elevation is quite significant. This level is recommended for those who prefer an overall view of the game and don’t mind being farther from the field action.

However, if budget allows, corner sections in the 200-Level might offer a more balanced view.

Navigating the 400-Level

Be prepared for steep steps in this upper deck. With 32 rows, the difference in elevation between the first and last row is substantial, with two steps up for each row.

Fans enter the section from the bottom, meaning if you’re seated at the top, strategic planning for trips to the concourse is advised to minimize navigating the steep ascent repeatedly.

Upper Deck Seating Specifics

The Upper Deck includes West seating (sections 403-416) and East seating (sections 430-443). For afternoon games, especially those starting around 4:00 pm, it’s advisable to avoid the East side due to the challenging sun exposure.

The rows in the Upper Deck are labeled A-Z followed by AA-HH, and each row can have up to 36 seats. Be aware that the upper rows in this level are quite far from the field. If you’re seated in these rows, you may need to ascend at least 30 stairs to reach your seats.


One of the key advantages of the 400-Level at EverBank Stadium is affordability. These seats offer the most budget-friendly option for Jacksonville Jaguars home games, making them an attractive choice for fans who want to experience the game live without a hefty price tag.

East and West End Clubs

The East and West Club Seats at EverBank Stadium, having undergone extensive renovations, now rank among the most premium experiences for a Jaguars game.

Referred to occasionally as The Gallagher Club, these seats offer not just a prime view of the game from between the 25-yard lines but also exclusive access to two distinct club lounges.

These lounges serve upscale food and beverages, enhancing the game-day experience significantly.

East Club Seats

Located on the visitor side of the field, the East Club Seats are designed to offer a more relaxed and contemporary ambiance. The club lounge in this area is equipped with a variety of seating options, including table and bar seating.

Full-service bars are available, and the unique feature of walkout patios provides fans with an open-air view of the game, blending indoor luxury with an outdoor feel.

West Club Seats

The West Club Seats mirror the amenities of the East, featuring walkout patios and climate-controlled indoor spaces where guests can enjoy a drink, socialize, and watch game replays.

The lounge in the West Club is fashioned in a more traditional style, often described as reminiscent of a country club, providing a different aesthetic and atmosphere compared to the East Club.

Amenities in Both Clubs

Both the East and West Clubs offer more than just standard seating. They include options for rail seats and table seats:

  • Rail Seats: These feature a bar-style chair set up against a small ledge, offering a casual and social seating option.
  • Table Seats: Comprising four movable chairs at a half-table, these seats are ideal for groups or families who prefer a more private and comfortable space.

Regardless of the seating choice, all ticket holders in these club areas have access to the club lounges and the outdoor terrace, ensuring a comprehensive and luxurious game-day experience.

Field VIP Club at EverBank Stadium

The Field VIP Club at EverBank Stadium is located along the east sideline, near the north and south endzones. This section offers the closest seating available at the stadium for Jacksonville Jaguars games, providing a unique vantage point at field level.

Club Features

Attendees in the Field VIP Club have access to a private bar situated at field level. This feature offers convenience for guests looking to enjoy refreshments without straying far from their seats.

Additionally, the club provides pre-game access to the player sideline, allowing a closer look at team warm-ups and preparations.

Access to Club East

Ticket holders in the Field VIP Club also have the privilege of accessing Club East. This club is known for its variety of food and beverage options, enhancing the overall experience at the stadium. Some tickets may include added value that can be applied towards purchases within the club.

Amenities for Different Events

It is important to note that the availability of certain amenities may vary depending on the event. While the described features are available for Jacksonville Jaguars home games and other specified events, guests should confirm the availability of these amenities for different stadium events.


When you step into one of the Terrace Suites at EverBank Stadium, you’re entering a space that combines outdoor excitement with indoor luxury. These suites, located on the south end of the stadium and numbered 1-8, offer a unique vantage point.

Not only do you get a comprehensive view of the field, but these suites also provide a direct line of sight to the stadium’s massive 100-yard-wide video screen. The balance between the open-air feel of the game and the comfort of an upscale indoor lounge area, complete with dining and bar-top seating, sets the Terrace Suites apart.

Executive Suites Experience

The Executive Suites, positioned on both the east and west sides of the stadium, elevate the game-watching experience with their range of amenities. You can enjoy the game in a furnished suite that includes flat-screen HD televisions, ensuring you don’t miss any action.

The catered food and beverage packages add a touch of personalized service, enhancing your experience. The suite’s location provides access to exclusive areas like the Bud Light (Fri)end Zone and the US Assure Club, offering a blend of privacy and social engagement.

Fields Auto Group Terrace Suite

In the Fields Auto Group Terrace Suites, the experience is further refined. These suites, also in the south end zone, emphasize comfort and convenience.

Fields Auto Group Terrace Suite

The all-inclusive food and soft drink offerings, paired with less wait time at restrooms and concessions, allow you to focus on enjoying the game and your company.

The climate-controlled club is a retreat within the stadium, offering plush furniture and private amenities, which are a welcome luxury during the excitement of a Jaguars game.

Annual Suites

Opting for an Annual Suite at EverBank Stadium is a commitment to a year-round entertainment experience. These suites are not just for football games; they offer access to a range of events at the stadium, providing a versatile entertainment space.

The suite itself is climate-controlled, making it comfortable regardless of the weather, and the customizable food and beverage options mean that each event can be tailored to your specific needs.

Single Game Suites

For those looking to enjoy a suite experience on a one-time basis, the Single Game Suites offer a taste of luxury. These suites mirror many of the amenities of the Annual Suites but are available for single events.

This option is perfect for treating clients, employees, or friends to a special day out, combining the thrill of the game with the comfort of a private, climate-controlled environment.

Annual Suite Benefits

Holding an Annual Suite at EverBank Stadium comes with a suite of benefits that extend beyond the game day. The private space allows for a personalized experience, where you can control the environment and enjoy Jaguars football in a secure setting.

The opportunity to brand the suite to fit your company or personal style adds a personal touch, making it feel like a home away from home. Moreover, with access to exclusive events and club-level amenities, the suite experience extends beyond just football, making it a hub for entertainment throughout the year.

In conclusion, the suite options at EverBank Stadium cater to a range of preferences, whether you’re seeking a one-off experience or a year-round entertainment hub.

From the outdoor immersion of the Terrace Suites to the exclusive comforts of the Executive and Annual Suites, each option provides a unique way to experience events at EverBank Stadium.

Standing Room Only areas

Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets at EverBank Stadium offer one of the most affordable ways to experience a game. As the name suggests these tickets do not provide a seat, but they grant access to dedicated areas where you can stand and watch the game.

Standing Room Only

Additionally, SRO ticket holders have the freedom to explore different parts of the stadium during the event.

Location of Standing Areas

The SRO spaces are located in both the North and South endzones of EverBank Stadium. These areas offer an elevated view of the game, allowing you to see over other spectators.

Being positioned in the endzones, you also get a direct view of one of the stadium’s massive video boards, which enhances the viewing experience, particularly for plays happening on the far side of the field.

Experience Considerations

While SRO tickets don’t offer the comfort of a seat, they provide an affordable and flexible option to attend a game. This ticket type is suitable for those who prefer a more casual and social game-watching experience and don’t mind standing for the duration of the event.

It’s an opportunity to enjoy the game atmosphere and the excitement of EverBank Stadium in a more budget-friendly way. The SRO areas are more of a party atmosphere compared to the more sports fanatic atmosphere of seated areas.

I wouldn’t recommend standing room only tickets for small children as standing for lengthy periods of time and having restricted view from taller people will soon be a problem for kids.

Bud Light Party Zone tickets

The Bud Light Party Zone at TIAA Bank Field aka EverBank Stadium, situated in the south end zone, is a designated area designed for fans who want to enjoy a social atmosphere while watching the game. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to have a drink and mingle with other fans.

The Party Zone opens two hours before game time, allowing ample opportunity for pre-game relaxation and socializing.

Party Zone Seating

Within the Bud Light Party Zone, there are tables available for fans who prefer to watch the game while seated. These tables, reserved specifically for this purpose, are located behind the 100-level sections, offering a view of the game from the south end zone. Each table accommodates four fans, making it a suitable option for small groups.

Additional Ticket Benefits

It’s important to note that some tickets for the Bud Light Party Zone may come with added benefits, such as pre-loaded food and beverage credits.

These credits can enhance the game day experience by providing convenient access to refreshments within the zone. Prospective attendees should read the seller notes carefully to understand any included credits with their tickets.

Best Shaded Seats

EverBank Stadium, oriented in a northeast to southwest direction, presents a unique challenge when it comes to finding shaded seating.

By noon, especially during early afternoon games, the sun is positioned high near the southwest end zone, moving towards the corner where the home side meets the south end zone as the afternoon progresses. This orientation significantly influences which seats are in the sun and which are in the shade.

Game Time Considerations

The time of kickoff plays a crucial role in the sun and shade dynamics at the stadium. Most NFL games at EverBank Stadium kick off in the 1:00 PM hour, with the occasional night game or late afternoon start. For college games, later afternoon kickoffs are common depending on the NCAA schedule.

In the case of late afternoon games, shade becomes more accessible. Early in the game, sections 146-150 in the south end zone should all be shaded, and as the game progresses, 100-level and 200-level sections on the home side of the field, starting with sections 101 and 201, will gradually receive shade.

Most Shaded Seats

The most reliable shaded seats at EverBank Stadium are found in the south end zone. Additionally, the last two or three rows of the 200-level sections tend to offer some respite from the sun. However, it’s important to note that there is minimal overhang from the upper deck, so while these seats might offer some shade, they don’t provide comprehensive cover.

shaded seat 200 level

Sections 146-150 in the south end zone are particularly noteworthy for eventually receiving shade as the sun moves behind the video board, with seats farther from the field getting shaded sooner.

Sun-Exposed Seats

On the other hand, seats that typically remain in the sun are located on the visitor side of the field and in the 400-level sections. Given Florida’s climate, especially in the early weeks of the NFL season, this can mean prolonged exposure to the sun and heat.

Food and Drink Options at EverBank Stadium

For fans seeking traditional game-day snacks, EverBank Stadium offers a range of classic concession foods. You can find items like boiled peanuts, candy, hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, Polish sausages, popcorn, and pretzels at Stadium Classics located in sections 104, 115, 131, and 142.

For those craving something heartier, Tailgate Grill in sections 128, 410, and 435 serves cheeseburger baskets, chicken tenders & fries, and hot dogs. Additionally, 904 Prime Burger in section 105 and 132 offers similar options along with crispy chicken sandwiches.

Specialty Food Outlets

Tostitos Taqueria, located near sections 407 and 436, caters to fans with a penchant for Mexican cuisine, offering tacos, loaded beef or chicken nachos, and churros.

Fish taco enthusiasts should visit Duuuval Coastal Kitchen near section 125 for tacos topped with cabbage and chipotle aioli, or Duuuval Coastal Kitchen Express at section 149 for unique meatloaf sliders and meatball subs.

Gourmet and Unique Options

The Wings, Fries and Brews locations in sections 118 and 150, as well as in the clubs, now feature Buffalo chicken fries, garlic parmesan chicken fries, and crab cake fries.

The Gallagher Club East and West have added a unique grilled cheese cheeseburger to their menu, featuring two quarter-pound patties sandwiched between grilled cheese sandwiches. Other club-level delicacies include spicy chicken tenders, gyros, and poke bowls at Fat Rooster and MedEx.

Beverage Selection

Beverage options across the stadium include regular soft drinks, souvenir cups (with refills), Gold Peak Sweet Tea, Body Armor, Dasani Bottled Water, and Smartwater. Budweiser products such as Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, and Stella are available in sections like 104, 142, 128, 410, 435, 146, 150, 119, and 141.

Miller products, including Coors Light and Miller Lite, can be found in sections like 115, 131, 132, 405, and 431. For fans looking for cocktails, TendedBar offers automated cocktail-making services in various locations.

Self-Service and Personal Convenience

Self-checkout scanners are available at general concession stores for expedited service. For personal needs, S.O.S. Smart Vending Machines stocked with items like feminine products and wipes are located near restrooms on the main concourse.

Bringing Food and Beverages

Fans are allowed to bring their own food in clear plastic bags (maximum size 11×11 inches) and one factory-sealed plastic water bottle per person, up to 16.9 ounces. Water refill stations are available around the stadium for convenience.

EverBank Stadium ensures a diverse and satisfying food and beverage experience, with options ranging from classic stadium snacks to gourmet and unique culinary offerings, complemented by a wide array of beverage choices.

Whether you’re seated in the general sections or enjoying the game from the club level, the stadium caters to all tastes and preferences.