So you’re here to get all the details on the best seats at the State Farm Stadium, home to the Arizona Cardinals and other college sports teams.

Not only that but a famous venue for concerts and entertainment events too. So whatever your reason for visiting this article will review all the seating options, the premium clubs, lounges, seats and suites too.

If you’re coming with family we’ve got all the advice you need so your children have a great day out. And to top it off we’ll even tell you where the best food and drinks stalls can be found too!

Interesting Facts about State Farm Stadium

State Farm Stadium opened its doors on August 1, 2006, marking a significant shift for the Arizona Cardinals who previously played at Sun Devil Stadium.

Originally known as Cardinals Stadium, it was later renamed University of Phoenix Stadium, before adopting its current name in 2018.

The venue broke ground on April 12, 2003, following a series of bids and selections among various Arizona cities. With a construction cost of $455 million, the stadium represents a significant investment in the region’s sports infrastructure.

Architectural and Design Highlights

Designed by Eisenman Architects and Populous (formerly HOK Sport), the stadium is a marvel of modern architecture and engineering.

It features a retractable roof, designed by Walter P Moore, and a roll-in natural grass field, a combination that has earned it global recognition.

With a seating capacity of 63,400, which can be expanded to 72,200 and further to 78,600 with standing room, the stadium is equipped to host large-scale events including NFL games, concerts, and more.

Recent Developments

The stadium has undergone renovations in 2014 and 2017 to enhance the spectator experience and maintain its status as a premier venue. These updates ensure that every visit, whether for a Cardinals game or another event, is a memorable one.

This review will guide you in finding the best seats at State Farm Stadium, tailored to your preferences and budget. Whether you’re seeking the perfect view, comfort, or accessibility, you’ll find practical insights to make your visit enjoyable and hassle-free.

Seating arrangement at State Farm Stadium

At State Farm Stadium, seating is organized into distinct levels, each offering a unique experience:

Seating diagram State Farm Stadium
  • 100 Level: The closest to the action, these seats put you right in the heart of the game-day excitement.
  • 200 Level: Known as the club level, these seats offer a balance of great views and exclusive amenities.
  • 400 Level: Positioned higher, this level provides a comprehensive view of the stadium, ideal for those who prefer an overview of the entire field.
  • Additionally, the stadium features a variety of Luxury Boxes and Suites, catering to those seeking a more exclusive and private viewing experience.

100 Level / Field Level at State Farm Stadium

At the 100 Level of State Farm Stadium, you’re right at the heart of the action. The Cardinals Sideline is located in front of sections 107 to 110, offering an up-close view of the home team’s strategies and interactions.

Section 107 at State Farm Stadium

On the opposite side, the visitor’s sideline stretches in front of sections 128 to 131, presenting a similar intimate experience with the visiting team. These sideline sections, each featuring approximately 41 rows, provide a diverse range of perspectives on the game.

Section 128 at State Farm Stadium

Optimal Viewing Recommendations

When selecting seats in this level, it’s wise to consider the potential for obstructed views. Rows below 14 might occasionally have views blocked by players and equipment on the sidelines.

For an optimal viewing experience, rows 15 to 30 are recommended, as they provide a heightened view that balances proximity and an unobstructed perspective of the field.

Special Seating Areas in the 100 Level

The 100 Level houses the unique Red Zone seats in sections 138 to 144, located near the endzone. These seats are set apart from the permanent structure, consisting of temporary bleachers with folding chairs.

Section 138 at State Farm Stadium

While they might not offer the highest comfort, they compensate with their proximity to the endzone, making them ideal for fans who love being close to scoring plays.

The Main Level Corner Seating, positioned between the endzones and sidelines, presents another distinctive option.

Section 144 at State Farm Stadium

These seats offer diagonal views of the field, with the north corner sections (113-116, 122-125) being particularly sought-after for their clear view of the large videoboard.

Section 113 at State Farm Stadium

Conversely, the Main Level Endzone Seating, directly behind the north and south endzones, gives you a front-and-center view of plays as they happen at the line of scrimmage.

Section 114 at State Farm Stadium

The north endzone sections are larger and provide a better view of the large videoboard, while the south endzone sections are smaller and more intimate.

Concert Seating Considerations

For concerts at State Farm Stadium, where the stage is typically set near sections 101 and 137, the 100 Level offers excellent views, especially from the lower rows of sections 106-110 and 128-132.

Section 137 at State Farm Stadium

These spots are ideal for an immersive concert experience, combining close proximity to the stage with a comfortable viewing angle.

Unique Entry Experience

Accessing the 100 Level seats is an experience in itself. You’ll enter through a staircase descending from the main concourse, leading into the stadium’s tunnels at field level.

Section 128 at State Farm Stadium

This pathway not only gives you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the stadium but also leads to an open area with tables for socializing before reaching your seats.

Section 110 at State Farm Stadium

200 Level (Club Level) at State Farm Stadium

As you explore the seating options at State Farm Stadium, the 200 Level, known as the Club Level, offers a distinctive experience.

200 Level Seating diagram State Farm Stadium

This level includes sections 201 through 222 and 227 through 248, providing a range of viewing options for Cardinals games and concerts. The seats in this area are known for their ideal elevation, ensuring you have a clear and comprehensive view of the field without obstructions.

Club Level Amenities

When you hold a ticket for the Club Level, you gain access to exclusive club spaces. These include the 50-Yard Lounge, Flight Lounge, and Bubble Lounge, each offering a unique atmosphere.

These lounges provide upscale food and beverage options, full-service bars, and additional amenities like private restrooms and comfortable seating areas.

Bubble lounge state farm stadium

The club level is designed to enhance your event experience beyond the standard seating, with conveniences such as early stadium entry and private entrances.

Seating Comfort and Access

The seats on the Club Level are designed for comfort. They are extra wide, padded, and offer additional legroom, making your stay more comfortable, especially during longer events.

Club level seats at state farm stadium

These sections typically contain 12 or fewer rows, with section entrances conveniently located at the last row, simplifying access to your seats.

Club Cabanas

For a more exclusive experience, the Club Cabanas on the Club Level provide a semi-private setting. These cabanas are equipped with various amenities, including furniture, concierge service, and flat-screen HD televisions.

Club Cabanas at State Farm Stadium

They are designed to accommodate between 8 and 12 guests, offering a more intimate viewing experience. The Club Cabanas package includes benefits like tickets, parking passes, dedicated stadium entry, and access to club level amenities.

Club Cabanas  at State Farm Stadium

In choosing the 200 Level at State Farm Stadium, you’re opting for a viewing experience that combines comfort with exclusive access to facilities and services, enhancing your overall experience at the event.

400 Level (Terrace Level) at State Farm Stadium

The 400 Level, also known as the Terrace Level, is the highest seating area in State Farm Stadium, offering a unique viewing experience from its elevated position.

400 Level Seating diagram State Farm Stadium

This level is divided into two main seating areas: the Ring of Honor and the Terrace Seats, each providing a different perspective of the action.

Ring of Honor Seats

Located in the front rows of the 400 Level sections, the Ring of Honor seats are denoted by lettered rows starting with A.

Ring of Honor Seats state farm stadium

These seats offer a closer view of the field compared to the higher Terrace Seats and are advantageous for their easy access, with each section typically comprising five or fewer rows. This makes trips to and from the concourse more convenient for fans.

Terrace Seats

Above the Ring of Honor, accessed via a staircase, are the Terrace Seats. These seats represent the upper deck of the stadium and are known for their affordability.

While they are higher up and further from the field, they still provide a clear view of the game, making them a practical option for those seeking a budget-friendly experience.

Seating Options on the Terrace Level

The Terrace Level Corner sections, the furthest from the field, offer unique diagonal views with decent sightlines to the near endzone. However, as the action moves to the opposite side of the field, it may seem distant.

Section 401 at State Farm Stadium

North corner sections are preferable for better overall views and less obstructed views of the large videoboard.

In the Terrace Level Endzone seating, located behind the north endzone, the views are from the highest seating deck.

Although distant, these sections offer a great perspective of the large videoboard in the south endzone, keeping you in touch with all the field’s details.

Section 401 at State Farm Stadium

The Terrace Level Sideline seating, positioned between the endzones, offers a further view which faces the team benches. These sections, especially those nearest to the 50-yard line, are a great option for finding affordable tickets near midfield.

400 Level Seating at State Farm Stadium

In the 400 Level of State Farm Stadium, you have two distinct experiences. The lower portion, known as the Ring of Honor, comprises the front rows of each section, beginning with Row A and extending through five or fewer rows.

Section 425 at State Farm Stadium

This setup makes the Ring of Honor seats notably convenient for quick access to the concourse, standing out as a premium choice in the upper tier.

On the other hand, the Terrace seats are positioned above the section entrance, reachable by a flight of stairs.

Section 426 at State Farm Stadium

These are true upper deck seats, typically more affordable than lower levels, and provide a different perspective on the game.

Their elevated position means a longer distance from the field, but they offer a budget-friendly option for enjoying a Cardinals game.

Specific Experiences in Different Sections

When considering a football game at State Farm Stadium, the sections offer varied experiences. In sections 425 to 428, you’ll find a smaller, more intimate setting.

Section 427 at State Farm Stadium

These areas are ideal for those who prioritize easy access to concourse amenities and are looking for a more social environment. Despite being located at the highest level of the stadium, they offer a unique and enjoyable viewing experience.

In the Terrace Level Corner sections, the view is more diagonal, especially towards the near endzone. As the action moves to the other end of the field, the distance becomes more noticeable.

Section 431 at State Farm Stadium

If you’re seated in the north corners, you’ll have a better experience compared to the south corners, where views of the large videoboard can be challenging. These corner sections contain 23 rows, with the first row offering the closest view.

For endzone action, the Terrace Level Endzone seating is positioned behind the north endzone. Here, you’ll have a distant but clear line of sight, especially advantageous for watching the large videoboard in the south endzone.

The size of these sections is modest, comprising just 5 rows, which facilitates easier movement in and out.

Lastly, the Terrace Level Sideline seats, located between the endzones, offer a further yet direct view facing the team benches.

Section 443 at State Farm Stadium

Proximity to the 50-yard line makes these sections attractive for those seeking affordable tickets near midfield. The Terrace Main sections, which include sections 411-414 and 442-445, are particularly notable for their positioning near the 50-yard line on this highest tier.

ADA / Disabled Facilities at State Farm Stadium

State Farm Stadium is thoughtfully designed to ensure accessibility for all guests, including those with disabilities.

ADA or Accessibility at State Farm Stadium

The stadium provides handicap accessible seating options across its various levels, each offering a unique view and experience of the event.

Handicap Seating in the 100 Level

In the 100 Level, the stadium offers handicap accessible seating in Row 41. This row is available across a broad spectrum of sections, specifically 101-106, 108, 111-127, and 130-137.

Section 136 at State Farm Stadium

Located at the rear of the lower bowl, these seats provide an excellent view of the field and are conveniently situated for easy access and egress.

Accessibility in the 200 Level (Club Level)

Moving up to the Club Level, or the 200 Level, the stadium features handicap accessible seating in Row 10.

The sections that include these ADA seats are 205-206, 208, 212, 217, 220, 222, 227, 229, 234, 237, 243, and 244.

Section 237 at State Farm Stadium

These seats are ideally placed to offer a balanced view of the stadium’s events, combining an elevated perspective with accessibility.

ADA Seating in the 400 Level (Terrace Level)

At the highest tier, the 400 Level or Terrace Level, the stadium provides ADA seating in Row C. This row spans across various sections, namely 401-409, 411-412, 414-423, 425-427, 430, 432-440, 442, 444, and 448-455.

Section 420 at State Farm Stadium

These seats offer a panoramic view of the stadium, ensuring that guests with disabilities can enjoy the event from an elevated vantage point while having convenient access to stadium facilities.

Section 427 at State Farm Stadium

State Farm Stadium’s commitment to accessibility across all levels ensures that every guest, regardless of their mobility needs, can enjoy a comfortable and inclusive experience at the venue.

Best Seats for Concerts at State Farm Stadium

When attending a concert at State Farm Stadium, your experience can vary significantly based on where you choose to sit.

Each section offers a unique perspective and atmosphere, so let’s explore the best options for enjoying a concert at this venue.

Field Seats

Imagine standing or sitting right in the heart of the action. Field Seats, typically arranged in sections Field A, Field B, Field C, and Field D, bring you closest to the performers.

Field Seats at State Farm Stadium

However, keep in mind that the layout of these seats can change depending on the concert.

This means your experience in these sections may vary. For the most immersive experience, being in these field sections is unparalleled, but be aware that views can be obstructed if taller attendees are in front of you.

If you’re shorter or bringing kids, consider snagging spots in the first few rows for an unobstructed view.

Side Sections

Now, picture yourself slightly elevated from the field level, with a clear view of the stage without the need to crane your neck. Sections 104, 105, and 133 offer this vantage point.

Side Sections

These seats combine proximity with a comfortable elevation, offering a balance of closeness and convenience.

Unlike field seats, you don’t have to worry about people blocking your view, and you get to enjoy the comfort of actual stadium seats.

Head-on Views

For a more relaxed and head-on view of the performance, consider sections 116, 117, 118, and 119.

Section 116 at State Farm Stadium

These seats are directly across from the stage, providing a straightforward and comfortable view. While you might be farther from the stage compared to field seats, the unobstructed sightlines and head-on perspective can make for a more enjoyable viewing experience, especially if you prefer not to stand throughout the concert.

Upper Level Seats

If you’re working with a tighter budget or prefer a bird’s-eye view, the upper-level sections, like 408 and 448, offer a great alternative.

Section 408 at State Farm Stadium

These seats provide an elevated perspective with clear sightlines, albeit from a greater distance. This means you won’t catch the same level of detail as the lower sections, but you’ll still enjoy a full view of the stage and atmosphere.

What to Avoid

Lastly, it’s wise to avoid seats behind the stage, such as in or near sections 101, 102, 136, and 137. The view from these seats is often obstructed, and you might miss out on the main visual elements of the performance.

Section 136 at State Farm Stadium

Additionally, side sections far from the stage, like 112 and 126, may require you to turn your head for an extended period, which can be uncomfortable.

Standing Room Only Tickets at State Farm Stadium

When you purchase Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets at State Farm Stadium, you position yourself above sections 138 through 144.

Standing Room Only Tickets at State Farm Stadium

This area is strategically situated beneath the large end zone scoreboard, offering a unique vantage point. From this location, you experience a broad, panoramic view of the field, allowing you to witness the game’s ebb and flow.

The proximity to the scoreboard is a significant advantage, providing an unobstructed view of replays and close-ups, enhancing your game-day experience.

Atmosphere and Experience

The SRO section at State Farm Stadium is known for its vibrant atmosphere. Being in a standing area, you’ll find yourself amidst enthusiastic fans, contributing to a lively and energetic environment.

Atmosphere and Experience

This setup is ideal if you prefer a more social and communal experience, where interactions with fellow fans are as much a part of the event as the game itself.

However, it’s important to note that the energy and noise level can be intense, making it less suitable if you’re seeking a more relaxed or quiet experience.

Comfort and Amenities

Standing for the duration of a game can be physically demanding, so it’s crucial to prepare for this aspect of the SRO experience.

Wear comfortable shoes and be ready for limited personal space, as these areas can become quite crowded. While there are no seats, the openness of the area allows for some movement and flexibility, offering a different kind of comfort compared to traditional seating.

Comfort and Amenities

Regarding amenities, you have access to the same facilities as other ticket holders, including restrooms, food concessions, and merchandise stands. These amenities are usually within a reasonable walking distance, ensuring that you won’t miss much of the game when you need to step away.

Accessibility and Pricing

Accessibility to the SRO areas is straightforward, with clear signage and staff assistance available to guide you. These tickets are often more affordable than seated options, making them an attractive choice for those on a budget.

Accessibility and Pricing State Farm Stadium

However, the cost-effectiveness comes with the trade-off of not having a guaranteed seat. It’s advisable to arrive early to secure a favorable spot, as these areas operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Premium Seating at State Farm Stadium

There are some great premium ticket options at the State Farm Stadium, all designed to enhance your day at the venue. As you’d expect these all come with a premium price tag but they’re worth considering depending on what you’re looking for and your budget of course.

Premium Seating at State Farm Stadium

Field Boxes

When you visit the Field Boxes at State Farm Stadium, the proximity to the action is immediately noticeable. Located around the 50-yard line on the Main Concourse Level, these semi-private spaces accommodate groups of 8.

Field Boxes State Farm Stadium

The seating upgrade here is significant, offering comfort and excellent views, especially suitable for concerts and sports events. The dedicated attendant and access to Gila River Club Level amenities enhance the experience.

Field Boxes State Farm Stadium

Its worth noting that while the enhanced food and beverage options are a plus, they come at a premium cost. Purchasing through an online portal is convenient, but it might lack the personal touch some guests prefer.

Club Cabanas

The Club Cabanas offer a unique experience, combining club seats with a private entertainment space. This option is particularly appealing for those who desire a balance between watching the game and having a space for conversation or business.

Club Cabanas

With features like soft seating, TVs, and a dedicated concierge, the cabanas prioritize comfort and exclusivity. The VIP entrance and club level lounge access are significant benefits.

However, the semi-private nature of the space means it’s not entirely secluded, which might not suit those seeking total privacy.


The Lofts provide a distinctly upscale experience, with options catering to various group sizes. The standout feature here is the 50 East & 50 West Loft, offering an elite view at the 50-yard line and a host of amenities like private restrooms and reserved parking.

Lofts State Farm Stadium

However, the exclusivity of the lofts comes with a high price tag, which may not align with every visitor’s value expectations. The opportunity to purchase tickets for other stadium events is a notable benefit, adding flexibility to the premium experience.

Party Loft and Lounge

The Party Loft and Lounge cater to those looking for a more social, vibrant atmosphere. The Party Loft, in particular, is well-suited for larger groups, offering a mix of comfortable seating and a casual environment.

The inclusion of a fully catered display and private bar service is commendable, though the costs can add up quickly.

Party Lofts at State Farm Stadium

The Party Lounge, with its 12-guest capacity, mirrors these upscale offerings. While these options successfully combine game excitement with exclusive space, they might not appeal to those preferring a quieter, more intimate setting.

General Observations

Across all premium seating options at State Farm Stadium, the emphasis on luxury and exclusive services is evident. The quality of service and amenities is high, but so are the costs.

These options are best suited for those who prioritize comfort and exclusivity over budget.

The ease of access and variety of choices cater to a range of preferences, though the experiences are tailored more towards corporate clients or large groups rather than individuals or small parties seeking a premium experience.

Food and Drink at State Farm Stadium

As you enter State Farm Stadium for an event, be ready to embark on a culinary journey that goes well beyond traditional stadium fare.

With 12 new food options introduced in 2023, your taste buds are in for a treat. Let’s dive into some of these exciting choices, ensuring you know exactly where to head for your preferred flavors.

Fresh and Wholesome Choices

For a healthier option, the Big Red Chopped Salad is a fresh choice. This dish, priced at $9, features fresh Arizona lettuce, diced grilled chicken, and a variety of toppings like tomato, red onions, black beans, and cheeses, all tossed in an avocado ranch dressing.

Red Chopped Salad State Farm Stadium

It’s available at Sections 103, 125, 220, 227, 452, and Big Red Brew Haus. It’s a perfect option for a light yet satisfying meal, balancing health with taste.

Hearty and Innovative Burgers and Sandwiches

If you’re craving something more substantial, the Birria Pupusa Burger is a must-try. For $16, this unique burger combines a flame-grilled beef patty with roasted poblano peppers and melted cheese, sandwiched between two birria pupusas (Salvadoran griddle cakes filled with stewed beef).

Birria Pupusa Burger State Farm Stadium

You can find this innovative burger at Sections 102, 129, 213, 235, 408, 420, and 444.

Another interesting choice is the Crispy Honey Hot Chicken Sandwich, priced at $12. This sandwich includes crispy fried chicken topped with roasted jalapeño coleslaw, pickle chips, and chipotle aioli, all served on a grilled brioche bun.

Honey Hot Chicken Sandwich State Farm Stadium

It’s available at Section 124 and Big Red Brew Haus, offering a spicy twist to the classic chicken sandwich.

Unique Snacks and Sides

Don’t miss the Foot Long Fries, a playful take on the classic French fries, available for $9. These hand-cut fries are served with your choice of sour cream & chive, hickory ranch, or chipotle mayo sauce.

Foot Long Fries State Farm Stadium

You’ll find them at Sections 124, 213, and 235. They are a great choice for sharing or indulging all on your own.

For a sweet treat, the Funnel Fries, priced at $7, are an innovative twist on funnel cake. These are deep-fried and covered in powdered sugar, topped with a drizzle of raspberry sauce. They’re available in Sections 104 and 124 and offer a delightful dessert or snack option.

Funnel Fries State Farm Stadium

Club Level Exclusives

If you’re in the club level, you have access to exclusive menu items like the Big Red Chicken and Bundt Cake for $14, a unique combination of jalapeño honey hot glazed chicken tenders served over a maple glazed red velvet Bundt cake.

Big Red Chicken State Farm Stadium

The Salary Cap Burger and The Shotgun Dog are other premium choices, with prices of $18 and $25 respectively. These items, found in the club level sections 203 and 247, offer a gourmet twist to stadium dining.

Salary Cap Burger State Farm Stadium