Welcome to your comprehensive guide to Paycor Stadium, a bastion of American football and a hub of entertainment in Cincinnati, Ohio.

As you navigate through this article, you’ll uncover the best seats at the stadium to suit your preferences and budget.

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan, a casual observer, or someone just looking for a great event experience, this guide will cater to all your needs.

Along with detailed seating options, you’ll also get insights into the variety of food and drink options available, ensuring your visit is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

History and Development

Paycor Stadium, initially known as Paul Brown Stadium, stands as a testament to Cincinnati’s love for football. Opened on August 19, 2000, it has been the home of the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL.

The stadium’s namesake, Paul Brown, is a significant figure in the team’s history, highlighting the connection between the venue and the Bengals’ heritage.

This stadium is more than just a sports venue; it’s a piece of Cincinnati’s history. In 1996, Hamilton County voters approved a sales tax increase to fund the construction of new, state-of-the-art stadiums for both the Bengals and the MLB’s Cincinnati Reds.

This decision reflected the community’s commitment to keeping its sports teams thriving within the city. Paycor Stadium, arising from these efforts, replaced the aging Riverfront Stadium, promising modern amenities and a dedicated football environment.

Financially, the stadium’s construction marked a significant investment from the public, amounting to $555 million initially. This figure was one of the largest public subsidies for an NFL stadium at the time.

Despite the financial risks involved, the move was seen as vital to retain the Bengals in Cincinnati. Since its inception, additional costs have continued to accrue, projecting the taxpayers’ total contribution to around $1.1 billion by 2026.

Redevelopments and Features

Over the years, Paycor Stadium has undergone several upgrades to enhance the spectator experience and maintain modern standards. Initially sporting natural Kentucky Bluegrass, the stadium switched to synthetic FieldTurf in 2004 due to maintenance challenges.

This change not only saved significant maintenance costs but also allowed the stadium to host various events without worrying about turf damage.

Technological advancements have been a consistent theme in the stadium’s evolution. The introduction of LED video displays and ribbon display in 2000, followed by upgrades to HD models post-2014, ensured that every spectator could enjoy a clear view of the on-field action.

In 2022, a notable change occurred when the stadium entered a naming rights agreement with Paycor HCM Inc., leading to its current name, Paycor Stadium.

This deal reflects the evolving nature of sports sponsorships and the importance of corporate partnerships in the sports industry.

Fun facts about Paycor Stadium

Paycor Stadium, or the Paul Brown Stadium, isn’t just about football; it has hosted a range of events, including major college football games, concerts, and even the unique Queen City Classic Chess Tournament. Its versatility is showcased through these varied events, attracting diverse audiences.

Fun facts about Paycor Stadium

In terms of design, the stadium stands out as an architectural marvel. It was the first NFL facility to win an AIA design award and is the only football stadium to feature on the list of “America’s favorite 150 buildings and structures” according to a Harris Interactive survey.

This distinction speaks volumes about the stadium’s unique design and its place in the heart of America’s architectural landscape.

As you continue through this guide, keep in mind the rich history, the significant financial investments, and the architectural uniqueness that make Paycor Stadium a remarkable venue in the world of sports and entertainment.

100 Level Seating

When you visit Paycor Stadium for a Bengals game, the 100-Level seating offers an intimate and thrilling experience, bringing you close to the NFL action. This guide will help you navigate the nuances of these seating options, ensuring you make the best choice for your game day experience.

100 Level Seating Chart at Paycor Brown Stadium

Sideline Seating

The sideline seating in the 100-Level, comprising 32 rows in each section, is a preferred spot for many football enthusiasts. This area provides a balanced view of the entire field, allowing you to catch every play without bias to any one side.

Section 109 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

If you desire proximity to the player benches, sections 109-111 are your go-to. However, be mindful that players standing on the sidelines can occasionally block your view.

To circumvent this, opt for seats in row 15 or higher, where the elevation compensates for potential obstructions.

Endzone Seating

For a more budget-friendly option in the 100-Level, turn your attention to sections 150-160 behind the south endzone.

150 Paycor Stadium

These sections are expansive, extending up to 65 rows, with the most affordable tickets often found in the upper rows.

While the views from here are further from the field and can make downfield action harder to follow, the atmosphere in these sections is vibrant, especially during high-stakes plays near the endzone.

Lower Endzone Seating

The west endzone of Paycor Stadium presents a more traditional arrangement with sections 122-129, offering consistent sizing and shapes at field level.

Section 122 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

In contrast, the east endzone under the videoboard presents an unconventional layout, particularly in sections 151 and 152, which are among the largest in the stadium.

Section 151 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

These sections, akin to those in a college stadium, offer cheaper ticket prices and decent views from rows 35-45, close to the concourse for convenience.

Lower Sideline Seating

For an ideal sideline experience, consider sections 104-116 and 134-146. These sections, although set back about 10-15 yards from the field, offer some of the best views in the stadium from the higher rows.

Section 104 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

Particularly, rows 24 and above in sections 106-114 and 136-144 provide an excellent elevation for a comprehensive view of the game.

Section 106 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

If you are seated in the sections closer to the goal line, like 104 and 106, the angle towards the field improves, with the best sightlines available from rows 34 and above.

Optimal 100 Level Views

For the premier 100-Level experience, focus on sections 108-112 and 138-142, situated closest to midfield. Sections 110 and 140, aligned with the 50-yard line, are especially coveted for their central views.

Section 108 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

While all sideline seating on this level has 32 rows, the recommended rows for an unobstructed and comfortable viewing experience are 15 and above, particularly rows 16-22.

These seats are located just below the entry tunnel, providing an elevated view that allows you to follow the game effortlessly.

Choosing the Right Side

Deciding which side of the field to sit on can enhance your experience. For Bengal fans, sections 108-112 are directly in front of the home team’s sideline.

However, for a better view of the corner videoboard and possibly a less partisan crowd, sections 138-142 are recommended.

These sections, behind the visiting team’s sideline, tend to attract more visiting fans. Here, rows 10 and below offer proximity to the players, while rows 20 and above ensure a comprehensive view of the field.

Section 138 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

For those supporting the visiting team, sections 120 and 122 near the visiting team tunnel are perfect for close-up views of players entering and exiting the field.

Club Level Seating (200 Level)

The Club Level at Paycor Stadium offers a distinct viewing experience due to its positioning just above the lower level seating. This level combines the proximity to the field typical of lower level seats with the advantage of elevation, providing enhanced sightlines for game watching.

club level seating chart at Paycor Stadium

Viewing Experience and Elevation

The unique selling point of the Club Level seating is its elevated position. Located above a ring of suites that separate the 100 and 200 levels, these seats offer an advantageous perspective over the lower bowl.

This elevation is key in providing an easy view of the entire field, making it simpler to track side-to-side action without much head turning. The Club Level’s elevation means that even the first row in this section is about 35 rows up from the field, offering a comprehensive view of the play.

Club Amenities

Club seat ticket holders enjoy access to a climate-controlled club lounge, which features upscale dining options, televisions, and tables for a more comfortable and luxurious game day experience.

East Club Lounge

The seats themselves are wider and more spacious compared to standard stadium seating, enhancing comfort.

Additional Seating Options

Apart from the central club sections, certain seats in sections 203, 217, 233, and 247 are also part of the club seating, marked with a “Y” after the section number.

Section 203 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

However, it’s important to note that sections labeled with an “N” do not provide access to club amenities.

200 Level Corner and Endzone Seating

Adjacent to the club level seats, the 200 Level corner seats, while lacking club level amenities, still offer a good elevated view of the field, particularly advantageous for watching scoring plays in the nearby endzone.

200 Level Corner and Endzone Seating

These sections have 20-32 rows, with the section tunnel located near row 12, and rows 20 and above are covered by the upper deck overhang.

In the northwest endzone of the second deck, Sections 222-230 are noteworthy for their views of the Ohio River and head-on perspectives of the opposite video screen.

Northeast Endzone at Paycor paul brown Stadium

However, the top rows in these sections can be less desirable due to longer walks and potential wind exposure.

For a premium endzone viewing experience, the lower rows in sections 222-230 are recommended. These seats offer unobstructed views and are less affected by wind, providing a video game-like perspective of the game.

Pricing and Value

Club level seats, particularly in sections 204-216 and 234-246, command a premium, typically listed at 2-3 times the price of lower level seats.

This price reflects not only the enhanced viewing experience and comfort but also the additional amenities afforded to club ticket holders.

The difference between sitting in the front and back of the club sections is notable, with lower rows offering superior views compared to higher rows that are closer to entry tunnels.

300 Level Seating

The 300 Level at Paycor Stadium, encompassing the upper tier along the sidelines, offers a distinct experience for attendees.

300 Level Seating Chart at Paycor Brown Stadium

This section’s unique layout and seating dynamics cater to various preferences, whether you prioritize proximity, unobstructed views, or protection from the elements.

Layout and Accessibility

One notable feature of the 300 Level is the split between the lower and higher rows, occurring between rows 12 and 13.

Section 312 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

This division is due to the concourse tunnels entering the section, creating a noticeable height difference. Accessible seating is conveniently available at the entry tunnels in alternating sections, ensuring ease of access for all fans.

Recommendations for Optimal Viewing

For a closer feel to the action, seats in row 12 and below are recommended. These seats require descending towards the field, bringing you perceptibly nearer to the game.

Section 312 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

Conversely, seats above row 13 are significantly higher, which might affect your connection to the on-field action.

Obstructed Views and Weather Protection

A critical aspect to consider in the 300 Level is the potential for obstructed views, particularly in rows 10-17 near the aisles.

Section 317 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

Here, railings and other structural elements can partially block your view of the field. However, the uppermost rows of this level have an advantage: they are sheltered, offering refuge from inclement weather—a significant benefit during rainy or snowy days in Cincinnati.

Upper Level Sideline Seating

The upper deck at Paycor Stadium, one of the NFL’s largest, features nearly 40 rows of seating in some sections. The key to maximizing your experience here is choosing the right row.

Section 308 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

Rows 1-12 offer easier access and closer views, whereas higher rows (19 and above) provide shelter but require navigating more stairs. Midfield sections like 308-312 and 338-342 offer the best views but at a higher cost.

Section 309 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

For a unique perspective or to save on costs, sections 315-317 and 345-347 are good alternatives, offering views of the Ohio River and the west videoboard, respectively.

Section 315 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

Upper Level Viewing Strategy

When choosing seats in the upper level, the best approach is to aim for the lowest possible row. The upper rows, particularly those above row 13, are situated quite high due to the two rings of suites between the 200 and 300 levels.

This positioning can create a sensation of having to look steeply downwards towards the field. However, the lower rows mitigate this feeling and offer a more comfortable viewing angle.

Section 340 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

Sections 340-343, especially rows 1-11, are among the best in the 300 Level. These sections not only provide a good view of the field but also an ideal angle to watch replays on the videoboard.

Section 341 at Paycor paul brown Stadium

The combination of a clear field view and convenient replay board access makes these sections a top choice for an enjoyable upper-level experience.

Useful Advice for Visiting Paycor Stadium

To enhance your experience at the Paycor Stadium I’ve put together a quick set of useful advice. Some of these are specific to your needs of course but there’s plenty here that is worth making a note of so you have the best time possible.


  • Accessible Drop-Off/Pick-Up: ADA guests can use the curb cut-out along Central Ave between West Pete Rose Way and Mehring Way for direct access to Gate A. Another option is the corner of Race St. and Freedom Way, near E + O Kitchen, for access to Gate D.
  • ADA Parking: Approximately 30 ADA parking spaces are available in Lot 1, purchasable on game days. Advance purchase is strongly recommended.
  • Handicap Seating: Over 1,000 handicap seating areas are available. For special seating needs, contact the Bengals ticket office at 513-621-8383.
  • Elevators: Reserved for use by disabled guests (and one companion) as well as suite holders and club seat patrons.

For Families

  • Children’s Entry: Children under two don’t require a ticket.
  • Child Identification System: Free wristbands for children are available at the Season Ticket Member tent inside the Fifth Third Southeast behind section 152, aiding in reunification if separated.
  • Nursing Mothers: Dedicated nursing stations are available at section 114 or 144 or at any Kettering Health First Aid stations.

General Tips

  • Bag Policy: Only clear bags smaller than 12″x6″x12″, small clutch purses, and medical bags are permitted.
  • Alcohol Policy: Alcohol sales end at the third quarter’s conclusion. No external alcohol is permitted.
  • Camera Equipment: Hand-held cameras for non-commercial use are allowed, but lenses can’t exceed six inches. No video cameras without prior permission.
  • Cashless Payments: Paycor Stadium is a cashless facility. Credit/debit cards or mobile payments are required for purchases.
  • Concessions: Operated by Jungle Hospitality, offering a wide variety of food and drink options.
  • Designated Driver Program: Located at the Betfred Gate Northeast C and D for guests who pledge not to drink and drive.
  • Lost and Found: Contact Paycor Stadium Security at (513) 455-4850 for lost items.
  • Prohibited Items: Be mindful of items not allowed in the stadium, including large bags, coolers, noisemakers, and umbrellas.
  • Public Transportation: Recommended due to limited parking. The Metro drop-off is under Second Street in the Transit Center.
  • Re-Admittance Policy: Re-entry is not allowed except for medical emergencies.
  • Tailgating: Permitted in all surrounding parking lots, but open-flame tailgating only in surface parking lots.
  • Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi is available; network name is Free Jungle Wi-Fi.

Contact Information

  • Bengals Main Office: (513) 621-3550
  • Ticket Office: (513) 621-8383
  • Bengals Pro Shop: (513) 455-8484
  • Stadium: (513) 455-4800

Emergency and Safety

  • Medical Emergency: Notify any stadium team member, who will contact medical assistance.
  • Evacuation: Familiarize yourself with the nearest exits and follow public address system instructions in case of an evacuation.


Suites at Paycor Stadium provide an exclusive and luxurious experience, perfect for guests attending Bengals games, concerts, and various events. These private spaces blend comfort, convenience, and superb views, making them a preferred choice for an enhanced stadium visit.

Party Suites Features

Party Suites are designed to accommodate groups ranging from 20 to 30 guests. These suites stand out with their inclusive amenities.

Party Suite paycor paul Stadium

Each suite comes with 3-4 VIP parking passes, ensuring convenient access to the stadium. Inside, you’ll find food and beverage options included, allowing you and your guests to enjoy a variety of choices without leaving the comfort of your suite.

For added convenience, these suites are equipped with private restrooms and two TVs featuring the NFL Sunday Ticket, ensuring you don’t miss any action.

The climate control within these suites guarantees comfort regardless of the weather outside. As for views, the Party Suites offer diverse perspectives of the game with options for endzone, sideline, or corner views.

Private Suite Amenities

Private Suites at Paycor Stadium are ideal for hosting gatherings such as parties, business meetings, or casual get-togethers.

premium seating

With a capacity to host up to 20 guests, these suites are not just about watching the game or event; they’re about experiencing it in comfort and style. Key features include HDTVs and in-suite WiFi, ensuring you stay connected and entertained throughout the event.

The premium seating in these suites offers an excellent view of the field or stage, enhancing your viewing experience. Catering options are available, allowing you to tailor the dining experience to your group’s preferences.

Additionally, the private entrance to the stadium adds an exclusive touch to your visit, making it more convenient and seamless.

Suite Capacity and Availability

Paycor Stadium boasts a total of 104 suites, with the capacity in each suite ranging from 12 to 32 guests.

This variety in size and capacity ensures that there’s a suite to match different group sizes and needs, whether it’s for a small family gathering or a larger corporate event.

Food and Drink at Paycor Stadium

The stadium houses 56 concession outlets, primarily serving typical stadium fare. Menu items include hot dogs, nachos, chicken tenders, pizza, pretzels, popcorn, and peanuts, with beverages like sodas and beers. Unique to Cincinnati, the Who Dey Melt with mac and cheese and bacon, and Gold Star Chili, are among the local delicacies that stand out.

Spread across the 100, 200, and 300 levels, concession stands offer a range of familiar meals.

Gold Star Chili is a Cincinnati staple available throughout the venue. Papa John’s Pizza serves up a selection of pies including cheese, pepperoni, meat, and veggie. For a more relaxed dining experience with beer, Queen City Tap House Bar at sections 106 and 109 is a go-to spot.

Papa John’s Pizza

Tacos and cheesesteaks, other fan favorites, are readily available near sections 130, 158, and 339.

New Foods to Enjoy

The stadium continually updates its menu to offer new culinary delights. Who Dey Melt Grill, located in section 149, offers an array of grilled cheese sandwiches and meats.

For fans looking for wings, Buffalo Wings and Rings in section 122 provides boneless wings with various sauce options. The Queen City Taphouse at section 104 is a hub for local craft beer enthusiasts, accompanied by bar food.

Buffalo Wings paycor stadium

For those seeking unique drinks, cocktail bars are located in multiple sections, including 109, 124, 131, 139, 155, 160, 308, and 340, each offering signature concoctions.

Classic Desserts

For a sweet treat, classic desserts like ice cream are available at many concession stands throughout the stadium, providing a perfect game day indulgence.

Classic Desserts

Beverage Selections

Beverage options at the stadium include Pepsi brand sodas, bottled water, and a wide selection of beers.


Cincinnati’s German heritage is reflected in the extensive beer offerings, including local brands like Rhinegeist, Mad Tree, Rivertown, and Mt Carmel, particularly highlighted at the Queen City Tap Room.

Outside Food Policy

It’s important to note that outside food and drinks are not permitted inside Paycor Stadium, in line with the venue’s policies.

Tailgating Options

For those looking to enjoy a meal before the game, tailgating is a popular tradition at Paycor Stadium.

The parking lots open four hours before kickoff and remain open for two hours after the game, offering ample time for fans to enjoy a pre-game feast.