Welcome to your ultimate guide for finding the best seats at Nissan Stadium, the electrifying heart of sporting events and concerts in Nashville, Tennessee.

Whether you’re cheering for the Tennessee Titans during an NFL game, getting swept up in the excitement of a live concert, or experiencing any other thrilling event, this article is here to help you navigate the seating and make the most of your visit.

Facts about the Nissan Stadium

Nissan Stadium, formerly known as Adelphia Coliseum, The Coliseum, and LP Field, has a rich history that dates back to its opening in 1999. Located at 1 Titans Way in Nashville, this multi-purpose venue is not just a sports complex; it’s a landmark that has witnessed countless memorable moments.

Owned and operated by the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, the stadium boasts a seating capacity of 69,143, making it a colossal stage for various events.

The journey of Nissan Stadium began with its groundbreaking on May 3, 1997, and the doors officially opened on August 27, 1999. Constructed with a budget of $290 million (equivalent to $509 million in 2022), the stadium was designed by renowned architects including HOK Sport, McKissack & McKissack, and Moody Nolan.

Despite challenges, including a tornado in 1998 that delayed construction, the stadium stood resilient and has since undergone several redevelopments, including upgrades to its sound system, high-speed elevators, LED ribbon boards, and massive HD LED video displays.

Notable Features and Redevelopments

One of the remarkable aspects of Nissan Stadium is its Matrix Helix Turf surface, introduced in the 2023 season. This marked a significant shift from the previous natural grass, addressing the wear from hosting frequent games. The stadium’s eastern side houses the Titans Pro Shop, a paradise for team merchandise enthusiasts.

Throughout the years, Nissan Stadium has not only hosted the Tennessee Titans and Tennessee State Tigers but also served as the home field for Nashville SC of Major League Soccer (MLS) and the annual Music City Bowl.

Record-Breaking Events and Artists

Nissan Stadium has been a magnet for record-setting events, with a staggering overall record attendance of 73,874 during the Ed Sheeran concert in July 2023. But Ed Sheeran isn’t the only star to have graced this venue.

The stadium has welcomed a galaxy of artists, including George Strait, NSYNC, Kenny Chesney, One Direction, The Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and many more, each bringing their unique magic to the Nashville skyline.

100 Level seating options

The 100 Level, commonly referred to as the lower level at Nissan Stadium, encompasses sections 101 through 146. This expansive area offers a variety of perspectives for attendees, whether they are there for a football game or a concert.

100 level diagram Nissan Stadium

The seating arrangement in this level is thoughtfully designed to enhance the spectator experience, with each section housing rows labeled from A to LL. Notably, the letters I, II, and O are omitted to prevent confusion with numbers.

The top row of each section serves as the entrance point, conveniently allowing for quicker access to the concourse, a feature particularly beneficial for those who prefer easy ingress and egress.

Sidelines and Player Tunnels

Positioned strategically along the sidelines, sections 134, 135, and 136 provide a direct view of the Tennessee Titans’ sideline, immersing fans in the team’s energy. Conversely, the visiting team’s sideline faces sections 111, 112, and 113, offering an equally engaging experience for fans of visiting teams.

Section 112 at Nissan Stadium

The player tunnels add another layer of excitement, with the Titans’ tunnel adjacent to sections 142 and 143 and the visiting team’s tunnel near sections 105 and 106.

player entry tunnel

These placements allow you to witness players entering and exiting the field, adding a personal touch to the game-day experience.

Seating Preferences for Optimal Viewing

When it comes to choosing the best seats, preferences may vary depending on the event.

For football games and concerts alike, sections 111-113 and 134-136 are highly coveted for their central views, aligning perfectly with midfield for football and offering an excellent angle towards the concert stage.

Section 111 at Nissan Stadium

If you’re looking to avoid the sun during afternoon games should consider sections 131-138 on the Titans’ side, as these are the first to be shaded.

Section 131 at Nissan Stadium

For football enthusiasts, the double-letter rows from AA to LL provide a comfortable sightline and are elevated enough to see over the players, while for concerts, the lower rows offer a more intimate experience.

Additional Seating Options

Beyond the prime midfield sections, the 100 Level also includes corner and endzone seating, each offering unique perspectives.

corner and endzone seating

The corner sections, while not providing the desirable midfield view, offer an exceptional experience for scoring plays at the near endzone. However, as the play moves to the opposite end of the field, the view becomes less ideal.

These sections also accommodate up to 35 rows, with the player entry tunnels located in sections 105 and 142, not extending all the way down to the field level.

The endzone sections present a unique advantage of head-on views of the endzone videoboards, perfect for fans who prefer not to move their heads much during the game.

These sections are closest to the open-air concourse areas, making them ideal for those who enjoy a more social atmosphere. Like other sections, they consist of up to 35 lettered rows.

200 level (Club Level)

Attending a game or event at Nissan Stadium’s club level, you’re in for an exclusive experience. This elite area, split into the East Club (sections 202-222) and the West Club (sections 225-245), offers over 12,000 seats with impressive amenities and views.

200 level diagram Nissan Stadium

Entry and Orientation

Firstly, it’s essential to know where your seats are located. If they’re in the East Club, enter through Gate 1, adjacent to the East Club entrance. For West Club seats, your entry point is by Gate 6, next to the West Club entrance. This strategic access ensures you’re quickly and conveniently in your seats.

Seating Layout and Views

In both East and West Clubs, the rows are lettered from A to V, providing a systematic and easy-to-navigate seating arrangement.

Club Level Seating Layout

These club level seats are renowned for offering some of the best views in Nissan Stadium, whether you’re watching the Tennessee Titans in action or enjoying a concert. The sightlines from these seats are elevated and unobstructed, giving you a clear view of all the on-field excitement.

Comfort and Amenities

One of the highlights of the club level is the climate-controlled environment, ensuring comfort regardless of the weather. Each seat is extra wide, about 21 inches, and comes with additional padding and a cupholder, prioritizing your comfort throughout the event.

Comfort and Amenities

Exclusive Club Level Features

Club level ticket holders have access to indoor lounges located just above the 200-Level seats. These air-conditioned spaces are equipped with dining tables, televisions, and full-service bars.

Exclusive Club Level Features

They offer exclusive food and beverage options, setting the club level apart from the rest of the stadium.

For Titans games, gates open two hours prior to kickoff, allowing club level ticket holders to enjoy pre-game festivities, including live music, in these lounges.


Our recommended sections are 212 and 235, both being popular spots with fans so you’ll need to book early! These sections offer an elevated view from the 50-yard line, combined with the luxury of club level amenities, including upscale dining options and exclusive access to the lounges.

Section 111 at Nissan Stadium

300 Level seats (Upper Level)

When you’re planning your visit to Nissan Stadium, particularly for a football game, considering the 300 level seats is a wise choice if you’re on a tight budget.

300 level diagram Nissan Stadium

This level is divided into two main areas: the East side, encompassing sections 303 through 321, and the West side, comprising sections 326 through 344.

View and Orientation

If your seats are on the West side, you’ll be treated to a picturesque view of downtown Nashville’s skyline, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your experience. Rows in the 300 level are labeled G through KK, offering a range of vantage points.

300 level seating view

Loge Level Seats

At the forefront of the 300 level are the loge level seats, spanning rows A through F. These seats mirror the section numbers of the 300 level (303-321 and 326-344) but are priced higher, especially as you move closer to midfield.

The loge level offers an elevated experience, keeping you close to the action while also providing easy access to the concourse.

Corner Seats

For those on a budget, the Upper Level Corner sections are an excellent choice. While these seats offer the furthest views in the stadium, they’re the most affordable.

Sections 316-321 on the east corner receive more sunlight during day games, while sections 339-344 have the advantage of getting shade earlier.

Section 317 at Nissan Stadium

These sections provide a unique viewing angle, and although distant, they offer a full view of the field.

Upper Level Sideline Seating

The Upper Level Sideline sections, located on the highest seating tier, offer more distant views but are a great option for fans who want a midfield perspective without a hefty price tag. Sections 311-313 and 334-336 are particularly recommended for their midfield views.

Section 334 at Nissan Stadium

Similar to the loge seating, the Upper seats are located above the entry tunnel, from rows G to KK, offering a slightly elevated perspective compared to the loge seats.

For families sections 331, 332, and 333 are some of the best. These seats are not only more budget-friendly, being on the highest level, but they are also conveniently located near a high concentration of concessions.

Section 331 at Nissan Stadium

Plus, they are close to one of the two family restrooms on the upper level, making them ideal for family outings to games and concerts.

Suites (Private and Party)

Nissan Stadium’s luxury suites provide a high-end experience for guests looking for comfort and exclusivity during events. With 177 suites available, these accommodations are tailored for those who prefer a more private and upscale atmosphere.

Features of the Luxury Suites

The luxury suites are climate-controlled, allowing guests to adjust the temperature for their comfort, a particularly useful feature given Nashville’s varied weather.

Features of the Luxury Suites

Each suite is furnished with theater-style leather seats and a drink rail for a blend of comfort and convenience. Additionally, these suites are equipped with private restrooms, a refrigerator, and two 40-inch flat-screen HD televisions with NFL Sunday Ticket, offering a comprehensive viewing experience.

Suite Access and Amenities

When purchasing tickets for these suites, it’s important to know whether the purchase is for a single ticket within a shared suite or for a complete private suite.

These suites, situated along both sidelines of the stadium, span three different levels and offer varied views of the field.

They are designed with a range of amenities, including in-suite catering options, private restrooms, a refrigerator, and a buffet counter. The suites also feature sliding glass panels, marble countertops in the kitchen area, and new carpets, aiming to create a luxurious environment.

Additional Services and Options

The suite experience at Nissan Stadium extends beyond the game, with amenities like exclusive lounge access, parking privileges for tailgating, and additional services tailored for business guests.

Suite holders are offered various perks, including the option to purchase Super Bowl tickets, invitations to private parties, and concierge services.

Party Suites

For larger groups, Nissan Stadium offers party suites in two sizes, catering to groups of either 48 or 96 guests. These suites are designed to accommodate larger gatherings, providing meeting spaces and furnished with upscale furniture.

Party Suites Nissan Stadium

Like the luxury suites, they are equipped with flat-screen HD televisions and offer all-inclusive catered food and soft drinks.

Best Seats for Concerts at Nissan Stadium

When attending a concert at Nissan Stadium, choosing the right seats can greatly enhance your experience. The stadium frequently adopts an end-stage setup for concerts, with the stage typically located near sections 101, 102, and 103.

Concert Nissan Stadium Tennessee

However, the seating layout can vary depending on the event, sometimes including general admission areas, fan pits, and B-stages.

On the Field Seating

For those who want to be as close to the performers as possible, the Field Seats – Sections Field A, Field B, Field C, and Field D – are an excellent choice.

These seats offer proximity to the stage, but it’s important to note that the layout and views from these sections can change based on the specific concert setup.

Side of the Stage Seating

If you prefer a close view of the stage with a bit more elevation, consider seats in sections 110, 111, and 136. These seats are not directly facing the stage but offer a closer view and better elevation compared to field seating.

Section 317 at Nissan Stadium

These are actual stadium seats, providing a more comfortable experience than standing in a general admission area.

Head-on to the Stage Seating

For a comfortable and direct view of the performance, seats in sections 121, 122, 123, and 124 are ideal.

Section 121 at Nissan Stadium

These sections are situated directly across from the stage, offering a head-on view. Although further from the stage than field or side seats, they provide a balanced and unobstructed view of the performance.

Upper Level Seating

Upper level sections also offer unobstructed sightlines. While these seats are farther from the stage, which means less detail is visible, they can still provide a good concert experience, especially for those on a budget.

Seats Behind the Stage

It’s generally advisable to avoid seats behind the stage, like those in or near sections 101, 102, 103, and 104, as they often provide limited views of the performance.

Section 102 at Nissan Stadium

Field Seats for Shorter Attendees

If you’re shorter or bringing children, be cautious with field seats. The first few rows are ideal, but further back, visibility can be an issue due to taller attendees standing in front. As an alternative, side sections near the stage offer a good balance of proximity and elevation.

Lower Level Side Sections

Not all side sections offer the same experience. Sections like 115 and 132 are not well-angled towards the stage, which can result in an uncomfortable viewing angle.

Section 115 at Nissan Stadium

For a better experience, consider head-on sections in the lower level or close side seats in the upper level, such as 310 and 337.

Section 310 at Nissan Stadium

Food and Drink options

At Nissan Stadium, the 100 Level offers a diverse array of culinary options to enhance your game day or event experience.

Sideline Cantina and Classic Hits

Located in sections 111 and 134, the Sideline Cantina is a go-to spot for those craving classic cantina flavors. For fans looking for traditional stadium fare, the Classic Hits stands, found in sections 105, 113, 119, 128, 136, and 142, offer familiar and beloved snacks and meals.

Classic Hits Nissan Stadium Tennessee

BBQ and Hot Chicken Options

BBQ lovers are in for a treat with Jack Daniel’s BBQ at Section 125 and Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint at Section 102, both offering smoky and savory barbecue dishes.


For a taste of Nashville’s famous hot chicken, Party Fowl at Section 121 provides sandwiches with varying spice levels to cater to all preferences.

Hot Chicken Nissan Stadium Tennessee

Additional Choices on 100 Level

Daddy’s Dog, located at Section 144, is perfect for hot dog enthusiasts, while Nashgrille, available at Sections 108, 116, 131, and 139, offers a range of items including hot dogs, fries, burgers, and beverages.

Daddy's Dog Nissan Stadium Tennessee

Grill, BBQ, and Pizza

Cumberland River Grill at Sections 209 and 238, Southern Smokehouse BBQ at Sections 212 and 235, and Slim + Husky’s Pizza at Sections 214 and 233 provide a range of flavors from grilled specialties to southern BBQ and artisanal pizza.

Slim + Husky's Pizza

Bars and Quick Bites

The Draft Bar at Sections 214 and 232 and Jack Daniel’s Bar at Sections 210 and 236 offer a selection of drinks in a lively atmosphere.

Jack Daniel's Nissan Stadium

For quicker snack options, the TN General Store at Sections 207, 217, 230, and 240, and the Icee Bar at Sections 205, 218, 228, and 241 are convenient choices.

Mexican and Chicken Flavors

Corner Taco at Sections 204 and 242 brings Mexican cuisine to the Club Level, while Tri Star Chicken at Sections 211 and 236 offers a variety of chicken dishes, including Nashville Hot Chicken.


300 Level Dining Options

For guests seated on the 300 Level, there are plenty of food choices to explore.

Diverse Food Selections

At the Riverfront Grab n Go in Sections 311 and 336, guests can find quick snacks for on-the-go eating. Classic Hits stands are also available at Sections 304, 313, 320, 327, 334, and 343, providing staple stadium foods.

Classic Hits

Nashgrille, at Sections 319 and 328, continues to offer its popular menu items, while 2nd Street Kitchen at Sections 303 and 344 provides additional dining choices.

The Coop at Section 308 and Party Fowl at Section 339 are great for fans of hot chicken.

Classic and New Delicacies

TN General Store at various sections offers ice cream, candy, hot dogs, Italian sausages, and more. Yee-Haw Brewing at Sections 107 and 140 is a destination for local Nashville brews. For pizza lovers, the Pizza Stand near Section 130 serves up cheese and pepperoni pizzas.

Classic and New Delicacies

In addition to these classic choices, new food options are continually introduced to enhance the game day experience.

These include Southern Smoke’s BBQ sandwiches at Sections 212 and 235, Puckett’s Trolley in the North End Zone with its array of dishes, and Twice Daily at Sections 116 and 131 for those seeking healthier options.

Bent Buckle BBQ

Bent Buckle BBQ near Section 134 offers a variety of BBQ sandwiches, while Slim + Husky’s at Sections 117, 130, 214, and 233 serves local Nashville pizza.