One Lincoln Financial Field Way, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Situated in the heart of South Philadelphia, Lincoln Financial Field stands as the iconic home of the Philadelphia Eagles. With a seating capacity of over 67,000 spectators, this stadium has witnessed countless memorable moments since its inauguration in 2003.

In this article we’ll guide you through all of the seating options available to you for both sports and music events so you can pick the best seats at the Lincoln Stadium.

To get an overview of the entire stadium a quick watch of this incredible flyover is well worth a moment of your time.

History of the Stadium

Lincoln Financial Field, affectionately known as “The Linc,” opened its doors on August 3, 2003. It replaced the Veterans Stadium, which had been the home field for both the Eagles and the Philadelphia Phillies.

The construction of “The Linc” incorporated modern amenities, including several LED video displays and more than 624 feet of LED ribbon boards. The naming rights were acquired by the Lincoln Financial Group in 2002, in a deal that spanned 21 years.

Development Over the Years

In 2013, the Eagles announced major upgrades to the stadium, valued at over $125 million. These enhancements included seating expansion, two new HD video boards, upgraded amenities, WiFi, and two new connecting bridges for the upper levels.

By the 2013 home opener, most of these upgrades, including the WiFi that accommodates 45,000 users, were completed. The enhanced sound systems and video boards were ready for the 2014 season.

A Venue for Teams and Concerts

While the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL call this stadium home, it’s not just football that lights up “The Linc.” The Temple Owls football team of Temple University also plays their home games here.

The stadium has hosted the Army–Navy football game multiple times, given its strategic location between the two service academies and its capacity to accommodate the large crowds. Moreover, the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer has played exhibition games here against high-profile international clubs. The stadium is also set to host matches during the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

In addition to sports, Lincoln Financial Field has been a stage for numerous concerts and events. While the exact list of all artists who have performed here is extensive, the stadium has welcomed some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Seating levels

The stadium has a total seating capacity of 67,594 with 172 Luxury Suites. It also features two exclusive club lounges, the “Hyundai Club” on the west side and the “Tork Club” on the east side. Suite holders and club seat holders have access to these lounges. There are a total of 10,828 club seats in the stadium.

100 Level Seating at Lincoln Financial Field

The 100 Level seating at Lincoln Financial Field provides attendees with a close-up view of the action, making it one of the most sought-after seating areas in the stadium. Here’s a detailed look into the 100 Level seating:

The Eagles Sideline is positioned in front of sections like Section 101, Section 102, Section 103, Section 137, and Section 138.

This is the area where the home team, the Philadelphia Eagles, have their sideline, offering fans an up-close experience of the team’s on-field dynamics.

On the opposite side, the Visitor Sideline is located in front of sections such as Section 118, Section 119, Section 120, Section 121, and Section 122.

This is where the visiting team’s players and coaching staff are stationed during games.

For those looking for the best views in the 100 Level, sections near midfield, specifically rows 23 and higher in sections 101-103, 118-122, and 137-138, are highly recommended.

These rows provide a slightly elevated perspective, making it easier to see over the players on the sideline and offering a comprehensive view of the entire field.

It’s worth noting that the unique sharp-angled design of the sections at Lincoln Financial Field, especially noticeable near the 20-yard line in sections like 104, 105, 135, and 136, ensures that attendees have an optimal angle towards midfield.

Unlike many stadiums where these sections would face straight ahead, at Lincoln Financial Field, seats are angled perfectly, allowing attendees to comfortably view action on both ends of the field without excessive head-turning.

However, potential attendees should be cautious about opting for the very front rows, specifically rows 1-10. While these seats provide an unparalleled proximity to the field, the players, who aren’t as close to row 1 as in most NFL stadiums, might obstruct the view. This can make it challenging to see the ball move toward the endzones.

200 Level Seating at Lincoln Financial Field

The 200 Level seating at Lincoln Financial Field is renowned for its elevated vantage point, providing attendees with a panoramic view of the game while maintaining a sense of closeness to the action. Here’s an in-depth look at the 200 Level seating

For those who prioritize having a direct, head-on view of the stage or field, sections like Section 201, Section 202, Section 204, and Section 205 are ideal. These sections are situated just above the club level, offering a perspective that’s both expansive and intimate. Specifically, seats in rows 1-6 in these sections are highly recommended.

These rows are located either below or adjacent to the entry tunnel, ensuring that the view isn’t frequently obstructed by other fans moving around. Moreover, being in these lower rows means attendees are watching the game from a vantage point just above the club seats, combining elevation with proximity.

One of the standout features of the 200 Level is its design, which takes into account the setting sun during evening events. For instance, during most summer concerts that begin around 7 PM, the sun can be a concern for attendees seated in east sections like 223-227.

In these sections, the setting sun is directly in the eyes of fans. Conversely, fans seated on the west side, in sections opposite to 223-227, will have the sun behind them, ensuring a more comfortable viewing experience.

Rain is another factor that attendees might consider. For those who want to stay dry during potential rain, it’s advisable to opt for seats in the higher rows of the 200 Level sections that are sheltered by the roof. Rows 18 and above are typically covered, providing protection from the elements. However, it’s essential to note that the section tunnel is located near row 4, so the higher the row, the longer the walk to and from the seats.

Mezzanine Level Seating at Lincoln Financial Field

The Mezzanine Level at Lincoln Financial Field offers a unique seating experience, combining an elevated perspective with proximity to the club level. Here’s a comprehensive look at what attendees can expect from the Mezzanine Level:

Location and Proximity

Situated on the club level, the Mezzanine Level is positioned directly behind the south endzone. Its location is adjacent to the Club sections, making it a part of the premium seating tier of the stadium. However, it’s essential to note that while the Mezzanine Level shares its location with the Club sections, ticketholders in the Mezzanine do not enjoy the same exclusive benefits that Club seat holders receive.

Views for Football Games

For football enthusiasts, the Mezzanine Level provides an elevated vantage point from behind the endzone. This positioning offers a clear view of plays unfolding on the field, especially those taking place in the southern half of the stadium.

However, as the action moves towards the North endzone, visibility can become a challenge. Fortunately, the expansive North videoboard comes to the rescue, ensuring attendees don’t miss out on any crucial moments by broadcasting live game footage.

Concert Viewing Experience

For standard end-stage concerts, the Mezzanine sections are directly opposite the main stage. While there’s an entire football field’s distance between the Mezzanine Level and the stage, the head-on view provides a comfortable and unobstructed perspective of the performance.

M11 is the optimal section here with head on views of the stage.

Attendees should be aware that, due to the distance, some finer details of the performance might be missed. However, the straight-on view ensures a more relaxed and enjoyable concert experience compared to side views.

Terrace Level Seating at Lincoln Financial Field

The Terrace Level at Lincoln Financial Field offers a unique blend of comfort, convenience, and clear sightlines, making it a popular choice for many attendees. Here’s a detailed look at what the Terrace Level has to offer:

Composition and Location

The Terrace Level encompasses a selection of sections situated in two distinct corners of the stadium. The Northeast Terrace sections are located above section 127, while the Southwest Terrace can be found above sections 107 and 108.

Key Features

One of the standout features of the Terrace Level is the overhead cover that most of its rows benefit from. This overhang is particularly advantageous during inclement weather, ensuring that attendees remain dry during rain or snow.

Additionally, the compact nature of these sections, with fewer than eight rows each, means that guests have minimal stairs to navigate, adding to the overall convenience.

Football Game Viewing Experience

For football aficionados, the Terrace Level offers an often overlooked yet exceptional sightline. The sections are strategically angled towards midfield, ensuring that attendees have a clear view of the action from kickoff to the final whistle.

The elevated position of these sections offers a viewing experience akin to that of the club or mezzanine level, allowing spectators to comfortably track plays at both ends of the field.

Concert Viewing Perspective

When it comes to concerts, the availability of Terrace Level seats varies. The Northeast Terrace sections are typically not up for sale as they are positioned behind the stage, offering limited visibility. On the other hand, tickets for the Southwest Terrace sections might be available, placing attendees across the field from the stage, providing a unique vantage point of the performance.

In conclusion, the Terrace Level at Lincoln Financial Field is a blend of comfort and clear views. Whether attending a football game or a concert, guests seated in these sections can anticipate a memorable experience complemented by the level’s distinct features.

Standing room only tickets

When you purchase a Standing Room Only ticket for a Philadelphia Eagles game, you’re buying a ticket that is valid for stadium entry for the specific game and date indicated. However, it’s important to note that this ticket doesn’t entitle you to a seat.

You can roam freely in designated areas like the HeadHouse Plaza and other open plazas within the stadium. These areas include the Chrysler-Jeep Corner, South Corner, and Pepsi Zone Plaza. You can also stand in the Eagles Nest Ramps Stairways and the Main/Upper Concourses.

Restrictions and Guidelines

Standing Room Only tickets come with certain conditions. For instance, you’re not allowed to stand in entryways, aisles, or the rear of seating sections. Wheelchair and companion platform seating areas are also off-limits. Portable chairs are not permitted in the stadium when you have an SRO ticket.

While you can stand in areas like the HeadHouse Plaza and the Main/Upper Concourses, you’re not allowed to sit in a seat, block aisles, or stand in entryways. Staff will enforce these rules to keep these areas clear for all guests.

All areas approved for Standing Room Only are available to any guest, whether they have a reserved seating ticket or a Standing Room Only ticket. These areas are not exclusive to SRO ticket holders and are available on a first-come basis.

Club Level at Lincoln Financial Field

Location and Seating Comfort

The Club Level at Lincoln Financial Field is strategically located on the second tier of seating, overlooking the lower bowl. The seats in this level are among the largest in the stadium and come with extra padding for added comfort.

Football Game Experience

When you’re at a football game, especially an Eagles game, these seats provide some of the best-unobstructed sightlines. This is due to their elevated position and closeness to the field. Even the corner sections that are farther from midfield offer excellent angles to catch all the action. As a Club Level ticket holder, you’ll also enjoy additional perks like access to the Club Lounge, which

features upscale dining options and a full bar selection. A private VIP entrance is also available for your convenience.

Concert Experience

During concerts, the stage is usually set up near sections 129 and 130. This means that most Club Level sections will offer a side view of the performance. Some guests actually prefer this perspective over a head-on view, especially when they can enjoy the comfort and amenities that come with Club Level seating.

Shaded and Covered Seating

Lincoln Financial Field offers limited options for shaded or covered seating, with only about 15% of all seats providing some form of protection from the elements. The orientation of the stadium plays a significant role in determining which seats are in the sun or shade.

The stadium is slightly offset in a north-to-south direction, affecting how the sun moves across the seating areas throughout the day. Games and events at the stadium are scheduled at various times, including early afternoon, late afternoon, and evening, further complicating the quest for a shaded seat.

Sun and Shade Dynamics Throughout the Day

The sun’s position varies depending on the time of day and the specific event. For early afternoon games that kick off around 1:00 p.m., finding a shaded seat can be challenging. The sun is high in the sky near the southern end zone around noon and gradually moves to set near the northern end zone. By late afternoon, for games that start after 4:00 p.m., most of the west side and the area behind the southern end zone will be in the shade.

Where to Find Shaded Seats

If you’re attending an early afternoon game, your best bet for shade is on the west side of the stadium, behind the Eagles’ home sideline. Sections like 106-134, C6-C35, or 207-239 are generally safe bets for avoiding the sun, thanks to the canopy covering the upper level.

Lower-level sections behind the southern end zone, such as 109-112, are also likely to be shaded. However, be cautious with upper-level sections like 209-218 behind the southern end zone, as they may be exposed to the sun during the first part of the game.

Areas to Avoid for Shade

Seats on the east side of the stadium, which is the visitor’s side, are mostly exposed to the sun during early afternoon games. Sections like 115-124, C16-C27, and 219-231 are usually sun-soaked. The northern end zone is another area to avoid if you’re seeking shade, particularly in sections like 127-131 and 233-237, which are directly in the sun’s path and offer no cover.

Late Afternoon Games and Shade

For games that start after 4:00 p.m., finding a shaded seat becomes easier. Most seats on the west side and those behind the southern end zone will likely be in the shade for the majority of the game. On the east side, the shade will start to cover the lower-level seats first, followed by the club level and then the 200-level. If you’re sensitive to the sun, be cautious when selecting upper-level seats on the east side for late afternoon games.

Premium Deck Seating

The Premium Deck Seating at Lincoln Financial Field offers a unique and exclusive viewing experience for Eagles games. Situated in the upper level at three corners of the field, this area is home to special sections like the Bud Light Eagles Nest and the Miller Lite Phlite Deck.

These sections are not just about watching the game; they’re about enjoying a complete entertainment package.

Special Features and Amenities

What sets the Premium Deck Seating apart are the special features and amenities that come with it. On game days, these areas often feature live music performances during breaks, adding an extra layer of entertainment for the guests. The atmosphere is lively and energetic, making it a perfect setting for those looking to make the most out of their game-day experience.

Ideal for Group Seating

The Premium Deck areas are excellent for groups, offering a communal atmosphere that’s different from traditional seating. Tickets for these sections are often given away through special promotions or contests, making them a hot commodity. If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply want to enjoy a game with a large group of friends or family, the Premium Deck Seating offers an ideal setting.

Exclusivity and Availability

It’s worth noting that tickets for the Premium Deck Seating can be difficult to obtain due to their limited availability and the unique experiences they offer. These sections are traditionally only open for Eagles games, adding to their exclusivity. If you manage to secure a spot, you’re in for a treat.

A Unique Way to Experience a Game

The Premium Deck Seating is not just another place to watch the game; it’s a unique experience that combines the excitement of live football with additional entertainment and a sense of community. Whether you’re a die-hard Eagles fan or a casual viewer, the Premium Deck offers an interesting and engaging way to enjoy the game.

How to Obtain Tickets

Given the high demand and limited availability, it’s advisable to keep an eye on special promotions, contests, or group packages that may offer access to these coveted sections. Checking the Eagles’ official website or social media channels can provide you with the latest information on how to secure a spot in one of these premium areas.

Best seats for concerts at the Lincoln Stadium

When it comes to concerts at Lincoln Financial Field, lower level side seating is among the most popular choices. These seats offer a close-up experience due to their proximity to the stage and elevation over the floor. However, this premium experience often comes with a higher ticket price.

Siteline Considerations in Lower Level

Choosing the right section in the lower level is crucial for an optimal viewing experience. Sections like 123 and 136 may offer lower ticket prices but come with a catch—the severe side angle can make it difficult to see the entire stage. For a better angle and view, it’s advisable to opt for side sections that are a bit farther from the stage.

Obstructions to Watch Out For

Another factor to consider is the placement of sound and lighting equipment, usually located towards the back of the floor. Sections 104-107 and 114-117 have had obstructed views in the past due to this equipment. To minimize the risk of an obstructed view, choosing a seat in one of the preferred side sections is recommended.

Height for Comfortable Viewing

When selecting seats in the lower level, height is another consideration. Rows 25 and higher in these side sections are recommended for the most comfortable sitelines. These rows also offer good access to the concourse and have a higher likelihood of being covered or shaded.

Club Level and Upper Deck

As you move to higher seating bowls like the Club Level and Upper Deck, the concerns about side views and angles are somewhat mitigated. The higher elevation means you won’t have to turn your neck as severely to see the stage. However, the trade-off is that the stage details may be harder to see the higher up you are.

Floor Tickets – The Closest You Can Get

Floor tickets offer the closest possible proximity to the stage, providing an immersive concert experience. However, it’s important to note that these tickets usually come at a premium price and may not offer the best angle to see the entire stage, especially if you’re shorter or further back on the floor.

Family Seating at Lincoln Financial Field

If you’re planning to attend an Eagles game with your family, Lincoln Financial Field has got you covered. Section 217 is specifically designated as a family-friendly area. This section aims to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for families to experience the game together.

Alcohol-Free Zone

One of the key features of the family section is the absence of alcohol. No alcohol is allowed in this section, ensuring a more controlled and family-friendly environment. This policy helps to maintain a pleasant atmosphere where you don’t have to worry about inappropriate behavior affecting your family day out.

Why Choose the Family Section?

Choosing to sit in the family section offers peace of mind for parents and guardians. It allows you to focus solely on the game and the excitement it brings, without the concerns that can come with general seating areas. Whether you’re introducing your kids to their first Eagles game or just looking for a more relaxed environment, Section 217 is where you’ll want to be.

Our picks of the best seats at Lincoln Stadium

We’ve chosen a few of our best places to sit at the Lincoln Field Stadium based on location, ease of access, views and amenities too. Here’s where we’d high recommend considering for your visit.

Lower Level Seating

If you’re aiming for a close-up experience, the lower level is where you’ll want to be. However, not all lower-level seats are created equal. Sections near midfield, specifically rows 23 and higher in sections 101-103, 118-122, and 137-138, offer some of the best views.

These elevated rows provide a clearer sightline over the players on the sideline. Interestingly, at Lincoln Financial Field, the sections near the 20-yard line, like 104, 105, 135, and 136, are sharply angled towards midfield, offering a unique and comfortable viewing experience.

Club Level

For those willing to splurge a bit, the club seats near midfield are the most expensive but offer unparalleled views and amenities. However, if those are out of your budget, consider the first five rows of the corner sections in the Club Level.

These seats offer similar amenities and excellent sightlines but at a more affordable price. Sections like C17, C18, C19, and C24 are perfectly angled to see both sides of the field and are located near the entry tunnel for easy access to the club concourse.

Upper Deck

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option without compromising too much on the view, the upper deck is a solid choice. Specifically, aim for rows 1-6 in sections like 201, 202, 204, and 205.

These rows are located just above the club level and offer some of the best upper-level sightlines in the NFL. Being situated near the tunnel entrance also minimizes distractions and makes for easy access.

The Absolute Best

For the ultimate experience, look no further than rows 1-10 in sections C1, C2, C20, and C21. These are arguably the best seats in the stadium, offering perfect midfield views similar to what you’d see on TV, along with exclusive club amenities and benefits during Eagles games.

Elevated Lower Level

Lastly, for those who prefer the lower level but want to avoid the crowd, rows 22-34 in sections 101, 102, 103, and 104 are ideal. These higher rows offer excellent views and are conveniently located near the main level concourse concessions and restrooms.

VIP seating options at the Lincoln Stadium


If you’re considering a Suite at Lincoln Financial Field, know that it’s designed with privacy and luxury in mind. From the moment you pull up, you get up to four valet parking spots, which is a nice touch. You’ll enter through a private entrance, avoiding the general admission lines, and have your own concourse.

The View and Amenities

Once you’re inside, the Suite is climate-controlled, a feature you’ll appreciate in extreme weather. The seating is plush, with both lounge and theater-style options, and the sightlines to the field are excellent. You’ll have a private restroom, which is a big plus, especially during halftime. The wet bar comes with a full-size stainless steel fridge and an ice maker. There are three TVs, including a 42-inch plasma, so you won’t miss any action.

Timing and Special Features

You can access your Suite two hours before the game and stay up to an hour afterward. This is particularly useful if you’re hosting clients or have a large group. The Suite is also accessible for guests with disabilities. They provide halftime stats and various Eagles publications, which is a nice touch if you’re into the details of the game.

Additional Perks

There’s a dedicated VIP ticket will-call and concierge service. You even get a coat closet. You can participate in drawings for autographed merchandise and order Eagles gear to be delivered right to your Suite. And yes, Eagles Cheerleaders do make appearances, which can be fun for the fans in your group.

Club Lounge Access

Your Suite ticket also gives you access to two large, climate-controlled Club Lounges. These are well-appointed spaces with full-service bars, a wide range of food options, and plenty of seating. They also host special events like autograph sessions with Eagles Alumni and Cheerleaders.

FanDuel Lounge

If you’re a member of the FanDuel Lounge, you get to enter the stadium three hours before kickoff. This gives you plenty of time to settle in and enjoy the pre-game atmosphere. Parking is also a breeze, as you receive complimentary parking in the M/N proximity lots.

Private Entrance and All-Inclusive Amenities

You’ll enter through an exclusive VIP gate, avoiding the general admission lines. Once inside, you’re treated to an all-inclusive experience that includes both food and drink. The lounge is catered with a variety of stadium and seasonal favorites, along with a fully stocked bar.

Behind-the-Scenes Access

One of the standout features of the FanDuel Lounge is its strategic location. You’ll have viewing points for Eagles player arrivals, the visiting team tunnel, and even the post-game press conference. It’s a unique way to feel connected to the game and the players.

If you decide you want to leave the lounge and head to your seats, there’s a private staircase that provides easy access to every level of the stadium. This ensures you can get to your seat quickly, just in time for kickoff.

Post-Game Hour and Event Access

The lounge doesn’t close immediately after the game; it stays open for an additional hour. This gives you a chance to unwind and celebrate, especially after a big win. As a FanDuel Lounge member, you also get presale access to Lincoln Financial Field concerts and events during the off-season.

Additional Perks

Your membership comes with a 15% discount at the Pro Shop, both in-store and online, using a special code. Plus, you’ll receive special invites to premium events year-round, extending your Eagles fandom beyond just the football season.

Club Level Seating at Lincoln Financial Field

If you’re a Season Ticket Member (STM) in the Club Level, you’re eligible for a 40% discount on NFL+ Premium. For just $59.99, you can access a year’s worth of NFL+ content, a great perk for any football fan.

Your Eagles fandom doesn’t have to end when the season does. As a Club Level seat holder, you’ll receive special invites to premium events throughout the year. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in on-field activities before the game. Just coordinate with your dedicated service representative to learn more about these unique experiences.

Parking can often be a hassle, but not for Club Level patrons. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase VIP parking in some of the stadium’s most exclusive lots, making your arrival and departure much more convenient.

Forget about long lines and waiting times. As a premium client, you’ll have access to a dedicated VIP entrance, allowing you to get into the stadium with ease.

Early Admission to Club Space

If you like to get to the stadium well before kickoff to soak in the atmosphere, you’re in luck. Club Level ticket holders can access their club space two hours prior to the game starting. This gives you ample time to relax, eat, and get ready for the action.

One of the standout features of Club Level seating is the dedicated service representative assigned to you. This rep is available for year-round customer service, ensuring that all your needs and questions are addressed promptly.

Food and Drink at the Linc Stadium

We’ve picked out a few of our favorite food and drink options that you’ll find all over the stadium. I highly recommend planning your meal and refreshment purchasing so you can avoid the big queues and

Pizza Lovers’ Paradise

If pizza is your go-to game-day food, you’re in luck. Papa John’s Pizza has multiple locations throughout the stadium, including sections 101, 106, 111, 120, 219, 236, and 239. For a local twist, Penn Pizza is available at the Club (C) and Mezzanine (M) levels.

Philly’s Own

For an authentic Philadelphia experience, Chickie’s & Pete’s is a must-visit. Known for their crab fries and other Philly favorites, they’re located in sections 102, 115, 119, 126, 133, 213, 229, and 241. Tony Lukes, another local favorite, can be found at section 112.

Classic American Fare

If you’re craving classic American food, head to Liberty Bell Tap/Dietz & Watson Classics. They offer a range of options and are located in multiple sections including 104, 113, 117, 123, 136, 203, 224, 234, and 240. Bassetts Burgers & Fresh Cut Fries at section 110 and Zach’s Hamburgers at section 125 are also worth a visit.

Coffee and Quick Bites

For those in need of a caffeine fix, Dunkin Donuts Coffee has you covered. Find them in sections 104, 109, 117, 136, and C20. If you’re looking for quick snacks, Quick and Carmichael at section 134 is a convenient option.

Special Dietary Needs

The stadium also caters to special dietary needs with Gluten Free & Vegetarian Options available at section 120. For kosher options, head to the Kosher Stand located in sections 116 and 117.

Deli and Grills

Market Street Deli at section 109 offers a variety of deli options. For a more upscale dining experience, Lincoln Grill is available at sections 204, 225, C3, C23, and C36.

International Flavors

If you’re looking to explore beyond American classics, Beers of the World at sections 226 and 243 offers a global beer selection.

The Bottom Line

Lincoln Financial Field offers a diverse range of food and drink options to suit all tastes and dietary needs. Whether you’re in the mood for local Philly favorites, classic American fare, or something a bit different, you’ll find it here.