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So you want to go to the Levi’s Stadium, the iconic home of the San Francisco 49ers, surrounded by the electrifying energy of thousands of fans. But are you seated in the best spot to soak it all in?

Many fans, both seasoned and new, often wonder where the prime seating is in this modern arena. Located in Santa Clara, California, this stadium boasts a unique design with two-thirds of its spectators in the lower bowl.

We’ll unveil the best seats, ensuring you maximize your game-day experience. Whether you’re a die-hard 49ers fan or just visiting for a special sporting event or concert, we’ve got you covered.

The stadium, nestled in Santa Clara, California, officially opened its doors on July 17, 2014. It’s a relatively young venue, but it’s packed with history and innovation.

Over the years, there have been talks and plans about potential redevelopments, but the core design of the stadium remains largely unchanged.

The stadium can comfortably seat 68,500 fans. But for those big-ticket events they can expand it to accommodate around 75,000 spectators.

That’s a lot of cheering and energy in one place! Its not the biggest, ranking only 17th but it is a venue that’s popular with NFL fans and concert goers alike.

Unlike many other stadiums, Levi’s Stadium places about two-thirds of its spectators in the lower bowl.

This means even if you’re in the upper deck, you’re closer to the action than you might expect.

It’s a subtle touch, but it makes a world of difference in how you experience a game or event.

Best seating options for 49ers games and concerts at Levis Stadium

The lower level at Levi’s Stadium consists of seating sections that span from 101 to 146. When you opt for a seat in these sections, you’re choosing a spot that offers a closer view of the action on the field.

Rows and Seating Arrangement

Each section within the lower level typically contains between 34 and 37 rows. In most of these sections, the first row is labeled as Row 1, ensuring that the numbering is intuitive for attendees.

Team Sidelines and Proximity

The San Francisco 49ers’ sideline stretches in front of sections C137, C138, and C139. If you’re rooting for the away team, their sideline is positioned before sections C114, C115, and C116.

This gives you an opportunity to be close to your favorite players and perhaps even catch a moment or two of sideline discussions.

Entry and Exit Points for Teams

The 49ers make their grand entrance and exit adjacent to sections 125 and 126. On the other hand, the visiting team’s tunnel lies next to sections 145 and 146.

These sections can offer a unique experience, especially for fans keen on watching the players take the field or head back to the locker room.

Exclusive Midfield Seating

For those looking for an exclusive experience, it’s essential to note that the sections closest to midfield are designated as the BNY Mellon Club seats.

While they offer a prime view of the on-field action, these are distinct from regular lower level sections and come with their own set of amenities.

Field Level Seats

The field level seats are a premium option located right on the field, specifically in the north and south end zones of Levi’s Stadium.

This seating concept, now popular among many NFL teams, offers fans an immersive experience. The south end zone boasts 24 plush reclining seats, while the north end zone has a slightly larger capacity with 40 such seats.

Perks for these field level seat holders include all-inclusive food and soft drinks with a dedicated in-seat delivery service.

Additionally, ticket holders get access to exclusive areas like Michael Mina’s Tailgate or the Green Room before the game starts.

To top it off, guests are provided with one complimentary parking pass, adding convenience to their game-day experience.

The San Francisco 49ers’ tunnel is located adjacent to sections 125 and 126. The visiting team’s tunnel is located adjacent to sections 145 and 146.

Keep in mind that the lower level sections closest to midfield are actually exclusive club sections called the BNY Mellon Club seats (more on these premium options later).

Best seats for concerts at the Levis Stadium?

The 100 level seating is some of the best for concerts too. the slightly elevated view away from the field seating gives you a great view of the stage and the audience that fill this huge stadium too.

200 / Club Level Overview at Levi’s Stadium

The Club Level at Levi’s Stadium, commonly referred to as the 200 level, offers a premium viewing experience for attendees.

Positioned at an optimal height above the field, it combines the intimacy of being close to the action with the advantage of a broad perspective.

There are plenty of seating types to choose from in this category, with some of the best premium seating available on both the East and West sides of the stadium, with cheaper seats to the North and South.

One of the main draws of the Club Level is its excellent viewing height. Spectators at this level can expect straightaway lines of sight to both the field and the stadium’s impressive video-board.

This elevation allows for an expansive view, ensuring that key moments on the far side of the field and close-up actions are equally visible.

Another notable feature of the Club Level is its design with convenience in mind. The seats in this section are strategically placed to ensure short walks between them and the concourse.

This is particularly beneficial during peak times, such as half-time or the end of a game, when large crowds are moving around.

The proximity to the concourse also means quicker access to amenities, making the overall experience smoother for attendees.

The Club Level at Levi’s Stadium stands out not just for its viewing vantage point but also for the enhanced experience it offers.

In addition to those advantages, this level often provides access to exclusive club amenities, premium food and beverage options, and dedicated entrances. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to enjoy a football game or concert with an added touch of luxury and comfort.

Upper Level Overview at Levi’s Stadium

You’ll find the upper level seats divided into two blocks—sections 301 through 328, and sections 401 through 422. In the 300 numbered sections, expect between 6 and 8 rows starting from row 1.

In the 400 numbered sections, you’ll see rows numbered 1 through 28.

While navigating the concourses of the upper level, you’ll likely bump elbows with fellow fans as these areas can get crowded.

However, it’s not all bad; the concourse offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains, making the congestion a bit more tolerable.

For those who prefer to stand, the Bud Light Patio and the Pepsi Fan Deck are your go-to areas.

Located in the upper south and north end zones, these standing room only spaces are situated behind sections 301 and 302, and 324 and 325, respectively.

Upper Level Corner Seating

If you’re on a budget and don’t mind sacrificing view quality, the upper level corner seats are for you. Specifically located on the east side of the stadium, these seats offer some of the highest and furthest views from midfield.

Sections here have 27 rows, with the entry tunnel conveniently located at the front in row 1. When it comes to sunshine, the corner sections near the south end zone see the most during afternoon games.

Upper Level Sideline Seating

Looking for an affordable ticket without completely sacrificing the midfield view? Consider the upper level sideline seats. Exclusive to the east end, these seats still offer the coveted midfield viewing angle.

With 27 rows in each section and row 1 closest to the entry tunnels, you won’t have a hard time finding your way to your seat.


Don’t expect to find handicap seats in the 400 level. The last accessible seating options are on the 300 level near the back of selected sections.

Navigating the upper level at Levi’s Stadium involves trade-offs, but now you have the insights to make an informed choice. Whether it’s the budget-friendly corner seats or the more desirable sideline views, you know what to expect.

Best seats for shade and sunshine at Levis Stadium

If you’re hoping to escape the sun at Levi’s Stadium, especially during those hot early-season games, you’ll want to look for seats on the 49ers home side of the field. Additionally, seats that are farther back from the field tend to offer more shade.

The sun’s path across the sky is mostly blocked by the wall of luxury suites on the home side. Specifically, fans in sections 132-144 and mezzanine sections 232-246 should find relief from the sun for most of the game.

Rows farther from the field in these sections are more likely to remain shaded throughout the event.

Seats in the Sun

On the flip side, if soaking up some rays is on your agenda, consider seats on the visitor’s side of the field or in the end zones, especially closer to the visitor’s side. Sections 108-132, 209-223, or 405-418 are your best bets for unobstructed sunshine.

Rows in the very back of the lower and middle decks might offer a minimal amount of cover due to the structure above them, but don’t rely on it. Seats in the upper deck have virtually no cover, so come prepared with sunscreen.

Time of Day Considerations

Game time matters when choosing your seats. Most games at Levi’s Stadium kick off in the 1:00 pm hour, but you’ll also find late afternoon games that start around 5:00 pm. In the case of late afternoon games, even the visitor’s side begins to see some shade.

Seats on the home side will remain shaded for the entirety of the game, while seats on the visitor’s side will start to experience shade from the rows closest to the field and move backward as the sun sets.

If you’re in the upper deck during these late games, expect to be the last to see shade, and you might even find the sun shining directly into your eyes as it sets.

Best Seats for Families at Levi’s Stadium

When bringing the whole family to a 49ers game, certain sections offer a more convenient and comfortable experience. Specifically, consider seating yourselves in sections 302, 303, 304, or 325. These are definitely the most family friendly options for a number of reasons.

You are free to sit anywhere with your children of course but we recommend these blocks for families anyway.

With no more than 8 rows in each of these sections, you won’t have to navigate through a maze of seats to get to restrooms or concessions. Often top priorities for young ones.

Fewer rows mean less time spent wandering around, allowing you and your family to focus on the game or quickly handle any snack or bathroom needs.

You’ll also feel less crowded in these blocks compared to some of the other bigger blocks at the Levis Stadium.

One of the perks of these sections is the head-on views of the videoboards. While you’re a bit farther from the field, you won’t miss any of the action thanks to these large, clear screens.

Kids will enjoy watching replays and highlights, making these sections an excellent choice for keeping the whole family entertained throughout the event.

These sections are located on the upper seating tier, which generally means more budget-friendly ticket prices. So you can bring the family without breaking the bank.

Best Premium options for Levis Stadium

You’re looking into premium seating at Levi’s Stadium and want to know what’s worth your money. Let’s break down the options so you understand what you’re actually getting.

BNY Mellon Club

If you’re seeking the gold standard of what Levi’s Stadium has to offer, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than the BNY Mellon Club. Here’s what makes this choice stand out.

The atmosphere feels ultra-luxurious with granite flooring, bronzed metal columns, and deep crimson walls. You also receive complimentary VIP parking and field-level sideline access. If that’s not enough, you’ll get exclusive access to presales for other events at Levi’s Stadium.

These seats are strategically placed right at the 50-yard line, providing unmatched views of the action. If you want to be close to the visitor sideline, aim for Section C115.

For 49ers enthusiasts who want to be behind their team’s sideline, Section C138 is the way to go. Some rows in Sections 137 and 139 also offer VIP seats with the same perks.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill stadium chairs. Each seat in the BNY Mellon Club is padded and larger than what you’ll find elsewhere in the stadium.

The idea is clear: provide a luxurious viewing experience that sets a new standard for game-day comfort.

What sets these seats apart is the accompanying club lounge. The space is as finely appointed as you’d expect, featuring a full-service bar that makes an impression all on its own.

During 49ers games, the perks get even better with unlimited access to food and beverage stations.

These aren’t your typical stadium fare; these are indulgences exclusively available to premium ticketholders.

You’ll also get access to private restrooms, a private stadium entrance, and field-level access. Each of these additional benefits elevates the BNY Mellon Club experience, smoothing out the usual pain points of attending a live event.

Citrix Owners Club

When the word “exclusive” gets tossed around, it might be hard to quantify. But in the case of the Citrix Owners Seats at Levi’s Stadium, the term is justified. Here’s why.

These aren’t just any seats; they’re presented as the most exclusive season ticket in the NFL.

In fact, the process to acquire one of these prized positions isn’t a simple click-and-buy affair. You’ll need to book an appointment just to make a purchase, signaling the rarity and desirability of these seats.

Premium Comfort and Views

Once you get past the hurdle of appointment-based purchasing, what awaits you is a seat of plush, leather craftsmanship.

These aren’t just for show; they offer premier views of the field, elevating your game-watching experience to a level of luxury that few can claim to have enjoyed.

While the seats themselves are a highlight, the Citrix Owners Club serves as the cherry on top. This luxurious space is available to you before, during, and after the game.

It’s an ambiance that caters to those who appreciate the finer things in life, offering a setting that complements the premier views from your seat.

If you manage to secure a seat in the Citrix Owners Club, know that you’re in for an experience that’s as close to peerless as it gets in the realm of sports entertainment.

With an atmosphere of exclusivity and luxury, these seats represent the pinnacle of what it means to be a truly privileged fan.

Broadcast Club (Yahoo Club Seats)

If you’re the kind of fan who revels in both the on-field action and the surrounding amenities, the Broadcast Club is worth considering. There are quite a few things going on here that put it on par with or even above other club sections in Levi’s Stadium.

Located on the west sideline of the second seating deck, sections C236 through C242 offer fewer rows (just 10-12), making for a more intimate viewing experience. Plus, this is the 49ers’ side of the field, offering an added appeal for home team fans.

But let’s not overlook the seats themselves. They are fully padded and slightly larger than what you’ll find in non-club areas. This isn’t just a good view; it’s a good view enjoyed from a comfortable seat.

Here’s a detail you might not think about until you’re baking in direct sunlight: the west side gets shade before the east side. That means you’ll likely be cooler for a longer period, a small but meaningful advantage during those sunny California games.

A Lounge Worth the Visit

These club sections might also go by another name: Yahoo Club Seats. That’s because your ticket gives you access to the Yahoo Fantasy Football Lounge. This isn’t a cramped, makeshift space; it’s a well-designed area with its own private entrance, multiple televisions, and ample room to stretch out.

The food and drink options are premium, in line with the rest of your upscale game day experience.

The club lounge is impressive, but so is the view from your seat. With so much going for it, leaving your seat, even for the many attractions of the lounge, could be a tough call.

If you want a well-rounded experience that doesn’t skimp on either the view or the amenities, the Broadcast Club offers a compelling package.

It’s a blend of viewing pleasure and creature comforts that few other sections can match.

Field Seat Boxes

If exclusivity is what you seek, the Field Seat Boxes are practically peerless. With fewer than 75 tickets available for each game, you’re not just getting a seat; you’re buying into a unique, highly limited experience. This is the epitome of ‘best in the house’ at Levi’s Stadium.

A View Like No Other

Situated directly behind the endzones, both the North Field Seats and South Field Seats offer a perspective few others will ever experience. You’re not just near the field; you’re practically on it. Each section consists of a single row of over-sized, red recliners.

That’s right, recliners. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re in your own living room while being just yards away from world-class athletes, this is your chance.

Before the game even starts, you’ll have access to either Mina’s Tailgate or the Green Room for complimentary food and drink. This isn’t your typical stadium fare; think of it more like an upscale tailgate where the menu is as exclusive as your ticket.

The perks don’t stop once the game begins. An exclusive menu is available for you, featuring items that can be ordered and delivered directly to your recliner. It’s the epitome of luxury: high-stakes, professional football experienced with all the conveniences you’d expect from a premium service.

The Field Seat Boxes are not just seats; they’re an all-encompassing experience that redefines what it means to attend a football game. With unparalleled views, comfort, and amenities, these are the seats for those who want the absolute best.

Foxxconn Internet Club / East Field Club

The Foxxconn Internet Club seats are strategically situated on the lower level of the east side of Levi’s Stadium.

When you take your seat in Sections C113, C114, C116, or C117, you’re settling in directly behind the visitor sideline.

This is prime real estate for excellent midfield views, so you won’t miss any of the action on the field.

One immediate advantage you’ll notice is the seat itself. These are not your run-of-the-mill stadium seats; they’re wider and padded.

You’ll appreciate the extra comfort, especially during those edge-of-your-seat moments or overtime nail-biters.

Levi’s 501 Club

The Levi’s 501 Club is situated on the east side of the second seating deck at Levi’s Stadium. If you’re nestled into one of the sections running along the east sideline—Sections 212 to 220—you’re in for a treat.

These sections are often cited for having some of the best views in the entire stadium. The seats offer unobstructed sightlines and just the right amount of elevation to capture all the nuances of the game.

When it comes to comfort, the 501 Club doesn’t skimp. All seats are fully padded and come with a cupholder, so you can keep your beverage close.

There are 20 rows of seating in each 501 Club section, but if you can, aim for the lowest row possible. This strategy serves you well for two reasons.

First, the view is even better from the lower rows, and you’ll feel closer to the action. Second, being closer to the front means a shorter walk to the club lounge, saving you time that you’d rather spend watching the game or enjoying club amenities.

As a ticketholder, you gain access to an indoor club, colloquially known as the Loft Club. The space is fully climate-controlled, which is perfect for either escaping the heat or staying warm on cooler days.

The club also offers private entrances and restrooms, minimizing the time you spend in queues. When you’re hungry or thirsty, you can partake of an upscale menu that goes beyond the standard stadium fare.

Whether you’re here for the game, the atmosphere, or both, the Levi’s 501 Club offers an experience that successfully blends comfort, convenience, and exclusivity. You’ll also get great unbroken views of the entire field from this elevated position.

Here’s an example of the view you can expect from the 501 Club seats.

Luxury Suites

If you want to go big, consider booking a suite. With retractable sliding glass windows and three flat-screen TVs, you can tailor your viewing experience. Each suite has its own custom branding and comes with 16 tickets to all 49ers games, VIP parking, and four premium parking passes.

United Club (Champions Club)

The United Club is located on the 300 level of the SAP Tower, boasting a grand 25,000-square-foot space that runs the entire length of the field. If you’ve scored a ticket in sections C135, C137, C139, or C141, you’re in for a treat.

These seats are located near midfield on the west side of the lower level, offering a prime vantage point for all the on-field action.

All United Club seats are strategically positioned between the 20-yard lines and are within 35 rows of the 49ers sideline.

The United Club doesn’t mess around when it comes to comfort. You’ll be sitting in over-sized padded chairs, making it easier to settle in for the long haul of the game. Another advantage?

This side of the field gets shaded before others, offering some respite from the sun. And if you’re concerned about sun exposure, higher rows get the shade before the lower rows do.

Food and Amenities

Marche-style food service areas are located on both the north and south ends of the club. If you’re here for an event other than a game, these areas can also be utilized for private functions.

But during a game, they offer a wide range of dining options to satisfy any palate.

The United Club isn’t your typical stadium experience when it comes to food and drink; it brings upscale options to the table.

Among the suite of premium amenities is the United Club lounge, a climate-controlled area furnished with all the comforts you’d want—televisions, dining tables, comfortable seating, and private restrooms.

When the action on the field gets too intense, this is your sanctuary. And even if you’re here solely for the game, the comforts offered in the lounge make it hard to ignore.

So whether you’re fixated on every play or looking for a plush experience that includes more than just football, the United Club balances both with style and substance.

Yahoo Fantasy Football Lounge

The Yahoo Fantasy Football Lounge is a space tailored for the tech-savvy football enthusiast. Situated in Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium, the lounge is often used for standing receptions and banquet-style events.

During NFL games the lounge can accommodate an impressive 1,600 fans, making it a hot spot on game day.

A standout feature of this lounge is its state-of-the-art technology, geared towards the fantasy football aficionado. Touch-screen tech, flat-screen TVs, charging stations, and Wi-Fi are all integrated into the space.

Whether you’re here for the actual game or your fantasy lineup, this place has you covered.

The Fantasy Focus

Let’s get to the reason this lounge exists: fantasy football. If you’re in the midst of last-minute lineup changes or need to make quick decisions based on player performance, the lounge is designed for you.

The space is dedicated entirely to fantasy football, offering you every technological advantage to tweak your lineup until it’s just right.

Club Seating

For a good balance between luxury and visibility, Club Seating offers cushioned, roomier seats along with access to various private lounges. This is a versatile option that lets you customize your experience according to your preferences.

Private Suites at Levis Stadium

Levi’s Stadium offers multiple types of suites, catering to a range of preferences. The roster includes everything from Premium Suites to the high-end NRG Sky Suite and Mina’s Luxury Loft (more on these in a moment).

Whether you’re a die-hard fan looking for the full-season experience or a casual enthusiast opting for a single game, you’re sure to find a suite that suits you.

Full-Season Suite Perks

Going all-in for the full-season suite experience comes with a generous array of perks. You’ll get 16 tickets for guests, four premium parking passes, and even a branded VIP parking stall to up the exclusivity factor.

Inside each suite, expect retractable sliding glass windows, flat-screen HD televisions, and private restrooms.

You also gain access to pregame field passes, a dedicated concierge service team, and a private VIP suite entrance. Plus, additional standing room only tickets can be acquired if your guest list grows.

Premium Suite Benefits

Premium suites are where the bar is set especially high. These suites have hospitality options that accommodate between 20 and 40 guests. One of the major highlights is access to Michael Mina’s tailgate, complete with all-inclusive food and soft drinks.

A parking pass is included in the package, and you’ll also receive in-suite catering credit to customize your dining experience. But it doesn’t stop there.

You’ll have access to the Trophy Club and a dedicated concierge service to make sure your needs are met. Oh, and let’s not forget the flat-screen HD televisions for catching replays and other games.

When it comes to choosing a suite at Levi’s Stadium, the options are flexible. Suites are available for both full-season and single-game commitments, making it easy to tailor your luxury experience to your attendance plans.

In short, the suites at Levi’s Stadium offer a bespoke luxury experience that is unmatched in the sports world. Whether you’re hosting a party of 16 or up to 40, you’ll find a setting that’s rich in amenities and steeped in exclusivity.

Mina’s Luxury Loft

Mina’s Luxury Loft takes the luxury suite experience to a gastronomic level. This is an ideal option if you’re hosting a larger gathering, as it accommodates between 25 and 45 guests.

One of the standout features is access to Michael Mina’s Tailgate private loft, where all-inclusive food and soft drinks await.

You also get a slice of Levi’s Stadium’s other exclusive spaces with access to the Levi’s 501 Club Lounge.

Parking hassles are taken care of with included passes, and a concierge service is at your disposal to make the experience seamless.

NRG Sky Suite

The NRG Sky Suite is Levi’s Stadium’s most unique suite offering, giving guests an unmatched vantage point for 49ers home games. This suite is designed to host 25 guests and comes with its own catering credit, so you can curate a menu that satisfies all palates.

You’re not just getting a suite; you’re gaining access to the Suite Tower’s club lounge, offering yet another layer of luxury.

And to make getting to and from the game as smooth as possible, premium parking passes are part of the package.

An attentive concierge service is also on hand, rounding out an experience that places you quite literally above the rest.

Michael Mina’s Tailgate

Michael Mina’s Tailgate is not just another fan zone. This members-only area in Levi’s Stadium redefines the football tailgating experience.

Situated in the Bourbon Steak and Bourbon Pub area, the tailgate offers a unique backyard barbecue theme but in an upscale restaurant and bar setting. Award-winning chef Michael Mina, a devoted 49ers season ticket holder, is the mastermind behind this venture.

Membership Perks

Your membership gets you a range of high-end amenities. All-inclusive food, soft drinks, and alcohol are the cornerstone, but the benefits don’t stop there.

You’ll receive pre-game field passes for two 49ers home games and VIP parking passes right across from Toyota Gate F.

On the tech side, flat-screen HD televisions ensure you don’t miss any action. You also get priority reservations at any Michael Mina restaurant and personal concierge service on game day.

The exclusivity maintains until the 3rd quarter. After the game, Michael Mina’s Tailgate transitions into a public post-game party, allowing others to get a taste of the luxury.

Michael Mina’s Tailgate is more than just a spot to grab a burger and a beer; it’s a high-end experience that makes the game a backdrop to an entire day of premium enjoyment.