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Opened in the year 2010, this modern marvel is one of the world’s largest contemporary stadium structures. With a generous capacity of 82,500, it is one of the largest NFL stadiums, designed to host a sea of passionate fans of both American Football and music concerts too. Most recently featuring Taylor Swift’s sellout tour.

In this article we’ll find you the best seats at the Metlife stadium to suit your event, budget and seating preference. With everything from family friendly, to high end luxury reviewed.

Despite its grandeur and capacity, you might notice a certain lack of aesthetic appeal, both inside and out. The exterior, a massive gray oval structure, does little to complement the excitement that brews within during game days.

The louvered facade, while distinctive, unfortunately, obscures the iconic view of the New York City Skyline, a detail that many visitors lament.

As you delve deeper into the world of MetLife Stadium, you’ll discover its role as the shared home for both the New York Giants and New York Jets.

This dual residency is a unique feature, making it a bustling hub of NFL action each season.

The stadium, built on the parking lot of the old Giants Stadium, carries with it a legacy intertwined with the highs and lows of its home teams, the Giants and Jets.

Metlife stadium seating map

In the following sections, you will explore various aspects of the MetLife Stadium, from the best seats to the atmosphere, access, and additional facilities, providing you with a comprehensive view and aiding in your overall experience at the venue.

100 Level Seating

When you find yourself in the 100 Level seating at MetLife Stadium, you’re in for a treat. Known as the closest seats to the field, the 100 Level offers a diverse range of views and experiences. The sections on the sides typically have 30-40 rows each, while the end sections can have as many as 48 rows.

With Row 1 at the front of each section, you are guaranteed an up-close view of the action on the field. The entrance tunnels are conveniently located near row 35, providing easy access to and from your seats.

Features & Amenities

In the 100 Level, particularly in section 140, row 28, you can expect a clear and unobstructed view of the football game. The proximity to the field allows you to feel the energy and excitement of the game, making your experience more immersive and enjoyable.

Premium Seating on the 100 Level

If you’re attending Jets and Giants games and find yourself in one of the east side sections, you usually have access to an indoor club. These exclusive areas include the EY Coaches Club and MetLife 50 Club, offering a luxurious game-day experience.

The indoor clubs provide a comfortable and upscale environment where you can enjoy the game in style.More on these later.

For an optimal viewing experience at football games, seats in rows 25 and above in side sections are recommended. These seats offer a balanced view, allowing you to see the entire field without any significant obstructions. For corner sections, opt for rows 30 and above.

These seats not only provide good angles to the field but also offer a direct view of the videoboard, enhancing your game-day experience.

The higher row seating also makes it more convenient for you to access the concourse, adding to the ease and comfort of your visit.

Concert Seating

If you’re at MetLife Stadium for a concert, sections 112/113 and 139/140 are generally regarded as the best lower-level seats. These sections are close to the stage, offering a clear view of the performance without too sharp of an angle, ensuring you don’t miss any moment of the concert.

Are 100 Level seats good?

The 100 Level seating at MetLife Stadium offers a range of options to enhance your game or concert experience.

Whether you prefer the close proximity of lower rows, the balanced view from higher rows, or the luxury of premium seating, the 100 Level caters to your preferences, ensuring a memorable visit to the MetLife Stadium.

200 Level seating

As you explore the 200 Level seating at MetLife Stadium, you’ll find it’s also referred to as the Mezzanine Level. This level offers a choice between end sections and side sections, each providing a unique viewing experience. In section 225b, row 16, you can anticipate a clear view of the football game, ensuring you don’t miss any exciting moments.

Side Sections

If you find yourself in the side sections of the 200 Level, also known as the Mezzanine Club, you’ll enjoy larger seats compared to other mezzanine seats and have direct access to the indoor club lounge.

This exclusive lounge is available only to club ticket holders, offering a comfortable and luxurious space to relax before concerts, during halftime of football games, or when the weather is unfavorable.

The lounge enhances your game or concert experience, providing a cozy retreat and additional amenities.

End Sections

For a more budget-friendly option on the 200 Level, consider choosing an end section seat. These seats are divided into lower and upper sections, typically denoted with “A” for lower sections and “B” for upper sections. The lower (A) sections overhang the 100 Level, offering excellent and closer-than-expected views of the field, making them some of the most underrated seats at MetLife Stadium.

However, one thing to keep in mind is the limited availability of nearby concessions/amenities in the end sections. If you prefer easy access to food and other facilities, and find yourself getting up frequently, you might want to consider other seating options.

Is 200 level seating good?

In sum, the 200 Level seating at MetLife Stadium offers a range of experiences to suit your preferences and budget. Whether you opt for the enhanced comfort and amenities of the Mezzanine Club or the affordable and surprisingly good views from the end sections, the 200 Level ensures a satisfying and enjoyable game or concert experience at MetLife Stadium. Your choice will depend on your priorities, whether it’s comfort, view, budget, or access to amenities, ensuring your visit to MetLife Stadium is as enjoyable as possible.

Have a look around the 360 degree view on Google Street view.

300 Level seating options

Navigating to the 300 Level at MetLife Stadium, you’ll find it’s known for offering more budget-friendly ticket prices while providing expansive bird’s eye views of the game. In section 350, row 11, you can expect a comprehensive view of the football field, allowing you to follow the game with ease.

Where to Sit For Football Games

If you’re attending a football game and your budget permits, consider sitting in the first five rows on the 300 Level. The reasons for this recommendation include the superior views offered by the lower rows. Additionally, higher rows require navigating an additional staircase, which you might find inconvenient.

The first five rows experience minimal foot traffic, ensuring a less disrupted game viewing experience. Also, fewer railing or staircase obstructions in the lower rows enhance your viewing experience, ensuring you have a clear, unobstructed view of the game.

Where to Sit For Concerts

For concert-goers, the first five rows on the 300 Level offer closer views of the stage, enhancing your concert experience. For the best angles to the stage, consider choosing seats near sections 313/339. If you prefer to avoid direct sunlight during the event, opt for seats on the west side, specifically in sections 334-339.

Obstructed Views on the 300 Level

However, as you explore seating options, be cautious of the seats in rows 6-8 on the 300 Level. Many seats in these rows have views obstructed by railings, safety glass, and heavy foot traffic. To ensure an unobstructed and enjoyable viewing experience, it’s advisable to avoid these rows as much as possible.

Is 300 level seating good?

The 300 Level seating at MetLife Stadium offers various options to cater to your budget and viewing preferences. Whether it’s a football game or a concert, choosing the right seats on this level can enhance your overall experience at the venue.

Opt for lower rows for unobstructed views and minimal disruptions, and consider the event type and time of day to ensure your seating choice contributes positively to your MetLife Stadium experience.

Shaded Seating options

As you plan your visit to MetLife Stadium, considering the availability of shaded or covered seating might be a priority, especially if you’re attending a day event or are concerned about weather conditions.

It’s important to note that only about 15% of all seats at MetLife Stadium offer some type of shade or cover. Ensuring your seats fall within this category can enhance your comfort and enjoyment during the event.

Section 106 and 104

If you’re considering seats in Section 106 or Section 104, rows 38 and above are covered. Opting for these rows ensures you have some protection from potential rain or harsh sunlight, allowing you to focus on enjoying the event without weather-related distractions.

Section 203B

In Section 203B, rows 8 and above offer covered seating. This coverage provides a respite from the sun or rain, ensuring a more comfortable viewing experience.

Sections 311, 308, and 350

For those looking at seats in Sections 311, 308, or 350, choosing rows 20 and above provides you with shaded seating. This option is particularly beneficial for day events when the sun is at its peak, offering you relief from the heat and brightness and enhancing your overall event experience.

While shaded or covered seating options are limited at MetLife Stadium, making a thoughtful choice based on the available options ensures your comfort and enjoyment are not compromised. Whether it’s avoiding the glare of the sun during a day game or staying dry during a rainy event, opting for seats in the mentioned sections and rows guarantees some level of protection from the elements, contributing to a positive experience at MetLife Stadium.

The best places to sit for New York Giants and Jets games

With so many seats to choose from we’ve picked out a few of our favorites that are well worth considering. It’s important to note that these are some of the most popular seats in the stadium so be sure to buy your tickets as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

Lower Level Corner Seating

For a unique perspective of both north-south and east-west game movements, the Lower Level Corner seating stands out.

These seats are close to the endzones and offer excellent views of one of MetLife Stadium’s four large video boards. Opt for higher rows for an extensive view of the entire field and proximity to the lower level concourse.

Lower Level Endzone Seating

The Lower Level Endzone seating, behind each goal line, is expansive, with up to 48 numbered rows. For a balance between proximity to the action and convenience, consider sitting near row 30.

These seats are close to the section entrance and are covered by the 200 level overhang, offering protection from the elements and a comfortable view of the videoboards.

Lower Level Sideline Seating

For non-premium sideline seating, sections 137-140 on the west sideline are ideal. Section 139, in particular, is sought after for Giants games due to its location on the 50-yard line. The best views here are found near the top of the sections in Rows 24-31, offering outstanding sightlines and easy access to amenities.

Mezzanine Endzone Seating

In the Mezzanine Endzone, enjoy perspectives from in front and behind the line of scrimmage with a good elevation. Mezzanine B sections are almost entirely covered by the upper-level seating deck, providing excellent weather protection.

Upper Level Corner Seating

For affordable tickets, consider the Upper Level Corner seats. Despite being some of the furthest views in MetLife Stadium, the lower demand makes them budget-friendly. Avoid sections 307, 320, 332, and 345 for a more comfortable experience due to their large size.

Upper Level Endzone Seating

The Upper Level Endzone sections offer distant views but include access to two video boards in the corners of the opposite side of the field, ensuring you don’t miss any game details. Be prepared for exposure to weather elements in this area.

Upper Level Sideline Seating

For cheap tickets near midfield, the Upper Level Sideline is a good choice. Sections 313-314 on the east side and sections 338-339 on the west side are positioned directly on the 50-yard line, offering a balanced view of the game action.

Best seats for Families at the Metilife Stadium

If you’re thinking of taking your kids to a game or a concert we’ve got some specific advice for you.

For Concerts

When attending a concert at MetLife Stadium with your family, consider opting for seats in Sections 211, 212, 213, or 239. These sections are located on the second tier, providing a good viewing height for everyone, including the little ones.

The smaller section size ensures easy access to and from the seats, minimizing the hassle of moving around with children. Additionally, the wider, padded seats in these sections add to the comfort, making the concert experience more enjoyable for the entire family.

For Jets Games

If you’re heading to a Jets game with the family, Section 224B is a prime choice. This section is alcohol-free, creating a more family-friendly atmosphere. It’s intended to be a less rowdy area, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable game experience for both adults and children alike.

For Football Games

For general football games, Sections 201, 202B, 225B, and 226 are recommended for families. These sections are smaller, making it easier for you and your family to navigate to the concourse. An added advantage is the overhang present in these sections, which protects many of the seats from the weather.

This feature is particularly beneficial if you’re attending a game with children, as it helps to keep everyone comfortable regardless of the weather conditions.

Hospitality Options at MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium offers a range of hospitality options to enhance your event experience. From exclusive clubs to private suites, each option provides different amenities and levels of comfort. Below are the various hospitality options available at MetLife Stadium.

EY Coaches Club

Imagine a space stretching over 18,000 square feet, nestled directly between the two team locker rooms, offering unmatched and exclusive field-level access to the 50-yard line. This is what you experience in the EY Coaches Club at MetLife Stadium. The club is bathed in vibrant lighting, creating an ultimate party setting for a variety of events.

One of the standout features of the EY Coaches Club is the Interview Room. This enclosed glass area is set in the heart of the space, offering a perfect meeting or display area, or a unique event space on its own.

The club’s design and amenities provide a versatile and luxurious setting for any event, ensuring your guests enjoy every moment.

Capacities and Amenities

The EY Coaches Club can host a banquet for 600 guests or a reception for 1,500 guests. The Interview Room within the club has a capacity for a banquet of 80 or a reception of 150. The club is equipped with alcove seating and built-in concession areas & bars with LED lighting. You and your guests can enjoy viewing on 30 HD televisions ranging from 42”-65”.

The Post-game Interview Room, equipped with state-of-the-art audio technology, adds another layer of exclusivity to your event. You have the option for seated banquet style or built-in buffet station serving options.

Additionally, the on-field patio access provides a refreshing outdoor setting with a view of the field.

With options for green, blue, or white lighting schemes, the EY Coaches Club is a versatile venue, ideal for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens, press conferences, meetings, receptions, product launches, on-field events, and themed parties.

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Mezzanine Club

When you step into the West Mezzanine Club at MetLife Stadium, you’re greeted by a vast expanse of 30,000 square feet, adorned with High Baltic ceilings and glass windows that offer breathtaking views. This space is a mirror image of the Corona Beach Club, located on the opposite side of the stadium.

The grandeur and versatility of the Mezzanine Clubs make them a perfect choice for a wide array of functions. Whether you’re planning a large conference, a gala, or a fundraiser, these spaces can be tailored to meet your needs.

Corona Beach Club

The Corona Beach Club echoes the elegance and functionality of the West Mezzanine Club. Within each club, you’ll find a 1,800 square foot martini & wine bar, complete with lounge furniture and available table service. These martini bars can serve as VIP rooms or stand-alone event spaces, adding a touch of luxury to any event.

Capacities and Amenities

Both the Mezzanine and Beach Clubs can accommodate a banquet for 1,000 guests, with a central focal point seating 600, or a reception for 1,900 guests. The clubs are equipped with lounge seating and have ample power capabilities and space for tradeshows and expos. You can opt for seated banquet style or built-in buffet station serving options, and the center section with a focal point is ideal for large meetings and banquets.

Adding to the allure are two pizza ovens with rustic chimneys in each club, ensuring your guests enjoy delicious, freshly baked pizza. With 115 HD televisions ranging from 32”-65”, everyone can have a clear view of any presentations or broadcasts.

The Mezzanine and Beach Clubs at MetLife Stadium stand as ideal venues for hosting memorable and successful events, ensuring every guest leaves with a lasting impression.

Private Suites

At MetLife Stadium, the suites elevate your event experience to a pinnacle of luxury, comfort, and entertainment. Imagine watching a thrilling NFL game or a live performance by a world-class artist from the exclusive confines of a private suite.

The suites at MetLife Stadium are designed to offer the ultimate entertainment experience, ensuring that every moment spent there is nothing short of exceptional. With unmatched sightlines, you and your guests can relish every second of the event, enveloped in an ambiance of elegance and exclusivity.

The suites serve as a perfect setting for both business and leisure, allowing you to entertain associates, friends, and family in a remarkable setting.

The suites, designed by David Rockwell, are spread across four distinct levels, each offering a unique perspective of the event below. Depending on the suite, you can comfortably accommodate between 12 to 30 guests, ensuring that no one misses out on the excitement.

The convenience doesn’t end there. As a suite holder, you enjoy a private entrance and lobby, ensuring a seamless and exclusive entry to the stadium.

Within each suite, multiple flat-panel televisions ensure you don’t miss a moment of the action. Personalized amenities, including private suite level washrooms, a wet bar, and a refrigerator, add to the comfort and luxury, making your time at MetLife Stadium an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s international soccer, college football, or other large-scale events, the suites at MetLife Stadium stand as a testament to premier entertainment and unmatched luxury.

They come with upscale amenities, dedicated service, and exceptional views of the action on the field.

Family Section (Section 224B, South Endzone)

For Jets games, Section 224B in the South endzone is designated as a Family Section. This alcohol-free area is intended to provide a family-friendly environment for enjoying the game, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all family members.

MetLife Stadium offers a variety of hospitality options to suit different preferences and requirements. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious and exclusive experience or a comfortable and family-friendly environment, MetLife Stadium has something to offer.