When you visit Allegiant Stadium, you’re stepping into a relatively new chapter in the landscape of American sports and entertainment venues.

Opening in July 2020, this stadium, situated in Paradise, Nevada, is primarily the home of the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders and the UNLV Rebels college football team.

In this article we’ll explore all of the seating options and premium VIP experiences on offer so you can decide which is the best seats at the Allegiant Stadium for Raiders games and concerts.

Fun facts about the Allegiant Stadium

The project broke ground on November 13, 2017, and was completed over approximately three years. With a construction cost of $1.9 billion, the stadium stands as one of the most expensive stadiums ever built.

Designed by MANICA Architecture, it features a sleek, modern design with a dome and an ETFE roof. Notably, the stadium houses an 85-foot Al Davis torch, a tribute to the late Raiders owner, and holds the record for the largest 3D printed object at the time.

With a seating capacity tailored to different events, it accommodates up to 65,000 fans for NFL games, and this can be expanded to 71,835 for other large-scale events.

For soccer matches, the stadium’s capacity is slightly reduced to 61,000. Adding to its grandeur are 128 executive suites, which enhance the experience for those seeking luxury and exclusivity.

The stadium sprawls over 62 acres, a significant footprint in the heart of Paradise, Nevada.

The field itself features a unique dual-nature, equipped with both Bermuda grass for the Raiders and artificial turf for UNLV games.

Additionally, its proximity to the Las Vegas Strip and the inclusion of large sliding windows offer spectators not just a view of the game, but also an impressive vista of the city’s iconic skyline.

These features collectively make Allegiant Stadium not just a sports venue, but a landmark of modern architectural and engineering achievement.

Sports and Concerts

Throughout its history, despite being a new venue, Allegiant Stadium has hosted a wide array of events beyond sports, including concerts by renowned artists like Garth Brooks and The Rolling Stones.

Seating arrangement at the Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant Stadium offers a diverse array of seating options across its multiple levels, each providing a unique experience.

Here’s a brief overview of the different levels and premium options available, and we’ll delve into more detail in a moment:

  1. 100 Level: Closest to the action with options for sideline, endzone, and corner views. Ideal for fans who want an immersive game experience.
  2. 200 Level: Features corner and endzone seating with slightly elevated views compared to the 100 level, balancing affordability with good sightlines.
  3. 300 Level: Offers corner and sideline seating with higher vantage points, perfect for fans looking for a broad view of the game at a reasonable price.
  4. 400 Level: The highest level, providing expansive views of the entire field from corner and sideline perspectives. These seats offer the most budget-friendly options.

Premium Seating Options

  1. Club Seats: Located in sections C131-C137 and C109-C115, these seats come with access to exclusive lounges, premium concessions, and in-seat ordering services.
  2. Loge Boxes: Semi-private boxes in the East and West Loge Levels, offering luxurious, padded theater-style chairs, personal storage, in-box television, and in-seat wait service.
  3. Traditional Suites: Luxurious suites below the 300 Level, available as season tickets or single games, featuring indoor and outdoor seating, televisions, and various amenities.
  4. Wynn Field Club: A unique nightclub experience right in the stadium, with VIP tables, bottle service, and world-class DJs, located near the endzone for an upscale, lively game day experience.

Each level and premium option at Allegiant Stadium is designed to cater to different preferences, ensuring a memorable experience for every type of fan. Stay tuned as we explore each option in greater detail.

100 Level at Allegiant Stadium

When you select seats in the 100 level at Allegiant Stadium, each section offers a distinct view and atmosphere, catering to various preferences.

100 Level at Allegiant Stadium

Sideline Seating

The east sideline seats in sections 106-108 and 116-118 place you near the Raiders’ bench, offering an up-close view of the team and field action. On the west sideline, in sections 128-130 and 138-140, you are situated near the visiting team’s bench. These sections span up to 39 rows, providing a comprehensive view of the field.

Section 106 at Allegiant Stadium

Champions and Credit One Bank Clubs

For a premium experience, the VIP 134 (Champions Club) and VIP 112 (Credit One Bank Club) offer luxury and exclusivity. These sections are designed for those who appreciate a high-end experience while enjoying the game.

The Black Hole

In the lower rows of sections 121-125, known as the Black Hole, you’ll find the most passionate Raiders fans. This area is renowned for its lively atmosphere, ideal for those who enjoy being part of a high-energy crowd.

Corner Seating

Corner seats in sections 141, 142, 104, 106, 119, 120, 127, and 128 combine aspects of both sideline and endzone views. These seats offer a unique perspective on the game, providing a different angle to view the plays.

Endzone Seating

The endzone sections, including 142, 144, 101-103, and 121-125, are excellent for watching plays unfold in the near endzone. Sections 101 and 123, positioned in the center of the north and south endzones respectively, provide a direct view of scoring plays.

Adaptable Seating for Various Events

During UNLV games, the seating arrangement adapts to the event. The student section is located in sections 119-127, and the sideline orientation is reversed from Raiders games. This adaptability makes the 100 level suitable for various types of events.

Section 119 at Allegiant Stadium

Choosing seats in the 100 level at Allegiant Stadium depends on what you value most: being close to the teams, enjoying a luxury experience, being part of a vibrant crowd, or having a unique view of the game. Each section offers something different, ensuring a variety of options to match your preferences.

What is the best seat in 100 level?

In the 100 level of Allegiant Stadium, the best seats largely depend on your preferences. For a balanced view close to the field action, sections 106-108 and 116-118 are ideal, offering proximity to the teams and a comprehensive view of the game.

If luxury is your priority, the VIP sections in the Champions Club (VIP 134) and Credit One Bank Club (VIP 112) provide both comfort and a good view.

Champions Club

For the most enthusiastic Raiders fans, the lower rows of sections 121-125, known as the Black Hole, offer an unparalleled energetic atmosphere.

Alternatively, the corner seats in sections 141, 142, 104, 106, 119, 120, 127, and 128 provide a unique angle, blending sideline and endzone views.

Section 121 at Allegiant Stadium

200 Level at Allegiant Stadium

When you choose to sit in the 200 level at Allegiant Stadium, you’re opting for a blend of affordability and a good view of the action, particularly for a Vegas Raiders game.

Elevated Corner Views

The 200 level corner seats are a step above the 100 level in terms of elevation, which enhances your view of the field without distancing you too much from the action.

Particularly, sections 244 and 208 in the north endzone and sections 220 and 230 in the south endzone are considered prime spots.

These sections provide a comprehensive view of the entire field, striking a balance between proximity and perspective.

Endzone Seating: Comprehensive Field Views

In the 200 level endzone, sections like 247, 248, 201-203, and 223-227, you’ll find that the slightly elevated position offers an advantage.

You may find that you have a better view of the opposite endzone compared to the 100 level due to this elevation. These sections are comprised of either 14 or 17 rows, ensuring that even the last row offers a decent view of the game.

Section 226 at Allegiant Stadium

Unique Features of the 200 Level

One of the unique aspects of the 200 level is the Coors Light Landing, located around sections 208 – 242 in the north endzone.

This area features the Al Davis Memorial Torch, a significant symbol for Raiders fans, adding a special element to your game day experience.

Section 228 at Allegiant Stadium

Coors Light Silver Bullets Seats

For a more unique seating option, the Coors Light Silver Bullets Seats in sections 202, 203, 247, and 248 offer silver-colored single sofa chairs.

These are the only premium-type seats in the 200-level general seating area and can provide a more comfortable experience. These seats, found in row 17, add a touch of luxury to the 200 level.

Section 203 at Allegiant Stadium

Row Configuration and Accessibility

The row configuration in the 200 level varies, but the corner sections typically have 13 rows, and the end zones have up to 17 rows.

This setup makes it relatively easy to access your seat and move up to the concourse. The front rows of the 200 level are at the same height as the 150 level, where the owner’s suite is located, ensuring a great viewing experience.

What’s the best seats in the 200 level at Allegiant Stadium?

In the 200 level of Allegiant Stadium, the best seats for a well-rounded experience are in sections 244 and 208 in the north endzone and sections 220 and 230 in the south endzone.

Section 244 at Allegiant Stadium

These seats strike an excellent balance, offering elevated views that allow you to see the entire field clearly, yet still feel close to the action.

For a unique and comfortable seating option, the Coors Light Silver Bullets Seats in sections 202, 203, 247, and 248 provide a premium experience with their single sofa chairs, making them a standout choice in the 200-level seating.

300 Level Seating at Allegiant Stadium

The 300 level at Allegiant Stadium offers a different perspective compared to the lower levels, each section bringing its unique view and experience.

300 Level at Allegiant Stadium

Corner Seating: Elevated Perspective

In the 300 level corners, sections like 344 (which has 16 rows) and others with less than 15 rows, you’re positioned higher than the lower level corners.

This elevation means you won’t see specific players as clearly, but it provides a better overall view of the game’s flow.

It’s crucial to aim for seats in the first few rows here to maintain a good view of the action.

Endzone Seating: Focused on the South

For endzone views, the 300 level offers seating in the south end of the stadium, specifically in sections 322-327. These sections don’t have many rows – only up to 14 – so you won’t feel too distant from the field action.

However, your view of the north endzone will be limited. These seats are a great value, especially for action that’s concentrated on the south side.

Section 323 at Allegiant Stadium

Sideline Seating

The 300 level sideline seating, particularly in sections 311-313 on the east sideline and 337-339 on the west, offers a fantastic view.

Elevated well above the 100 and 200 levels, these sections lay out the entire field in front of you, making them ideal for understanding game tactics and plays.

Seats closer to the 50-yard line here are particularly valuable for their comprehensive field view.

Section 311 at Allegiant Stadium

For a more budget-friendly option, sections towards the endzone like 308, 318, 333, and 342 provide decent views at a lower cost.

While these sections won’t offer the closeness of the lower levels, they still provide a satisfactory game day experience.

Section 318 at Allegiant Stadium

In the 300 level at Allegiant Stadium, the best seats for a comprehensive view of the game are in sections 311-313 on the east sideline and 337-339 on the west sideline.

These seats offer an elevated vantage point that lays out the entire field in front of you, ideal for appreciating game strategies and plays.

Section 313 at Allegiant Stadium

For endzone action, particularly on the south side, sections 322-327 provide great value with their closer proximity and limited rows.

Section 327 at Allegiant Stadium

These selections in the 300 level combine an expansive view with affordability, making them an excellent choice for a balanced game day experience.

400 Level Seating at Allegiant Stadium

The 400 level is the highest level at the stadium with a very panoramic view.

Corner Seating

In the 400 level corners, the sections are notably compact, most comprising 7-9 rows, though some extend to 12-13 rows.

Even in the back rows, such as row 13, you won’t feel excessively distant from the front. While identifying specific players can be challenging from this height, these seats provide a good overall view of the field.

The affordability of these seats makes them an attractive option, especially for those who enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of a Raiders game.

Sideline Seating

The 400 level sideline seating offers a mix of proximity and view. The sections vary in size, with some as small as 13 rows and others as large as 20 rows, especially near the middle, like in sections 412 and 438.

The best value in this area is found as you move closer to the 50-yard line. Sections 411-413 on the east sideline and 437-439 on the west sideline provide a broad view of the entire field.

These seats might feel far from the action at times, but they offer an excellent overall view for a Raiders game.

Section 412 at Allegiant Stadium

The seating in the 400 level is primarily plastic, which might feel basic, but the sightlines are generally very good. It’s hard to find a bad view from these sections, making them a solid choice for those seeking a comprehensive view on a budget.

However, it’s important to pay attention to the recommended entry points, as the wrong entrance can lead to a lengthy walk inside the stadium.

Section 413 at Allegiant Stadium

In the 400 level of Allegiant Stadium, the best seats for a balanced experience of value and view are found in the sideline sections near the 50-yard line, specifically sections 411-413 on the east sideline and 437-439 on the west sideline.

These seats, while elevated, offer a comprehensive view of the entire field, allowing you to take in all the action.

The corner sections, particularly those with 7-9 rows, are also a good choice for their compact nature and affordability, providing a decent overall view of the game despite the height.

These selections in the 400 level combine affordability with a satisfying view, making them ideal for fans who want to enjoy the game without breaking the bank.

Section 437 at Allegiant Stadium

Premium ticket options at the Allegiant Stadium

There’s some truly impressive premium seats for sports and concerts, each with their own unique features, viewing angle and price tag of course.

Here’s a quick run down of them, we’ll go into more detail in a moment:-

  1. Club Seats: Located in sections C131-C137 and C109-C115, they offer access to private lounges like the Twitch Lounge and Modelo Cantina Club. Features include large bars, field-view couches, premium concessions, and private restrooms. Seats are oversized padded chairs within 40 rows of the field, with in-seat ordering available.
  2. Loge Boxes: These semi-private boxes are in the East and West Loge Levels, offering oversized, extra-padded theater-style chairs with armrest cupholders, a table, personal storage, and an in-box television. Benefits include in-seat wait service and excellent end-to-end views.
  3. Traditional Suites: Positioned on both sides of the field below the 300 Level, these suites offer both exposed and private seating, televisions, and additional conveniences. They are mainly available as season tickets, but some can be bought for single games.
  4. Wynn Field Club: Providing a Vegas nightclub experience, this club features oversized black leather couches, world-class DJs, and VIP tables with bottle service, located near the endzone. There are standing room tickets and VIP tables for 10-12 guests, with bottle service and a diverse food menu.

Club Seats at Allegiant Stadium

Club Seats at Allegiant Stadium, specifically positioned in sections C131-C137 on the Raiders side and C109-C115 on the visitor side, offer a premium viewing experience. T

hese seats are strategically located within the first 40 rows from the field, providing an excellent vantage point for game action.

Exclusive Lounge Access

One of the key features of Club Seats is the exclusive access to private club lounges. These lounges, such as the Twitch Lounge above sections 131-137 and the Modelo Cantina Club opposite the field, are designed to enhance your game day experience.

The lounges boast large central bars, which make grabbing a drink both convenient and enjoyable.

Modelo Cantina Club Allegiant Stadium

Comfort and Viewing Experience

In the lounge, you find couches overlooking the field, allowing you to relax and enjoy the game in a comfortable setting.

This setup is especially appealing during breaks in the action or if you simply want a change of scenery from your seat.

The club-only concessions are a step above standard stadium fare, offering a variety of premium food and beverage options.

Twitch Lounge Allegiant Stadium

Additional Amenities

Private restrooms in the club areas are a significant convenience, saving you time and hassle compared to the general stadium restrooms.

The lounges are also equipped with dining and lounge furniture, creating a comfortable environment for socializing and enjoying the game.

In-Seat Service via the Allegiant Stadium App

For Raiders games, an added luxury for Club Seat ticketholders is the ability to order food and drinks directly to their seats via the Raiders + Allegiant Stadium app.

This feature enhances your experience by minimizing the time spent away from your seat and maximizing your enjoyment of the game.

App Allegiant Stadium

Seating Comfort

All Club Seats at Allegiant Stadium are oversized padded chairs, ensuring comfort throughout the event. Being relatively close to the field, these seats provide a superior view and an immersive experience, making them some of the most sought-after tickets in the stadium.

Loge Boxes at Allegiant Stadium

The Loge Boxes at Allegiant Stadium are a distinguished feature, offering a unique and upscale viewing experience.

These boxes are located in the East and West Loge Levels and consist of 20-24 semi-private boxes along the sideline.

Their placement ensures a clear, unobstructed view of the field, making them ideal for fans who appreciate both comfort and a panoramic view of the action.

Comfort and Seating

The seating in the Loge Boxes is designed for maximum comfort. Each box is equipped with over-sized, extra-padded theater-style chairs.

These chairs come with convenient armrest cupholders, ensuring your beverage is always within easy reach.

Additionally, each seat has a personal table, providing space for food and drinks, along with personal storage for belongings. An in-box television adds an extra layer of luxury, allowing you to catch replays and stay updated on other games.

Loge Boxes at Allegiant Stadium

In-Seat Wait Service

A notable perk of the Loge Box seats is the in-seat wait service. This feature allows you to order food and drinks directly to your box, ensuring that you don’t miss a moment of the game.

The convenience of having a personal suite experience with dedicated service significantly enhances the overall game day experience.

Loge Boxes at Allegiant Stadium

Views and Sightlines

The views from the Loge Levels are among the best in Allegiant Stadium. The elevation of these seats is perfectly calibrated to provide an end-to-end view of the field in a single glance.

This positioning means that you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the entire game, from any play on the field to the overall atmosphere in the stadium.

Loge Boxes Sightlines at Allegiant Stadium

Traditional Suites at Allegiant Stadium

Traditional Suites at Allegiant Stadium are a hallmark of luxury and exclusivity. Positioned on both sides of the field and situated below the 300 Level, these suites, also known as 200 Level Suites, offer an intimate and elevated game-watching experience.

The layout of these suites varies, but they are strategically located to provide excellent views of the field.

Traditional Suites at Allegiant Stadium

Suite Features

Each Traditional Suite is designed to offer a blend of comfort and convenience. They typically include seating that is exposed to the field, offering an immersive game day atmosphere.

Additionally, there’s private seating within the interior for moments when guests seek a more intimate or relaxed setting. Televisions are also provided in these suites, ensuring that guests don’t miss any action and can stay updated with other games or events.

Traditional Suites at Allegiant Stadium

Variety of Suite Options

On the East side of the stadium, suites like 2001, 2036, and the midfield suites 2018/2019 offer unique vantage points.

Similarly, on the West side, Suite 2037, 2070, and the midfield suites 2053/2054 are located for optimal viewing. Each suite has its unique charm, offering different perspectives of the game and stadium ambiance.

Access and Amenities

Most Traditional Suites are available as part of season-ticket packages, but some are also offered on a single-game basis, providing flexibility for different types of events and guests.

The amenities in these suites can vary depending on whether they are purchased for a single game or as part of a season package. It’s important to review the seller notes when purchasing to understand the specific amenities included.

Experience and Atmosphere

The Traditional Suites at Allegiant Stadium offer a prestigious and comfortable environment for enjoying a game or event.

The combination of indoor luxury and outdoor excitement creates a unique experience. These suites are ideal for those who want the best in game day entertainment, whether for business, pleasure, or a special occasion.

Wynn Field Club at Allegiant Stadium

The Wynn Field Club at Allegiant Stadium offers an extraordinary experience that combines the thrill of a football game with the luxury of a high-end Vegas nightclub.

Located just a few yards from the back of the endzone, this club creates a unique environment that transforms game day into a sophisticated social event.

Premium Features and Amenities

The club is furnished with oversized black leather couches and features world-class DJs, setting the tone for an upscale, energetic atmosphere.

It stands out for offering VIP tables with bottle service, making it a prime spot for those looking to indulge in a more lavish game day experience.

Variety in Seating Options

Field Club Tickets are available in two types: Standing Room Only, which provides access to the club space without a dedicated seat, and VIP Tables, which include wait service and space for 10-12 guests.

The latter offers a more exclusive and comfortable viewing experience, with the added luxury of personalized service.

Premier Views and Service

The VIP Tables are organized in four “rows,” with the 100s and 200s positioned closest to the field and offering the best views.

These tables not only have bottle service but also feature a diverse food menu, showcasing both upscaled fan favorites and premium items. It’s important to note that prices reflect the premium location and services, aligning with typical Vegas pricing plus a premium for alcohol.

The Ultimate Game Day Experience

The Wynn Field Club is renowned for being the place to be seen on Sundays in Las Vegas. Its blend of high-end nightclub vibes with the excitement of NFL football makes it a unique and sought-after destination for both football fans and those looking for an exceptional social experience.

Accessibility at Allegiant Stadium

When you visit Allegiant Stadium with accessibility needs, you’ll find that every gate is ADA accessible, ensuring a smooth entry.

Each gate features a designated lane specifically reserved for guests with disabilities, facilitating easy access to the stadium.

This thoughtful arrangement demonstrates the stadium’s commitment to inclusivity for all guests.

Seating Accommodations

Once inside, ADA accessible seating is available throughout Allegiant Stadium, offering a variety of viewing options. These seats are thoughtfully placed in different sections, complete with adjacent companion seating for your convenience.

Seating Accommodations

If you require such seating, you have the option to purchase up to three companion seats next to the accessible seat, subject to availability.

In cases where contiguous seats have already been sold, the stadium will offer seats as close as possible to your accessible seat.

Additional Services and Facilities

The stadium is equipped to assist guests requiring auxiliary aids and services. You are encouraged to reach out to the Guest Experience Department in advance, especially if you require hearing amplification devices, which are available at the Guest Experience Headquarters.

Additional Services and Facilities

If you need an electric mobility device, you are welcome to bring your own, and as a courtesy, the stadium offers limited event-day electric scooter rentals.

For restroom accessibility, there are numerous accessible public restrooms, including family restrooms, strategically located throughout the stadium for easy access.

Sensory and Mobility Support

Understanding the diverse needs of its guests, Allegiant Stadium provides sensory kits and Ford Sensory Nooks for guests with sensory processing needs. The sensory kits, which include various tools like noise-reducing headphones, can be checked out at guest experience kiosks.

The Ford Sensory Nooks, located on the 050 level, offer a calming environment with features like vibration seating and dim lighting.

Ford Sensory Nooks Allegiant Stadium

For those using service animals, the stadium is accommodating, but be aware that there might be a need to relocate if the animal impedes the flow of other guests.

Lastly, wheelchair escort services are available for those needing assistance to their seats, emphasizing the stadium’s commitment to a comfortable and accessible experience for every guest.

wheelchair Allegiant Stadium

Food and Drink Selections at Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant Stadium boasts an impressive array of dining options, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences, each conveniently located within the stadium. Here’s a few of my top picks that you should look out for. I’ve included a range of options to suit all preferences.

Gourmet and Specialty Eateries

  • Fukuburger (Section 128): Known for their unique burgers, they also offer crispy fries seasoned with togarashi chili.
  • Pizza Rock (Section 109): This downtown Vegas pizzeria serves up Sicilian pepperoni slices that are a crowd favorite.
  • Holsteins (Section 106): Offers the Gold Standard Burger, a gourmet option for burger enthusiasts.
  • Abuela’s Tacos and Pacha Mamas: Serving classic Mexican dishes and Caribbean-inspired skewers, these stands bring a variety of flavors to the stadium.

Comfort Food and Unique Bites

  • Rollin Smoke (Section 124): A go-to for barbecue lovers, offering brisket sandwiches and bowls.
  • Guy Fieri’s Tailgate Kitchen and Bar (Section 243): Features signature dishes like Tailgater Trash Can nachos.
  • Neon Dog (Section 104): For those craving something sweet, try their Peanut Butta Whiskey Ice Cream.
  • Nacho Daddy (Section 336): Elevates the classic stadium nachos with their loaded offerings.

Beverages and Bars

  • 1800 Bar (Section 126) and 1960 Bar (Section 106, 139, 327, 343): Offer a range of specialty cocktails, curated by renowned mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim.
  • Modelo Bar (Section 119, 308) and Vizzy Bar (Section 333): Perfect spots for beer enthusiasts, with a selection of domestic and craft brews.
  • Jack Daniel’s Bar (Section 120) and Blue Moon Bar (Section 127): Provide a diverse range of alcoholic beverages to suit different tastes.
1800 Bar Allegiant Stadium

Classic Stadium Snacks

For those who prefer traditional stadium snacks, Allegiant Stadium offers affordable classics like hot dogs, pretzels, and popcorn in various sections, ensuring that classic game day food is always within reach.

Classic Stadium Snacks Allegiant Stadium